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Saturday, September 01, 2007

BB Delivers Flavored Liquid Body Paint

8:50pm BBT
Dani & Zach
Dani: I'm still weighing all the scenarios. I don't know who should go yet.
Zach: It makes the most sense on so many levels... We'll talk later.. upstairs.
    **Though cryptic, I believe Zach's pushing to oust Jessica.

9:00pm BBT
The HGs are told to check the storage room.
They break out in cheers, because that means the alcohol has arrived.

Eric: Watch. We'll open the door, and Janelle will be there, and she'll slap me.

In the storage room, the HGs discover Flavored Liquid Body Paint, plenty of beer and 2 bottles of wine.

Dick: They're trying to bait us... this'll make for one hell of a quarters game!

Jameka and Jess check out the body paint... Someone mentions painting their boobies...

The HGs begin playing their version of spin the bottle...

And so the evening begins. ;)

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Big Brother 8 Favorite Quotes of The Season

Hey everyone. Sorry for the big delay between posts. I've been working on some behind the scenes stuff... and all I'm gonna tell ya for now is.. I think you're really gonna like it. ;)

While the HGs enjoy their dinner, how about we brainstorm a little and come up with our favorite quotes for the season?

I know mine... It perfectly expresses the season:

"This house! These People! This Game!!!"

Pretty much says it all for me.

How about you?

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Everybody Up

Everyone's awake. Zach and Dani are tanning. Dick's soothing his sore body in the jacuzzi. Jameka and Jess are talking softly, laying in bed... kinda doin' the depressed nominee thing.

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Game Talk Begins

2:16pm BBT Dick and Zach are up, outside, and already talking game... Time to spark up the feeds, folks. They're hashing it all out.

Dick: If Jessica goes this week, Eric has to go next week.
Zach: I've been thinking about it more n more, and I really think Jessica is the way to go. Eric's a shady mother-f'er
Dick: I understand that, but I owe Eric.. big. (paraphrasing) I'd be gone if it weren't for him.

Dick: Jameka and Jessica are the biggest threats in this house.
Zach: I know that.. but Eric has so many enemies, I don't think he has the votes.
Dick: I would rather get rid of Eric next week, and if you me and Daniele can't get rid of Jamek in the final 4, then one of us deserves to go home.
Zach: Well, you and Daniele have my vote regardless...
Dick: What I did with you last week, I'm gonna do with Jameka this week, "Listen, B-tch. Do you wanna stay or do you wanna go?" I'll make her swear on her Lord JC... "If Eric gets HoH and you win PoV, you do not vote one of us out. " If not, she goes.

Zach: See, this is the problem, if he chooses to admit it or not, he enjoys Jessica's company, and he can't play for both of them... I mean, Nick did that with Daniele...
Dick: Daniele did that with Nick...

2:30pm BBT Jameka wakes up, sticks her head outside... They all say hi.

Dick: If me or Daniele wins HoH next week, obviously Eric and Jameka will go up, and if one of them wins PoV, then you'll have to go up as a pawn, but you have to trust us.
Zach: Of course.

They're talking about how bad Jameka is in the comps... and how much of a tear Eric will be on, if Jessica goes home - he will be hell bent to win.

Zach: This game will be the biggest upset in BB history if she makes it to the Final 2 and wins.
Dick: If she makes it, we deserve to lose.

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The Creatures are Stirring

Well.. Dick is anyhow. It's 1:25pm BBT, and he just woke up a few minutes ago.

At the moment, he's out back enjoying a cigarette and moanin' and groanin' from all the residual muscle soreness from the HoH comp. 2nd day's always the worst. And his thumb's messed up now too.

I can't imagine BB will let the other HGs sleep too much longer... They've got too much plotting and scheming to do! Reminds me of a line from The Princess Bride... "You know how much I love watching you work, but I've got my country's 500th anniversary to plan, my wedding to arrange, my wife to murder and Guilder to frame for it; I'm swamped."

Perhaps more apropos to Big Brother would be, "You've got an overdeveloped sense of vengeance. It's going to get you into trouble someday."

Ahh, but I digress... Dick's still out back, chatting with us, or no one in particular... and wishing very sincerely that his body was 20 years younger.

2:05pm BBT Zach's up, doing laps, then wandering around the backyard...

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Janelle Responds

Janelle's taken a lot of flack from Eric fans today. Here's her explanation of the Veto Comp, and her take on what really happened.

    People need to give it a rest. I realize Eric has a lot of fans, but random strangers calling my mothers business and saying I screwed up the game is ridiculous. I have done no such thing. Let me clarify for the haters exactly what went down.

    I was super excited to be able to host a veto competition, and was even more excited when I saw the set was pink. Big Brother told me that I would get to meet the houseguests and wasn't allowed to talk about the game or tell anyone I hated them or anything like that. They said have lots of fun with it and have a good time.

    Before I was revealed to the houseguests, I was hiding behind a screen. There was a short video clip of me winning all the vetoes. All the houseguests were excited it was a video of me...except Eric. He said, "oh, Janelle meets miss Piggy. oh goodie." Three seconds after that I was signaled to walk in front of them.

    Even though Eric made that nasty comment pretty much to my face I smiled and greeted everyone. I am a buxom blonde, and no one will ever change that no matter how nasty they may be. I heard Jameka say, "uh oh Eric," and he was shaking like a chihuahua. He was obviously not very comfortable with me being there, but I was having a great time. I wasn't going to let anyone ruin the pink veto competition, and this very special night.

    The houseguests went one by one each competing in the morphomatic. I cheered for each and everyone of them. I was really awkward though, because it was just me and them behind the screen, with me cheering them on. I said things like. "yeah" "good job" "go" to whoever was competing, and let me tell you I felt like such a nerd! lol. I said the same thing for each houseguest, and didn't want to play favorites.

    In between takes I had a little talking with the houseguests. Dick started flirting with me, asking if I was engaged. When I told him no I wasn't, he goes " oh good. so there's hope for me" lol Oh Dick your such a beefcake! Embarassed

    After Dani competed she told me "you're my favorite, and I told her "oh gosh I love you," which just kind of came out. I talked with Zach briefly about music. He asked if I still listened to Trance and Tiesto. I said of course. They asked me if I knew what safety meant. I said no I didn't . They asked if I knew any codes. And I told them yes I knew what 153 meant. I saw it on the show last week.

    After they competed, they had to go inside, so Big Brother could tally the results. Before going in, Dick asked me if I wanted a cigarette. I told him yes I would and asked if he would mind lighting me up. I haven't smoked in awhile, but man are his cigs harsh. I prefer something a bit lighter.

    The houseguests came back outside to see who won. After it was revealed, I put the veto on Dani's neck and told her she's well on her way to becoming the next veto queen. I hugged each and every one of them and told them good luck in the game. Everyone! When I hugged Dick, I told him he was hot and smelled nice. lol

    Honestly, Eric is the only houseguest that didn't try to talk to me. hmmmmmm. For everyone out there that says I went in there to trash Eric, SCREW YOU. I was so damn nice to him, even though he had said I was Obese and Miss Piggy.

    Mind you, I heard this and was hiding, but in ear shot. Perhaps the houseguests read into things too much. But what everyone is not realizing is that Eric was the one giving me the cold shoulder. I was cheering him on! So maybe that's why they think I "hate" Eric. They know that I heard what he said. How could I not?

    Anyway sorry to ramble, but I wanted to share this fun experience with you all. I'm not going to let a bunch of bitter Eric fans ruin my parade. I didn't do s**t to Eric's game. He has made bad decisions in the game so don't blame me for his mistakes. I know you want someone to blame for Eric's shitty week, but please leave me out of it. I was a wonderful veto host and treated everyone fairly.

Carolyn Responds:

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Quickie Poll

Dick and Daniele spent a lot of time weighing different options this morning, in terms of who to Evict this week. They hold the power.. 100%. There are only 3 voters: Dick, Daniele and Eric, and we control Eric's vote. Yeesh, that's gotta be especially tough for him this week. Uch. I can't even imagine.

