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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Boys Night in the Jacuzzi

It's Saturday night, and Nick's holding court in the jacuzzi, talking about his upbringing - growing up the son of a Viet Nam vet, bar fights, football stories and head butting people. lol.. Zach is actually asking him for instructions on how to head butt someone without hurting yourself. Quite amusing.

The boys and Jen. Seems innocent enough, right, but this is Big Brother, and there is method to their apparent idleness. As long as Jen's outside with the boys, the HGs on the inside who want very much to have private talks with her, cannot.

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Big Brother 8 - A Cast of Doers, not Whiners

I am really loving this season's cast of Big Brother 8. I've been thinking about it, and I have to say the number one reason is this: they are all doers.

They don't wait for BB/production to provide them with things to do, instead they create their own forms of entertainment, and/or are completely fun and watchable in their own right.

  1. Dick creates games for everyone to play out of things in the house. Not to mention the fact that Dick alone is entertaining enough for anyone, and he talks directly to the internet viewers every night.
  2. Dustin is the house personal trainer/therapist, leading abs classes for whomever wants to participate every day, and being there sympathetically for Amber. He's also shaping up to be a serious gamer.
  3. Nick and Dani are just adorable to watch together, and outside relationships notwithstanding, they are wonderful for the showmance loving crowd.
  4. Nick alone, with his gay-for-play game style, is eye candy for the masses, funny as hell, and just seems a really decent person. It's that Minnesota thing... Good Folk.
  5. Joe, with his nightly storytime, and daily over the top shenanigans, can improv everyone into the giggles, while flitting about from alliance to alliance, and holding his own in any debate. He may not be long for the BB world, but he's certainly made an impression. Come on.. Who else but Joe would blurt out on National Television that he'd had gonorrhea?
  6. Mike, with his made for Showtime date-nights, is just a trip to watch. His late night spying routine last night was funny as hell. At least he didn't hide in any planters.
  7. Zach, the self described consumate BB professional gamer and all around man's man, except when he's stewing in jealousy over Nick and Dani, and I'm still unclear which one he's really jealous over, is entertaining in his self-assuredness.
  8. Jen... really do I even need to say anything about Jen? Love her or hate her, she's a sight to behold, a bonding factor for all the other HGs and the feed viewing audience, a ratings draw for the male 15-49 category, and as HoH, she's instilling a holy reign of terror.
  9. Jameka is a complete crack-up, and if she keeps giving Kail stepping lessons, she has my vote for the win. Too funny.
  10. Amber is our resident massage therapist, empath and sweetheart. Minus the willingness to go into great detail about health issues, which I avoid cuz who wants to hear about my problems, she's the HG I most identify with. She's 100% real, no pretense, no b.s.
I could go on, but you get the picture. Each of these houseguests brings something significant to the table, and makes the feeds and the show worth watching.

That was the one thing that drove me nuts about a few of the players on Allstars: constant whining about being bored. I wanted to strangle a couple of them. Buck up and be an intelligent human! Make your own fun. Stop complaining allll the time. Nobody wants to hear it.

Just my 2 cents... back to the feeds I go... it's gonna be good tonight. Everyone's making their play to stay off the block and point the attention in someone else's direction.

The game is definitely on.


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So Happy, So relieved...

Can we all just breathe a collective sigh of relief together and take a few minutes to watch and enjoy the whitest, most conservative person in the house learn how to "Stomp the Yard"?

This is hysterical. I'd post pics, but they just wont translate well enough.


What a great afternoon in the BB house. I got so caught up in the conversation between Dick and Jen, I felt like I was watching a movie. It was just the 2 of them in the backyard, and the talk was very open, no holds barred, brutally honest, and very private. Every time one of the other HGs tried to come out to use the pool or the jacuzzi or whatever, Dick shooed them back inside. lol.

I love how he commands such respect within the house that with 5 words or less, Dick can enforce a virtual lockdown on the rest of the HGs, and they just respect it. No complaints. No questions asked. Just, ok, no problem... for about an hour... maybe a little more.

Hopefully they show him the same respect during the Eviction voting.

Anyhow, after the big showdown, I finally got out for a couple hours long bike ride along the ocean. Just got home, (5:30BBT) and what do I return to? More Step/Stomp lessons from Jameka for Kail on 2 of the feeds. Too funny. Go white girl! Go white girl! Go!

And for my personal viewing pleasure, Nick (and others) in the jacuzzi on the other 2...

We love you, BB!

Get ready for another night of serious gaming, folks. Dani will be using that veto to remove herself from the nomination loveseat, so just about everyone is doing some serious politicking tonight.


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Veto Spoiler


Big Brother 8 Week 2
Veto Spoiler contained herein...

Since we'll be referring to the Veto Comp and winner repeatedly throughout the rest of day and tomorrow on the main blog, there's really no point in burying this is the Major Spoilers post (sidebar), but we just want to give everyone who is trying to avoid spoilers a heads up that just below this paragraph we will be announcing the Winner of the Veto Competition.
There, that should keep it hidden beneath the scroll...

The Winner of Today's Veto Competition is...

(waiting & hoping for Dani, Dick or Nick)


Dani's 2 for 2!!

Anyone else suddenly feel like breaking out into song?
"Hi, Ho, the wicked witch is dead!"

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C=Venus Chops BB8 Zach and Mike

Just a little something to entertain you while we wait for the Veto comp to end, and restore our breathing to normal from all the intensity in the house this morning!

Thanks, C=Venus! We needed a calming little treat. Your timing is impeccable!


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Big Brother 8
Veto Update #2

Jen's reign of terror. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

The tension in the house is incredibly thick.

After a private conversation with Jen up in the HoH, during which he challenged every pot she tried to stir up, Joe has now crawled up Jen's tush and wedged himself firmly, trying to save himself from being nominated, should either of the nominees win veto. He's doing this by attacking Dick.

The hostilities are flying in every direction.


For a woman who says she wants to rid the house of all negativity, she sure knows how to stir it up with a smile.


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Big Brother 8
Veto Update #1

10:20am BBT
The feeds cut out for quite a while. They're back now, and the Veto Comp has not happened yet. They were getting instructions and learning who would be competing. Nick and Dani are in bed talking about who she can trust... not so sure about Dustin anymore, but Nick's gonna talk to him.

Further, Nick is being his extremely charming self, flirting and re-assuring Dani at every moment.

10:20am BBT
Gym - Dustin & Amber
Amber's in tears. She's been chosen to play in the PoV, and she's worried about being put up if she doesn't win it. Dustin wants to make sure she'll keep the noms the same. She says she will.

