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Saturday, September 08, 2007

A Message From OUR America's Player

  • As with all other posts on bb8dish, we must request that you not copy and paste this elsewhere without written permission. A link is wonderful. Copying and pasting undermines everything we do.

BB8dish is proud to present a Special Message from our resident satirist, our very own America's Player. You've seen him here in the comments section of bb8dish for several weeks now, and we thought it was about time he made the main page... He has some wonderful words of wisdom to impart to us all, and a wonderful explanation of what's to come over the next few days of Big Brother 8. So, without further ado, I present, Our America's Player... as seen in the comments of bb8dish for the past 2 months.
    ***In case the references to satire and having commented here on the blog for several weeks now didn't make it abundantly clear, this is not really from Eric... it's merely written in his voice for your entertainment, while we explain the end game for those who've been asking questions.

 America's Player America, let me state for the record, that I, in fact (and I know this may sound ridiculous) am at peace with my eviction. And although I've left the game earlier than I had hoped, with your help I've earned an additional $40,000 which, quite frankly, puts me in third place.

I'm enjoying my time, as you might surmise, in sequester; however, at this particular time, I am unable to confirm nor deny my exact whereabouts. Just know that I'm still playing for you, America, as I await my instructions from you on who to vote for as winner of Season 8 of Big Brother.

With the double eviction live show which, unfortunately, resulted in the demise of your player, the house is now down to the final four contestants. And, quite frankly, as you have already noticed, things are now moving at a new, and might I add, quickened pace.

When the number of houseguests whithers down the the final four, and I think this goes without saying, the HoH cannot be evicted. For the other three remaing houseguests to be safe, and therefore, to guarantee that they stay in the game, they must fight the good fight and, ultimately, win the PoV competition.

The PoV competition is the final, and (might I add) the most important of the season. The winner of the PoV competition holds all the power.

Since the staff at Allison Grodner Productions refuse to neither confirm nor deny the outcome of this PoV competition, I'll have to use my encyclical knowledge (and by knowledge, I mean insight, or knowing things other may overlook) to ultimately guess and suppose the outcome.

So here goes...

Let's suppose, for argument's sake, that Zach is the new HoH and he (being a panty-munching ogre) decided to nominate Evel Dick and his daughter, Daniele. Since the HoH (Zach) cannot vote, then one houseguest (Jameka) who isn't nominated casts the one and only, single and solitary, vote for eviction.


Unless Evel Dick or Daniele were to win the PoV competition. Let us, for argument's sake, suppose (and I think it's a safe assumption) that Daniele won the PoV competition. Clearly she would use the veto on herself. The HoH (Zach) needs to replace the nomination with the only other eligible player, and that is Jameka.

See why this PoV was so important? Not only does Daniele, as PoV winner, guarantee her own safety, but she now becomes the only person casting a vote for eviction. And, in this case, she needs to select between her father, Evel Dick, or Jameka.

Now you don't have to be a Philadelphia Lawyer to figure out who Daniele will be evicting!

Um, Jameka, might I say, fare thee well, and I will see you soon in sequester.

Now the pace of the game changes once more, with only three houseguests remaining, who will now battle it out for the title of the season's last (and, arguably, most important) HoH. This is important, and I can't say this clearly enough, that unlike previous HoH competitions, this time all of the houseguests are eligible to play in the final HoH competition. Even Zach, who is outgoing HoH.

Might I remind you, that this final HoH is never any typical HoH competition. Typically, Big Brother plans a 3-part HoH competition at the end, which takes place over the course of a few days.

The first segment of the 3-part HoH competition has routinely been an endurance competition. The winner of this first leg is safe (for now) and will advance directly to round three. Meanwhile the two losers engage one another to play in the second round. The player who lost the second round has lost, and is out of the running for HoH. But the second round winner advances to play the first round winner and the third, and final, round.

So to make this clear (and by clear, I mean "easily understood") the third phase of the HoH contest takes place, in which the winner of round one competes against the winner of round two. Whoever wins this third round challenge is crowned the new (and final) HoH of the season.

This is extremely important. It is the final HoH who selects who he/she will be evicting, and therefore select who they want to take to the final two.

Well, America, the jacuzzi and and a banana daquiri are calling me. My contact with the outside world is very limited now, and highly monitored. So I need to get back to the sequester house now.

But remember, I'm still playing for you, and look forward to casting your vote during the finale of this historic season of Big Brother!

We hope all of you BB afficionados and newbies have enjoyed our gentle attempt at satire as a means to explain the end game. Again, I repeat, satire.

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Dick just let out a whoop of joy so intense, Either he or Daniele Has won.. I'm looking for it...


Jameka:(to Dani) So how does it feel? I am in the midst of the winner of Big Brother 8. I'm so sorry mom, dad, everybody...

