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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Big Brother 8 Early Evening Rundown

6:40pm BBT
Dick & Amber

Dick goes to check on Amber in the Hammock and see if she's ok. He gives her a bit of a pep talk about being on the block...

Amber: It's hard.
Dick: I know! I thought I was going last week. I was sure of it. You have a 50/50 shot. Anything can happen.

Here's the clip:

Captured by Quirkydude

Shortly after this, at 7:15pm BBT, Amber and Jameka have the first in a series of talks about how Amber needs to go talk to Dani, and try to make a deal with her. This is the ongoing theme of the evening.

Jameka: I think Dani will use the veto to put up Eric.
Amber: Dani is selfish, she may not take me off.
Jameka: I think Dani will use the veto, if you offers her a deal. I think she would use it anyway, but she'll want to get something out of you if she can.

Amber & Jameka
Jameka: So what do you think?
Amber: I think it's a golden opportunity for them to get rid of Eric or Jen... they'll probably come to both of us. Dick said, 'you have a 50-50 shot of staying or going'. He's really good at that... It's a f'd up situation. It's a win for them if I go home, cuz I get along with everyone... Then again, if they get rid of Eric, it puts a target on their back... Are they really scared of that? I don't think so... If they were smart, they'd get rid of Eric. That breaks up Eric and Jess... but..
Jameka: Do you realize they're going to make deals with everybody that they don't go up next week?
Amber: You're smart.
: As much as Jen doesn't want Eric to leave, they're gonna be like, make us a deal that you wont put us up if you win HoH next week.
Amber: I know that's true, but how much can they trust that? Look at Eric's track record...

Rare moments of lucidity, coupled with paranoia...

Meanwhile, Eric, Jen and Jess are enjoying themselves in the jacuzzi. Dick's on the couch chatting with them...

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From the conversation,
neither Amber nor Jameka won

Daniele Has won the Veto Comp!

Talking with Dick immediately after,
Dani DOES NOT want to change the nominations.

Cliff, put the xanax away.

Amber: "It's her 3rd Veto and her 2nd HoH!"

Jameka: "But you're getting the hell outta this house.
It could be worse. You could be going with ED or Zack."

Dani won.
Amber came in 2nd.

Both will go on the outing.

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Quickie Poll

UPDATED 1:38pm BBT - Still Trivia

The Feeds cut out at 12:38pm BBT, and went to Trivia 8 minutes later, at 12:46 pm BBT. It's 1:15pm BBT now, and I do believe we have a Veto Comp in progress.

Who would you like to see win the Veto Comp? Also, Please let us know in the comments section who you'd like to see win the "Get-Out-of-the-House" Prize... To our understanding, it'll go to the 1st and 2nd prize winners in the Veto Comp.

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Big Brother 8 Veto Competitors Chosen

11:25am BBT
After a brief spell with the Blue Rabbit Hole (aka FoTH), the Veto Competitors have been chosen.

Veto Competitors:
  1. Jameka
  2. Amber
  3. Daniele
  4. Dick
  5. Zach
  6. Jess
Eric is, of course, hosting.

Things are not looking good for Jen. Amber and Jameka are having more visions. Dick's giving Jen a hard time about not being able to compete in something... and in private, with Zach, a few minutes later, Dick can no longer contain himself... "This is Perfect!" His plan to backdoor Jen seems to be falling into place perfectly.. especially since she wont be competing in the Veto Comp.

I believe the only way for Jen to not get back-doored is for Jessica to win the Veto Comp, and even then, it's not a sure thing. Jessica winning will just give her and Eric a bargaining chip to insure Zach's nomination and departure next week, should Jen exit this week.

Ironically, for Dick and Dani, while they are targeting Jen, getting rid of Amber or Jameka would actually be the better thing for them to maintain their numbers in the house, and prevent a resurgence of the remaining LNC members.

The house guests are talking about a trip or special prize that's being offered as part of the veto comp... They believe the 1st and 2nd place veto competitors will get to leave the house on an outing of some sort.

Most interesting about the additional reward for Veto is that because they all believe it will include leaving the house, EVERYONE will be playing hard to win this one.

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Morning in the BB House

10:26am BBT
Dani hears people outside making noise, setting up the comp, so she walks over to the sliding glass door and puts her ear up against it. Jen sees what Dani's up to and joins her.
BB: Stop That!

Chastised and jolted, the girls move away. Dick comes in and they tell him about it. They heard people laughing, making lots of noise. The girls figure the crew is testing out the game. Sounds like it's gonna be a fun veto comp.

Amber & Jameka
10:39am BBT

Jameka has cramps and a headache, but she doesn't want to medicate at all, because she wants to be sharp and angry for the competition. Amber wonders if she sould take her anxiety meds, and Jameka advises her against it for the same reasons.

Jameka: No. You want to be all there, give it everything you got. I hope it's something I can take my frustrations out on...

Jameka and Amber share some of their "visions"... Amber believes she will be picking Zach to play for her in the veto comp: "I saw it."

Eric & Jessica (Zach & Jen to join)
11:01am BBT
Eric whispering to Jessica, telling her about the conversations he had with Amber and Jameka yesterday... They move on to discussing who they'd like to leave this week.

Eric: I don't think it would be in our best interest for Jen to go this week, because then Dick & Dani still have Zach on their side. We have a better chance with Jen staying in. If Dick and Daniele insist on Jen going this week, we'll need to set up a deal that Zach goes next week.

Zach comes in, and they start joking about what the comp will be...

Eric: Today's comp will be circle jerk.
Jess: What's that?

He tells her.

Eric: I think if I'm not picked to play in PoV, I'll host. I think Zack should have to host. As Jessica told me yesterday, if I want to pick the host, I need to win a f'ing competition.

11:13-11:25am Blue Rabbit Hole

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Wakey Wakeys!

9:31am BBT

BB: Good morning, house guests. It's time to get up for the day.

No one so much as stirs. 30 seconds later, we go to Blue Rabbit Hole. Perhaps a little wake up music? I'm guessing it's gospel in nature this morning, in honor of the nominees... ;)

15 minutes later, Dick and Jess are up having breakfast and whispering to each other. Zach's having a shower. After a few minutes, BB calls Amber to the DR. She gets up, fixes herself and goes. Jen's up now too. She tells Dick he woke her up last night with his teeth grinding.

9:58am BBT
Zach: Ya know what's funny?
Jess: What?
Zach: Last night I had a dream about the Veto Comp. I'm looking up there and there's a platform, and a studio audience... And it's me, Eric and Dick that are left, and we're in speedos, like we had to do a stripping contest, and Eric was winning.
Jess: Oh No (laughing).

Meanwhile, Jess and Jen are in the bathroom getting camera ready for the day - Veto Comp = definite tv time. Dick has returned to bed, and completely cocooned himself.

Jen comes to the kitchen and Zach tells Jen about his Veto Comp dream. Now it's expanded to become a muscle contest, in addition to the stripping portion we heard about a few minutes ago.

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Overnight Report

Note: Saturday/Today= VETO COMP, Players not yet chosen.
BB8dish will be here with updates, spoilers, pics & videos throughout the day...

Here's the Overnight Report!