Jen joins them, and apparently she must have made some sort of threat against the other players to put up the closest friend or alliance of anyone who tries to intentionally take her out, or tries to help either of the nominees.
    Scary chick.

Jen: I just want the nominations to stay the same.

Jen leaves them.

Amber resumes crying to Dustin. She's petrified to the point of hyperventilating, and Dusting is helping her to breathe.

Dustin: Why is Jen demanding rules for her veto competition. That's f'd up. That's f'd up. She can't do that.
    ***Unfortunately, it seems she can, and she did.
    We have underestimated this woman beyond all belief.

Dustin: Just play and play fair. That's all you can do.
Amber: You make me feel so much better. You have no idea.

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Veto Comp in 90 Minutes!!

Just so we're all clear... BB just said the Veto Comp begins in 90 minutes... that's about 9:15am BBT. Hold your breath, cross your fingers, and fire up the feeds...

It's going to be another big day in BB land.

The HGs are speculating that tomorrow, Sunday, might be a live show, and again how this could be a double elimination week... taking a bit of pleasure in the notion that Jen's HoH could be cut very short.

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Big Brother 8 Overnight Report
Just the good stuff.

It's 6:45am in the BB house, and most of the HGs are sleeping, but something is afoot. It looks like the HGs are being called one by one to the Diary room. One comes out, wakes another to go in, then goes back to sleep...
Very curious.
At 7:32 am BBT
BB: Good Morning, Houseguests. It's time to get up for the day.
Someone says, "sh*t," and rolls over. No one else moves.
Again at 7:35am BBT
BB: Good Morning, Houseguests. It's time to get up for the day.
Then we get the blue vortex, so BB means business this time... probably playing wakeup music.

7:50amBBT BB: Good Morning, Houseguests. The Veto Competition will begin in 90 minutes!

Last night was full of secrets and revelations. For starters, around 11:30pm BBT, Nick came out to Dani about the Mrs. Robinson alliance! In case anyone was doubting his loyalty to her, you can stop that right now.

Friday, July 13th 11:29pm BBT
Nick: I was approached the first day, and I agreed to join, because if I didn't I was immediately a target.
Nick: I trust you, and I want you here so bad, and I like you so much.
Nick: My plan is to get Zach and Kail up.
Dani: You can't nominate them!

Nick explains to Dani how Kail, Mike and Zach are using Jen.

Nick: I trust you so much.

Nick: I wanted to bring you in with Mrs. Robinson, but I was approached by Mike, Kail and Zach, and they told me they can't trust me!
Nick: They shouldn't.
Nick: They tried to tell me you're playing me. I played along with it. I don't trust them at all. I need to keep you around this week, and till the end.
Nick: I'm here to throw a monkey wrench into everyone's sh*t.

Nick: I want Kail or Zach or Mike up next week, so we can squash their alliance, because they have strength in numbers.
Nick: Dani, You can't tell anyone about this.
Dani promises she wont.
They pinkie-swear and each kisses their *own* hand.

Nick: I kinda trust Mike, but I heard Kail doesn't trust me, so I'm over her. I don't want to associate with her at all, and I don't trust Zach as far as I can throw him.
Dani: You can find out who they will vote for.
Nick: I think the plan is to evict you.

Nick: It sucks, because I don't want Dick to go either. Ideally I'd like Joe to go.
Nick: I don't trust the Mrs. Robinson crew at all.

Mike's been doing a lot of eavesdropping around the house tonight, and he's been noticed by more than one HG.

2:25am BBT
Amber & Dick
Dick: Are you the only one up, or is the spy?
    ***Dick is referring to Mike as the spy.
Amber: Oh, no he's not.
Dick: Everybody's caught him spying around today.
Amber: I know...

Dick talks about Eric for a moment then returns to Mike.

Dick: Don't trust Mike
Amber: Hello, I'm not that stupid.

In a touchingly "poetic" hero daddy moment, we hear...

Dick: I want Nick to swear on his mother's titties that he'll save Dani.
Dick: Jen, the Queen of C--ts. If I have to crawl up Jen's ass and out of her mouth to win that Veto, then let me in.


3:15-3:30am BBT
All the other HGs are sleeping. Dick is alone and talking to the internet...
    ***Thanks, Dick.
    We love these late night one-on-ones. ;)
Dick: It could go either way, but like in real life, there are probably a lot of people who like me, and probably a lot of people who think I'm a (insert your favorite expletive here), but I don't really care.
Dick: Vincent and all his friends and my friends are probably goin' nuts right now. They're probably saying, "I knew it! That motherf'er can't keep his mouth shut." Same thing that gets me in trouble in life gets me in trouble in here. What can you do? What?Can?You?Do?
Dick: Ay yai yai... 9 gallons in that teacup... GD, what the f? Shoot me in the head! Motherf'er what is that sh*t?

Dick: I wonder what people think about Daniele with her boyfriend, Nick? Have they kissed? I don't think so. Constant flirting. Better turn my mic up.

re: Jen

Dick: It would be just fine, if only I didn't have to hear her blah blah blah. I have to keep myself from strangling her with both hands... though it really might be nice. Maybe if I put oil in her bathtub she'll slip and fall. Could be fun. For me.

Dick: This lockdown blows! This house is not conducive to smoking.

Dick: I should be doing laundry, smoking a cigarette. I would jerk off, but I am not in the mood, and I don't know what toothbrush is Jen's. I like to think about that, but I wouldn't do it. Not even with that c-nt.
Dick: 9 gallons. How convenient. Makes it interesting.

Then he goes to sleep.

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Friday, July 13, 2007

Who is your favorite Big Brother 8 Houseguest?

OK, I said I was going to sleep about an hour or so ago, but I cant stop laughing watching the feeds. There are 2 conversations going on at the same time: one between Dustin and Amber plotting Zach's demise; and the other between Zach and Mike, with Zach talking about how he now has Dustin on his side, and that he, Zach, wont have to hustle for votes if he gets nominated, because he's built a solid 6 behind him.

Interestingly enough, Mike and Zach seem to be sniffing out America's Player. They don't know who it is, but they believe there may be a mole in the House, and that America must be cracking up watching it all happen.

But all that isn't why I'm posting right now. I have 2 questions for you. 9 days have passed since the beginning of the season (8 if you're reading this late Friday night), and we've gotten to know the houseguests pretty well in that time. So I'd like to know, if you had to pick one houseguest...
    Who is your favorite?
    And, if different than your favorite, who do you think is playing the best game?
Please leave your answers here in the comments section of the blog. I'll approve and post them first thing Saturday morning with my coffee.

Portable Firefox on USB drive. Complete security and portability. Free Trial.