4:15pm BBT
Dani: Get ready for a brutal week with the competitions.
Dick: The first one's gonna be endurance.
Dani: Yeah, I know...
Dick: I don't want him to win ANYTHING.
Dani: Make sure you get a lot of sleep...
Dick: This was it, this was it, I told you... We won!!
Dani: This is insane.. It's not even for real right now.
Dick: It's over! We already won.

They're counting the votes Zach doesn't have...

Dani: He wont have any votes anyway, cuz we're not gonna let him be there.

Party on the live feeds!!

Watch Big Brother 8 24/7 on SuperPass

This excellent video captures Dick and Dani's reactions, Zach with Jameka, and the Dick and Dani, both gracious in victory to Jameka. It also confirms both that Dick offered and Jameka took the deal last week when she was nominated against Jess.
Captured by xx2000xx

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The Big Brother 8 Final Veto Comp is ON!

OK, so I actually typed "Awn" up there, instead of ON, cuz hey, I'm one of the cool kids, right? But then I remembered, uhhh.. not so much. And I'm 38, I embrace my inner geek, and I say On.

Moving right along...

The feeds went to trivia at 2:33pm BBT, and they haven't been back on since. It's official... or as official as it's gonna get: The Big Brother Final 4 Veto is on.

Will it be a long one or a short one? We have no clue. All we do know, is this one will determine the final 3. And that will determine the final 2... and so on and so on...

Hold on tight. Stay calm. (yeah, right)... This post will expand with fun group activities as the time progresses, so feel free to refresh it periodically... We're in this thing together!

More activities for Veto Comp Weary Souls Who Need a Little Distraction:

Bid on BB8 Mike's Stuff!!
Including a Phone Call

Click Here to Bid on Nick's Stuff

Organize all the Favorite Quotes of the Season into Order by Which Houseguest Said Them & Your Top 10 Favorites, and then send the list to me on myspace or via email

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Oh BB Lord, Hear Our Prayer

2:23pm BBT

Oh lord of the magic ping pong balls, Oh BB on high, please hear our most sincere prayer:

Start this thing!!!

2:25pm BBT

Feeds are back. No such luck.

Hand me the pepto.

The promised 1pm BBT Veto Comp is now about 90 minutes late in starting. The HGs are going nuts, and so are all of us.

Hold on tight, kids. It's gonna be a bumpy ride.

Today means everything.

2:33pm BBT


Did you ever think you'd see the day when you were actually HOPING for TRIVIA on the live feeds???

Oh Great Unicorn Loving, Magic Ping Pong Ball dropping into Jameka's tube, Master of the BB Universe, Make it so, #1. Make it so!!

Five minutes now.... I'm not calling it officially till we've had Trivia for a full 30 minutes, but this is starting to feel good.

2:53pm BBT

10 more minutes of Trivia and I'll say it's official. It doesn't take 30 minutes to tell the HGs to change, read em the rules and get going... Unless they're just messing with us, and that's certainly possible as well.

3:04pm BBT
I'm callin' it.

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Getting Closer to the Comp

11:37am BBT
BB: Good morning, houseguests. The Veto Competition will begin in 90 minutes.


11:01am BBT
Dick & Jameka
Dick: This is it, Jameka. I know you have a deal with Zach... that if he wins this
stays the same,
Jameka: That's all.
Dick: ...but if not you're going home, so if me and Daniele win the PoV, that's it.
Jameka: But that's for anybody. Accept that.

11:02am BBT
Dick back to Kitchen counter with Dani
Dick: If we can't beat these 2 idiots, we deserve to go home.
Dani: Please don't say that.
Dick: This is the day we win a half a million dollars or not. This day.
Dani: :::sigh:::
    ***So far this morning, the only person Dick's making nervous is Dani. She's dealing very well with it, but still... Cut it out, Dad.

Dick: Listen, if I had my choice of anyone in this game, to have on my side, it would still be you. I mean that, it would be you. And lemme tell you something else: if either one of them had their choice of who to have on their side, it would be you too.
Dani: (smiles)
Dick: I would like to win this thing. I want to give such a speech. To be the muscle of the house, to having a giant head and a very little penis, this is our reigning, overconfident HoH. Maybe, I'll bring you to final 2. Trying to figure out how you function with your head up your ass all the time.

11:09am BBT
: (comes out of HoH) They said they'd give us a warning in 5 minutes.

He heads back up to HoH.

Dick: The sounds of a panty munching perv...

Boundless nervous energy from dear old dad. ;)

Dick: Should I do it now, or should I wait?

11:15am BBT
HoH Room
Zach solo
Zach: I better be here at the end. Or all of this was for nothing. For all the little guys who get stepped on. I was one of those little guys... I'm not taking his shi-. That bastard is not gonna win today. He's not gonna win. You better be here in the end.

