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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Win a Chat With Dustin - For Only $8?!

You can win a chat with Dustin... for $8. He has it listed as a "Buy it Now" with 96 still available...

Here's the ad copy:
Love him or hate him, he'll want to hear from you!
Ask questions about the show, how he felt about the other houseguests, about his personal life, his college days, or future endeavor's, etc.
You will love talking too him!

A minimum of 5 minutes, could be longer.

After payment is received and confirmed, Dustin will call you at your convenience. You will have to email the phone # along with the pay pal confirmation # or the name on the money order.

Win a Phone Call from Dustin

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Friday, September 21, 2007

Dick is Back on His Blog

Here's his entry from yesterday, just before the wrap party (link to wrap party pics in the post below this one).

    September 20, 2007 - Thursday

    EvelDick is back in the house
    Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

    Ok, I am still in a hotel room and finally starting to take it all in..... although it seems very unreal to me still at this point.
    I want to thank all my friends for their love and support during this (to quote Dustin) "interesting" summer....
    To all my "fans" (fans.... very strange and odd term for me to use, and still not quite comfortable with.) Thank you very much. I am very surprised that so many people enjoyed my antics on the show.

    Going into the final two with my daughter was the highlight of my summer for sure...


    I will be back soon.

    I am off to the wrap party now and will have even more to say later.

    Again, thank you all
To see Dick's blog up close and personal, Click here.

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Pics, Rhymes with & Clips

Survivor Sucks has a bunch of wrap party pics up. Here's the direct link to those: Check em out! More pics are coming in all the time. Here's another great link: PlanetBaub, and a wrap party story.

Ebay has a bunch of new BB8 related stuff. Included in that list is one item of particular interest, the grey v-neck Dustin was wearing when he was evicted-

Click Here for Dustin's Courtesy Flush Eviction Shirt.

Get the famous gray t-shirt Dustin was wearing when he was evicted! He will personalize and autograph for you.There are actually 3 available, he didn't have just one. the other 2 will follow, This is his eviction shirt. Mens size sm/ Talk about a collector's item.

Also, xx2000xx has added quite a few housecalls segments lately, for those of you who'd like to see Dick, Dani, Eric, Zach, et al interviewed by Gretchen.

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Survivor Dish Anyone?

Good afternoon, BB Lovers! I've got a little something to show you...


Come on over. Have some fun. And prove to me I haven't completely lost my mind for hopping from BB right on over to Survivor.

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Amber's Apology

Reality News Online has already interviewed Amber. She's already gotten wind of all the negative publicity due to her comments. Here's what she had to say when gently questioned about her comments:

    RNO: Is there anything else you want to tell us about your time in the Big Brother house?

    Amber: I do – two things. First, my crying. Everybody looks at me and laughs because I cry so much. But they portrayed me crying all the time. I spoke to my family [about what was shown on TV]. Yes I did cry a lot, but they didn’t show my fun side, my laughing side. It’s very embarrassing. I’m proud that I cry but my daughter was watching and it offends me that they only showed me crying. I had so many times in the house when I didn’t cry, they really showed my character not to be me and that really bothers me.

    [The second thing is] I made a comment when I was upset with Eric – I made it about Jewish people and people from New York. I just want to tell the people I offended that I am very sorry. I did not mean to offend anybody and I was upset with Eric at the time. Being upset, people tend to say things they don’t mean. That came from a really bad place, and from the bottom of my heart, I am truly sorry – I send my apologies to anyone I offended. I don’t like to hurt people’s feelings. The words just came out and I was upset with Eric. I have friends that are Jewish and friends from New York. I am not prejudiced and I am truly truly truly sorry.

Please check out RealityNewsOnline to see the rest of this interview, as well as their interviews with Jameka and Zach.

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According to Andy's Blog
Amber has been Fired

Andy Cohen from Andy's Blog, got the dish on Amber and wrote about it on his blog Wednesday, September 19th. If you're wondering who Andy is, he's the flippin' genius at Bravo responsible for overseeing their production slate. Bravo, Andy!! I LOVE Bravo!

Here's his insider info about Amber. Many thanks to Shan & Cliff for the heads up about this piece and the link to it on Andy's Blog!
    "Wednesday Ramble"
    My plane arrived an hour late and so I missed the curtain for a friend's play, which both took the wind outta my sails and gave me the opportunity to watch the finale of "Big Brother 8" live. The show was interesting for two reasons. First of all, each and every lady was SLATHERED in glitter. Layers of glitter upon glitter coated the chest plates of everyone from Julie Chen to America's Favorite Anti Semite, aka Amber.