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Big Brother's quasi-queer twist

By Louis Virtel

An exclusive posted July 13, 2007

Season 8 of Big Brother creates tension by housing real-life enemies together. But the real drama rests with wily contestant Nick Starcevic, whose gay-for-play tactics steal the show.

You don't even need to watch the new season of CBS's Big Brother to recognize that it's a reality-show institution. The hair-raising title says it all: Big Brother 8 .

"I think it stands out as event programming every summer," says the show's executive producer Allison Grodner. "Like going back to summer camp, if you will."

But gays aren't building any birdhouses in this steamy bungalow.

The latest season of Big Brother is rife with prearranged drama, thanks to a new gimmick: real-life enemies and rivals unwittingly reunited and forced to live in the same space for the summer. For instance, blond and bronze Daniele Donato had beamed at the chance to live in a sprawling pad festooned with live cameras and microphones for the chance to win $500,000—until she realized her estranged, tattooed father, Dick, would be her housemate. Out-and-super-proud Joe Barber boasted of big plans to befriend all the contestants—until his bitter ex Dustin Erikstrup sauntered in, prompting Joe to resurrect an unfinished, furious fight about his gonorrhea contraction. Dustin pleaded innocence, and Joe threw his arms up and said the gonorrhea must've been "immaculately conceived."

Amusing, yes, but Big Brother's petty theatrics don't initially seem far removed from similar setups like the The Real World or America's Next Top Model. But BB8 contestant Nick Starcevic is lending the show a twist of his own. The former football pro, who identifies as a straight man, will do, you guessed it, anything to earn favor in the house.

He plans to flirt, cuddle, and massage his way through the game's stages, caressing his housemates into voting one another out each week. And he doesn't flinch at the idea of working his muscular moves on Joe and Dustin, if he must.

And apparently, gentlemen, he must.

"He flirts with everyone. It doesn't matter to him," says Grodner. "He's an equal opportunity flirter. He's a chameleon and does what he needs to do to ingratiate himself, to endear himself."

Though Nick spends much of his time schmoozing the lady players, Big Brother's 24/7 Internet feed has shown his sizzling queer machinations. He's whipped off his shirt and spooned Joe, who clearly enjoyed the exercise, and received a vigorous back rub from Dustin. He also claimed during a hot tub chat to have once given a blow job.

Grodner acknowledges that Nick's bed-sharing with Joe certainly seems manipulative, though she also feels the scheming is mutual.

"They were cuddling in bed, but it was with a strategy conversation going on at the same time," says Grodner. "They seemed to have formed a secret alliance of sorts. I think especially that Joe is really smart, catches on easily, and does just as much fooling and chameleon work as Nick does."

Meanwhile, only one week into the season, the gay blogosphere titters with rumors that Nick starred in a Next Door Male gay porn video. Screen shots of the unnamed actor look similar to Nick, but nothing has yet been substantiated.

In years past, heterosexual Big Brother contestants have tried, with little success, to woo their queer competitors. In season 6, goofball Howie playfully flirted with gay competitor Beau, then in season 7, the "all-star" edition, Howie tried cozying up to yet another gay player, Marcellas. But Marcellas gleefully proclaimed his own attractions, swooning over fellow player Kaysar, whom he called his "Iraqi peach." Kaysar spurned Marcellas's affections, and Howie lost in back-to-back seasons.

If Big Brother's track record means anything, one might wonder why Nick travels such lengths to seduce Joe and Dustin, each of whom are obviously playing to win as well. But Grodner says all three players' careful consideration of alliances—however manipulative—could garner them a significant advantage for the coming weeks.

"If I had to predict anything," she says, "it's that you'll be seeing all three of them for a long time to come."



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There's No Place Like Home

Carol says she's perplexed by Jessica holding onto an eighth-grade grudge and admits that she made a ''half-assed'' plea to stay on the show because she really just wanted to go home.

CAROL: ''I don't even know why [Jessica] keeps talking about some five dollar thing. I think she just made that up. I can't even remember what our conflict was about.''

Karmically, perhaps 21-year-old Kansas business-school student Carol's fate was sealed back in eighth grade, when she allegedly failed to pay Jessica back that five dollars. Let that be a lesson to you, readers: crime doesn't pay! Actually, this time it might have, because judging by this interview with Carol, the season's first evictee, she was happy to have been booted, even if it was by a vote of 10 to 1. (To read more about this week's episode and to post your comments, click over to the Big Brother TV Watch.)

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: So what was it like being in the house with your deadliest enemy?
CAROL: I wouldn't exactly call her my deadliest enemy, but it was definitely awkward and uncomfortable, and it was really hard to be myself, simply because she was there.

Before she told you, did you even know you were enemies?

I had not thought about it in forever, honestly. I thought our conflict from eighth grade was so petty and minuscule that it didn't even matter.

And to think this would all have been avoided if you'd just paid her back her five dollars.
I don't even know why she keeps talking about some five dollar thing. I think she just made that up. I can't even remember what our conflict was about. If she's really that upset about five dollars, then she's got other things to worry about.

Click Here to Read the Rest of this Interview

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BB8 Houseguests Believe
This is Double Eviction Week -
Fear Veto is Saturday Morning

It's nearly 10pm BBT, and the plotting and scheming hasn't stopped all night. This is going to be a very hot week on the feeds, ... as in "that's hot." Now stop looking up Jen's displayed crotch, and

read the update.

I've been laying low tonight, giving the post for Bekah (just below) plenty of time on the top of the blog, and just watching and taking everything in.

Daniele is taking her nomination remarkably well. Dick, less so. Watching Dick this week should be very entertaining, as he is cursing Jen left and right, and will likely lose it all over her with just the slightest provocation. Apparently he was flipping her off during the Nomination Ceremony, and he's been calling her everything in the book ever since.

Interestingly, a lot of the plotting and scheming has dealt with who everyone would like to put up next week. As far as Amber and Dustin are concerned, Kail and Zach are their prime targets.

The houseguests are pretty well convinced that this is going to be a double eviction week. Their reasoning stems from the fact that they had 2 big things today: the food comp and nominations; and BB has told them they will be woken up tomorrow morning at 7am BBT.

Why on earth would BB wake the HGs at 7am on a Saturday if there wasn't something big going down?

Dustin is planning his Veto win speech already. lol. Should he win the veto he believes will take place tomorrow, he will not use it, and he will tell them both he's very sorry, it was a very hard decision, but he cannot be the one to break up a family.
    ***I fail to see the logic there. If he takes one off, the other has a chance of survival... Whatever! And if he truly wants Zach out so badly, that would be the perfect opportunity to do it. Backdoor Zach, you twit!