Anyhow, I've assembled the reasons to keep and evict, and I'd like to ask you what you would HONESTLY do if you were Dick and/or Daniele and $500,000 was on the line... What and Why? Please read all the options before choosing. You may only vote once.

Remember, it's not about rooting for one side or the other... It's what would you do if you were very close to the end of a game in which half a million dollars was on the line?

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Dick & Dani Discuss Jessica's Fate
& the Veto Comp & Janelle

UPDATED with New Videos and Commentary
Scroll down. ;)
7am BBT

Dick and Daniele are still up and chatting outside on the couch. The conversation is Jessica, Jameka and the eviction this week. At the moment, things are looking up for Jessica. Daniele thinks it would be best to keep her. Strategically speaking, it just makes more sense to Dani and Dick, because if they get rid of Jessica this week, they lose 2 votes on the jury: Eric's and Jessica's.

Here's the clip, captured by Quirkydude:

Dani also spills the beans about what Amber whispered to her when she was leaving the house, "You have to get Eric out!" Dani tells her dad, "Well, duh! We tried that 2 weeks ago and you wouldn't do it!"

Dick takes the opportunity to buffer Dani's mood even more,
Dick: Well obviously, America doesn't hate you.
Dani: No. Just Janelle.

Then Dick waxes poetic about Janelle some more... Dick is smitten.

Janelle made Dani feel great... and since she "absolutely loves her," for Janie to have put the Veto around Dani's neck was very meaningful for her.

Dani: For her to be like, 'I love you' to me?? I was like, Oh my God... With Jessica, it seemed like she kinda liked her.. with Eric, she didn't even address him by name!

Here's Why!
Captured by Codinome

Dani: Then she comes up to me and she's like 1-5-3!! That was so cute!.... Then she was like, "I like your bandana." At first I thought she as mocking me, but then I could tell she was being sincere...

Dani Beaming about Janelle &
Janelle's Treatment of the other HGs
Captured by scootie668

Dani feels like there's gonna be another comp or event of some sort today...

7:22am BBT
Now they're debating the possibilities again... Keep Jess or Keep Jameka? That is the question.

Spark up the feeds folks! It's gonna be another rollercoaster.

7:42am BBT
They're still at it!

8:45am BBT Dick's still up and outside on the couches. He's telling us why he can't sleep:
"Well, my daughter and I are *this* close to winning $500,000! That's huge! (pauses) And Janelle told me I'm hot. OMG. "

That's enough to make any man lose some sleep.

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Veto Competition Spoiler

The Surprise-Middle-of-the-Night

Power of Veto Competition

is over



has won!

Does that make 4 Vetos for Dani now???

As of 3:24am BBT, the feeds came back on, and it was clear Daniele had won. Jessica is very upset, and says that Dani has already told her she wont be using it, but anything can happen.

Apparently Janelle made her like or dislike for certain houseguests very clear: Eric - not so much; Dick and Dani - LOVE. Janelle spoke to the HGs when they came out to take their turns in the game. The first thing she said to Dick was, "You're so hot!" The first thing she said to Dani was, "I love you!"

3:47am BBT
Daniele to Dick: You realize this week is over. We are final five!

3:50am BBT
Dick, Dani & Zach walks in
Workout Room

Dani: We should get bonus money for making it this far!

Zach walks in.

Dick: (kidding) Dude! We are trying to talk about you!
Zach: I know.
Dani: I'm trying to decide if I want to use the veto.. I have the power! (pause) I've been thinking about it, Zach, and I don't think we should talk anymore,(teasing) because you are not a 'well liked player.'

Dani leaves.

Zach: I have another option, if you send Jessica home this week, there is only one person standing in the way of sending Jameka home next week (meaning Eric). 3 people competing for HoH... that's huge'
Dick: ...but Eric is really good at questions...
Zach: Keeping Jameka here one more week might be the better way to go...

Post Veto Reactions

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Sounds like it was a morph comp...

The Return of JEric Silliness :)

As of 5:47am BBT, Dick is outside doing the Dick at Night show...
Topics: Veto, Final Five and.. Janelle! ;)

There is darkness on the other feeds... but Dani may still be up and in the Diary Room.

At 6:54am BBT, Dani comes out of the Diary Room and joins her dad in the backyard.

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Friday, August 31, 2007

Veto Comp at Midnight

UPDATED 11pm BBT - bottom of post
Earlier today on Housecalls, Janelle said she'd be hosting the Veto Competition tonight. I thought she'd made a slip of the lip, so I let it slide, not wanting to contribute to pandemonium... Now however, we have a little more confirmation from Dick, who got it from the DR folks...

According to the esteemed Mr. Donato, the Veto Competition will be at Midnight BBT. Here's how the conversation went:

8:35pm BBT
Dani: What do you think they're doing out there? They were making a lot of noise earlier.
Dick: Really?
Dani: Mm Hmm
Jess: PoV?
Dick: Well, it's coming up at midnight, so...
Jess: Oh, it is?
Dani: They said that?
Dick: Yeah
Dani: I like how they only tell You.
Dick: It's cuz I smoke.

OK.. Now Dick just had the same conversation around 9pm BBT, but this time he was referring only to the lockdown being over at midnight BBT.. and he further embellished it to include that the control room had given him a heads up a few minutes before lockdown started, in case he wanted to go outside for a smoke first...

This time no mention of Veto, just lockdown

Now, just a moment ago, a friend of ours on myspace, kim, sent us something saying that on Showtime Too, they just ran a message across the bottom of the screen saying the veto comp would begin at midnight...

This should officially be part of the rumor blog, but it's starting to feel a bit more like reality, so...

You make the call.

11pm BBT
Eric, Jessica and Jameka have just turned off the lights... Eric climbed into one of the tiny beds with Jessica - so all's good on that front... Dani's brushing her teeth, still looking very keyed up... Zach headed up to the HoH room...

Jess just mentioned something about Veto tomorrow...

Will it be tonight?! We'll have to wait and see!

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C=Venus Presents The Donatos

I love C=Venus' Big Brother Chops, and I'm very happy to be able announce she's decided to make the Donatos available in t-shirts, mugs, etc. to the BB lovin' world. After weeks of requests, by popular demand, here they are!

Please click on the pic to get yours!

The Donatos, by Popular Demand

If you would like to see C=Venus' other Big Brother related chops, please visit her site: To check out BB and other C=Venus art to wear, please visit


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Big Brother 8 Nomination Ceremony Spoiler

New Videos Added

The Feeds went to trivia 30 minutes ago, at 4:15pm BBT. We are currently waiting for them to return so we may post the Nomination Ceremony Spoiler. Zach has been in intense discussions with Dick, Daniele and separately with Eric all afternoon. We suspect the nominations will be Jameka and Jessica, with the target on Jameka, but we will let you know for certain as soon as possible when the feeds come back on... and within this post.

Nomination Spoiler

Jameka & Jessica

Have been Nominated

Commentary to follow...

: Jessica never even came up here to talk to me. She let Eric do all the talking.
Dani: Imagine that.

Jameka: You never know. Maybe something still will come out this week.. something special...
Jessica: Mm Hmm... I told Eric, if he (Zach) nominates me, I'm not gonna be fake nice to him...
Jameka: It's amazing to me how he would rather have his loyalty to people who degrade him and call him ogre.
    ***Umm.. rather than someone who says he's a racist and creepy and...

Here's a clip of Jess & Jameka, just following the Nomination Ceremony, captured by romie 1218:

And another, of Eric and Jessica. Trouble in Paradise. :(

Captured by scootie668

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No Nomination Ceremony Yet

The nomination ceremony is still pending, and frankly, so are the nominations. Eric is still upstairs talking to Zach. Dick wants to get in a few more words with Zach himself, and take back the idea he and Dani put forth earlier.

The feeds have been on fire since last night, and they aren't going to calm down any time soon... It's down to the wire.

As of 6:15ish, Eric leaves and Zach calls Dick into the HoH room... Dick rescinds the earlier plan and is honest with Zach about the reasoning. The plan is now to nominate Jessica and Jameka and to do everything in their power to make sure Jameka does not win. As long as Jameka stays on the block, Jameka leaves.