    Secondly, they left Chen's mic open at the end of the show so you could hear her conversation with Danielle. As credits rolled, Julie asked Dick and Danielle if they were thinking of going on "Amazing Race" (a genius idea unless it means an Emmy at "Runway"/"Chef" expense). They didn't seem to answer, but they seemed enthused. Then Danielle asked Chen if she was going to the wrap party and Chen said she had to split, but that the wrap party was Thursday night. Then they got into the minutia of when they would be seeing Julie over the next 48 hours. It was the best part of the show.

    I got some good Amber scoop on the BB8 set last week: Amber doesn't know it yet but while in the house she was fired from her cocktail waitress job in Vegas because of her vocal hatred of Jews. (Actually by the time you read this she's probably in tears... then again she's always in tears...) I am glad that with the removal of Amber and conclusion of Celine Dion's three year run, Vegas has finally rid itself of the last traces of anti Semitism. (I am kidding about Celine, of course.)

To read the rest of the blog, please click on the source link below to the right.

Source: Andy's Blog

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A Tribute to Jessica's Mom

We had a lot of firsts this season, in terms of family participation. Everyone we came in contact with was so supportive and giving of their time. Jessica's mom, Marie Hughbanks, is a huge standout! 6 interviews.. just for us??? Never before in the history of BB has one woman gone so out of her way to be in touch with the fans. It's fitting that she's inspired her own tribute video! Please check out this vid from splicegrrl.

I can't even imagine this season without Marie and her tremendous contributions to bb8dish and the rest of the BB lovin' world!

Here's the vid!

And while I'm surfing... another gorgeous tribute to Jessica, with one of my all time favorite songs: Ain't no Sunshine when she's gone... Created by jamiekalyn. Beautiful.

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Vincent's Blog

While the search for after interviews continues, I thought you'd like to see some of the end reactions and blogs from BB related folks around myspace. Thank you to Tella for inspiring this by one of her comments to the previous post. I've done a pretty full search for others now, and so far Vincent's the only one to have blogged about it. Enjoy!

Vincent Donato's Blog:
    Last night was incredible

    Show and winning all that money aside... It was so incredible. All of the house guests were amazing. It was so great talking to them all and meeting their friends and family. I had dinner with the first 5 two nights ago (Thank you so much Carol!!) and it was amazing. Joe is hysterical, Nick is even cooler than he seems on TV, Carol is gorgeous, there is definitley more to Mike than the show let us know, and Kail is AMAZING, inside and out.

    Walking through the room and having people call me over and want to talk to me (and having no idea who they were) was SOOOO much fun!! I had a great time hanging out with Dustin's brother and finally meeting Eric's brothers.. they all kick ass. Everyone I had dinner with the night before rule.

    p.s. Jameka apologized to my grandma

If you'd like a signed I Love Evel Dick shirt, make sure to check out Vincent's blog directly.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

CBS Interviews with ALL HGs

Here's a direct link to all the local cbs interviews with all of the houseguests following last night's finale: ClickMe!

Having listened to all of them, it seems the gag order may still be in place where all things Amber are concerned. The interviewer touched on nothing substantial with her directly, but he did allude to it during his interview with Daniele...

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Video of the Interview with Dick, Dani & Nick

As I said in the previous post, Laramy mentioned they would be replaying the interview. I know how upsetting it was to a lot of people that feed 4 was problematic tonight... so I'll do ya one better... with the help of a wonderful youtuber - scootie668. Here he comes to save the day!!!

Also, the replay of the Dick, Dani & Nick interview is now available on the Big Brother home page of SuperPass. The audio is synched with the video, and viewed directly from the source, the quality is much better than the recorded versions!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Please visit scootie668 directly on youtube to view the rest... and it would be very nice if you'd rate the videos 5 stars, and subscribe to show your appreciation to scootie.

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Dick, Dani & Nick Interview on the Feeds Tonight at 6pm BBT!!
Also, Exclusive Finale Coverage Shortly After 5pm BBT

The replay of the Dick, Dani & Nick interview is now available on the Big Brother home page of SuperPass... aka, the Live Feeds. ;)

The audio is synched with the video, and viewed directly from the source, the quality is much better than the recorded versions!

Hey Big Brother Lovers! I hope everyone had a good first day back to life! I sure did. :) Sorry for the late notice, but I have excellent news:

Tonight’s chat will feature Dick, Daniele & Nick!