So... that in a nutshell is a brief glimpse into what is going on tonight.

Will this truly be a double eviction week? Conventional wisdom suggests not. It's rather a bit early for that, but it's also Big Brother, and we've all learned to expect the unexpected. Perhaps instead they'll have a luxury comp of some sort. Or perhaps BB's just messing with the houseguests. It wouldn't be the first time. The only thing that's certain is we will be here blogging it.

The HGs have to be up at 7am, so I'm going to get some rest too! Thank you all for coming to the blog. It's amazing... we've already had more hits in the first week of this season than we did all last season. Amazing and a bit overwhelming. Thank you for coming and thank you for your support!

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A Gift For Howie Gordon's Bekah

As many of you likely know, Howie Gordon of BB6 & 7 has been trying very diligently to raise funds for his girlfriends goddaughter, Bekah, a beautiful little girl who was recently stricken with cancer. I've been trying to figure out what to do to help out with this, apart from bidding on the stuff Howie has on eBay for her, and I think I just came up with the perfect idea.

The link below is specially encoded "Bekah," and 100% of the *Bonus* for every 2 weeks *free* trial sign up that is processed through that link will be donated to help support her and her family as they go through this very difficult time.

Watch Big Brother 8 on SuperPass!

If you've been thinking about getting the live feeds, and frankly even if you haven't, tonight is the night to act.

You can help this family without it costing you a penny... and you get to check out the live feeds free and with a good feeling in your soul.

As the daughter of a survivor, and the Survivor Chairperson for my local Relay for Life, this is a cause I take VERY seriously. This time, we're just skipping the middle man.


Incidentally, the feeds just came back on, so we should be learning who the nominees are for sure any minute now... and I'm gonna post them right here so Bekah stays on top for a while. Jameka's in tears. Not a good sign. Jokers is reporting Amber and Dick, but I haven't heard anything to confirm that yet.

Joe just said, "it's a tough position to be in, because father and daughter.. they can't campaign against each other."

Sounds like Dick and Daniele are up to me. Turn on the feeds, folks. It's gonna be a very interesting evening.

Jen said during the Nomination Ceremony that if someone should win the Veto Comp and choose to use it to take off one of her nominees, that she will put Joe up. She intentionally placed his key last, because he needs to work on his attitude.

Let's get ready to rumble!

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Big Brother this Afternoon

As of 3:15BBT, the nominations have not been made yet, but the talk about them on the feeds hasn't stopped. At this moment, Nick is up in the HoH talking to Jen, trying to solidify his position, and trying to suss out what she's thinking.

Listening to Jen chat with different HGs all day, I've noticed something rather significant. She changes her speech patterns and vocabulary to accommodate every new person. Not such a dumb cookie after all.

The jury's still out, but so far, although I'm reasonably certain I will not like her nominations - likely Dick and Daniele - I have to commend her game play today, and to be fair, whether we like her or not, she's there to play the game just like everyone else.

The HGs feel that the nomination ceremony is going to be very soon, and as soon as it's over, we'll know on the feeds just who's going up for elimination this week.

3:40pm BBT
Jen and Mike
Jen: So if i put up Dick and Daniele, who would you vote for?
Mike: Daniele.

3:52pm BBT
Jen and Dustin
Jen: I'm wavering between Amber/Joe or Dick/Daniele.
Jen: I want to be done with the negative people. They bring us all down as people. it's contagious. There are better ways to be funny. We don't all have to step down and be rude to be funny. I think it would be good for the whole house... they see that those 3 people are like that, not Amber...

Predictably, Dustin's pushing to get Amber off the wish list, and espousing her virtues.

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C=Venus Honors BB8 Carol
with 2 Farewell Chops


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Feeds are Back
Food Comp's Done

They didn't show the food comp, but the good news is, the feeds are now back on, and the real game is being played. As always with Big Brother, the real game is played during the interactions that can only be seen on the live feeds.

The HGs are all over the place: out in the backyard talking about the comp; in the storage room foraging for food, and in the bedrooms. Half the house is now on slop again. Joe is among them. Dick is not.

The food comp sounds like it had something to do with knowing the ingredients of certain things, and it was a team comp... Dani's in tears. I get the feeling she feels like she may have blown it for her team. That and she's on slop again...

*And* she's probably getting nominated tonight. Rough Day!

Daniele: She's gonna nominate me and my dad. I know it. She wouldn't even look at me just now when she passed me in the hall.

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Interview with BB8 Daniele's #1 Fan -
Her Boyfriend Kris

Hi Jokers folks... Welcome to bb8dish. Thanks for coming. :) A few words before you proceed: 1. The interview you've come to see is 2 weeks old. I'm as surprised as you are that it took that long for someone on jokers to pick it up, but it is what it is. 2. Comments that flame the contestants will not be posted. If you wouldn't say it to their grandmother in person, don't say it here. --Stick around a while and check things out when you're done reading this interview.... Just click the bb banner at the top, and you'll be taken to the most current post on the blog. And now, the 2 week old reason you came:

During the course of Big Brother, it's very easy to forget that these are real people with real lives and real loved ones outside the house. We dissect the HGs every movement, word and gesture, and often, innocent things get blown completely out of proportion, and game play is mistaken for something more.

What we fail to consider most of all is the people this affects the most: the loved ones outside of the house. It's safe to say the person with the most potential for hurt from these misunderstandings this season is someone by the name of Kris. He is Daniele's number one fan, and her boyfriend. I had occasion to speak with Kris a few times over the past couple of days, and in another bb8dish exclusive, here's what he had to say.

I was going to edit it all down to make it more readable, but I think it's much more impactful and raw just left alone and read in it's entirety.

    i do miss my girlfriend very much. when someone you love leaves to do something like this, it's hard on everyone that loves that person. the only things you can rely on are trust and love.

    i respect the game and how its played but i don't respect the people who make accusations based on things they think they see or hear.

    i have always been the type of person to trust someone if they tell me i can trust them, and that is one thing among many that my girlfriend had told me before she left to go on the show.

    the truth is that i love her with all of my heart and soul and as long as you have that nothing will get in the way.

    she went in to play the game the best way she knows how. we all know how it's played, you have to lie, cheat, steal, gain alliances and teammates, and really know how to play the game in order to be the last one walking out that door in the end.

    daniele's #1 fan- Kris

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The One You Belong with Forever.