Eric Talks to Amber for the 1st Time Since Dustin Left.. then Jameka

10:20pm BBT
Eric & Amber

Eric: So how're you doing?
Amber: Well, my best friend's gone.. I'm up on the block..
Eric: Umm.. I don't really know what you discussed with anyone else, and it doesn't really matter to me... For me, it was a very difficult choice and a purely strategic one. It was one that I think a majority of the people that were involved in the voting process agreed upon, and I had a very wdifficult time with it. On a personal level, it was difficult for me. I went back and forth with it. I still don't know if it was the correct choice, but only time will tell. I thought it was a risk, but one that I thought needed to be done at this time. I think that there's certain times in the game that things need to happen. It was sort of a last minute gut instinct thing, and it seemed that it was a thing that a lot of people were feeling and thinking as well. You obviously know how I feel about him personally, but I tried for once to separate the game from my personal feelings... I've been trying to balance the 2 as much as possible... Personally, it was a very difficult choice, but strategically, I felt it was my very best play..
Amber: Am I mad at you? No. Am I mad at Jessica? No. Am I mad at Daniele for putting me up? No. I'm not like that. The only thing that makes me mad is that it was Dustin's vote that kept you here last week.
Eric: I'm aware of that... I made it abundantly clear to everyone that what he did for me last week was above and beyond. I completely agree with you. I would not be here if it wasn't for him.
Amber: You do what you had to do. Everyone voted what was best for themselves. I'm not mad. I'm fine...
Eric: I think you've been incredible. If it was a reverse situation, I don't think I'd have taken it nearly as well. It was sad. We were not proud, we were not giggling, Ultimately, we took a risk to shake things up, and it's one that could pay great dividends, or I could be the next one out the door. I did have personal reasons for it. I think he was very dangerous, and a major threat to win the whole game. i think that at times he had major deals in place with everyone.
Amber: I don't know about that.
Eric: He told me... he had deals with Kail, deals with Jen... Albeit, he rallied behind me in an incredible way that I was immensely appreciative of, but I never felt like I personally was important to his cause.. just me as a number...

Captured by xx2000xx

Eric: As it relates to who will remain in the house, there are enormous targets, people who need to go, how to think, how can I BE in the final 4, rather than 6 or 7. There's a multitude of ideas floating around. All I can do is figure out ho to stay... Although it may be difficult to understand or believe, I thought there were more scenarios for me to stay (if he left). There was really nothing to it, no scenarios, nothing concocted... There were a couple of brief last minute discussions... nothing huge... This was a choice that basically was made individually by everyone, and then collectively agreed upon by all.
Amber: Well.. why didn't you tell Dustin. You asked me to tell you if you were leaving.
Eric: A couple of reasons. One, it was fairly cowardly of e, and it wasn't my choice, it was a collective opinion, it wasn't on my shoulders, it was a collective, at large agreement. Additionally, how the hell should I know what Jen and Zach are ever going to do? There was part of me thinking, maybe he will stay, and I hope to have a good relationship with him if he does. The way it all shook out was very very last second. It was impossible to find an appropriate time to have a discussion with you, with Jameka...
    ***VERY Long story short, he's working her final two vote... and he continues doing it for a very long time after this.

Amber: I just feel like, in the group.. How can I trust that there is even a group any more?
Eric: I think we should all talk, the four of us... I was very surprised that you guys were nominated. I thought I would be for sure...
Captured by xx2000xx

Amber's final plea to Eric is that she's "100% alone" in the house now, and then come the waterworks.

After about an hour, at 11:20pm BBT, Eric wraps things up with Amber, and moves directly on to Jameka. Meanwhile, in the backyard, Jen is talking to Jessica about the veto comp, and how she'd really like to have America's Choice already... it'll be so much fun to get out of the house!

Eric's conversation with Jameka is almost identical to what he laid out for Amber. The difference is, she lets him drone on forever, doing her Mmm Hmm thing, and when he's finally done, she calls him out on his alliance with Dick, Dani and Jess. Here's a clip:

Dick & Eric - Buddy Buddy While the rest of the House Sleeps.
Done with the hysterics, the MEN settle into the BackYard to Talk about Man things... like how happy they are to be done with talking to Amber and Jameka, and how stupid they are.

1:10am BBT
Dick & Eric

Eric: I finally got the "so what the eff happened?!" from both of 'em... back to back... I finished Amber and then Amber says to Jameka, "I believe you and Eric should talk right now."
Dick: It took them this long to figure out that it was you?
Eric: At least there is no confusion about the vote this time..(both laugh). I just said over and over that "it was strategic... it wasn't easy". They said how upset they were a million times.., I said I understood... I made a choice... I'm sorry.
Dick: It's the first time they're on the block... Amber was on the block 1st week, but...
Eric: Amber and Jameka were on the worst food comp team. All the guys were on the same team, all the beer pong people were on the same team... then they were nominated... they have negative zero idea that there's anything else happening here. They haven't put the pieces together at all... I'm happy with that. It's even funnier.
Dick: stupid. It is what it is. I never said anything about f'ing mentioning you... I just said that I did what I had to do to get Danielle off the block.
Eric: We were all going to be following each other out the door! Now we're gonna be the final four.
Dick: Jameka wont fly under the radar the whole f'in game. Zach is flying through.
Eric: Zach comes to everyone, telling them what they want to hear. He contradicts himself all the time... He's a hero in his own mind, he believes his own hype. His perception is... crazy. Is Zach really this bad, or is he throwing everything? Jameka said to me, "I think that's just the problem. We're 50 days into this, and we still don't know the answer."

Eric: They both asked me outright: "Was this some sort of masterplan that you orchestrated?" "Did you and Jess trick Dustin into offering himself up as a pawn?" I told 'em, "The sad thing is, no. It was a last second sort of thing that every person voting all universally agreed upon. You can put it all on me, but we all did it. If it was a tie it would've been the same result."

They're having a nice time talking together. Dick offers up his theory on the 3 stupidest moves in the game, so far:
  1. Dustin offering himself up as the pawn.
  2. Mike practically begging Me to put him up.
  3. Jameka giving up 5 HoH's.

Eric: If I were watching the show, I can tell you for a fact, I would absolutely loathe Amber, Jameka and Zach. If I were watching I would hate all 3 of them. Regardless of how anyone is playing, why wouldn't you want, you and me and Dani and Jen and Jess on the show? We're the ones who make things entertaining. Jeez.. the others make the nerd herd look like they were desirable.
    ***BINGO! America, he's hearing us now.

Dick: I can't even tell you how glad I am that Dustin's gone.
Eric: I have not missed him for even a second. I felt no remorse when he walked out the door.

Here's the clip. Very funny stuff. :)

Eric & Dick chat for ages.. Everything old is new again. The rest of the house is asleep, and Dick and Eric are up till all hours talking. Dani wakes up at 2am, thinking it's 8am, and comes out to join them for a bit. Clip:

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Friday, August 17, 2007

Big Brother Amber & Jameka Have it All NOT Figured Out

7:28pm BBT
Amber & Jameka
Amber has it all figured out... Almost

Jameka: Well, well, well, what do we have here? Alright, so what's your theories. I have mine too.
Amber: 1st of all, I think we're both gonna be here next week. i think Eric, Jessica, Dani and Dick are taking themselves to the F4. You're a pawn right now to get me to go home, since you can't play for the next 3 Hoh's.. Obviously, since I have a daughter, I clean, i get along with everybody.. This week is to get me out of here..
Amber: This week is to get me out of here, and I'm going to win PoV. I had a vision for a reason. If I do, my guess is she'll nominate Jen... My guess is she's gonna nominate Jen, cuz everyone hates her.
Jameka: but i think that's more of a reason to keep her.. so then you go to Zach, cuz who cares about him?
Amber: I don't think she's gonna go to Zach. I think that Dani is full of shit.. Everything she said.. The only reason you're up is to get me out of here... I feel like God did this for a reason to make us stronger... No one knows we're as close as we are. I'm a big threat in this game, because of my situation, and I do get along with everyone... Jess gets along with everyone..
Jameka: Eric made it clear, Jess made it clear.. that they want good people to win this game. That means Me, You, Eric and Jessica.
Amber: They're playin' us, Jameka.
Jameka: We'll see... I really want someone who's deserving, not someone who's malicious... I know what my motives are, and I don't they're not evil.. I know there's a reason that people who are deceitful who always win.. This ain't my life. This doesn't define me. It is a game. I did what I did with a good heart, with good intentions.. I'm not saying I'm giving up, but I'm just not gonna have that stress...
Amber: Not to mention it's all pre-determined...
Jameka: At this point, we still have a strong alliance of 4... All it takes is one of them to go...
Amber: Eric and Jess are aligned with us, and Dick and Daniele.
Jameka: And in the meantime, Eric is still shuckin' and jivin' with Jen.