Come chat with Dick, Nick and Daniele @ 6 pm BBT. Don't miss this exclusive 1-hour video chat Sept. 19th (today). Plus, you can download and watch it later with the new RealPlayer® Plus.

    * Ask Nick and Dani anything you want:
    * What are their true feelings towards each other?
    * What will happen with Nick and Daniele now that BB8 is over?
    * What they thought of the BB8 twist, America’s player Eric?
    * Will they stay in touch with other house guests?

Also!! Please note that exclusive coverage of last nights finale is supposed to be viewable starting shortly after 5PM BBT tonight! So far... nothin' happening on that front.

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The Complete CBS Early Show Interview
with Dick and Daniele Donato

Dick & Daniele on the CBS Early Show with Julie Chen - 3 Videos, all captured by TommyVercetti001.


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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Big Brother Interviews Galore

Good morning, Big Brother Lovers!

To see the Julie Chen's interview of Dick and Daniele Donato from this morning on the Early Show, please Click Here!

For oodles of post show interviews with all the houseguests, please check out DreamersVids on youtube.

And one more look at the final moments, captured by scootie668:

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

BB Twilight Zone

The Feeds Replay just came on.

Carol's in the house... better not blink.

Nick's in the jacuzzi.

All is right in the world. ;)

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Pics from the Finale

Without giving anything away here on the main page before it airs on the west coast... Here are some screen caps I just captured from the replay of the finale.

Reactions to the America's Player Twist:

Nick talking to Dani for the 1st time...

Dick and Daniele's first steps through the door of the Big Brother House and into freedom!

Jess looking absolutely stunning and poised while Carol speaks about her.

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Fess Up!

OK.. so.. fess up, BB Lovers: Who's hangin' out to watch the replay of the live feeds?

I think it'll be funny to watch those awkward beginning moments again...

And the interview tomorrow night. Whoever it's with. ;)

Apart from that, we'll be workin' on our own interviews, and keeping up to speed with the fallout from you-know-who... and, and, and....

But first, a spa day. ;)

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Big Brother 8 Finale Live Show Spoilers

The Feeds just changed from trivia to this. I think it's official. ;) The finale begins in just one hour.

What a long strange trip it's been.

If you're on the west coast and you must know as soon as it happens, make sure to check the Live Show Spoiler.

We'll be posting everything, as it happens, from the moment the show begins.

And.. if you can get in, here's the link for the east coast feed:
East Coast Feed of BB8 Finale


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This Makes Me Proud

Please go and check out ddugo's tribute to Dick & Daniele on bb8dishcaps. A picture's worth a thousand words, and ddugo's caps are priceless.

Bravo Dawn!

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This Makes Me Nervous

I've been waging an internal battle all day over whether or not to do a live show spoiler for the finale. The potential for an AP Vote during the finale has solved my dilemma. I will be doing it. Here's the link: Live Finale Spoiler. I've only given out the numbers to text once this season. Tonight will be a 2nd time...

In case the text is too small for you to read, it says, "America's Player is not done yet! He has one more task to accomplish. On finale night Eric will need to cast your vote for the winner, America. More details to come." This is from the AP page on the CBS site. It differs from the front page of the CBS BB site which says "Voting is now closed. Tune in Tuesday night to see how America voted." Only time will tell which is accurate.

This is what makes me think they're going to have a text only, and therefor Eastern & Central time zones only, AP Vote tonight. Not if we can help it... In the event of an AP vote tonight, the west coast will be included with the live spoiler post.

Should this vote come into play, I will include the numbers for texting. Here's the link for the Live Show Spoilers:

Click Here!

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No More Sour Grapes

What an incredible season of Big Brother. Having watched it all, from start to finish, I couldn't have planned it much better if I'd written the script. Father - Daughter reconciliation, masterful manipulation, romance, intrigue and full participation by the viewers.

Personally, I'm already thrilled with the outcome, and the "winner" is not so important to me. I think they both won... in the big picture.

True, I would have loved to have seen Eric and Jessica with Dick and Daniele in the Final 4, but we can't always get what we want. I'm still more than content.

We could debate until we're blue who is most deserving, who is most true, who lied the least, who was most vile, who would or wouldn't have betrayed an alliance, but really, there's no use to that. It doesn't matter in the least, and it's all conjecture.