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Possible Nomination Spoiler

Just after 10am BBT, Jen and Kail were up in the HoH together talking about nominations. Based on what was said, this may well be a nomination spoiler. Then again, Jen could change her mind. Here's the conversation:

Jen: Evel's given up. Oh well... I think he cares more about himself than Daniele. It will be funny to see how they'll handle being nominated together.
Kail: They can't campaign against each other.
Jen: He may act like he cares more about Dani, but I don't think so. I wonder how he'll behave if he's put up but ends up not going home.
    ***In my fantasy world, Dick wins the Veto,
    and uses it to take Daniele down...
    Jen then nominates Joe in Daniele's place,
    and Dick stays....
    but I'm a hopeless romantic in that father-daughter
    knight in shining armor kinda way.

In a later conversation between Zach and Mike, they are both quite intent on getting rid of Daniele. Moreso Zach. Mike's just agreeing and listening. Zach says that Dani has completely messed up Nick's head, and she has got to go. Zach now doubts Nick's loyalty, and says he should be kept out of the loop to see where he truly stands.

Oh the tangled webs...

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Waitin' On the Food Comp

Well, BB told the houseguests at 8:30am BBT that the food comp would be in an hour, and it's now almost an hour and a half. la, la, la....

Here's a musical treat to entertain you in the meantime:

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Check out this fun new chop by "Spank Me Dick." I love the Simpson's homage. :) Can you tell which HG is which? Hint: Their names are listed in left to right order, top row, then bottom row at the bottom of the pic. ;)

FYI... As of 10:30am BBT, the HGs are a bit cranky at having been woken up too early for a food comp that hasn't happened yet, and some are returning to their beds and chatting comfortably. Whole lotta whispering (audible) going on this morning. Jen's met with quite a few of the HGs, and is actually playing her role as HoH quite well so far. At the moment, she's conferring with Mike in what started as game talk and has rapidly declined into flirtation.
Jen: Sounds like a long competition. I'm gonna wear a tubetop.
    ***There's a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen!

Mike: Sweet.
Jen: I'm going topless.
Mike: (smiles)
Jen: I'm going naked.

Zach tells them production said it's gonna be hot and they should dress appropriately.

Jen goes away..
Zach joins Mike upstairs. Major game talk happening... Turn on the feeds, folks.

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The HGs are Awake!

BB woke everyone up at 8:05 BBT, and they've been told to get ready for the Food Comp. That could mean it's coming very soon, or it could mean BB's just messing with them. The wake up song was "Just Eat It," so they think the challenge will involve eating random, gross stuff.

For the moment, the house mood is chipper, and everyone's doing their morning thing. On the live feeds house cams, we currently have Daniele doing her makeup, Jen and Mike sitting at the dining room table, talking, and a couple of guys in the shower... Zach and ?? Anyhow, Dick's in there too, possibly waiting on the shower.

From the way they're all actually up and about so soon after wakeup, it looks like they've been told the food comp will be very soon. Time to turn on the feeds!

And now, Daniele is having a private conversation with Jen in the gym! Go, Dani, Go!

And now Dustin... This is going to be an intense week on the feeds!


BB: "Houseguests, we have 1 hour until the food competition."

$5000 Scholarship Contest

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Big Brother 8 America's Choice,
3rd Task?

Around 1:45amBBT, Eric was up in the HoH with Jen, discussing possible nominations. At first it sounds like America chose Jessica, but as you read on, he makes a hardcore play for Daniele as well. Which is America's Choice, and which is he just naming to keep himself of Jen's good side? From this angle, I'm thinking Jessica was America's Choice, and Daniele is Eric playing the game. ;)

Jen: Who do you think I'm putting up?
Eric: I think Mike is safe, Kail is safe. I'd be fairly surprised if you nominated Jameka. I figure zach is safe also, as well as me.
Jen: No reason for me to put Jameka up. Why would i do that?
Eric: I know. Every single person said they were gonna put you up. It looks on paper the people that are most threat to you are Dick, Dani, Nick, Joe, Amber... maybe Jessica... I don't see Dustin as a threat either... taking out Jessica would be beneficial to you.

    ***FYI, it's now 8am BBT, and the feeds just cut out.
    Pretty likely wake up song time in the BB house.

Jen: Who has the most negative attitude in the house?
Eric: Joe & Danielle. Danielle is a f'in biotch. She thinks shes hot sh**. She complains all the time, constant, non stop.
Jen: If I put Daniele & Evel Dick up, who would go home?
Eric: Ya know its close, but I'd vote Daniele out.
Jen: Thats what I'd prefer. I'd want Dani to go home.
    ***Again she surprises me.
    I thought for sure she was 100% gunning for Dick.

Eric: I'll do whatever you want me to do. Dani is a *&@#!
Jen: Obviously, one of them has to go home.
Eric: Dani probably won't leave against Dick.
Jen: I wish I could just throw them all out.
    ***LOL. Spoken like a Queen.
    LMAO - "Off with their heads!"
Eric: I personally, would be delighted for Dani to go out.
Jen: Dick won't forgive me.
    ***Suddenly she cares what Dick thinks of her??
    Invasion of the Body Snatchers, anyone??
Eric: Dani will never have your or my back.

Here's a link to the first part of Eric and Jen's conversation:
America's Choice Task #3
From there you can find parts 2, 3 and 4.

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Friday the 13th, BB8 Style

Happy Friday, everyone! In what would already be a rather ominous day, it seems somehow apropos that today marks the first full day of the reign of Jen as HoH. Carla coined the term Jenocide yesterday afternoon some time (probably earlier, but that's when we were talking about it), and we were talking about possible uses and context, and then Jen won HoH, and it all became crystal clear.

I can't wait to see what C=Venus and the rest of the choppers come up with this week! Should be hysterical.

Since Jen won the HoH, the conspiracy theories have begun in earnest. I don't really buy into the conspiracy theories, personally, but I can understand the thinking behind them. Sure, it makes sense that production would want to keep Jen in the house, due to her constant parading around with her bathing suit up her bum, and her willingness to display her boobs and the rest of her body. It's just good for ratings. And yes, her winning HoH is the only way to ensure that for another 2 weeks. But truly, I'm not buying that they set up the HoH for her to win it. It does, however, up the drama quotient tremendously, since had anyone else won, she'd have been packing her bags. At this point, she's just been such an annoyance to the rest of the HGs, it was a safe nomination.

