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Saturday, September 29, 2007

BB8 Daniele on Ebay

Daniele's in on the ebay act. She started off auctioning off her Big Brother bag and the shirt both she and Nick wore... his shirt... the infamous 153 Nick & Dani pillow shirt...

**Now she's added her finale dress and a "life is better blond" tshirt.

Here's the ad copy for Nick's shirt:

Nick Starcevic's Football T-shirt. Worn by Nick and Daniele on Big Brother 8. This shirt is signed by both Daniele and Nick. Happy Bidding. <3 153.

Here's the link for Dani's ebay sales:

Daniele on EBay

I was thinking about their ebay sales today... something along the lines of financing a trip to Europe from the sales of a few t-shirts and 2 bags. Ain't life grand. ;)

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Post Finale Behind the Scenes Interviews

Captured by scootie668

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The Eric & Jess Interview on Real

For those of you who were unable to tune in last night, Scootie668 was kind enough to post for all of us on youtube. Here's the first part:

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The Ebay Madness Continues

Nick and Mike, Chicken George and Dustin have ongoing ebay auctions (just click on their names to see 'em)... and this one from Jen starts and ends today!

Bid to win - Meeting Jen & Being on a Show with her!

Do you want to meet Jen? Do you enjoy playing poker? Are you 21?
Do you want to be on a show?
Well Jen from Big Brother 8 is going to be filming a pilot...

It is filming THIS SUNDAY (Sept 30) at a mansion in Beverly Hills, call time is 10am. There will be 5 other people in the show besides YOU! The breakdown of the show is pretty simple, there is 2 parts, first there will be a poker game played-which the winner will recieve $1000.00, and secondly there will be a "how to play poker" will all be filmed in high quality and will be on 1 week after the shoot to see if it will go into further production.....

Also please be sure that you live in LA it is going to be filmed in Beverly Hills, CA..

if you don't live in L.A., you can bid,
but you will have to get your own way to L.A.!!!!

Also besides the filming and hanging out, there will be lunch, drinks, and snacks served (if you have a preference just let me know)

Well have fun bidding!!! Be sure that you are at least 21 years old! And get ready to hang out with, appear on camera with, and have fun with Jen!!!

Click here to Bid & see what it's like to be Jen!

This auction is a short auction!
1 DAY only!!!!!
They need to have the cast finalized ASAP!

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Chat with Jessica & Eric Wednesday Night on The Feeds & a New Tribute Video!

Chat Live with Jess and Eric, America’s favorite Showmance on Wednesday 9/26 @ 9pm Eastern/8pm Central/6pm PDT. This chat is exclusive to SuperPass subscribers only.

Ask them anything you want:

    What are their true feelings towards each other?
    Do they see a future for themselves?
    How hard was it for Eric to not tell Jess about his role as America’s Player?
    Did Eric’s role as AP cost him his as well as Jess’s game?

While we wait, here's a lovely new tribute video splicegrrl put together in honor of Eric's brother Josh & the whole Stein family. Having been the direct beneficiaries of Josh's generosity with his time and opinions, I gotta share this one. :)

This really was the family season of BB - They were all so amazing about participating & getting involved... They became a tremendous part of the whole experience. I can't even imagine the season without them.

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Monday, September 24, 2007

Chicken George on Ebay

Chicken George is getting in on the ebay act. Seems he spent some of his time at the wrap party having everyone from the cast of BB8 sign T-Shirts and Photo's, and now he's gottem all up on ebay.

There is seriously something for just about everyone... with special emphasis on JEric, Nick/Dani and Dick fans. The cast t-shirt with everyone's signatures is a serious collector's item.

Here's the ad copy:
Big Brother 8 Yellow (L) Autographed T-Shirt. This shirt was signed by the complete cast of Big Brother 8.

Houseguests include: Amber, Daniele, Carol, Jameka, Jen, Jessica, Kail, Dick, Dustin, Eric, Joe, Mike, Nick & Zach.

This shirt was personally taken around the Wrap Party by Chicken George who had all the houseguests sign the shirt. As an extra Bonus he had Janelle Pierzina from Big Brother 7 All- Stars sign the t-shirt also.

Check em out ->>Tons of Signed BB8 Stuff

Tell em the DishChicks sent ya. ;) lol. Not really. Just made me giggle. Thank you Doug for the heads up on this one!

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Checking in with Nick

Nick had a bit to say about the wrap party too, and a newish addition to his ebay sales: the re-listing of his EWU Shirt.

Here's Nick's Post Wrap Party Blog:
    September 24, 2007 - Monday

    Finale/Wrap Party/Ebay

    Man Oh Man... What a great feeling and great week finally getting to see Daniele... She means the world to me and it was so super to finally get to see her and talk to her... I will be posting pictures of us at a later time :D I'm putting my EWU shirt back on ebay... The person who first won it at like 2,000 dollars didn't pay so I'm putting it back on there...
Just Click Here to Bid on it
    ..... I'll be putting more stuff on ebay too at a later date as well :D

    Thanks for everything...

No Nick. Thank youuuuu! :) The link for Nick's ebay goodies is here, also at the top of the blog under "cool bb stuff" and along the left sidebar... in case you ever misplace it. ;)

And thank you to Tella for the heads up about Nick's new blog post.

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BB8 Wrap Party Gag Reel

Posted to youtube by scootie668. This is awesome! I'm especially loving that the editor used C=Venus' Donatos Chop in the Gag Reel!! So cool! By the way, you can click on that C=Venus link to get the Donatos t-shirt.

This was shot by someone in the audience at the wrap party, so you can hear all the reactions as well as the audio on the video. Turn it up. :)

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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Calling all Jensa Members

For Jen Fans and Jensa Members the world over, now's your chance to get the Blue Tank Jen wore with "Jensa Member" across the chest. ;)

Jen has just recently decided to join Nick, Mike and a host of other BB Alumni and start listing some of her goodies on ebay. As of Sunday evening, she's added the gray bikini she wore on the show and a Jenuine tank. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the bikini is the one that popped off in the kitchen.

Here's the perma-link to Jen's ebay sales:

Check out what Jen's Selling on Ebay!

Jen Tribute Video

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