When all is said and done, it's a game. It's a great game. We have a final 2, and they fought the hardest and are the most deserving final 2 Big Brother has seen in years. That's not even slightly debatable. Look at the header and check the stats if you need a little more confirmation.

Interestingly, Aldav has Dani for the win. Personally, I stink at predictions, so I'm not gonna even try...

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What's Going on on the Live Feeds?

The Feeds went from sleeping Donatos to Trivia at around 10:15am BBT. Will they come back up before the finale? I wont pretend to know... not for a second. Here's what I do know:

Tonight on the 24/7 live feeds: Exclusive Coverage of the Finale.

Later Tonigh
t, right after the Finale: Replay of the feeds from Day One!
    ***For those of you who gottem late, aren't ready to give up the ghost, wanna see all the HGs under one roof again, or just can't get enough! ;)
Wednesday Night @ 9pm Eastern/6pm BBT: Exclusive Interview with a Surprise Guest (or guests).
    ***No details have been released yet, but I'm betting on the winners, and you'll know for certain as soon as I do!
Cure Your Cabin Fever. International Round-Trip Fares From $464+

And real/Superpass also has Non-BB related lineup, such as:

1. TV show secrets:
    Go behind the scenes with your favorite TV stars from Grey's Anatomy, Desperate housewives, Entourage, 24, Sex and the city and more. Watch as stars from your favorite hit TV shows tell all. It's better than a backstage pass!
2. Follow the Fight behind the Scenes:
    On Set, On Edge - a new online show that follows the journey of Vanessa Parise as she fights to bring her film, "Jack and Jill vs. The World" to the big screen. See a movie made, the struggle and the joy, and get a look behind the scenes at Vanessa, her crew, Freddie Prinze Jr., and Taryn Manning in action.
Among thousands of other things! ;)

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Custom Made BB8 Pillows

We have some very talented friends here at bb8dish, and in this case, we didn't even know it! Hmph! Can't believe i had to find this out from someone else! Our own much loved rallen is the woman responsible for the cool bb8 pillows jerzeechik had up for charity a few days ago.

The good news is, she'll custom make any pillow you like from any of your favorite screencaps of the season... she has tons to choose from. Even better, these are not cheap iron-ons (yucko), these are printed right on to the fabric, and it's 100% cotton!

Here's the link, so you can check em out for yourself:

Custom Made Pillows

rallen, rallen, rallen... don't hide your light under a bushel! sheesh!

As for the rest of you, please let us know (here in the comments section) what cool things you have on the www so we can create a space for you on the sidebar... The section will be titled Our Friends, or something to that effect.

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Quickie Poll: The Jury Vote

We originally ran a version of this poll on the 15th before we had an inkling of how the jury was leaning. Today's the day. How will they vote? I've split the poll into 2. Please place a check next to each person you believe will cast a vote for Dick to win in the first poll (and then push the vote button) and each person you believe will cast a vote for Daniele to win in the second poll (and then push the vote button).

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Wanna See Some Gorgeous Pics?

You've gotta check out our screencaps blog: bb8dishcaps. We have amazing cappers! My only rule when we started it: just the best of the best, and boy have they delivered!

Hats off to DDugo, Kim, Blake, and Doug!! Go show em some love! They deserve it and more!

Happy Double D Day everyone!! My cup(s) runneth over. ;)

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Quickie Poll

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Happy Finale Day BB Lovers

Can you believe we're finally here? In 12 hours, we'll have a winner for BB8... then again, many of us already do - The Donatos.. the rest is a formality. What I'm most looking forward to seeing this evening is the America's Player Reveal. After that, the jury session... How about you?

As I type this, Dick and Dani are up playing a game of quotes, nicknames, etc about the other houseguests. A few minutes ago Daniele came up with "WAaaamber" and told the internet we should remember that one. Dani - we're 2 1/2 months ahead of ya.

Dani: We're been here forever. I don't even remember life outside of this house.
Dick: This has been all so consuming inside this house.

Dick, Dani, for us too. Not to the same extent, of course, but there's an adjustment period in all of our futures.

Dick: Good Night and until tomorrow my lovely darling daughter.
Dani: Or in an hour. The bottle never lies. Daniele you are homeless.
Dick: Or in an hour. In 12 hours, we'll be outta here!
Dani: I have a feeling I will not be able to sleep.
Dick: Um.. you screaming from the bedroom gives me the feeling I'm not gonna able able to sleep. ;)

5:53am BBT
Dani's gotten into bed. Dick's out by the kitchen counter with the cards...