While the HGs have been sleeping, I've been updating our links (along the sidebar & on the links page to include more HG myspaces and fan pages that are cropping up, as well as more myspace groups and forums. Additionally, a couple of new tushy pics on the page where those go (link in the sidebar). Go check em out. They're there for your benefit and amusement. Oh, we also added a BB8Dish FAQs page yesterday, so please make sure to check that out, and add any questions you'd like answered to the comments section there! We'll do our best to provide the answers and add them to the page. :)

Also added Starbucks to the sidebar - Did you know they'll ship it to your home?! Pretty handy for the serious feed watcher... shame Carla and I can't "register" there for all the coffees we love and help keep us awake to do all the blogging. :)

There's a food comp sometime today. If you're planning to tune in to the live feeds in time to see it, I'd say you're pretty safe waiting until at least 9amBBT/12noonEastern. The Food Comps are always fun to watch. :)

Also, I've been working on a series of interviews with HG insiders, and a bit later today I'll be posting a very personal, very heartfelt one from someone close to Daniele. Sometimes we tend to forget that our HGs have real lives and real loves outside the BB house... You'll want to check back for that one.

I'm gonna check the logs and see if there's anything very important that needs to go up from last night... If so, it'll be up here soon. ;)

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Thursday, July 12, 2007

No Liquor Tonight - Food Comp Saturday

Zach: Just so you know we are not getting liquor tonight: there is a Food Comp tomorrow.
Dick: Did they put it up on the tv?
Zach: No, they told me.
These HGs don't seem at all bothered by the lack of liquor. No whining followed the announcement. How refreshing. They're really a good bunch of folks, mainly.

Joe's gained 10 pounds, Dustin's gained 5, Jameka's not fessing up, but she said her stomach was flat when she arrived and it isn't anymore. Dick's not participating in the weight conversation. And at 11:30pm BBT, BB is about to have pizza delivered for them. ;)

Daniele and Jessica are inside eating massive bowls of ice cream, joking about being in a competition to be the fattest blond in the house.

And now that the food announcement is passed, the worried threesome of Joe, Jameka and Dick continue their conversation. Pretty casual really.

But let's backtrack a little... I debated going on strike after the Jen win, but I'm ok now... and minus some minor grammatical alterations and edits, the conversation below must be attributed to Jokers, cuz that's where I got it. Not the paragraph before it, but the back and forth between Kail and Jen. Quite interesting, actually.

In the aftermath of Jen winning HoH, after the room reveal, Jen and Kail huddled up in the HoH to talk about who she's going to nominate. Kail, Mike, Zach and (I believe) Eric are safe.Everyone else is pretty fair game. Jen tossed around the idea of putting up Dick and Daniele, saying with one gone, it would be a more comfortable situation for everyone, given their tension. She toyed with the idea of Joe, but figures Dustin will take care of getting rid of Joe. Perhaps Nick? She's quite open really, and seems to be thinking it through, dare I say, intelligently.

Kail pushed her ideas too. Always keeping her boys safe. Here's the full conversation:

Kail: You could put up Evel to annoy everyone.
Jen: But I'd have to put Danielle and him up.
Kail: What about Jameka and Jessica?
Jen: Carol was saying I should put up Jessica, because she'd put me up, because she wants to be the hot girl.
Kail: I tend to believe Carol.
Jen: But I don't want to take out more girls, because then all the guys have the power.
    ***has anyone else noticed Jen has said at least
    50 consecutive words without a single "like",
    except in it's proper context?
Kail: What about Joe and Dustin? If you put Dustin up, you're breaking up Amber & Dustin.
Jen: But I feel like Joe will go after Dustin, and Dustin will go after Joe. They may put me up, but I don't know that they would. I feel like the people who'd put me up will be Evel and Daniele.
Jen: I could say they're causing a lot of tension, so if one of them goes there won't be this family drama, and it'll be much more comfortable for everyone in the house.
I would never put up you or Mike or anyone I wouldn't want to go home. The only people I'm not putting up you Mike Eric Zach.
Kail: What about Nick?
Jen: He's not on my no list. I thought about Nick and Dick.
Kail: But if you heard from Carol that Jessica would put you up...
Jen: She didn't say that, she said she might.
Kail: You might want to go after her, though.
Jen: She doesn't have any alliances.
Jen: I was thinking who would put you up, who would put Mike up -- not that were an alliance. But everyone thinks we are, so we might as well be one.
Kail: Evel said he would put me and Mike up.
Jen: I heard Evel and Jameka talking...
Kail: Put Evel and Jameka up!
Jen: You think he'd put me up?
Kail: I don't know. I think Evel for sure.
Jokers -AcousticGrrrl
Who's evil now, Kail?

Holy M.o.G., there's a brain in that there head, and Jen's just been hiding it from us... Or is it that we just couldn't see the forest through the trees... or the oft exposed bod?

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Jen is the New HoH of Big Brother 8

It's taking every ounce of patience and discretion I possess to wait until 9pm BBT (ok, 8:52pm BBT) to post something to the main page of the blog, so this could get long! As a fan, I'm soooo bummed Jen's gonna be HoH. So completely wrecked. Anyone, anyone else at all would have been preferable, cuz then Jen would have been on the block.

I wonder if the HGs could hear the collective groans across America as Julie announced the winner of the HoH comp? I actually yelled "NOOOOO" out loud. Crap. Crap. Crap!

Small revenge. They just revealed the HoH room, and it looks exactly like Kail's HoH room. Not a single change. I hope Jen lasts long enough to see them make a gorgeous room for the next person that wins HoH. :P

OK.. breathe. There are worse things in the world. Not in BB, but in the world.

As a blogger, I'm intrigued. Jen has been the most hated HG in the house since day one. It'll be interesting to watch everyone swallow their pride and sidle up to her for the week, and equally interesting to see who doesn't bother. This week will show us a lot about the game play of the remaining HGs. I was going to say it would show us about their character, but the truth it, if they're fully committed to the game, that has to go out the window to a certain degree. This is about being the last HG standing. Pride be damned.

Who will Jen's new BFF be? For the week, anyway. Or will she stick with Kail, and share her room with her, as Kail did?

Another potential, will Jen wield her HoH like she does her body - as a weapon? Will she demand extra attention from the men? Will any of the men try to develop anything with her to ensure their safety?

As much as I hate to have her in the position of HoH, it's going to be a very interesting week.

Dick is a sure thing to get nominated. She's hated him since day one, and his rant on her earlier today isn't gonna help him tomorrow during nominations. Him choosing to stay away from the HoH Room Reveal was quite telling as well.

For my next guess, I'll say Joe, since she's talked about eliminating him before, and he's one of 3 men in the house who she'll view as immune to her womanly charms. The other 2 being Dick and Dustin.

I wonder what she'll say in her speech. Will she be honest and say, I can't stand you, Dick? Or will she pile them both together and make a non-smoking speech. As the only smokers in the house, Joe and Dick are polluting her world and giving her cancer.