That plan is stamped by Eric as well, although he is not in the room.

Zach just wants to confirm with Dick and Daniele that if he gets Jameka out, he's safe next week. Both lead him to believe he is.

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Papa Schools the Child
And Eric Pitches to Zach

2:31pm BBT
Dick to Dani
OUTSIDE (Zach's gone in)
Dick: The problem with your idea, putting them both up, is if Jameka uses the Veto on Jessica... She can't be put up. She's a safety net, and one of us would be going up, and one of us would be going home, because Jameka and Jessica would then have the votes, and there's no way we would keep Eric...
: I dont know.. it's really risky.. to put both of them up.
Dick: I like putting Jameka up much better toward putting them up.
Dani: Well, then tell Zach that... cuz now he's leaning towards the two of them...
Dick: He's not up there. I just rang the bell.
Dani: I think he's in the Diary Room. I don't know.. and you never know how it's gonna play out tomorrow... That's true though, too.. cuz then Jameka would probably feel like Jessica owes her something...

2:40pm BBT
Eric is now upstairs with Zach making his pitch to Zach...
Unlike Dick and Daniele, Eric's sticking to the Jameka plan.
At 2:55pm BBT, Zach spills the beans that Dick and Daniele have presented scenarios that include Eric and Jessica. Eric takes the news extremely well on the surface...
saying only that he and Daniele have had 2 conversations since last night, and both were about putting up and evicting Jameka... Everybody's happy.
The crux of the pitch it this:
Eric: Any of the 4 of us next to Jameka, and she goes home.

There's so much happening...

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Daniele Turns on Jess & Eric

1:38pm BBT
Dick & Dani
Dick & Dani are in the bathroom talking about who should go...
Dani: Should I tell Zach that if he doesn't put up one of Eric or Jess he will go next week?

Here's a clip, captured by romie1218:

1:40pm BBT
Dani & Zach
Dani: You have to believe me. Eric and Jess want you gone. I'm just trying to help you... You can't tell anyone I told you this. If one of them doesn't go home this week, you will for sure be going home next week.

Turn on the feeds, folks. As of 1:55pm BBT, Dick has now joined Zach and Dani outside, and it's a full court press to try to get him to nominate Eric and Jess together. Zach's not sold. He really wants Jameka gone... They're still working on him.

By the end of the following clip, he's nearly there:
Zach: So, if for some odd reason we put up Eric and Jess this week, Jess goes home this week... We put up Eric and Jameka next week. Jameka goes home next week?
Dick: Guaran-f'in-teed.

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The Phone Call

12:49pm BBT
Jessica to Zach & Dick, outside:
Jessica: I just wanted to let you guys know it was my brother I got to talk to. He's back in America.. he's in Arizona with some friends... It was great...

Small BDRM
Eric & Dani
Whispering, Plotting and Scheming...

Zach & Dick are still outside.

Everything's coming fast n furious today, folks... Much as it will be for the rest of the show, I suspect.

Jess returns to the Big Bedroom with a drink for Eric. She thanks him again for giving her the phone call. She's a very happy girl, in spite of her pending nomination...

This clip flips from Zach and Dick to Jess and Eric, post phone call.

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Dick & Zach Talk More Game

12:25pm BBT
Dick & Zach
The feeds are back and Zach and Dick are talking more game. Spark up the feeds folks. They're talking nominations, end game, and who would make the best choices with the prize money, and who they just couldn't bare to see win.
Zach: I think, playing the odds, one of the two of you will make it to the end.
Dick: At this point, please don't say anything to Daniele, but I think I have a better chance of being dragged into the final two...

And veto, and decision making capability...

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Zach: I was still surprised you didn't pick me to play for veto.
Dick: My eye's still buggin' me...
Zach: I had a lot of questions..

BB: Jessica, please move your microphone higher.

Dick: She's off of her phone call already.
Zach: Anyhow, it's just hard to know who to trust..
Dick: I told you that.. trust is the highest commodity in here.

BB: Eric. please move your microphone higher.

Dick: Jeez. Who's on the trigger finger today?

Zach wants to make sure Dick's on the same page, wanting Jameka gone...

Dick: Nonononono.. Trust me. Trust me on this. I Want Jameka Gone.
Zach: Good. Cuz I know we have one more week with her, and I just don't wanna risk it.
Dick: Daniele and I already talked about that, and Daniele was adamant that she didn't wanna wait till Jameka's last week and then run the risk of her winning PoV... The next two HoHs are extremely important.
Zach: And like I told Daniele, I'd be very happy taking either of you 2 to the final 2.

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C=Venus Strikes Again

Jessica just got called into the Diary Room. Popular wisdom suggests she will now be receiving her phone call. Here's hoping they were able to swing it with the military to get Dean on the line. The feeds went to blue swirly at 12:08pm BBT, immediately following Jessica's DR page.

While she's in there, and since we wont be hearing from Amber again until the finale on the 18th of September, let us take a moment to appreciate the artistry of C=Venus in her final salute to Amber... Th'th'th' That's That, folks. ;)


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The Official Word from CBS on Big Brother Houseguest Amber and the Future Evictees


We have made jury members of “Big Brother” available to the press the past few seasons, always with the proviso that their questions not inform the ejected House Guest of influences outside his or her personal experience in the house. This season, several cast members have made either offensive statements or exhibited controversial behavior. We respect journalists’ interest and right to pose questions about these matters, but at the same time believe doing so could provide information that influences the final vote and potential outcome of the 12-week competition.

For that reason, the remaining jurors will not be made available to the media for the duration of the program.

They will, of course, be available to the press immediately following the “Big Brother” finale on Sept. 18.

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Wake Up, Houseguests

10:08am BBT
BB: Good Morning, Houseguests. It's time to get up for the day.

Feeds have gone to trivia...

10:17am BBT
The Houseguests are up and about, beginning to show signs of life. Zach looks like he finally had a good sleep - in a bed made for someone of his size. Jess & Eric are already up and talking...

10:20am BBT
The houseguests are all heading up to the HoH room... Dick brings his blankie... It's a lockdown. Eric and Jess are not at all pleased to be heading up there. Dani's quite relaxed... All are complaining about how much pain they're in from the HoH comp.

Zach is a very welcoming host to all... in spite of how rotten they've all been to him all season.

11:08am BBT
BB: Houseguests. The lockdown is over. You are now free to move about the house.

Everyone but Zach leaves the HoH en masse.

Dick heads outside for a smoke. Jess joins him. He's trying to cheer her up. They talk a little about the song selection from this morning. Pretty funny actually... Apparently BB played an Elvis number, "A little less conversation, a little more action.." How apropos!

Both are quite happy there's no Food Comp today... Just gives em more time to stress out about the Nominations...

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The Overnight Report

Boy-o-boy-o-boy! Zach winning HoH last night really threw everyone a HUGE curve-ball. HUGE. Consequently, they did a whole lotta game related talkin', so this Overnight Report will definitely reflect that. I'll be posting it hour by hour, adding onto it, each time a new section is complete. Please refresh periodically to check for more. The first section out to go up around 7:45am BBT.

In all the excitement (and terror) of Zach's HoH win, let's not forget that today, Friday, will bring Zach's Nominations and before that, quite possibly a food comp... We'll be watchin'! Will you?

FYI, as of 9:45am BBT, all the HGs are sleepin'.

And now, for the Big Brother Overnight Report!

Dani Works Zach

11:40pm BBT
Dani & Zach
(Jameka has just left)
Dani: The two of you are so fake together!
Zach: Why?
Dani: It's obvious the 2 of you hate each other...
Zach: I don't "hate" anyone here.
Dani: Well, she definitely hates you.
    ***Work it, girl. Lots of non-game chatter after this... then...
Dani: You definitely got the house to crap their pants. Nobody has any idea what you're gonna do. Gonna shake things up this week!

Dani & Zach talk about their common ground: Nick. Then the MRA and how dumb that was.

Zach: I know that everyone's feelin kinda scared...
Dani: Yeah. Everybody.
Zach: Does your dad?
Dani: Yeah...

They talk about Dick and how rough it is to be around him...

