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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Still Waiting for Godot

Well, it's not quite that bad, but Dick and Dani are both up and still waiting for the jury to quesiton them. They've had long naps. Dani's redone her hair.

8:15pm BBT
They're sleepy, sniffly, bored out of their minds, and playing cards in the living room.

Dani: We probably have to wait till 12 cuz it'll have to be after Showtime.
Dick: That's exactly what I was thinking.
Carolyn: Crap.
    ***It makes perfect sense. So... I think I may take a nap and wake myself up at around 1:30-2am their time, so I can cover it. See y'all later.
The riveting card game continues on the feeds.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

They are probably waiting until after the voting for americas player is over at 8 BBT. Then Eric will know who he has to vote for.

8:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sorry Carolyn to leave it all up to you again, but i'm going to bed. been waiting for the jury Q&A since this afternoon. i won't be surprised if father & daughter get grumpy. maybe that would add extra sparks to their jury duty.

anyway, goodnight to you and to bb8dishers. see you tomorrow!

8:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They must really be bored.. I think today all I saw on the feeds was Dani either sleeping or eating... and Dick either sleeping or smoking. He has a really bad cough huh? Hope he isn't getting sick. That would suck to get out of there with ALL that money & friends and be sick.
You are probably correct about the E.T.A. on the questions.

Lisa in MONTANA :-)

8:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

why not give us poor people that have show time a show and let us see that stuff people grr that sucks :( another boring night on BBAD grr
How long do you think before she goes off on her Dad anyone anyone?

At least i was hoping for some back lash after the questions a little bashing something at this point!!

That house, those people, that game!! :)


9:44 PM  
Blogger Seffie said...

This is ridiculous! BB time is tortorous for those of us on the east coast! I wish BB would keep us in mind when planning events such as this. I mean, REALLY! The jury questions are taking place at an hour that is ridiculous even for the west coast! Who can enjoy the aftermath at this hour???
I surly hope we have some video tomorrow on Dick and Daniele's reaction to the dreaded session with the jury! I have really enjoyed and appreciated videos from other events I have had to miss because of timing issues!
Thanks to all who have contributed their videos for us to enjoy!
In the meantime, I'll have to wait and then 'tune' in tomorrow at a more respectible hour. Night all!

10:29 PM  
Anonymous im~ said...

12:02am AG comes over the speaker saying they look cute in the purple chairs but..... cut to trivia....

I dont know if I can make it till this is over. :o(

Sire I can stay up till 7am for Jess and Eric.. but till 1 or 2am for this and I'm hopeless!!

12:04 AM  
Anonymous michael said...

ahhhh were going to have a winner on tuesday!!! Big Brother is over :( thanks for the website all summer it has helped soo much now that i am in college and cant watch every minute of it like i did at home

12:14 AM  
Blogger Donna said...

On showtime-between 11 and 12- Dick leans down to the table and a large transparent hand comes out and pats him on the back, then it goes under the table and rests on Dani's lap. Cut to Commercial. Not much but SOMETHING happened.

7:12 AM  

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