It's only 7:30BBT. 90 minutes to go before I can post this without blowing it for the west coast. Actually, 82 minutes... we knew she was HoH by 8:52 Eastern.

I'm very curious to know who everyone is voting for in terms of America's Choice. This has got to be a careful vote, because you know whoever we choose will be notified within 5 minutes after Eric speaks to her. He's got to handle this one well, or he's toast, and we're partially responsible. There's no guarantee at all that she'll take his advice, but all signs point to her yacking about it to the other HG.

That said, I think the safest choices for Eric to push are Dick and Joe, since we know she's gunning for both. I hate to say it on both counts. Dick, I adore. Joe's growing on me. Jen's the one I wanna see gone this week. Uch. What a choice.

What are you guys thinking?

The polls are open until midnight pacific time (BBT), and you can vote online at:

Choose wisely, and keep your fingers crossed Dick wins the Veto.

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Interview with Jessica's Friend, Josh
BB8Dish Exclusive

What follows below is our exclusive interview with Josh, a very close friend of Jessica's. So close, in fact, that some of our tipsters were sending us info involving him this past week. We chose to contact him directly instead of running with the rumor. ;)

In light of Carol's eviction tonight, it seemed apropos to run this one now, especially with Josh's comments about the broadcast show tonight at the end.

On another note, our next interview will be with someone very, very close to Daniele... Check back for that one tomorrow.

Now, on to Josh.

bb8dish: How would you assess Jessica's game play so far? Strengths? Weaknesses?
Josh : Her game play so far has been great. We are very proud of her. She takes a bit to really trust someone and we are just now getting to see who she really is. Her strengths have been that she has been able to interact with alot of the players without committing to one person or one group. Her only weakness is the fact that she was given such a blow at the beginning with Carol being there that it took her a minute to get the game on.

bb8dish: Are you pleased with the way she's interacting?
Josh: Very much, she has done great making friends and not letting anyone walk on her or deceive her.

bb8dish: How well do you rate her chances of remaining in the house till the end?
Josh: So much can change in this game it is so hard to say when things change week to week. However I feel that if she gets down to her vs one of the Mrs Robinson players that she will win, because she has played the game the right way.

bb8dish: Is there any one thing you wish she was doing differently?
Josh: The only thing that may help her chances would be to open up a bit to the Mrs Robinson group. Right now I don't think that its hurting her, but it may in the future.

bb8dish: Do you know of any tricks she has up her sleeve and is saving for later?
Josh: Jessica is not a deceitful person, she will play things the right way. For example, Carol was up for eviction and not one time did Jessica ever campaign for others to vote her out.

bb8dish: Thank you, Josh.
Josh: I also wanted to add a few of my own thoughts.

bb8dish: Please. Go right ahead.
Josh: I was very disappointed with the way the producers made things look tonight.

bb8dish: Us too.
Josh: I heard Jessica say on the feeds that the producers tried to get her to say mean things about Carol in her goodbye, in case Carol got evicted. Jessica said that there was no reason for that. But they didn't wanna show the nice side of Jessica, instead they chose to edit the clips in such a way that made Jessica look like the villain.

bb8dish: Yup. That's just what they do Josh. People who don't have the feeds have no idea what the real truth is.
Josh: Most of Jessica's comments that were shown tonight about Carol were made before she even got a chance to talk to her (notice her goodbye was not in the same clothes, and they found the meanest clips, which were near the beginning of the game, and put them together.) What the producers did not show America was how the entire time they were in the house, Carol was running around saying derogatory things about Jessica, things that undoubtedly hurt and embarrassed Jessica very much.

bb8dish: It's tv, Josh. They do what they do to create drama.
Josh: I'm not sure why the producers made it look like Carol was innocent, when the truth was all over the feeds.

bb8dish: They do that all the time. The tv show manipulates the audience. The feeds tell the truth. End of story.
Josh: Jessica should be given credit for realizing that she still couldn't trust Carol. Apparently the other houseguests didn't feel Carol was trustworthy either, as indicated by a 10-1 eviction vote.

bb8dish: And now she has. ;) Thanks to you! She's still in the house, and her rival's gone. What more could she want? Thanks so much for talking with us, Josh! :)


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West Coast Big Brother 8
Eviction & HoH Spoiler

West coast folks! Wanna know who got evicted and who the new HoH is? Click the link below throughout the hour, and at 9pm EST! The Eviction is already up!
Don't wanna know? Don't Click! ;)

Spoiler Link

If you have a comment,
click on the spoiler link first,
then post it.
We're trying hard not to spoil this for
those who'd rather wait to know.

Also, the feeds are back up...
or they were a second ago anyway....

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What to Expect on the Big Brother Live Feeds Tonight

Tonight, the power structure in the Big Brother House starts all over again. For those of us watching the feeds, we'll definitely see the reveal of the new HoH Room, and all the butt kissing and true game play that happens immediately thereafter. Should the HoH comp be an Endurance Competition, we'll be watching that all night long, and we'll be the first to know the winner. More, we'll see all the strategizing and gaming as it happens, not in tiny little pieces 3 days later.

For those of you who are curious about the feeds, tonight's a great night to check em out for the first time. You don't even have to commit right away. Real has set it up so you can try them for 2 weeks free. If you're not satisfied, just cancel, and be done. Hehe.. we really can't imagine that actually happening, but it is an option they provide! :)

Here's the 2 weeks free link to get you started:

Watch Big Brother 8 on SuperPass!

We feel pretty confident that once you give the feeds a try, you're gonna love 'em. Moreover, you'll wonder what took you so long!

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Big Brother 8
Best Shot of the Day

The feeds just came back on, and we'd like to nominate this as the best shot of the day. Nice tushy, Nick! Shame there isn't a woman in the control booth for a nice close-up.. the way they do Jessica's tush or Jen's anything she's chosen to expose that moment.

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Interview with Jessica's #1 Fan- Her Mom
BB8Dish Exclusive

In the second of our insider interviews today, we are extremely pleased to bring you this exclusive interview with Jessica's lovely mother.

Carolyn: How would you assess Jessica's game play so far?
Jessica's Mom: Quiet. I think the rival twist really threw Jessica off, but her personality is starting to show now, so keep watching her for developments.

Carolyn: What do you see as Jessica's strengths thus far in the game?
J-Mom: Jessica doesn’t believe everything the other houseguests tell her, and I think many of them are underestimating her.

Carolyn: Her Weaknesses?
J-Mom: Jessica tells the other houseguests what she is thinking too easily without getting the same info back from them.

Carolyn: Are you pleased with the way she's interacting?
J-Mom: I am very proud of her and the way she is handling the twists. Although she has been extremely quiet the first couple weeks in the house, she is starting to let her fun side come out.