What a long, strange trip it's been.

Here's a couple of clips, captured by Quirkydude from the evening gone by. These 2 are Dick and Dani talking about the gameplay of the other Houseguests.

Incidentally, Quirkydude has taken the time to organize ALL of his BB8 clips into a playlist. Here's the link: Quirkydude's BB8 Playlist.

The Final episode of the Dick at Night Show is currently on the Feeds, as of 6am BBT. Spark em if ya gottem!

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Monday, September 17, 2007

Interviews to Come

In the weeks following the finale, I'll be trying my best to get interviews with the winners of BB8 and the jury members. I'd like very much to represent all the bloggers, all the commenters, and everyone who's been a part of the dish when I do.

Please leave your questions here in the comment section. Make sure you specify who the question is for...

Thanks. :)

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Afternoon in the BB House

3pm BBT
Dick and Dani are both up now. Dani spent the afternoon tanning in the backyard. Dick got up around 2:20pm BBT. They're chatting happily in the bathroom, and have been for the past 40 minutes.

For Donatos fans, or fans of the game in general, I recommend tuning in to the feeds.

For fans of those gone too soon: Nick and Eric and Jessica - a couple of tribute videos.

First up: Eric and Jessica - Even Angels Fall.

Created by alavie

Second - For Nick Fans - a compilation of the sweetest things... with many thanks to Tella for the heads up!

Created by hellataz

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Quickie Poll

Thanks to a few of our friends whose brains are still functional this morning, we have a couple of poll questions. There's the quickie below, and also... We'd like to know your responses to the following 2 questions in the comments section:

  1. Which houseguest(s) do you think regrets the game they played in the house?
  2. What will you do Wednesday morning without the posts and new live feeds to check? (understanding, of course, that the feeds will actually be on Wednesday morning and re-running from the very beginning of the season & bb8dish will keep going too... with new interviews and other cool stuff)

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Happy Monday Big Brother Lovers

UPDATED @ 7:30am BBT

Wow. That's the last time I'll be saying that during season 8. What a season.

As I write this, the time is 6:03am BBT and after a very brief attempt at sleeping, Dick and Dani are both still awake, both in very good moods, and while Dani's giving some more effort to sleeping, Dick's gotten back up and gone outside for a smoke, apologizing to the control room, "Sorry, I can't just lie there with my eyes open. You guys gotta work."

He's smiling to himself.

All is good in BB land...

After a really rough day yesterday, Dani came around, during the east coast broadcast of the Sunday show, and they never stopped talking after that... all night long... If you'd like to see some clips, Quirkydude made quite a few last night and into the morning. There's a big gap from midnight BBT to 4am BBT because the feeds went to trivia while BB showed D&D a gag reel and perhaps a movie.

Let's hear it for fairy tale happy endings.

6:11am BBT
Dani's just gotten out of bed now too. She's gone to the kitchen... Dick comes inside and they're laughing about their failed attempt at sleeping... Dick's making them some omlettes.

Happy Monday, Donatos.

6:58am BBT
Dick: Who do you think is most upset that we're in the final 2?
Dani: From the jury? I think Dustin. He hates us both...
Dick: DO you think Zach is the most bummed?
Dani: Probably, cuz he was the closest...
Dick: He lost 50 grand. A minimum 50 grand.. Ok.. 50 grand. Jessica seemed the most bitter, even though she said she wasn't.
Dani: Who do you think's the maddest that we're in the final 2?
Dick: I dunno, maybe.. Dustin or Amber or Jen.. One of those 3.
Dani: Dustin's probably bitter and angry. Amber too, cuz they're the same person.
Dick: And every person there has a reason in their mind for their not being here.. like Eric, "You're lucky it was a fast forward week."
Dani: Right. And that's what he'll tell everyone forever.
Dick: As if we didn't have Jameka in our back pocket.
Dick looks at the memory wall.

Dick: That should be called the wall of shattered dreams.

7:30am BBT
Dick and Dani decide to give sleep another try. Shhhh.

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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Dani's Talking!!

6:23pm BBT

After a brief pass through by Daniele a few minutes ago where she deigned to speak 1 word, Dick has decided he's given her enough space, and goes into her room to talk. he's not buying the FSA anymore - he never was... he was just giving her space. Now he's talking sense to her, and about to fix her dinner.