Zach is testing his shakiness by extending his arm out as if he were detonating a bomb, saying "Cut the blue wire. Cut the blue wire."

Zach: (to self) You always choke. You're not chokin' today. For everybody watching.. buddies at work.. for your dad.. for Lindsay.. I'm gonna do it. Yup! Zach. Potassium.

Jameka joins Zach. He stops talking to himself and includes her in the conversation. Zach feels he and Jameka have an advantage in having more rest...

They chat a bit, then have a joint prayer. First Zach, then Jameka...
Zach Prayer Excerpt: Heavenly Father, let us do the best possible we can do. Don't let us falter when things get hard. let us do this for everyone watching. Families, exes, Lindsay. For all the friends that are watching, let us give them a show to remember, let us finally defeat "Evel".. let us perform well, and if that involves victory, I thank you for the chance.

Jameka: Send your angels amongst us, O G-d. Let this be the day, We've played this game to the best of our ability, O G-d. We come to you humbly requesting that you let us magnify your name in our glory... We claim victory in your son Jesus name, O G-d, not because we deserve it, but because... We will not fear. What is evil against you? Please strengthen us G-d...

They hug.

Zach: We'll do it!

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Big Brother - A House Divided

UPDATED @ 10:55am BBT
10am BBT

Dani's getting camera ready, putting makeup on. Jameka's reading her bible. Zach's rubbing lotion all over himself.

Sat 10:09am BBT

Zach heads downstairs, grabs some pills and heads out of the storage room to find Jameka. He finds her in the small room, reading her Bible.

Zach: Morning. You ready for today?
Jameka: Mmmm
Zach: I would like to pray today.
Jameka: Of course. I'll be up in a few minutes.
Zach: No rush.

Zach returns to the HoH, makes his bed and waits for Jameka to pray and go over some BB facts with him...

Zach: (talking to himself) It's not about friends, it's about odds. Tough sh-t, Donatos. Tough sh-t.

Dick & Dani

Dick: Wheres the panty munching pervert?
Dani: Upstairs.
Dick: (whispering) The DR made me promise not to use the N word.

10:18am BBT
Zach & Jameka
HoH Room

They're studying for the comp, as best they can, and discussing what type of comp they think it'll be, and of course, like so many before them, plotting the downfall of the Donatos...

Zach: I came up with this analogy: Good vs Evil.
Jameka: Isn't that something?
Zach: It's time. It's time to really set them straight. I don't like the way that he plays. I just wanna shut them up. I can't wait. I'm so ready.
Jameka: I know. I'm the same way.

10:45am BBT
Dick and Dani are downstairs at the kitchen counter. All feeds are on them as they talk about the day ahead...

Dick's getting more and more antsy with no information from BB about when the Veto Comp will begin. Dani's in good spirits...

Jameka was called to the DR a little while ago. Dani's commenting that "it's a long DR for the morning," and Dick said he's sick of all the DRs and sick of talking about that "dick-head." I can only assume he's referring to Zach.

10:52am BBT
Jameka's out of the DR. Zach's called in... Jameka tells Dick and Dani the DR said they still don't know anything about how the HGs should dress for the Veto Comp. Dick's response about the DR folks: "Liars."

Dani and Dick continue to discuss the upcoming Zach-Attack.
Dani: When you talk about his ex-girlfriend, remember to call her Sweets.
Dick: Oh yeah...

Dani reminds Dick they need to keep an eye on Jameka today too. Dick agrees, saying not to "let her slip through the cracks."
    ***Carolyn reminds Dick: You did that for 5 HoHs... Why stop now? :::Sigh:::
Dick has more nervous energy than he can contain within his body today... It's gonna be a scorcher.

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Wake Up Houseguests!

9:50am BBT

The Feeds are back.

Dani's in the shower. Jameka's having breakfast. No sign of Dick or Zach yet. The girls definitely have their game faces on...

Today makes or breaks the entire season for both of them, and they have zero illusions about it.

9:35am BBT
Jameka's been up for about an hour now... studying the memory wall, stretching, having some tummy issues...

The feeds just cut to trivia. As Jameka was the only one up, I will take this as a sign

that BB is waking the houseguests.

Let the day begin!!!

Cross ATX Breast Cancer Awareness Pen

Cross ATX Breast Cancer Awareness Pen - Support the Search for a Cure


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Dick is Fueling up for the Assault on Zach

7:20am BBT

Dick woke up just a little bit ago, slammed around the kitchen some, in disgust with the ants, and has now settled into eating some cereal, and laughing to himself and talking to us about his planned assault on Zach this morning... Designed 100% to derail Zach in the Veto Comp.