Eric & Jess
They are very concerned, talking about the possibilities for Zach's Nomination Ceremony. They're going over what Zach has said to them in the past about what he would do if he ever won HoH.

Zach & Dani
Still HoH Room
11:47pm - 11:54pm BBT
Zach: I'm not putting you up. I would really enjoy seeing Jameka leave... I would never put you up.. You're my biggest ally in the house! (He then promises Dani her safety.) I'm looking for security from you and your dad next week. I know I can't really trust anyone, but I'm just looking for safety next week.
    ***Ohhh.. poor naive Zach.
Zach: (cont'd) Jameka's a huge threat, cuz I can't win against her in the final 2. I don't think you can either.

Zach asks Dani to keep their conversation in confidence - not to tell her dad. Dani says the same. She says she wont do that. Zach goes on to talk about how Dick's lack of decorum really bothers him... Dani agrees with the new HoH and then offers him some advice:

Dani: You've got to be really careful with what you do this week, because next week there will be 4 people playing in the HoH comp, and if you upset people, then Eric, Dick and Jess will do whatever they can to get you out.
    ***Ummm.. like that wasn't the plan for this HoH?!?
Zach: The 3 of us (Dick, Dani & Zach) need to get together and decide what to do.

Zach thinks aloud...

Zach: I don't wanna put you up. I wanna work with you. I don't like your dad's tactics, but I understand them, and they work... so I don't want to put him up either.
    ***Ok.. that's 2 reasonably safe sounding Donatos. What about the rest?
Dani: Just don't upset too many people this week. The numbers are against you.
Zach: I'm all about working the numbers.

Zach talks about how he's been flying solo the whole game... then the big reveal:

Zach: I'll put up Jessica and Jameka.. for sure.

Dani: What if Eric wins Veto and takes Jess off?
Zach: I haven't thought it through that far yet... I'm not sure if I'd put up you or your dad in that case... If that happens, then I've pissed off a lot of people, and that sucks.
Dani: That's why you have to be careful! Just don't try to backdoor anyone... Everyone's playing in the Veto anyways, so just put up who you really want to go home.

Here's da clips, captured by xx2000xx:

Zach: I know that you're dad's not on the top of the food chain with the jury people.. you're a good competitor.. It doesn't bother me either way. You or him in the end. That would be awesome. Statistically, you guys are a power in this house, and I love it. I love being a part of it. It works for me too. That's what I want. I wanna be able to know that I can feel safe next week. I know that I can't get that from Jameka. I know I can't trust Eric. And I know that Jessica's gonna do what she thinks is the best for her, because she flat out told me to my face, I can trust you, and then I go up. (You told me 4 weeks ago that) she's playing me, and that confirms it. That was my test, and she failed. I wanna go with the highest probable rate for me to exist next week, and that's you and your dad.... The 2 of you are the greatest assets I have... For me, Jameka scares me just cuz she wants my head on a plate.
Dani: Skip to next week and take every person and figure out who they would put up and who they would go after.
Zach: Right.. and that's why if I put Jess & Eric up together, then they come after me...
Dani: If one of em goes home, then there's only one.
Zach: And who does the one cling to? Not me. Probably your dad, to be honest.. and that's kinda scary for me. I'm definitely up for talking about it...
Dani: I told you it's stressful... Just think of everybody else... an make sure it's what you want.. You're guaranteed in the final 5, but you're not guaranteed in the final 4... so you have to figure out what keeps you in the game past there.
Zach: I think that's you and your dad... If you guys wanted me to do what you thought was the right move, say put Jess & Eric up, and there's like some kind of blood oath... I would need..
Dani: Well, I'm not telling you what's the right move. I think you have to do what's best for you...
Zach: I think what's best for me is to figure out a way to have security with you and your dad...

Here's the clip:
Part 3

12:07am BBT
Dani: What if Jameka gets the Veto and takes herself off? Who are you gonna put up?
Zach: Eric. 100%.
Dani: What if Jessica won the veto and took herself off?
Zach: Eric. 100%.

Zach: For me, this is like a commitment to your dad...
Dani: Honestly, right now, I'm trying to help you... Don't listen to what other people tell you. My biggest mistake was voting out Nick. I don't wanna be that person again. You need to make sure you're not doing something someone else is telling you. You need to do what's best for you.
Zach: So that's why you're giving me all these options...

They throw around the options some more... This next video is a must watch. Zach's wheels are turning a mile a minute. His point is to get rid of Jameka... but there are so many variables... best and worst case scenarios... worst for him (so he tells Dani) would be being in the forced situation - because of veto - of putting up either her or her dad.
    ***Taking a pause to analyze for just a moment, if EJDD are able to maintain loyalty to each other this week, as long as Jameka actually goes up and stay up, even if one of the 4 is on the block next to her, they should be able to survive the week. It all depends upon how fragile their alliance proves to be over the next several days... and whether or not Jameka stays up!

Part 4
Captured by xx2000xx

Zach goes on to talk about how he doesn't like or trust Eric... "he doesn't play right." Dani agrees with him that Eric's a shady player and calls him and Jess the power couple of the house. Zach says that's what they say about her and her dad.

Moving Right Along...

All's Good on the JEric Front
As good as it can be anyhow... It's quite heartening to see them together tonight.. kind of a "through thick and thin, in sickness and in health" feeling to the whole thing.

12:25am BBT
Eric & Jess
Eric' been apologizing to Jess all night long... for letting her down by not winning HoH. At the moment, they're laying in her bed together, hugging.
Jess: It's ok.
Eric: We need to be careful when talking to Zach. We need to try to get either both of them (Dick & Dani) or one of them and Jameka up.... But we can't have anything we say get back to them... I need to think some more before I talk to Zach.

They take some solace in their snuggling.

Eric: I'm just gonna apologize one last time. I'm so sorry.
Jess: It's ok.
Eric: How do you think you would have done (in the comp)?
Jess: I think I would've done well, but who knows?! How can you prepare for that kind of comp??
Eric: I would never steer you wrong.. This is the absolute worst case scenario. I got my ass kicked by the worst possible person. And I let someone I care for down, and I feel horrible about it. I want the best for you, and I want to do good by you... It just sucks I wasn't able to come through for you... I promise you, you will not leave this week.
Jess: (joking) Good! Cuz If I have to go to that house with them, I will kill myself.

Eric: If you're up against anyone, I will make sure you stay. Even if you're up against me. I'll screw myself.
Jess: (smiling) Thanks. (very sweetly)
Eric: I will win HoH next week.
    ***Carolyn offers Eric some silver cleaner for his knight in shining armor suit. ;)
Eric: If Zach really wants to make a big move, this is his chance. If he puts up you and Jameka, unfortunately Jameka will go home. Will that upset you too much?
Jess: Jameka thinks it'll be the two of us going up too... but I was wondering about Dick and Zach's yelling match this morning.

Eric: When the nominations are set, we need to bury Zach to Dick and Dani... Tell them every possible thing he said bad about them. We need to make sure that they don't believe him and don't want to align with him.

Eric returns to apology mode... Jess reassures him and hugs him some more... then goes to make them both some food.

Dick & Zach Come to Terms
12:48am BBT
Zach & Dick in the Jacuzzi
After a brief bit of small talk about the comp and how it just wasn't safe, Zach and Dick get to the heart of the matter...

Zach: I don't want to put up your or Dani. You are great assets to me.
Dick: It made me mad where you said you couldn't trust me. You said you could trust me, but then you say you can't trust me to keep my mouth shut...
Zach: I already talked to Dani, and I want to ask you about security, because I'm worried about my safety for next week.
Dick: With good reason! You should be! And you should be scared of Jameka! I want her out of here before she can f'in' compete for HoH, dude.

After much discussion, Dick agrees to a safety exchange. As long as Zach doesn't put up Dani or himself, Dick agrees that they will return the favor by not putting Zach up next week.

Here's the clip, captured by bb8house:

2am BBT
The EJDD is Intact - Dick Tells Jess Everything
Dick: You're probably going up, but I'm not sure who he's putting up next to you.. It's either Jameka or Eric... I made a deal with Zach to not put up me or Dani, and they we'll do the same for him next week.