Here's the gist of the talk:

Dick: Hey.
Dani: What?
Dick: Are you ok? Hmm.. Come on, honey. (rubbing her back) Doesn't matter what happens, we won. Doesn't matter about those people and what they said. You beat all of em. We both beat all of em.
Dani: I just wanna go home already.
Dick: Day after tomorrow, honey. Don't worry about them. Hey.. you're here, they're there. Seriously, f them. Amber's just a bitter bitch. She's the same one you remember, Eric had to have a talk with, cuz she was talking about giving hand jobs for votes. She's also the one who has this big horrible secret she doesn't want anyone to know, yet everyone on the internet knows. The same thing I always say, people talk shit, you just have to consider the source. You're gonna worry about something Dustin and Amber Say?? Jen?? They're bitter and pissed because they're not here and we are. We played better than they did. The best team that has ever played this game. Nobody could do what we did. Nobody. 7 seasons of people have tried. We're the only ones. I'm gonna start dinner. I'll come in and get you when it's ready, ok?
Dani: Alright.
Dick: It'll be ready in just a minute. It's just the meat that has to cook. (pause) We did it, they didn't. Don't worry about what they have to say. F them.

Here's the clip, captured by Quirkydude:

Dani's still sniffling... but definitely progress is being made.

A few minutes later, Dani comes out and joins her dad in the kitchen area. He asks for help with finding the cooking time.

Dani: 4 minutes at 350.

It's a start. It's definitely a start.

Dick: C'mon, how bout my question that Eric gave me? "Tell me why each person here deserves to be in the final 2." I'm like, Amber doesn't deserve to be here, Dustin doesn't deserve to be here.. F 'em.


: All your questions were completely ridiculous & stupid...


Dick: That was a weird question by Jessica, and she was like, "I don't believe you." I don't care if you believe me or not.


Even with all the interruptions, it beats the heck out of the silent treatment.

Dani: I like how the last thing Amber said before, like, when she was campaigning to stay was... If me and Jameka are sitting next to each other doesn't mean I'm gonna vote for Jameka. I'm gonna look at strategy and I'm not gonna base it on who's a better person.. and then she has the audacity to call me pathetic? I think Amber's one of the most pathetic people I've ever met.
Dick: Amber is the most pathetic person I've ever met. I bet she had to ask.. I bet she doesn't even know what pathetic means.

OK.. so tonight we're gonna get the jury roundup discussion we were looking for last night.

And a small kitchen fire... and a lockdown to put the fire out.

Nothing like a little fire to spark some father - daughter bonding.

Here's the clip, also captured by Quirkydude:

Bout time!! Spark em if ya gottem.

6:50pm BBT
Dick and Dani have moved outside. They're getting into the meat of Dani's upset. I recommend tuning in. The gist is, Dani feels as though Dick campaigned against her during the jury session, where she left everything very open... Dick says he didn't but apologizes anyhow.

Here's a clip, captured by scootie668:

7:10pm BBT
Conversation is getting easier. True, they're bashing the other HGs while they talk about the jury session, but it's better than abject silence.

Here's a clip from dinner, discussing Jen and captured by Quirkydude:

7:15pm BBT
Dinner is over. They're cleaning up. Hopefully the silent treatment is over with too.

7:24pm BBT
Dani's making cookies. Still chatting.

    ***Anonymous drive-by commenters with nothing to say but "so-n-so sucks" or similarly brilliant, well thought out phrases, please go elsewhere. The rest of the www is more than happy to accommodate your hatefulness. I don't care if you disagree with me. I don't care who you like or hate. I just care that you don't attack the other people posting here or the HGs.

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Quickie Poll

Enough with the boredom and depression!!

The Sunday Show starts in just a few minutes. According to the promos, it's supposed to be a "best of" episode.

What's your favorite moment from BB8 that you're hoping to see?

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Mid Afternoon in the BB8 House

3:15pm BBT

Dick's in the jacuzzi. His mood is improving, and he's realistic. He's even laughing to himself a bit.
Dani's still in bed.


4pm BBT
Dani has risen.
She's gone to the restroom. Will she or wont she (come outside and socialize)?

4:10pm BBT - Dani's putting on makeup... We may have a breakthrough...

4:21pm BBT - And that's a big no. She had something to eat and went back to bed. Never so much as looked outside... Dick's fast asleep out there, anyhow.

In the meantime, I've been looking all over for cool big brother related stuff for you guys. I'll post it sometime soon. I thought a little retail therapy was in order. When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping. ;)

This link will take you more directly to everything bb8 related: bb8 stuff.