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Amber: If both of us stay this week, we're gonna be the new Jen and Kail. Up every week...
Jameka: Whatever man..
Amber: Today in the shower I was like F this. I'm ain't gonna cry no more. I'm done hurtin'. Just like Janelle did... Started winning half way through... I'm gonna win that veto.
Jameka: With Dustin being gone, with Nick being gone..

They've lost their minds...

Jameka: Hands down.. biggest mistake.. Keeping Eric.
Amber: I know.
Jameka: BS.. Biggest Mistake. Haven't talked to him since. You talked to Eric?
Amber: No... I will win HoH. It's my time, man. It's our time.
Jameka: I don't know Amber. I just refuse to believe this is it. I'm so amped up. If they f'in had PoV tonight, I'm f'in ready. It's different, amn.
Amber: I'm done with Jessica and Eric. I'll still be cool with them, but...

Still talkin'... Amber's vision, etc., etc... Now they've moved on to accusing Nick of coding the letter to tell Daniele who she can and cannot trust in the game.

Amber: What's the deal with Daniele
Jameka: She misses her boyfriend, Nick, and it's her birthday.
Amber: Did you notice in Nick's letter how he was like, say hi to Zack and said nothing about me? That was a sign.
Jameka: That was planned, that was code. You think they (Dani and Nick) didn't talk about that before he left?

Ain't Paranoia Grand?!

Amber: Come on, God. You gotta pull through for us this week.
God: Amber, I'm kinda busy. Big Earthquake in Peru. Hurricane approaching the Caribbean. Ongoing war in Iraq...

Here's a little clip, captured by teslad:

Jameka: If E-D is standing there next to Jess, I will vote for E-D, because E-D has never lied to me... Jess, man.
Amber: Yeah.
Jameka: I don't know if I am just mad, or if I really mean it, cause sometimes when I'm mad I speak when I should just not say anything... but I want to say more than this... but it's not even worth it.

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Big Brother Nomination Ceremony Spoiler

*Spoiler Alert*
The Nomination Ceremony is over.
Jameka's upset...
Eric is conferring with Jessica to make sure she feels ok about everything...
Very hard to hear their whispers...
Amber's just fresh out of the shower...
No Tears...
But Notably, She said NOTHING to either
Eric or Jessica
Take that as sufficient info if you like...

Jameka's laying outside the HoH Room,
Praying and talking to herself...

As HoH
Daniele has chosen to Nominate

Jameka & Amber
This is 100% Confirmed.

With Amber's Nomination,
Eric's America's Player Task is Complete.

Here's how we got there...
~I feel pretty safe saying Amber & Jameka,
but we do not have confirmation yet,
and BB's doing a bloody good job of hiding Amber,
which could be indication enough alone...~

6:59pm BBT - More Trivia

Someone in production is just having a good time with us...

Feeds back... Still waiting for confirmation.
OK, that's enough.

Dani's speaking to Dick.
He just said he wants to be in the Veto Comp.
Dani responded, "You have to be. The only one who can't is Jen."


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Pre-Nomination Ceremony

6:37pm BBT FEEDS ARE BACK - WAITING FOR INFO... Jameka has the look of a nominated woman...
The Big Brother 8 Nomination Ceremony is happening, and we should know the results very soon. As always, bb8dish will be here to let you know as soon as they become available!

5:00pm BBT
Jen, Zach, Jameka & Dick
General amiable chit chat about food comp and random things...

Dani's in the DR.

5:09pm BBT
Dani comes out of the DR and goes into the HoH Room.
The others are still in the backyard, hanging out. Everyone's waiting for the Nomination Ceremony to begin.

5:13pm BBT
BB: Houseguests, This is a lockdown. Please go outside, and close the sliding glass door.

General murmurs from the peanut gallery.. they're all outside anyway.

5:15pm BBT
The Feeds cut to Blue Rabbit hole...
We believe Dani's doing her "look at the memory wall" shots...

5:22pm BBT
Feeds cut back on for just a moment at 5:22, and we see Eric and Zach outside, then back to Blue...

5:42pm BBT

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Jen's Working Dani for Nomination Info

Dani isn't biting.

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Feeds Are Back! Food Comp's Over

1:48pm BBT
The Feeds Just Came Back On!

Zach & Eric do a happy dance.

Zach: Turkey, Meat, Cheese, Swiss, Bread...
Dick: You got all the sandwich stuff?
Zach: Yup?

: White Bread?
Zach: Nope.
Dick :(looking) Olives...
Jen: 3 cans...
Dick: Oh! Look who was hiding stuff in here.. Dustin. F-head.
Jen: Am I gonna be ok this week?
Dick: Are you gonna be ok? You're on slop.

  • Sounds like they got a feast.
  • Also plenty of sandwich fixings...
  • Amber and Jameka are joining Jen on slop.
  • They played "Slop Pong" as part of the Food Comp. The boys are tickled.
  • The Table is NEW and smaller.

More to come...

Dani's talking about the upcoming Nomination Ceremony...

Amber's whispering to Jameka that she's ready for it...

With the exceptions of Amber and Jameka, the mood in the house remains absolutely jubilant. The party on the live feeds continues! Turn em on!

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The Creatures are Stirring - Food Comp Soon

UPDATED @ 1:20pm BBT
10:34am BBT
Zach, Dick, Jen... Dani joins

BB woke the House Guests up just a few minutes ago. Zach, Jen and Dick are up. Eric and Jameka are visibly still passed out. Dick's serenading the Live Feed audience with his own special version of the Love Boat theme song. ;) All awake are in exceptionally good spirits.

Zach: Look at the newlyweds up there in the kitchen.
Jen: What?? Eveyone's obsessed with me n Evel.
Dick: You're obsessed with you. I'm sure you'll have your share of stalkers.
Jen: You'll be crossing warm waters on a fun vacation.. That's the funniest one yet.
    ***Jameka's fortune cookie.

Zach: I think we're gonna get messy. (food comp)
Jen: Me too.
Dick: Daniele does too.

Zach:(joking) Once again, Dick likes to point out all of my deformities...
Dick: What? Because you spilled water on yourself?

Dani comes downstairs...

Dick: Good Morning, Darling. How did you sleep?
Zach: Good morning.
Dick: Were you singing the Love Boat theme?
    ***LOL.. Production is HAPPY Dustin's gone too. Music cues don't lie.
The mood is happy and light... Enjoy. :) Zach's even doing a Carlos Mencia "dee dee dee" routine in regards to the repetitive commands from BB.