Dick followed this confession with a gesture to signify he was just blowing smoke up Zach's tush... telling him whatever he wanted to hear... and of course, he would still be putting Zach up.

Dick & Dani
2:45am BBT
Oh, Dani...
Dani fill her dad in on all of her conversation with Zach, and they start discussing who they'd want to be with in the final 2, if not each other, and then back to Zach's nominations and their role in that...
Dani: Maybe we should just push the Eric/Jessica nomination when we talk to Zach... Then they go up, and we keep our hands clean... Zach trusts me the most out of everyone in this house. I really want you to be nicer to him.

3:12am BBT
Hookah Room
Jess, Dick & Eric

Dick: If he puts up you (Jess) and Jameka, it will be fine... We have the votes to get Jameka out... (to Eric) If you and Jess are up, one of you two has to win veto... I will try to throw it to you... or take out Jameka.
Eric: We all need to try to get Jameka nominated.

Jess & Eric go back to her room...

3:20am BBT
Jess & Eric
Zach passes by their room, and unseen, Jess flips him off with both hands...
Jess: That's gonna be my PoV speech!

Eric and Jess resume snuggling, game talking, etc.. and wonder if anyone will catch them smooching this week, now that they don't have the privacy of the HoH room.

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Zach's HoH Room

At 11pm BBT, Zach got his HoH Room, and all the houseguests went up to have a look. This video, beautifully captured by codinome, can be watched either with sound or without - the expressions on the houseguests faces say everything. Dick and Dani are the most comfortable with Zach's position. Eric looks like he's in physical pain. Jessica's level of dread is palpable. Jameka's not too thrilled either. What a difference a moment makes in the Big Brother House!

Please have a look at the video while I get to work on the Overnight Report, which will start immediately following the HoH Room Reveal. It ought to start going up around 9am BBT, if not a bit earlier... It's gonna be a doozy! For that matter, this whole next week is just gonna be nuts on the feeds - Zach is HoH, so the plans of the EJDD are quite possibly foiled, and Thursday is a double eviction day, wherein one of Zach's nominees will go, and then they'll do a speed week in an hour, and another HG will walk out the door Thursday night.

Whoever was saying this season was too predictable, please feel free to swallow your words... right about now.

Enjoy the clip!

Captured by Codinome

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Thursday, August 30, 2007

America's Player Task

Don't forget to vote in the America's Player Task!!

Here's the link: VOTE!

And let us know who you voted for here in the poll:

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Well, That Didn't Go According to Plan

Oh my. Just when you think you know what's coming around the corner, Big Brother happens.

Expect the unexpected... indeed.

What will this week bring? Honestly, I was completely unprepared for this. I have no idea what Zach will do. None whatsoever. I could speculate, but it would feel kinda pointless. I guess that's what the feeds are for... Heaven knows, I'll be watching.

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All I will say is, how much were DDE kicking themselves for getting rid of Amber?! Can you even imagine her in this comp? She would have been toast, and quickly.

At the moment, the HGs are having dinner, and I think they're all about as befuddled as I am.

Looking ahead, this coming Thursday will be a double eviction. From the teaser, it sounds like one of Zach's nominees will go, then HoH Comp, Nomination, Veto, Vote, Buh Bye Baffled HG.

And for the Janelle fans, she'll be hosting the Veto Comp on Tuesday.

And a little updating - Eric somehow won a phone call during the HoH Comp, and he gave it to Jessica. She believes she'll get to talk to Dean. I hope so. Dani gave up hot showers for the next 8 days. I believe the others may have as well, but they're not so bothered about it. Lastly, the houseguests believe they'll be getting a movie tomorrow... since there's only 6 of them left.

6 of them left.

This is crunch time.

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Endurance Comp!!!!



Here's the Video, captured by codinome:

7:47pm BBT
Zach's so close. He tries reaching in, then runs back for more water..

7:37pm BBT Zach and Dick are very close, but Zach is in the lead... for now.

The Feeds Are Back!!

7:02pm BBT Zach's leading and Jessica's getting nervous.. talking with Jameka on the sidelines, "The last thing he said to me is, 'You reap what you sow.' "

So far, Zach & Dani are Neck in Neck, with Eric not too far behind...

The Feeds Are Back!!

The HoH Endurance comp is underway.

This is the Most important HoH yet this season.

Spark up the feeds, folks! Ya really don't wanna miss this one.

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Big Brother 8 Live Show Spoilers for August 30, 2007

The Live Show beings in just a moment!! We'll be here blogging away, per usual, and the spoilers will be coming as fast as they happen via this link:

Live Show Spoilers!

If you need the spoiler, click the link above, and start refreshing that page around 8:30pm. Each vote will be posted until we have an eviction... Then the HoH Comp... All of the post show commentary will go there too, and there it will stay, until 9pm pacific time. Then everything will move back to the top of the blog.

Also, you can try this link - CLICK HERE - to view the show yourself!!

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Quickie Poll

While the feeds are on trivia, and we're waiting for the live show, lets see where we all stand on a trio of issues:

If you'd like to explain your answers, please do so in the comments section here on the blog.

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Jess, Amber and Zach

As of 1pm BBT, Amber and Zach have both spoken with Jessica.

First, Jess went to Amber in the Big Bedroom, and let her know that she'd done everything she could for her - talking to Eric and Dani, but no one would commit one way or the other, and it wasn't looking too good. Jess is working for Amber's jury vote. Amber goes for a shower...

Then Zach approached Jess, and let her know he's not taking the nomination too personally... but he also threw in "you reap what you sow" and mentioned more than once how he did not appreciate being on the block.

At ten past 1, Amber comes back, and she and Jess do a bit more whispering. Amber's still clinging on to hope.

1:30pm BBT - Amber's getting pretty for Julie, blowing her hair, and flashing her boobs to camera... again.

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They're Alive

9:42am BBT
BB: The bedroom lights must remain on during the day.

Daniele and Amber were just in the SR getting fresh batteries. Jameka's sweeping. The houseguests are coming to life... be it ever so reluctantly.. Dick's vacuuming. Amber's cleaning too...

9:51am BBT Jess & Eric have yet to surface.
10:25am BBT Dick's still vacuuming... on all feeds.

10:30am BBT
BB: Please report to the Head of Household room...

And the lockdown begins. But not before Dick and Zach have a moment alone up there with Eric and Jessica (who still seem unconscious).. Dick's talking about "getting their story straight... selling us all down the river..."
Dick calls Zach out for throwing all of them under the bus.

Dick: We compared notes last night, and you're going home. F- off.
Zack: Do you wanna talk about it?
Dick: There is nothing to say. I'm going to sleep.

The other HGs show up, and game talk stops. Dick's smokeless (outdoor LD since 8am) and grumpy.

11:30am BBT - Still on HoH Lockdown.
    ***Taking this opportunity to momentarily escape in search of caffeine.

12:02pm BBT - Lockdown's over. Let the cleaning resume.

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Happy Live Show Day!!

And whatta show it's gonna be! Tonight will be a turning point, no matter how you cut it, and we'll be there, watching and spoiling the live show, as always, as it happens, for everyone on the west coast, and everyone with football time delays - there are a ton this week!

No matter what happens with the HoH comp tonight, it will be a game defining, final 4 deciding evening and upcoming week. I know I'll be holding my breath! This week on the live feeds is going to be very intense.

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9:05am BBT - The feeds have just cut to the blue swirlies... It's a pretty safe bet the houseguests are being woken up and will soon be on HoH lockdown. I wonder if Eric and Jess will bother moving apart...

9:08am BBT - Feeds are back... No signs of life just yet. All 4 feeds are on Jess & Eric.

9:09am BBT - LOUD music and cut to Trivia. It's official. Wakey, wakey, houseguests. Can you name that tune?

9:36am BBT - Feeds are back. ALL on HoH, but the lights in HoH are still off and Eric and Jess are still quite asleep.

9:40am BBT
BB: Please! Clean up the House!
    ***ok.. so maybe no morning HoH LD

All feeds still on snoozing Eric and Jess.