Just a thought... Can you imagine yourself this depressed and bedridden if you were about to be awarded a minimum of 50,000 dollars?

On the other hand, I know how exhausted I am, and I wasn't even in the house! And bonus - they're making recapping very easy. ;)

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C=Venus By Popular Demand

You asked for it, you got it. C=Venus has added a special "Donatos Rule" line to her offerings on cafepress. Here's the link to get to her shop: Click Here!


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Will She or Wont She

At 7:30 this morning, after hours of alone time and coming to the conclusion that, "she is not upset with me per se, I have to understand that she's upset with those mother f'ers. I have to understand and try to be empathetic," Dick cried himself to sleep.

The time is now 1:10pm BBT, Dick's just recently awake, and he's sitting outside. He went to Dani's bed 10 minutes ago, touched her shoulder, asked if she was awake and she said nothing. FSA or asleep, I don't know, but she was awake 15 minutes before at 12:45pm BBT.

I maintain high hopes that Daniele and Dick will somehow be able to reignite the happiness of being final two. Do you think they will?

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TheRealDeal2006 Final BB8 Video

TheRealDeal2006 is a phenomenal talent whose video creations I look forward to watching every season. Please take a few minutes to enjoy this tribute to The Donatos, TRD2006's final video for Big Brother 8.

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Post Jury

1:38am BBT

Dani's gone to the restroom. Dick's outside having a smoke.

Dick: What's going on...Like I was campaigning to beat her. Great. Something else for her to be pissed at me about. F'in unbelievable.

Dani's gone straight to bed. Lights out. Under the covers.

Dick: How did I not know that she would be pissed at me? No winning man, no winning. It's always a catch 22 with Daniele.


Dick: Maybe she's right...

Silence... as Dick paces around the back yard a bit.

Dick: Oh this is gonna be a long 2 days, man.

Dick heads inside to use the restroom.

Dick: Are you in here?

She's not.
    ***Oh, crap. This is so not what I was hoping for. Bloody tragic.
Dick's out of the restroom, washes his hands, walks through the house.. into Daniele's room

Dick: I'm sorry...
Daniele: Well it sucks, cuz everyone uses my personal life against me.. All my questions were about my personal life and flying under your shadow... Even Jameka was like, you flew under the radar.
Dick; I never said you did.
Dani: Everything, the entire reason I'm here is you. I'm not my own person in this house, because everyone credits every single thing I've done to you.. and then I hear everyone laughing in the background like I'm such a joke.
Dick: You kicked their asses in those competitions. I definitely didn't carry you.
Dani: Well that's not how they see it...
Dick: We're here and they're not.
Dani: I know. But you made me feel like crap. And I'm sorry, but I don't think you had the hardest game coming in here. I'm so over this. I just wanna go home. The only thing anybody cares about is my personal life and me being in your shadow. I'm so over this. I'm so over this.

Here's the clip of Dani's rant, from scootie668:

Dick gives her some space...

He goes and lies down in the hookah room. Can't even win when he wins...

What a shame.

As if they needed another wedge between them, the jury can't win the money, so they'll do all they can to ruin a re-forged relationship.

Hating them a lot right now.

2am BBT
Dick gets up, passes through Daniele's room, softly says, "I'm sorry, Daniele," heads to the kitchen to get something to drink...

Dick: (sigh) F'd up, huh?

And out he goes to the backyard.

Dick: F'd up... WOW. (dick hears a car accident) That was a f'in huge wreck. Somebody better call 911. Seriously. Wow. Sh-t. (pause) That was a f'ing huge wreck. I'm waiting for the sirens.
(pause) Oh, man.
    ***Tell me I'm not the only one who wants to go talk some sense into Dani right now? Something along the lines of - What those people think doesn't matter... You know how strong a player you were, so be as strong a person, grow up, cut your dad some slack for once, and be happy you're there together in the final 2.
2:09am BBT

Dick: F'd up. Can't win. Can't win with Daniele. She'll always see it that way. Not as what it is, which is, no matter what I said, I still have a better relationship with a lot of those people than she did, and a lot of that stemmed from Nick, and I warned her, and she didn't listen.

We hear sirens.

Dick: There's the sirens. It's a huge f'in wreck.
    ***Tell me I'm not the only one seeing the parallel symbolism here.
2:15am BBT
Dick: That's f'd up. Am I happy right now? I feel like it's sealed, and it's done, and I won. Playing against your daughter, there is no winning. I wish we could have shared it.... And it wasn't fair how they looked at it... She's never really been happy in this game.. I mean other than the competitions.. But other than that, it's just been so much complaining.