Carolyn: How well do you rate her chances of remaining in the house till the end?
J-Mom: It’s really too early to tell, but it doesn’t look like she has a target on her back at this point from anyone – except maybe Zach – her quiet nature seems to worry him for some reason.

Carolyn: Is there any one thing you wish she was doing differently?
J-Mom: Perhaps spending more time one-on-one with each of the houseguests so they would all get to know her better.

Carolyn: Do you know of any tricks she has up her sleeve and is saving for later?
J-Mom: Jessica is a very straight forward person. I would not look for her to play many games. I expect to see Jessica compete hard in all the power competitions.


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BB8 Dick Rants on Jen

It's been a pretty calm morning in the Big Brother 8 house, until just now.

Dick just completely lost it all over Jen. It had to happen sooner or later. We choose sooner. ;) You want drama? We got drama. The live feeds just keep getting better and better.

Dick: If you don't start being considerate of other people besides yourself in this house, i'm going to make you the most miserable b---- in this house, and i'm not even kidding.
Jen: What did I do?
Dick: You sat down right next to me and you started blah, bl-blah, bl-blah while I'm sleeping.
Jen: Oh, cuz they yelled at us.
Dick: You don't even realize it, cuz you're such an inconsiderate b----. It's time to get your head out of your ass and start looking at other people besides yourself.
Jen: Maybe you didn't hear, but..
Dick: Blah, Bl-Blah.. Shut the f' up, and listen for a minute.
Jen: I just did.
Dick: No, you didn't. You never stop talking once. All you do is talk about yourself. It's not your responsibility to wake me up. I will wake you up every single night when I go to bed. I will make you the most miserable b---- in the house.

Jen was completely unaffected by the rant. On the one hand, good for her. On the other, completely oblivious. TheRealDeal2006 just popped it up on youtube. Yayy, TRD! Here's the link: Dick Rants on Jen. Enjoy.

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The Zach Insider

We've been in contact with quite a few of the HGs friends and family. They are terrific sources. Since today is a show day, as it get's closer to showtime, there's a good chance we'll have some downtime from the feeds, and I'll be posting more from other insiders at that time.

This morning, I had the opportunity to talk with someone close to Zach about his game play. Here's what he had to say:

    So... how would you assess Zach's gameplay thus far?

    I'm teetering between the following options...
      1. Brilliant
      2. Too much, too soon
      3. He's toast for getting caught in lies by his own alliance...
      4. His transparent jealousy over the Daniele/Nick situation could be his downfall.

    And you?

Zach Insider:
    He's doing everything well except the Daniele part. I called this from Day 1, that he'd make and end run at the blond, and fail. Blonds are his weak spot, and he doesn't have enough game to close anything - he hasn't been able to take a hint in his lifetime, and despite the fact Daniele's said maybe 2 words to him since they got there he probably thinks he has a shot with her. He doesn't and might not realize it until he's too late.

    I think it will come down to whether or not the girls trust him or Nick more - Nick has been working every "chick" in the house, including the 2 guys. They've gotta turn on him eventually - but whether or not it's before they get to Zach or not first is the question. For Zach to advance much further, Daniele needs to go.

    That's my .02 :-)

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There are 2 new juicy tidbits on the rumors blog! Just a heads up for ya. ;)

Here's the link: bb8rumors. It's also in the sidebar under Dishy Links. Check back often!

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The Houseguests are Awake!

The HGs are up and getting ready for the big day! Jameka has a gorgeous voice, and she just requested some more negro spirituals from BB. People are a little grumpy about having to wake up so early, and that BB wants them to all start getting ready now for the live show. "5 hours early??"

Who will stay and who will go? More importantly, who will become the new Head of Household?

Who do you think the next HoH will be? Who would you most like to see in HoH, and who would you least like to see? Please leave your answers here in the comment section. We'd love to know what you're thinking.

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Good Morning, BB Lovers
Happy Live Show Day!

It's 7am BBT, and the houseguests are beginning to stir, but all's still quiet on the BB front. Jameka got up for a moment, but got back in bed. Same with either Daniele or Jessica - it's dark, all I saw was blond. Dustin's doing a bit of tossing and turning, but Amber's unaffected and passed out next to him.

We'll let you know as soon as anything starts happening. If you'd like to see the eviction spoiler, please click here: EvictionSpoiler.
But remember, you chose to click and find out, so no whining!

In the meantime, when we left our HGs last night, Eric was swinging with Jen in the hammock. He later moved on to Dick, and pulled the same thing there: trashing whoever Dick had issues with. OK, so that's Eric's game. Divide and conquer? Or Bond with other HGs privately over similar dislikes. We'll have to wait and see how long the private conversations remain private. My guess is it wont be very long.

Most of the HGs had a pretty early night last night, for HGs that is. Even Dick made it to bed before his typical 7am. ;) While he was out in the backyard talking to himself, and us, he confirmed that he used to watch the feeds, so all the out loud talking he does when he's alone is 100% for us. Thanks, Dick.

Dick also confirmed once again that he and Daniele are working together. He considered throwing her the HoH, but thought it would make their alliance too, too obvious to the rest of the HGs, and that just wouldn't do.

Should Dick win HoH, there's a very strong possibility that he will put Kail up. He's calling her on always digging for info with all the HGs, yet giving up no details about herself. Dick smells a rat on this one, and frankly, he's quite right.

At 7:20amBBT, now, Kail's up and putting on workout gear. She's giggling and talking with a groggy Jen, who's in the HoH bed. ...And off to the gym, Kail goes. She's running at quite a pace on the treadmill.

Back with more as it happens...

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Eric & Jen?!

Eric has made the curious choice to confide in Jen. They're laying together on the hammock, whispering and talking trash about all the other HGs. Jen just called Daniele "white trash" a moment ago, and Eric added how she's a spoiled princess who does nothing but make fun of people all day. I'm really not enjoying this conversation at all... everyone is fair game, and it's not pretty.

Basically they've chosen to forge a bond based on petty hatreds.

A marriage made in heaven.

Everyone else is elsewhere, blissfully ignorant and enjoying eachother's company and some cookies.

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Big Brother 8
Memorable Images of the Day

At 10:15pm BBT, Jen and Mike are studying for the upcoming HoH comp. Everyone else is shooting the breeze in the small room. After a rather stressful past 24 hours in the BB world, what with the upcoming eviction, the HGs are chillin'. Not so much of any great importance to report at the moment, so instead, a lovely bunch of photos.

15 minutes later, I spoke too soon. More game talk is starting to happen as people pair off and segregate themselves from the rest of the group.

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