I've been doing some digging for good clips from last night, and these 2, between Eric and Dick, strike me as the most important vis-a-vis game. Both were captured by TheRealDeal2006:

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Interview #5 with Jessica's Mom

During the past week, many of you have been asking for another interview with Jessica's mother. Well, it's always been part of the plans, but some things in this world are bigger than Big Brother... like a son returning home from Iraq... and I really didn't want to intrude on the family's time until they'd returned from California. That time has finally come! :)

Carolyn-bb8dish: Thanks so much for agreeing to do another interview. I hope you had a wonderful time with Dean... and thank you for sharing so many of his welcome home pictures with us!

Here's a buncha new questions for ya:
bb8dish: How are you feeling about Jessica's alliance with Dick, Daniele and Eric?

Marie - Jessica's Mom: Clearly Dick, Daniele, and Eric have proven to be three of the strongest players this season. For Jessica to enter into an alliance with them, has required her to make a gigantic leap of faith. If the alliance holds true, I feel this will prove to be a very good move for Jessica.

bb8dish: Jessica and Eric have taken their friendship to a new level this week, and both seem very sincere to me, as well as very sweet and (for lack of a better word) appropriate. How are you feeling about it?

JMom: While their relationship seems to be growing, I feel they are both trying to maintain a respectable decorum for national tv, and wish they would concentrate more on the game and less on building a personal relationship.

bb8dish: I was crushed the night Jessica got her HoH and didn't get a letter from Dean - Having spoken with you just the night before when you were heading out to California, I thought, PERFECT, and I was not so secretly hoping production would have had their fastest P.A. waiting at your hotel to rush back a letter and pics of Dean for Jessica... Now I understand that the timing wasn't as fabulous as I'd originally thought. Was production in touch with you at all during your time in California? Was there any attempt made to get Jessica something from Dean? As difficult as it is for most of us to imagine having a loved one in Iraq, it's even harder to think we'd have no knowledge of his wellbeing for a period of 3 months.

JMom: Dean did not fly into California until Friday afternoon; therefore, there was no opportunity for Dean to have a letter written for Jessica in time for the HOH room basket on Thursday night. The producers did contact us while we were in California this week, but there was not an opportunity for them to meet up with Dean for an interview due to scheduling conflicts. It was disappointing, as we know Jessica would have loved to receive a phone call or letter from Dean this week, updating her on his return to America and plans for his upcoming leave.

bb8dish: Jessica's first HoH changed the game drastically: The ouster of Dustin and the formation of the alliance with Dick and Daniele. Her second HoH has been quite a bit easier... taking out Amber - it had to happen sooner or later, right? Eric has promised to fight to the death for tomorrow's HoH, in order to give Jessica the same level of security she's given him the past couple times... What are your concerns for the week ahead... in terms of Jessica's safety? Who are you rooting for in the upcoming HoH competition?

JMom: No one should feel safe any longer, including Jessica. With the AP twist, I don’t feel Eric could guarantee Jessica’s safety, so I would rather see Dick win the HOH, as I think Dick would be most willing to honor his word and not nominate Jessica. This is where we will see if her alliance decision was a smart move or not.

bb8dish: Same last question - with a twist - It's getting down to the nitty gritty. Come Thursday night, there will only be 6 houseguests left... Given the opportunity to talk to Jessica for 3 minutes, uncensored, what would you want to tell her today?

JMom: Remember why you are there – this is a game, and you don’t want any regrets. Keep your head in the game. Go with your gut, and trust your own instincts. Work your own agenda; don’t believe everything Eric, Jameka, and the others tell you. Make decisions based on what works best for you and you alone, as there can only be one winner. Work on your personal relationships after the game is over.

bb8dish: Marie, Thank you again for being so giving with your time this season. And on behalf of bb8dish and our readers, thank you for your family's service to our nation. And Welcome Home, Dean!!

JMom: Thank you again for asking my thoughts, and for your (and your readers') support of both Jessica & Dean!


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My 2 Cents

Could be just me, but I think this week is pretty well wrapped up. Seems Amber is toast, and nothing short of Zach taking a dump in the jacuzzi, while Eric and Dick are both in it, is going to change that.

At the moment, the Big Brother houseguests are enjoying a dinner of lobsters, steaks and salads, courtesy of BB, in exchange for their silence about Power of 10. Cheesecake for dessert, too! :)

Eric spent a considerable amount of time this afternoon chatting with Zach, trying to secure his and Jessica's safety for the upcoming week, in the event Zach wins HoH. He's positioning himself as being the swing vote to insure Zach's loyalty.

    Eric: Jameka is gonna vote for Amber... that's pretty clear. Dick and Daniele probably want you here more than Amber. I haven't made my decision yet. I would like you to stay, and I would like to see her go. I'm gonna talk to Jessica again about it. From my standpoint... I'm trying to create a scenario where I can play another week. Making it to the final 4 is my goal in this game. You can compete for HoH and Veto... if you lose, you go. It's that simple. At that point, alliances/trust have gone out the window. Whoever wins it, I will shake their hand, you were the better person. I wanna have this experience. The thought of going to the sequester house with Dustin, Amber and Jen makes me want to kill myself.

During the entirety of Zach and Eric's conversation, Jameka had herself positioned at the sliding glass door, "cleaning" it so she could eavesdrop on their conversation, which was a bit loud, since they were in the jacuzzi.

Meanwhile, Jameka is still working on trashing Eric on a personal level to Jessica. It's all she's got, in terms of strategy, and I get it, but I've had enough. More than enough.

Like I said, this week feels pretty tied up. It's next week I'm concerned about. Tomorrow night around 8:30pm Eastern, we will have 6 remaining houseguests, and 30 minutes later, a new Head of Household. Honestly, I'm nervous... no matter who wins it. I'd love to talk about perfect case scenarios, but I can't really think of one.

I guess my best case scenario would be Eric or Dick winning, because I believe both of them will stick to the deal. Daniele.. not so much. Either way, the week ahead... the weeks ahead... are going to be intense. We're down to it, folks.

Expect the unexpected. ;) See ya on the live feeds.

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How does a Big Brother Double Eviction Week Work?

Here's how it's worked in the past in terms of Double Eviction Weeks...

Only one of Zach's nominees will go home on Thursdays Live Show.

Following that eviction, we will either have a very rushed week of play within the one hour show: HoH, Noms, Veto, Vote, Buh Bye Stunned Houseguest.

Or... they may just have The HoH Comp and then the vote immediately, with no opportunity for Veto...

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They've done it both ways in the past.

Playing for Veto is not guaranteed in the rules...

No matter what happens, you really can't miss another minute of the live feeds this season! It's down to the final moments, folks.

Treat yourself to the 2 weeks free!

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Wake up Call

11am BBT

The feeds have gone to Trivia... I imagine BB is making his first attempt at waking the houseguests. Good luck with that.

11:18am BBT
Feeds are back. Creatures are stirring. Zach is showering. Eric and Jess are awake and snuggling.

Dick is sitting on the edge of his bed, wishing he was still 20-something and not feeling every hour he hasn't slept (or am i just projecting?)...

He gets up, changes batteries and crawls back into bed. Amber's up and changing batt's too.

Zach's really the only one ready to welcome the day, so to speak.

BB: Jessica! Eric! Daniele! Please change your batteries.

Jessica asks Eric if she wants him to say anything to anyone in her HoH blog... Eric thanks her and asks for just a generic hello to his friends and family, saying he's doing ok and not to worry about him.

BB: Jessica! Eric! Please change your batteries!

They comply... at least they turn the lights on...

Another day has dawned in the Big Brother house... Eric and Jess have a nice morning hug... instigated by Jessica.. then go down to change batteries. Eric's planning on doing a lot of Jedi training today.

Here's a clip of Eric and Jess waking up in HoH:

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Big Brother House Happenings 5:30am-9:30am BBT

Amber trying to work Daniele, Jessica & Eric's smooch-fest, Eric's confession to Jessica about the Hinky votes and the Mustard...

Coming soon, to this post.