Dick: I can't sleep through all that shi-. And the one day I'm trying, a frikkin midget shows up.

BB: Eric! Jameka! Jessica! I said It's Time To Get Up for the Day!
Jameka:(joking)Don't use that tone with me...
Dick: Get your a--es up!
BB: Thank you!

10:55am BBT
Eric's up. Barely. He's in a good mood, but he's complaining a bit about how loud BB has the speakers turned up today... Everyone's been mentioning it.

11:30am BBT
The HGs are all up now, Jess just barely, and they're having breakfast and happily discussing the little guy, the bunnies, the pirate and all the clues. The mood shift in the house is stunning. What a difference hemorrhoid removal makes.

The HGs are still trying to figure everything out... Can't imagine all that was only for one HoH comp.

11:39am BBT
Trivia... Food Comp, perhaps? I'll get back to to work on the overnights. ;)

12:03pm BBT - Still Trivia - Still working on overnights... Added Dustin's shocked eviction pic to the post below it too...

1:20pm BBT - Still Trivia - Won't be very much longer. Must be an intense comp! On the bright side, the Overnight Report is complete, minus The Dick at Night Show. Tons added!

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The Overnight Report

This one's gonna be a doozy, folks, so in the interest of you having things to read and watch, it's going to go up in pieces. Please refresh every now and again to check for more.

Amber & Dani
10:05pm BBT
Amber: I've never talked bad about you. I mean that. Honestly... I'm not gonna try to kiss your ass. I think you're a really smart girl... Do what's best for you. I've never repeated anything we've talked about before. That's just not my style. I don't repeat what people tell me... I've never been out to get you... I've never had a problem with your dad...

Here's a clip:
Captured by xx2000xx

10:32pm BBT
Dick & Dani - Discussing the plan & the Veto Comp...
The plan is to nominate Amber and Jameka, throw the veto to either of them, try to make sure Jen doesn't win, and backdoor her.
Dani: I'm taking as many prizes as possible this week. The only one thing that can't happen is Jen can't win the veto. That's it!
    ***Quick Prediction - Jen's gonna win veto - it's too important for her.. It's curtains for Amber or Jam this week.
Here's the clip:

Captured by eyeluvhowie

Eric, Jameka, Jessica, then everyone comes...
Eric lost a Beer Pong bet, and now he has to put on one of Jessica's dresses, and parade around the house in drag. VERY Funny Stuff. Definitely a sight gag to be appreciated.

He chooses her outfit from the first night of the show, which fits him, all the way down to the high heels... which he still trades out for flip flops.

Captured by xx2000xx

11-11:30pm BBT
Dick Speaks to Amber and Jameka

History first:
Dick: Once I got Dani off the block, I was totally honest with you guys,. I did what I had to do. I knew that Daniele had the best chance of getting the boot.. that if the nominations stayed the same, you guys were planning on evicting Daniele.
Amber & Jameka: That's not true.
Dick: Well, that's what he said. (Dustin) I knew that, because of the way everything went down, and the way Dustin drew the line in the sand, putting us on the other side, which was completely unfair, cuz I had been as loyal as anyone else to the LNC alliance...
Amber: That's not true though...
Dick: You have to understand that when Dani won the HoH... she had this epiphany when she was hanging upside down... We didn't know whether to backdoor him (Eric) or put him up on the block.. I wanted to put him up. A lot of the stuff Eric got blamed for wasn't his fault - it was Dustin... Kail and Dustin were in here holding hands, and I walked in, and both of them looked like I caught them jerking off...

Dick: Dustin F'd up. He was a complete and total a-hole from day one. The plan was this: Jen would never vote Kail out. Jen would be a vote to evict Eric... all we needed was one. We were honest. We laid everything out... The things I said to Eric were, at that time, I believed to be 100% true. When that (getting Eric out) didn't happen, I felt really betrayed. I looked at Dustin right after the vote, and I was like 'you f'ing liar,' and he said "I voted to evict Eric." Dustin is not trust worthy - when he did that with the PoV, and put Jen on the spot... He came to me and said, "What should I say," and I told him, "you have to buck up and be honest about it." He showed his "loyalty" to the groups right there, and every single person knew they couldn't trust him.

Here's the video: Dick, Amber & Jameka

Dick, Amber & Jameka
Dick: He did his own thing. That last week with the vote, where he kept Eric - that said it all... If Dustin had called my daughter a skank outside of here, I'd have f'ing clocked him. He'd never do it while I was around... Whatever.. I dunno. I told Amber, I knew I was going home this week. I was good with it. I was fine with it. I knew Daniele would be staying.. then when i won the PoV, I was in the backyard doing a happy dance.. If there was anyone here that I would want to be up against, it would be Dustin, so that gave me a ray of hope... I just talked to some people, worked some...

Here's the Clip:
Captured by TRD2006

The Crux of the Matter, Part 4
Dick: Dustin buried himself. There were a lot of people who didn't trust Dustin, period. Even all the sh-t that I talked. People trusted me more. Up until the vote, I didn't know if I was being bs'd or not. Was I nervous? No.

Even More... Part 5

    FYI - As of 10:02am BBT, Friday August 17th, the feeds just went to Blue Rabbit Hole. The HGs are very likely being woken up with some music. Spark up the feeds, folks. Nominations are today. It's going to be a wonderful week in the Big Brother 8 House. :)

Dick wraps it up with the girls, and after Jameka thanks him for speaking with them, she and Amber have a few minutes for private discussion.

Amber: Dick & Dani and Eric & Jess have an agreement to go to the final 4, guaranteed. We don't have the votes. I hate Jessica now.
Jameka: No, don't say that. You don't know the whole story.
    ***Unlike Amber, Jessica gave Jameka a heads up right before the live eviction.

Amber: Dude, Jess and Eric are so f'ing stupid. Some type of deal had to have been made for them to do that.

Jameka: We'd have to align with Zach and Jen....They both laugh.
Amber: I think, at this point, it's not about numbers anymore. It's about people and what's the most strategic move. Me you Zach and Jen are all by ourselves. Dani's putting up me and Jen tomorrow. But, I win veto, I saw that.
Jameka: Then I go up, and I'm gone.
    ***Here's hopin'.

Amber: But if Daniele is smart, she'd put up Eric and Jessica. She might.
    ***Shut your hole, Amber.
Amber: I hate Jessica now. I just don't like her anymore.
Jameka: Don't say that. You don't know. You can draw on stuff like that. All we know is Jen is not a part of it. It's Eric they're dealing with. He might tell them.

Eric comes in, then leaves.

Amber: Eric and Jessica are playing with each other. I can't believe Dustin went up.
Dick & Dani
11:55pm BBT
Dani's decorating her HoH Room with feather boas...

Dick: (happily eating a cookie) Between the 2 of us, we've won 1/2 the PoV's and HoH's. You have me beat 2 to 1, but still...

The mood is very light, until Dick sees Jen on the spy screen.

Dick: It's Jen. F'n lying b-tch. You're going home this week.

Jen comes into the HoH Room. The 3 of them are talking about the HoH comp, then...