2:20am BBT
Still up, smokin', spittin' and hurtin'.

2:25am BBT
Dick: Gonna be a long f'in 2 days. I guaran-f'in-tee you that.

2:29am BBT
Dick: It was a perfect f'ing team... (long pause) Winning over your daughter. It's not that great of a deal... but it does happen... It's really not. I didn't think Amber would go on the attack like that on Daniele... Whatta bitch. Whatta F'ing bitch.
    ***OMG - OK.. I get it. They wont attack Dick, cuz they're all afraid to, even from a few hundred miles away, so they all attacked Daniele. Makes perfect sense. Cowardly, but logical. It sounds like they took everything they were saying behind her back for 10 weeks and said it to her face instead. The jury's always bitter. This is nothing new. I just wish D&D had spent more time preparing themselves for it, and deciding how hey would handle it.. together. What was it Will said last year? Something to the tune of, "13 people leave here pissed off. Only one person leaves happy." The question is, one of 'em anyway, will Daniele even allow that?
2:34am BBT
Dick: Saturday night! Hey! You watchin', Vincent? I was thinkin' about ya... and I think I won. It's hard to be happy, cuz Daniele's upset, and she's pissed at me, and she's pissed at everybody on the jury... She got a lot of attacks.

Here's a clip of Dick alone with his thoughts, captured by scootie668:

At 2:40am, Dick decides to do laundry, to give himself "something to do, besides stew."

Dick: 2 more days to strew. 2 more days for her to stew.

Dick has now gone back inside and he's laying on the floor in the livingroom...

2:56am BBT
Dick: I feel sick.

3:05am BBT
Dick: Un-f'in-believable.

Dick gets up, goes to the kitchen, fixes himself a bowl of cereal... hehe. Dick has the palate of a 5 year old. (as do I, minus the metabolism, but that's another blog) Cocoa Krispies, I believe...

Lots of sighing.

And a second bowl... he spills a little on himself... on his one shirt left in the house with no stains...

3:29am BBT
Dick heads back outside for another smoke...
FYI, Dani's still awake, playing with her hair in bed... not talking.

3:48am BBT
Dick's gone back inside. He's sitting at the kitchen counter playing solitaire.

Dick: I can't win. I just can't win.

He's not referring to the cards.

3:57am BBT
Dani just sat up in bed for a minute.
Dick's gone into the gym, on the treadmill for about 10 seconds.

I thought maybe she'd get up and talk, but she lay back down almost immediately.

Dick heads back outside.

Dick: I'm done f'in beatin' myself up over this sh-t. I didn't do anything to campaign against her or f her over in any way. She'll just find some kind of fault with whatever I did anyway... That was already pre-determined. So she's mad at me again. Oh well. Enough. Enough, enough, enough.

4:02am BBT
Dani gets out of bed and heads to the bathroom.

4:04am BBT
Dick outside, alone.
Dick: That's a pretty sh-tty thing to say too, so...

4:06am BBT
Dani comes out of WC, checks herself in the mirror, pops a zit, applies some ointment to her arm...

4:09am BBT
Dick, solo.
Dick: Every mother-f'in thing in my life is a catch 22, man. I didn't say anything bad. I didn't say anything wrong. I said what it was. Ahhhh.

Dani's still in the bathroom with the ointment.

Dick: She's ready for this to be over. She's been ready for it to be over since week f'ing 3. You don't appreciate things, man. It's not my fault. No, I refuse. I'm not gonna feel bad. I refuuuuse. Not gonna do it.

Dani has now left the bathroom and returned to her bed.

4:13am BBT
Dick: 2 more days.

Dick heads back to the kitchen counter and his cards.

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Just Before the Jury

1:30am BBT - Still Trivia
Good morning... As expected, the feeds went to trivia just after midnight BBT. Here's the conversation and the clip. No real dialogue until about 2 minutes 2o seconds into the video.

Living Room

: Dustin's question's gonna be snotty.

Daniele agrees.

: I'm assuming we don't do any speeches Tuesday.
Dick: They just come and vote, I guess.

Alison: Hey Guys.
Daniele: What's up?
Dick: Hey Alison.
Alison: Well, you look cute sitting in those purple chairs, but I actually have...

Pre-Jury Questions
Captured by scootie668

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