5:30am BBT
Amber & Daniele

Dani couldn't sleep, so she got up and started baking snickerdoodles. After a while, Amber comes out... Dani tells Amber she's pretty sure Kris has broken up with her by now. She tells her about their problems - butting heads, money, etc... She talks about Nick, and how happy she is... Dani tells Amber how she can't move to Minnesota, because her grandmother has had 2 transplants, and she can't leave her... Amber listen for a while, then launches into her Keep me speeches..

Here's a clip, focusing on Dani's background, captured by TommyVercetti001:

HoH Room
Jessica and Eric
5:56am BBT
After about a half an hour of just cuddle time, no game talk, Eric and Jess have another big make out session... nothing inappropriate... Jess comes up for air, and says how much she likes kissing him.
Jess: Aww... Your kisses are precious.

Which leads to more kissing...

Eric: (laughing) I can't stop.
Jess: (laughing too) It's hot.

They take some covers off. Eric lowers the AC.

Eric: So... do you think I'm still a good kisser?
Jess: Yes!!

More kissing...

Jess: So you haven't kissed a girl in a year?
Eric: Well, I kissed a girl this year.
    ***he's referring to Jessica.

Eric: It feels good to kiss you.
Jess: Well, it feels good to kiss you!
Eric: I like how you're kinda playful. It's fun.
Jess: You do?

More kissing...

6:38am BBT
Eric confesses the Hinky Votes & the Mustard to Jess
After spending the last several hours getting much closer and building more and more trust, Eric goes for the big guns, and confesses... not to being America's player, but to the hinky votes and the mustard. Jess says she just lost $100, but also that she knew it all along. She takes it all extremely well, starts calling him her "little phantom voter," and absolutely cracks up over the whole mustard thing. Eric tells her he's wanted to be honest with her about all of it for ages, but he was afraid to... and now he's not...

7:47am BBT
Eric: What are you doing to me?
Jessica: Nothing! (silence) I care about you. I am glad you told me.
Eric: I'm trying to wrack my brain... "Is there anything else?"
Jessica: You little phantom voter... You little PV.
    *** PV=Phantom Voter
Jess: My little PV... I'll give you a kiss...


They say goodnight, but they're up for another hour or so trading embarrassing moment stories, personal histories and more kisses...

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Everyone, it's getting very intense. I know I've said it a million times, but I'm gonna say it again. You've really gotta get the feeds. I cover a lot here, but there's so much going on, and I can only effectively cover 1 feed at a time... and there are 4.

There will be no standard Overnight Report tonight. It's all in individual posts... right below here.

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The Race to Jessica - Eric Wins

1:49am -4:30am BBT

1:49am BBT
In the race to make it first to Jessica's HoH Room for the night, after a great deal of anticipation, DR sessions and drama, Eric wins! PHEW!

After the amount of trashing Jameka and Amber did earlier (to Jess - see previous post), this was a big concern...

Jess: So, um, what'd you tell the guys about why you didn't sleep up here last night?
: I didn't tell them anything.
Jess: Are you sure? When you went to the Diary room, Dick was like, "have you kissed? have you kissed?" and I said "no," and Zach...
Eric: Why would I say anything to Zach about anything.. or Dick..
Jess: I don't know.. F you Zach, you're goin' home.
Eric: I didn't say anything to either of them.


Here's a clip, captured by xx2000xx:

Eric: I don't really know how to say this without making myself sound like an idiot, but I don't really know if you understand the degree to which I really care about you... and I don't want to do anything to hurt you... It's kind of an awkward thing to say.. You're the first girl that I've kissed in like 5 years.. part of why t took me so long to do it is.. it's a big deal for me... it took me like 4-5 years..
Jess: since you were my age.
Eric: I don't take it lightly.. I didn't make the decision lightly.. this is a big deal. It changes a lot of things for me.. and I wanted to so badly that it wasnt even a question any more.
Jess: Thanks for telling me that.
Eric: do you mean that?
Jess: I do.. really do.
Eric: It was a big deal for me..

Eric: I have no idea what you think about me... I'm a little slow on the uptake sometimes... You sincerely mean a lot to me. Any time I do something joking around, I feel like such a sh-t..
Jess: mm hhm.
Eric: But I am a bit of an idiot sometimes.. I don't make the same mistakes twice normally.
Jess: That's good.
Eric: I feel really badly... I think like.. with what I was saying about you're the 1st person I've kissed in a long time.. my friends are gonna have a heart attack.
Jess: Why?
Eric: Cuz I'm really guarded about stuff like this... and to be in this situation...
Jess: What do you think they're gonna say?
Eric: I think they're gonna say, "we didn't see this coming.. but she's really sweet, she's really cute, she's really hot, and we can't wait to meet her... if she lets you talk to us.. cuz we've been watching the live feeds..
Jess: laughs.

They move on to the girls...

Jess: Whenever they talk bad about you, I defend you..
Eric: No you don't.
Jess: Well, they're not gonna keep talking trash if I defend you...

Here's the clip, captured by xx2000xx:

And Zach...

Jess: So Amber says to me, do you guys have a deal with Dick & Daniele? And she says that Dick said, "All debts have been paid, all deals are off."
Eric: He's lying to her. He's lying to pretend we don't have a deal with each other.
They're misdirecting other people...
Jess: She said that D&D specifically said that they had a deal with us.. All I know is that, what was the thing with Daniele last week? She told Jen.
Eric: I don't think she told Jen anything. Do you think anything they say to Amber has any meaning?

Eric: One thing at a time. Which conversation were we on?
Jess: Amber, Dick and Daniele.
Eric: Ok.. Why would he tell Amber the truth and not us?
Jess: If you think they're not scheming you're out of your mind.
Eric: You're giving them way too much credit. Dick and Daniele...

Jess: Why don't we keep the original 4 together? (paraphrase)
Eric: Amber doesn't like you. Why would Amber be nice to you this week? Please tell me that you understand that.
Jess: Yeah, I do, but I don't have a vote this week, so why isn't she talking to other people.
Eric: She already did... She already talked to Dick. She already talked to Daniele.

Enter c-blocker extraordinaire... Jameka.

Eric: So.. what do we feel about Daniele's special friend in the studio audience?
Jameka: Well, one thing's for sure. Her boyfriend's history.

They go on to discuss how surprising it was that Amber beat out Daniele, and that had Amber won any significant money, she woulda been so outta here... In short order, Jameka returns to trashing Daniele. They're amazed by the intensity of Nick and Daniele... and surprised that they didn't fly Amber's boyfriend in. Jameka's the only one who really gets it: "It's like they're promoting this."

2:24am BBT
Enter Zach! Sheesh.. orgy in the HoH room. Not really.. just an orgy of c-blockers.
Zach: Dick fell into the pool - shoes, socks, jeans... too funny.
Eric: That's funny.
Zach: Since I heard them mention your mike, I knew you guys were still awake.. had to come tell you... I'm gonna go make fun of Dick.

Zach leaves. Jameka et al return to talking about Nick and Daniele.

Jameka: She was blown away. She didn't know he was there...

Eric: Her boyfriend is probably in an asylum by now...

2:28am BBT
ENTER Dick... to share his story about falling into the pool.. microphone and all.

2:33am BBT
Re-Enter Zach.. so everyone but Amber and Daniele are in HoH.

2:36am BBT
Jameka leaves. Hoorah! Zach & Dick are still up there... The mood is jovial... Jess gets called to the DR, and it's descends into guy talk... and then talking more about Power of 10.

2:46am BBT
Jess comes back from her DR session. The boys are still up there... going on about how Amber didn't know the word tripod or scrutinize...

2:52am BBT
Zach: I'm going to give Eric and Jess their moment. You should do the same, pool crasher.

Dick stays on... and finally leaves at 3:07am BBT.

3:07am BBT
Eric launches straight back into the conversation from earlier... and this time he's on the attack.
Eric: Why were you lying? You, Amber and Jameka. What were you discussing?
Jess: Hmmm.. lets see. What were we talking about?
Eric: Why don't you just tell me what you discussed?

Jess is hiding the truth, big time.