Jen: Did you make a deal with anyone?
Dick: I'm not telling you sh-t, but I thank you for your vote.
Jen: The 'place we don't talk about' (DR), I think they, like, were trying to say the benefits of keeping you, like, they definitely wanted you to stay over Du-

Zach & Jameka
12:28am BB
Talking about Dustin's boastfulness & greediness...
Zach: His choices got him where he is...
Jameka: So true. I wonder if it is a lesson learned...
    ***I include this only because I believe it is the first time I've ever seen Jameka talk to Zach about anything! She's clearly going to be working him...
Jameka & Amber
12:45am BBT
Sage advice from Jameka...
Amber: I cant believe he's gone....
    ***Believe it, honey. See the big smile on my face? It's proof.
Jameka: I know, I know... but Amber, everyone's sayin' he did it to himself... he knew he was boastful and prideful. He thought he had it in the bag. That's why he's not here. It's not a you thing or a me thing, it's a Dustin thing. Thats why hes not here. As much as E.D. gets on everyone's nerves, they know who he is...
Amber: I can't believe Jessica and Eric! We had a good group....
Jameka: We still might. We still might. We don't know yet.
Amber: (wiping her tears) I prayed to God last night to make me a stronger player and somehow let my daughter know I love her....
Jameka: We're gonna make it.
Amber: I feel like a big nobody without Dustin. These two (Eric & Jess) make me so mad... They're gettin' off scott-free. They have each other. They told E.D. we wanted Dani out. They Did!
Jameka: At the same time, people are gonna look and attack groups of 2. They are...

Dani's wary of Jen
12:50am BBT
Dani & Dick

Dani: Jen said, "I feel bad for anyone you send to sequester with Dustin." She's like. "if you do that to me, you're not getting my vote in the end..." I laughed it off, but's Jen.
    ***Smart move, Jen.

Dick: Who cares...
Dani: I kinda do... I know I wont be getting Dustin's vote... That's 2....
    ***Sure is.

Dick: What if it's you and me in the end? You'll get them both. She needs to go. It's not gonna be you voting her out.

1:00am BBT
Dani: Jen keeps wanting to know what's going on with Eric.
Dick: Tough sh-t.
Dani: Just make her think you showed them another side of Dustin...
Dick: (watching the spy screen) Right now, Jen and Zack are finishing their face masks. Amber and Jameka have been huddled all night... and Jess and Eric.... The house is divided into two's.
Dani: Kinda... but Jen and Zack aren't 2, and Amber's like, "I'm alone now." Zack's hysterical. He couldn't get the big grin off his face that Nick mentioned him.
Dick: Zack is the Howie of the season, in more ways than one.
    ***Ichsa. I so didn't need to know that.
Dani: I was seriously getting depressed about my birthday. Now Dustin's gone, you're here, I'm HoH... this is the best Bday ever!!!

1:08 am BBT
HoH Room
Dani, Dick, Eric
Eric has just come from the DR where he was told of his new AP task.

Eric: I wanna congratulate the both of you. I personally think it went swimmingly. I think it went off without a hitch. Perfect, perfect. I was 99% sure I pulled it off in places that it needed to be, but who knows what Jen and Zack were gonna do??
Dick: We didn't know what you were gonna do.
Dani: What was Dustin saying this morning?
Eric: He was dying. He kept tryin' to get me, and I was like, I was like, ya know, "I presented the facts this week, that after the events of last week, I felt like I wasn't back on the ins with you guys..." This whole made up shpiel... and he's like "No, no, never, and this will solidify everything where it needs to be." He's like, "I know it's fine. It's gonna be 5-1 or 4-2, for me." So I'm like, " then why do you even need to be asking this?"

Eric: You'll be very happy to know... as every single person leaves, I'll be costing myself an additional vote on the jury.

CUT TO THE CHASE, ERIC! Almost 30 minutes later...

1:35 am BBT
Eric: I would love to see Amber on the block.
Dani: You're so mean.
Eric: No, I'd love to see her take the spot vacated by (Dustin), and make it a weep-fest all week. Its going to happen anyway. Why don't we hold her hostage here, and have a suck-fest in everything:? She's a total disaster. I feel she should go up in memory of Dustin's farewell, and I could careless if she goes home...
Dani: omg.
Eric: I don't care if Jen is the back-door target. Ya know? I don't care who Amber sits next to. I think we should just bury Ambers spirits entirely.

All 3 have a big laugh at Eric's utter brutality on the issue.

Dani: You're brutal!
Eric: I'm sorry. I just feel... instead of going after each other... instead of picking off weak people. I have no problem saying, "We are better than you. If you want to stop this, DO something about it! A couple things I'm curious about...
Dani: Yeah?
Eric: We didn't have a chance to finalize it. I think we should mock Kail and go into the DR and have a handshake.
Dick: (laughing) I was thinking that too.
Eric: Just because it'll be funny and a slap in their face... Umm... So we're protecting each other with votes, no one is putting each other up, no one is evicting one another..yada, yada, yada...

Here's a clip:
Captured by xx2000xx

The three of them (and later Zach) chat up there for just over an hour... Eric leaves, congratulating them all again for pulling this off.

Thankfully, the next couple hours aren't really key to storyline progression. Phew. Neither is this next bit, but it's funny.

4am BBT
Eric does jumping jacks in the buff.
Not much to say really.. just have a look at the video. It's on night vision, so it's safe for viewing at work or in front of kiddies...
Captured by xx2000xx

More to Come... The HGs are up and participating in the food comp now, so I'm working on finishin gup the overnight report...It will be continued below here. Please refresh periodically.


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The Best Big Brother Elimination Yet

As tiresome as those v-necks were, it turns out, Dustin looks fabulous in gray.

Compare the gray on the left to the gray on the right. Personally, I'm having a really hard time deciding which one I like better. They're both equally lovely in composition and content...

How about you? ;)

The victory party continues on the live feeds. As of this writing, 5:45am BBT, Dick is still up and doing a happy dance in the backyard.

He and Dani were upstairs until just a few minutes ago... Really nice, happy times... Dani realized the late hour and is trying to get some sleep now, but she's so happy, it may not come for a little while.

Dick: The Dick at Night Show is still on the air, mother-f'er. Un-f'ing-believeable! I gotta go to bed, but I'm so excited... I'm here!

Another Double Donato Nomination foiled!

6:00am BBT - Dani just came back downstairs. She's too excited to sleep. Dick too! :)

The overnight report will go up between 9:30-10:30am BBT. Thanks for coming to the blog. :)

At 6:15am BBT, Dick & Dani are back up in the HoH. She can't stop smiling. Neither can he. Neither can I. Happy times, folks. Happy times!

Just one more time for the Dustin elimination, as enhanced by TRD2006:

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Dani's the New HoH!

Could tonight have been any better?

First Dustin's evicted - WoooHooo!

Then Dani win's HoH!

Now she's got her HoH room, and her letter's from Nick. :) You can see closeups of the letter here: Click Me

Happy 21st (22nd) Birthday HoH, Miss Donato!

Last but not least, no more slop! Dani's making a toast to everyone at the dinner table right now. "We've had some major ups and downs. This summer has been nothing like any of us probably expected... but I can honestly say I'm very happy and proud to be sitting here next to each and every one of you. I'm very proud of all of us."

We're proud of you too, Dani!

Here's a couple of clips! Both were beautifully captured by BBFanz:

Dani's HoH

Dani's Dinner Toast

The HGs Read their Fortune Cookies-in Bed
Funny Stuff!
Captured by xx2000xx

Free for 2 Weeks
Just 14.99 for the rest of the season!
Get The Live Feeds!

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Big Brother 8 Live Show Spoilers

All Post Live Show Commentary and Videos are hidden in the spoiler post until 9pm BBT/midnight eastern!

It's 45 minutes before the Big Brother 8 Live Show airs on the East Coast, so this is your friendly reminder that we'll have the Live Show Spoiler post running live along with the show. As soon as it happens, it'll be posted there. If you live anywhere but the east coast, and ya just gotta know, click that link, and refresh it frequently!

Usually, I recommend to start refreshing around 8:30pm eastern, but this week has been so odd, especially with the twisty info yesterday, you may want to start a bit earlier. Up to you. Either way, as soon as it happens on the Big Brother 8 Live Show, you can find it here on bb8dish! ;)

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Dustin Approaches Zach in the Weight Room

1:38pm BBT
Weight Room
Zach & Dustin - Last minute scrambling

: I know that Dick and Daniele are the king and queen of making deals in this house. Have they offered you anything?
Zach: I may or may not vote you out, if Jess releases me from your deal... but if you get HoH, I will probably go up.
Dustin: No. I wouldn't put you up.
Zach: No one's offered me anything, and as it stands my vote is promised to (to Jess to) vote Dick out... but I'm still uncomfortable just because of the last HoH... and you lied to Dick about the vote.
Dustin: Yes and No. It was because Dick thinks he controls everybody in this house, and the only reason I lied to him was to keep the peace for eviction day and that Wednesday.

Dustin: The secret alliance between me and you has been strong since week one.

Dustin: If Daniele wins head of household, I'm going up. If you win HoH, would you have any reason to put me up?
Zach: I'd put up girls.
Dustin: To level the playing field. That's smart. Especially if it's gonna be 5-3 this week.
Zach: The only thing you have to worry about is that renegade vote...
Dustin: Well, honesty is crucial. Jen stated that she was voting out Dick as well, and that was at the beginning of the week, regardless of who went up against him.
Zach: Jen also lied to Jess about him having a deal with you... to keep herself off the block.
Dustin: Think about it this way, if Dick and Daniele both stay in this house, the only way to get them out is to put them both up again, and think about his behavior this past week. I don't really see it being an issue, but I'm on the block, so I have to make sure...
Zach: I gave my word to Jessica. The only thing that can become an uneasy situation is if she says, you're on your own. That Dick and Daniele thing worries me.
Dustin: Mm Hmm.

Dustin Leaves the gym shortly thereafter, and Zach flips him off with beautiful intensity.

Zach seems locked... no talking from Jessica required.

As of 2pm BBT, Jess has not been seen speaking privately to either Jen or Zach.

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The LockDown is Over

BB: Houseguests. The Lockdown is over.
Dick: Yoo F'in Hoo.
Zach: I want food.
Dick: F you.

Zach and Dick leave HoH... Dustin follows. Jess, Jen and Jameka stay in bed. Eric begins helping Jess out-load her stuff from the HoH room...

HoH Room
Eric: I've decided, it's time, I'll be moving my stuff back up here later tonight.
Jameka: Yayy, Eric! (high fives)
Eric: And you're all welcome.

12:45pm BBT
The HGs are cleaning the house for the live show. Dustin's a tad nervous, but nothing extraordinary.

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Theory on 12:36 and 47 Seconds

Everything in the Big Brother House is said for a reason, and I believe our friend Paula just figured out the meaning behind the exact time that was given to the HGs right before they were let outside yesterday. Here it is:

    Paula: I was was announced loud and clear before the HGs were leaving the house to go to the BY that it was 12:36 and 47 seconds. I am thinking that it means:

    - 12 Houseguests will be evicted.
    - 36 days are remaining (from yesterday)
    - 47 days have passed (since yesterday)
    - Waiting outside were 5 people: 5 people thus far have been evicted from the BB house.

    Perhaps the comments the peeps in the BY were making were reflecting those evicted.

Now this makes perfect sense to me. OK.. so.. if they're going to follow the same pattern and do something again today, it should happen at 12:35 and 48 seconds... and at 12:36, it would appear they've chosen to not spoon feed the clues.

Spark up the feeds, folks.


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Quickie Poll

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Good Morning Houseguests

9:55am BBT

The feeds went rabbit hole (formerly known as "papa smurf's colonoscopy mri") for a sec, then came back to Eric and Jess sleeping in HoH for a blip, then cut to trivia... hmm.. odd. Wake up time usually brings the blue rabbit hole. We shall see.

10:08 another blip of feeds on Eric and Jess... and back to trivia.
10:09 back to Eric and Jess on night vision...

BB: Jessica, Eric, Please change your batteries.
Jess: (GROGGY!) Thanks.
    ***Someone opened the door to HoH. Couldn't tell who.

10:10am BBT Feeds back to trivia... and an odd green dot.

10:15am BBT
Jameka has climbed into bed with Jessica. Still on night vision. Sounds like Jen is there as well.

10:17am Back to Trivia.

10:25am BBT Feeds are back. All HGs on lockdown in HoH. Before we went to the HGs, the feeds showed the empty living room and front door.

10:30am BBT
Eric re-enters HoH
Eric:(mimicking DR session) Lets go back. 14 days ago, you and Nick were playing tether ball. Tell us about that.
Jen: (giggles)

11:30am BBT
The house guests are still on lockdown in the HoH room. No talking. Most are sleeping.

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Joe, Nick & Mike on Ebay for Bekah

Joe Barber has graciously joined the list of BB Alums to throw his hat in the ring for Bekah. You can bid on calls from him, Nick and Mike by clicking on any of the links below. FYI, the Mike and Nick calls have actually dropped in price due to some high bidders pulling out...

Win a Call with Joe!

Win a Call with Nick!

Win a Call with Mike!

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Fish & Visitors Stink After 3 Days

Is anyone else twitching every time there's so much as the smallest noise on the feeds right now? The "Fish & Visitors" quote from yesterday has me waiting for the return of the little guy...

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, you have to check out these 3 posts from yesterday. Here's the link: Twist!!

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The Overnight Report
Eric Pitches the Donatos to Jessica
& Dick Swears Loyalty to Eric

Part One: Eric Pitches to Jess
At 12:08am BBT, Eric had a chance to speak privately with Jessica again and tell her about his conversation with Daniele. As I suspected and hoped for earlier Wednesday night, he was just taking his time to try and turn her around to this thinking, and make her comfortable with it... We have to remember that Eric likes to work with a bit of subtlety, and that he has to protect himself in terms of Jessica trusting him. Keeping Dick seems a go, for now, and Dustin will be leaving in his cape and crown.

Eric: The way I look at it is this: We didn't come for the purpose of coming in 5th and 6th. Certain people are threats. Certain people are not. If Dustin goes this week, I wish this wasn't the case, but Jameka doesn't have 4 HoH's, and Amber is garbage. The way I see it is, I didn't come here to be a pu--y.. I planned on being proactive and make big moves. There are a couple times in the game to make them, and this is one of them. If we do this, we're 2 HoH's from being game over, and then it's may the best man win... Well, we can align with the weak, or we can align with the strong. We can take out a huge threat and a suspicious character.. You'd almost rather someone coming at you with a knife from the front than the back. Why should we believe them? They have nothing to lose by trying it... From a game play standpoint, I've always seen eye to eye with Daniele... that allowed for a better conversation...

Here's the clip:
Captured by xx2000xx

Eric goes on to talk about how "Dustin has alliances with everyone, Amber is a nut job, and again, Jameka can't compete in HoH's and she'd be very difficult to beat in the end. I think you have the best chance to win out of the 4 of us...