Jess: She asked me like 500 times if you had a deal with Dick and Daniele.
Eric: Why do you want her to stay all of the sudden?
Jess: Cuz I like her.
Eric: When you put them up, you said, of the 2, I really want her to go.
Jess: I don't know. At least Amber's campaigning to me. Zach's just being a jerk.
Eric: I'm really put off by her putting her nose into our business.
Jess: What do you mean?
Eric: Like the stuff she said to Jameka. I don't think that's having your or my best interest at heart.
Jess: Well that would be having my best interest..
Eric: Well, when she talks to me, it's completely different. She's completely gung ho on the 2 of us..
Jess: That's weird.. But on the other hand, she talks about how she used to manipulate her boyfriend all the time...
Eric: Let's not forget she's also a drug user.. and with a 5 year old child... and she sits here and talks about what a good person she is..
Jess: She means in the game..
Eric: how in the game? She wants a "good person" to win.. How is she good in the game? Please don't look at it just in terms of the last 3 days..
Jess: OK, so when Zach wins, and puts me up..
Eric: That's not gonna happen. Who do you think he likes more? Me or you?
Jess: Well he use dot like me.. until I nominated him.
Eric: Here's the deal. We'll talk about it tomorrow.. We'll talk to Dick and Daniele tomorrow..
Jess: Obviously, Dick wants Amber to go, you want Amber to go..
Eric: You haven't liked Amber for weeks on end.. I don't get why you suddenly like her now.
Jess: I feel less threatened by her than Zach.
Eric: Well, what if i can create a scenario where you feel less threatened by Zach.

They discuss the "deal" Amber mentioned Dick having talked about.

Eric: Just like, how many times have you told Amber and Jameka there's nothing going on?
Jess: A million times... You better win HoH. If you go out on a Carol question, I will kill you.

Eric: I think he was trying to mislead her...
Jess: Don't tell her I said anything...
Eric: Why would I tell her anything when she's backstabbing me to you? Amber's talked a ton of shit about you, You've talked a ton about her. Just because she's kissing your ass now... What is she telling you about me?
Jess: The Dick stuff.. and the deal..
Eric: Do you understand that she's trying to make you have problems with the only person who really cares about you in the house? Did she tell you more stuff as it relates to us personally?

Jess admits it.

Jess: Yes. but it didn't mean anything.
Eric: Go ahead. tell me.
Jess: Basically, that next week it'll be me and Jameka that'll be up, no matte who wins..
Eric: What else?
Jess: that's it.
Eric: You're lying to me..
Jess: And then there was some other stuff that I'm not supposed to talk about... Don't say anything.. I'm not supposed to tell you.
Eric: Why would you have Amber's back and not mine?
Jess: I don't wanna tell you, cuz it didn't matter to me. And you wont say that you wont say anything...
Eric: I wont.
Jess: She said you've come to her 3x this past week..
Eric: That's not true.
Jess: She said twice within the last 8 or 9 days..
Eric: No, she didn't speak to me for 10 days before that becaus eof the Dustin thing.
Jess: You're freakin' out.
Eric: Cuz you wont tell me. I don't know what she's claiming that I said... I said to her that... (thinking..) Oh.. Jen's comment.. I said I don't really give a sh-t what Jen said.. it's totally f'd up. I've never had that conversation with Jen. You know what the situation is... It's really strange being on tv, it's strange having feelings for someone here, and she said yeah i can tell you guys really have feelings for each other... and she said she knew Jen's comment was totally out of line.. follow your heart, do whatcha gotta do, and she acted like she was in total support... and I shouldn't worry about it, cuz I should just worry about what I'm feeling about you. Le me guess, that's not what she said to you.
Jess: Right. She said you don't wanna win HoH, because of the pics up in the room.. and she can see my mom and family at home just sitting there going, no jess, don't get played by this guy... and the girlfriend at home...
    ***Ahhhh.. again, relief she told him the truth.. just wish it didn't take so long.
Eric: And this is the reason why you like her?
Jess: It just feels like she's looking out for me.

Eric rolls over.. silence.

Jess: I'm just tellin you... (pause) There's goes my case for trying to keep Amber, right?
Eric: Yup. She's done. Whatta f'ing bitch.
Jess: Aaaah! I shouldn't have told you!
Eric: The 2 of them sit up here pretending they're my friends.. All 3 of you lied to me about what you were talking about... Why would I not be upset about those comments? I have a conversation with her, telling her how much I care about you...

Eric and Jess get into it about him calling her a liar...

3:30am BBT
Eric: Do you know why these things upset me? Not on a game level. She says to you that I'm playing you, which is your absolute worst fear in the game, and then she campaigns for my vote?? Do you know why else this bothers me?
Jess: what?!
Eric: You know how I feel about you?
Jess: That's why I said it doesn't f'in matter.
Eric: How would you feel if it was reversed?
Jess: Terrible.

Eric: You know what? Amber most certainly is tryuing to use the men against women thing... Get rid of Zach, Eric's evil.. girl power to the end.
Jess: yeah.
Eric: I know you don't think I'm stupid...

Jessica's concerned she's gonna be 4th in the alliance with D&D.

Eric: If someone said or did these things behind your back, you'd be furious... In those situations, I'd appreciate it if you would support and defend me.
Jess: I do.
Eric: She's such a bitch. Good person, my ass. It's honestly getting to the point where I could give 2 sh-ts whether I win or not.
Jess: Yeah right.
Eric: It would bother you if people kept saying sh-t that was untrue about you also. You're not the butt of everyone's rude bitchy comments all day. I am. I don't get why you're defending her. Then she comes out there and says, "We're your girls, Eric. We're your girls." And you ask me why I trust D&D more than Amber? They're not trying to sell me out every 5 minutes.
Jess: OK, well she's going this week.

Eric: Please tell me that would make you furious if someone did that to you.
Jess: It would. Just don't say anything please.
Eric: Has there ever been a word you've said to me that's ever gotten back to you, ever?
Jess: No.
Eric: I wanna walk up to her right now and tell her. Congratulations. You're going home, 3-1, bitch. (He wont, but he'd like to)

He turns the tables to make Jess see it from his perspective... Hypothetically, with Zach as an example... Jess is getting very frustrated... Frankly, I wish they'd just shut up and find another way to communicate right now. ;)

3:53am BBT
Eric: I said this to you earlier. There is one thing people can use to get to me right now.
Jess: Yeah.
Eric: And that is bringing in personal things, and specifically personal things as they relate to you.
Jess: Yeah...
Eric: The personal stuff just crosses the line with me. It's none of their business, none of their concern... None of it makes any sense. It's totally inconsistent with my actions. It's totally inconsistent with my feelings. And worse, I know and they know, it gets to you.
Jess: Well, Amber'll be gone on Thursday, so it wont happen anymore...
Eric: I can see it happening whenever anyone wants to get to you about me...

Here's a clip, captured by bbfanz:

Jess: You did look cute tonight, by the way...

Eric: I've been single for a year, and you're the 1st person I've felt this way about. Is she gonna be happy about it?
Jess: No.
Eric: Would it be easier if it wasn't on National television, or if I could pick up a phone... I don't know what I should do.. If I should stand on the balcony and shout it? If I should have 15 more diary room sessions than I've already had.
Jess: Awwww!!
Eric: Of course it's a difficult situation for me. I came to play the game... I have a crazy weird situation outside the house that's gone on too long... This is not an easy situation.. Do you think that someone I was with for 4 years, that I wanna give them a big final f you while she's watching it on tv?
Jess: That's what you're doing...
Eric: I know.. but it's the exact opposite of what I'm being accused of doing...

OK... and they ease back into flirt mode... Ahhhh...

Eric: The reason I get so upset about these things, is because I do have these feelings... It's a big deal... It's the 1st time in 5 years... and I am on national television saying these things and doing these things.. which is going to hurt somebody else... and I'm making myself vulnerable... this is my kryptonite right now, and anyone who's smart will realize it.
Jess: I guess Amber's smart.

Eric: I wish you could read my mind and understand how serious I am about you...
Jess: Me too.

4:30am BBT
Eric & Jess
Still up. Happy talk... Flirting... chill...
Game talk too... but I need to get some sleep...
Turn em on, folks.

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