Jess: Not if we do it. They're gonna know it's me...
Eric: To me, I think you should own up to it...
Jess: I'm gonna look like the biggest liar.
Eric: Making the big move shuffles the deck and makes enemies, but it makes enemies out of people who can't do anything.
Jess: Yeah, but I haven't had any enemies at all..
Eric: I know, I know... Maybe it's not a bad thing to stand up and say, 'you guys thought you knew what you were getting with me, but I'm here to win.' I think your chances of winning are better. I think your chances of winning are also better if I'm still here in the game. Something registered with me today - who did they cast me as on this show? I was cast as the person who knew the show inside and out, and would play hard to win. But what have I been doing? I'm the 5th person in a 5 person alliance, and most of them don't trust me... one can't compete, one's useless, and one can't be trusted himself. ... SO I started thinking, it's time. And when it's just the 4 of us(Dontaos plus E&J), we'll fight to the death. At the final 4, if we win, one of them's going home. If they win, one of us is going home...

Part 2

Part 3 -

Part 4 moves on to sleeping arrangements and Amber, Dustin and Jameka's out of control paranoia, and the crux of the situation...

Eric: I think we should do this. It's a ballsy move. It's difficult because of the personal aspects, but... Why did you choose to come here?
Jess: I came to win.
Eric: I came to play hard and win. I've thought about it a lot, and maybe it's just time to say, we are taking control of the game. With regard to Amber, it's just gonna have to be, this was simply a strategic choice... nothing personal, sorry.

5 minutes in, Eric lays out the options for explaining their agreement with the Donatos... and then how it has to appear to be a 6 person alliance, with Zach and Jen.

Part 4

Part 2 - Dick Swears Loyalty to Eric - Dani's not Happy

Dick Swears Loyalty to Eric

Dick and Dani are outside, and Dick is trying to impress upon Daniele that if this deal with Eric comes through, he will not betray him, no matter what.
Captured by Teslad

Dani, on the other hand, would like very much for Zach to win the next HoH and put Eric up. In this next clip, Dick is trying to get Dani to do a Diary Room with him, and she's being pretty awful about it, all things considered. They move on from that to game talk in short order..

Part 3 - Jessica - "We are Keeping Dick."
Around 5 am, Jameka comes up to the HoH to talk ith Eric and Jessica. She stays about a 1/2 an hour, and immediately upon her exit, Jessica whispers to Eric, "we are keeping Dick." Here is the conversation that follows. They are discussing whom to tell beforehand...

Eric: You can say, Dustin had deals with 3 different sides, and he's in a secret alliance with me and Jen.
Jess: Shut up. Doesn't it feel weird going against the person who saved you last week?
Eric: It does.. I thought a lot about it, and this is the conclusion I made...

Captured by BBFanz

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Eric is Now Talking to Daniele

The Plot Thickens -- A Return to Hope
10pm BBT
Dani & Eric

: So what's up?

Eric: If your dad leaves, you're in a compromised position, and I sure as f--- am also. I've thought about it, and I was hesitant, but there's definitely something to be said for taking the strongest people and going for it... Jameka can't play for 4 more weeks. Amber couldn't win anything ever... Zach... has a closer relationship with Jessica than I do? Ok, Zach. But, um, and then, you know, Dustin is straight up in f'ing lala land. As far as I'm concerned... I think Jen's an out and out liar.

Dani: Oh, I do too.

Eric: She proved it again last week... (gives examples) She processes things in her own very bizarre way. I clearly know last week, this week and every other week, Dustin clearly thinks he's aligned with everyone.. I believe that Amber's being overcome with paranoia... She has conspiracy theories... She's all what does this mean, what are the 2, what are the 9.. She's obviously a tool.. Obviously, Jameka can't compete, and Amber can't beat you, me or your dad in anything. Ya know, there;s part of me that thinks, we didn't come here to be outplayed by anyone... Numerically speaking, we will be in the first part of the jury rather than the last part... I clearly, have a different and better relationship with Jessica than the other 3. I'm interested in her being a part of anything I do, and protecting her... I would 100% need her to feel completely ok with that, and be completely ok with that,which i think she would be and could be. There's part of me that says you guys came after me, I came after you, and conceivably we could all still be here... We're the best players here. We know it, and our options may very well be, letting crappy people who haven't played and don't deserve to be here go, and the best fight it out at the end. If we don't do it that way, I think we're both going to be out. That's not why I'm here. That's not why you're here. Frankly, we have the potential to be the most bad-ass people in the house and if I stop worry about what people are going to say and just say, we're in control.. It's time to just say, ya know, f it.. and if you wanna stop it, you're gonna have to beat us.

Dani: My whole thing.. I don't know if we should all be so open about it, and I hope we would all agree that Jen should go next.

Eric: I'm not so comfortable with Zach being here, cuz i feel like I would go at the five...

Dani: I said the same thing to Jessica...

They continue discussing the potential first evictees...

Eric: I don't feel great about Zach, you don't feel great about Zach...
Dani: But at the same time I feel like Jen should go, because she's lying to everyone, and she's a competitor...
Eric: I can see that, but I can also see taking her to the 5, then tossing her..
Dani: But it doesn't always happen that way.
Eric: If I do this, I'm losing the game, cuz it pretty much guarantees I will not get Dustin, Jameka or Ambers vote...
Dani: Not necessarily. They're not gonna vote for me!

Eric: There's part of me that says, there's honor among thieves, and it's better to just have the best people competing... I've been trying to juggle personal and strategic, and it's a disaster... etc., etc...

They're both expressing their hesitancy to get into bed together, but at the same time, both leaning toward it. To the listener, it sounds as though things are back on track again, but I'm not ready to trust him again yet.

Eric: I wholeheartedly believe that if we don't do it, we're done for. We can only win so many vetoes... Eventually, we're both on the hit list. At first, it starts sounding like, this is a horrible idea.. you guys absolutely buried me.. you could do it again in 3 weeks... and put me and Jessica up against each other. It can't happen like that. it needs to be 4 solid strong people against the weak people.. and then it will simply be me and Jess, you and you dad, and whoever wins the HoH at 5... There's part of me that guaranteeing is better than guaranteeing 6 & 7... As I said, if it's something that we decide to do, we just need to do it! I know it's perceived in all different ways and I'm not here to say what's right and wrong.. and you guys struck the first blow.. and if I can forgive that, then so can you.. We desperately need ot win HoH tomorrow and set it all in action. Even if it's to people's chagrins, in the bigger scope of things, tomorrow's HoH... You, me and your dad can compete.

Dani: Jen...

Eric: There's no reason we can't approach Jen tonight. My preference is to have you, me, Jen and Zach vote Dustin out, and save Jess... I don't need to do anything to hurt her, I'm taking the bullets at this point. The only thing I wanna avoid is her buddying up with Jameka and Amber and me being on the outs... I believe you, me and you dad are capable of making the game decisions.. Jess a little less so. We have enemies already... How about you?
Dani: I feel like you and me have really played this game in the same way.. strategically. I feel like it would help us a lot. There's the whole trust factor between you and I, but if both of us can put this behind us...
Eric: We would just have to outright bury them and crush their asses out of the game. Everyone knows my shtick here. I'm the smart guy... I won the first HoH, I won the 2nd... (but took the fall both times) I could well win the next 6. It needs to sincerely be completely serious hardball - no giggling in the diary room - ha ha we got them.

Dani: With those comments, I feel like you don't trust us. This week, the 2 most hated people in this house are up on the block. He knows it. The only thing I haven't kept my word about was to Kail.. when I went in my room and cried, that was what that was about. I felt like i betrayed her so bad...

Eric: It has to be a complete ceasefire. We'd have to be a unit. I think we'll be stronger for it. And then there are options about are we open or doing it on the sly? Very important to me is making Jess feel comfortable about her HoH and how it went for her. I want Zach 100% secured. And Jen.

Dani: I've never done anything against Jessica since day one, and neither has my dad...
Eric: Forget me coming after you guys in 2 weeks... If I wanted to, I could get your dad out right now. You need to be ok with me from the standpoint of what you think I have done...

Dani: I'm willing to put things behind me. The past is the past, and it's a fresh new game. If this happens, that's what it is to me.
Eric: The options are do it, or not do it. Which is more beneficial to you?
Dani: I think it's beneficial to all of us. Especially with Dustin walking around like he runs the place...

They continue fleshing out the details... Dustin comes out to "get his laundry." Conversation halts.

Eric: There's part of me that thinks there's safety in numbers and I think there should be a fifth. It's obviously not gonna be Amber or Jameka...

(Dustin reports to the HoH crew, "Eric Is out there talking to Daniele")

There is hope...

Eric: Do you think we can get Zach's vote?
Dani: As long as Jess asks him...

Same for Jen...

Here's a clip:

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Eric Sinks Dick with Jessica

7:55pm BBT
HoH Room
Jessica & Eric
They're discussing the possibilities... Jessica gives Eric the rundown of her conversations with Dick and Daniele. They are now discussing their concerns... At the start of the conversation, I thought Eric was trying to ease her into it, but as it progresses, I'm not so sure. He seems more like he's totally backing out of it and sinking Dick.. and America. Jessica was gung ho, and he seems to be talking her out of it. I'm holding onto hope that he's just being extremely subtle, and he'll work her into it later, and try to make it think it was her idea, so she feels in control of her hoh...

Captured by xx2000xx

Part 2

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Dick Pitches Jessica
Dani Follows Suit

Dani, Dick & Jen
6:45pm BBT

Jen: Do you think it could happen?
Dick: Yep. I just need a couple more discussions.
Jen: Yep.

Daniele joins.

Jen: Obviously you didn't promise your vote.
Dani: Why would she ask me?
Jen: Right.
Dani: I mean, it's not likely, but anything can happen inthis place.
Jen: Do you think this thing (the twist) is for before they leave or after?
Dani: I don't know...
Jen: Way too many things..
Dani: Way too many...

6:50pm BBT
HoH Room
Dick & Jessica
Dick goes up to HoH to talk with Jessica.
Dick: Have you talked to Eric.. about what we talked about?
Jessica: A little bit.
Dick: I let Eric know, and I'm letting you know, there is a strategy and a plan to get Eric out - unless he gets PoV. I like Eric. I've liked him from the beginning. The whole Nick thing really f'd everything up. Daniele was so pissed at me. Getting rid of Nick was the worst thing in the game for us. Some of the stuff I said about Eric wasn't true, but I really believed it to be at the time. As it turns out, some of it was Dustin... Like I told you and everyone, from the time you got HoH, I've been prepared to go home... I'm not cryin' about it. But if there's a way for me to stay, and make it beneficial to you and Eric, then great. Kail and Jen, Dick and Daniele... I'm not giving myself too much credit here, I hope... You, me, Eric, Daniele - strong. Jen, P.o.s. liar, floater. Zach - throws more pitches than baseball. I know you love Jameka and Amber, but Jameka doesn't have 4 hoh's, and the only reason she won the vetoes were because Dustin and Jen threw em. And Amber?
Jessica: I know...
Dick: I know you like these people, but I also know you're a smart girl. You and Eric and Daniele and I could take this whole thing to the end! Eric said, "Well, what if you're just saying this, and next week, you give me a big f-you?" I'm a lot of things in here, but I'm not a liar... Through to the end. We wouldn't put you guys up. We wouldn't vote against you, period. TO the final 4. The only way that changes is if one of our partners are on the block against each other... then we vote to keep our partners.

I told Eric, who would you rather be playing this game with? If Dustin goes.. Jameka and Amber or me and Daniele?? Zach? He's a goofball, but he's a really nice guy. Zach feels like he's closer to you than Eric is. Zach can help us get through... He's loyal as a puppy dog. .. Eric is afraid that when it gets down to 5, he'll be the first to go. Zach will have to go at that time.
NO ONE who is floating should win this game. The rest of us have worked way too f'ing hard...

Jess: Right before the live show last week, Zach says, "I'm not gonna put you up if I win HoH..."

Dick: I know for a fact that Zach and Jen will vote however you want them to. And I know for a fact that Jen HATES Dustin. And Zach HATES Dustin. I know they've promised you their votes for safety, but they will change happily if you say the word.

Dick: I know I'm an asshole, but... And I told Eric, I know I'm asking you to vote out the guy who saved you last week... I know you're close with Amber and Jameka..

Jess: Personally, not strategically.

Dick: Good. Strategically, we're your best bet. I've talked to you about this before... You, me, Eric, Daniele... It would have been better for me to be able to make this proposal next week, since the wounds would've had more time to heal, but I don't have another week... Who would you rather have on your team? Amber and Jameka, or me and Daniele? I can promise we will help you get to the end. I give you my word. I've never had any intention of putting you on the block. Words are nothing. Actions are everything....

Dick: The beauty of it is, you don't have to take the heat. Eric can be the 4th vote. So you don't have to have that uncomfortable moment in front of your friends... I want you to talk to Daniele, you two work it out between you guys, if you wanna do it or not... She's staying regardless... Thanks for listening to me...

Jess: No problem...

Here's the video, captured by xx2000xx:

7:15pm BBT
Dick goes down to the backyard and tells Dani about the talk, and that Jessica is waiting for her upstairs... so, go head up and talk to her...

Meanwhile, Jessica has come down to the kitchen...

Dani heads in.

7:17pm BBT
Dani & Jess
Dani: Did you wanna chat?
Jess: (whispers) yeah.
Dani: Did you sleep?
Jess: Yeah. (yawns)
Dani: I agree - I wanna go back to sleep.
Jess: So obviously you know what your dad just talked to me about... This conversation is between me and you.
Dani: My honest opinion is strategically it's the best move... wait lemme get back to that. My problems with it... I'm not sure I can really trust Eric. I'm sure he still holds hard feeling against me. Then when it comes down to 5.. Zach. That's my thing with it. That's what makes me nervous.
Jess: I know. It makes me nervous too... But I think it's an AWESOME deal. I know that all we have left are Amber and Jameka...
Dani: I know.. so it would be just Dustin and Eric, cuz Jameka can't play... So if you guys are to do it, the only people upset are Amber and Jameka...
Jess: I was just wondering if you were at a point where you wanted to play the game on your own...
Dani: If we do this, we're 4 strong. The only competitor left is Jen, and honestly, I'd want her to be the next to go if we do this...
Jess: Yeah, your dad just told me she said I had a deal with her...

They dish on Dustin, and how he's a competitor... how he's been throwing things... Amber, and how she'll spend the next week crying...

Jess: Have you talked to Eric at all?
Dani: No... Have you?
Jess: Just a little before my nap.
    Dick is now in the bathroom filling Eric in on the past 1/2 hour and letting him know Dani's up with Jessica now.

The conversation is going VERY well... I really think this may be a go. We'll have to see a bit later when the couples re-connect.

The most interesting part is this: instead of Dani trying to sell Jessica on it, it's the other way around. SOLD!

TURN ON THE FEEDS! My fingers are killin' me! ;)

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