Dick: Today will be a good day for internet viewers. This is the day I'm gonna call Zach out for being a racist SOB, with direct quotes from Zach... Oh come on... This is gonna be fun! Ya better take notes. Don't wanna ruin a good storyline for the show. Ain't that the truth... (talking to cameras) Well, you better not follow me around at all today, mother f'ers, cuz I'm gonna keep saying it over and over and over... and I mean it. (quoting someone) "Dick, you're such a f'in a-hole." Well, yes, I am, and at this point in the game, it doesn't really matter now, does it? Don't do it.. I'm gonna tell.. Trust me... Right before the PoV today, I'm gonna call Zach a racist m'f'er and I'm gonna have quotes to back it up, no less, to Jameka... It'll be fun... For me.

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Should be an explosive morning on the feeds, folks. Not to mention the biggest Veto Comp of the season... Spark em up!

Dick's now working on adding stuff to the plate he and Dani conceived last night, while continuing to plot his assault...
Dick: King ass kisser. Sh-t's on, mother f'er. Too over-confident... It's gonna getcha.

8:22am BBT
Dick has returned to his bed, but he's not sleeping. He's laying there laughing about his plans for the day, and still talking aloud.
Dick:(laughing) OMG. This is gonna be bad, but it's gonna be so f'ing good.

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Overnight Lite

Apart from the art project designed to keep the Showtime audience from changing channels, last night was pretty darn quiet in the BB8 house.

Jameka, Dick & Dani spent quite a bit of time designing their candles and plates. Dani and Dick came up with symbols to represent each of the houseguests.

Oddly enough, when it came to Jameka, they were stumped, and Jameka offered that hers should be a "magic ping pong ball."

The only real strategizing came from Dick and Dani, in trying to figure out Dick's best plan of attack for his upcoming verbal assault on Zach - in as much as determining what insults will work best to truly keep him off his best game during the Veto Competition. There's been some talk about Dick planning a racial assault on Jameka, but that actually isn't the case at all. The racial stuff he was talking abut was directed at Zach. Not that that makes it acceptable, but that's the fact.
    By the way, as I write this at 7am BBT, Dick has already awoken, and he's kinda slamming around the kitchen, griping about the ant problem...

Dick took a few minutes to chat with the internet last night. Here's the clip, captured by scootie668:

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Friday, September 07, 2007

Veto Competition Saturday

So what's in store for our immediate future? A Veto Competition, for one. The most important Veto Comp of the Big Brother season. Dare I say the last Veto Comp of the season. With 2 Donatos on the block - AGAIN - it should prove to be a battle for the ages.

We'll be here to do the spoilin'... as soon as the feeds come back on. If they do another middle of the night one, someone please call me! The HGs have been given a curfew tonight, so it's not out of the question. Interestingly, they are not permitted to talk to eachother after curfew.

At the risk of being tarred, feathered and completely blasted by anonymous folks who type in all caps and drop F bombs quite liberally (and consequently don't get published), I'll say it loud and proud: I want a Donato to win the Veto Comp. I would like nothing more that a Double D finale...

To get there, step one is I need a Donato, preferably Dick, to win the Veto comp.

A zero D finale makes me shudder with memories of S6... ichsa.

A Double D Finale makes me happy on so many levels... For one thing, each and every person who bonded purely over their unifying hatred for them (Dustin! et al) will be forced to give them the prize $. Another, if the Donatos can survive a 3rd Double D nomination unscathed, adding that to their combined 4 HoHs and 5 Veto wins, I really can't see a legitimate argument to call them undeserving of the finale.

Just my 2 cents.

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Nomination Spoiler

UPDATED @ 6:10pm BBT

5:45pm BBT

: Whatta load of BS was that?
Dani: I know, right?

Dick: (to Jameka) You have changed his faith in God... Gimme a break.

Dick and Daniele are nominated.

Dick: (kidding) We shoulda kept Amber. ;)

Dick, Daniele and Jameka are getting on well together downstairs. Zach's alone up in HoH.

Now that the nominations are outta the way, the mood has really lightened up. Dani's laughing and joking around... for a bit....

6:03pm BBT
Dick: All we need is to win Veto. We win that, we win the game. Check Mate, Mutha F'er.
Dani: Not yet...
Dick: All we need is one more win. That's it. One more win. He doesn't have a shot with anyone in the jury. Anyone. And he doesn't even get it. Dumbass.
Dani: (quoting Zach) "No matter what happens, I Hope we can be friends for a lifetime."
Dick: Sure. He will be the one, after we win the PoV, "no hard feelings, man, no hard feelings... " The most hated man in America... She (Dani) protects him the whole game, then they get to the final 3, and he gets rid of her.
Dani: Know what's funny? These are the weeks we get along the best.

It's getting very good, folks. Spark em up! :)

Dick: (laughing) So, did you like my response? "Didn't work out very well for the last 2 HoH's that tried that."
Dani: (laughs)

Here's a couple of clips, captured by romie1218:

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Live Chat with Howie & Kaysar on Wednesday Night

Such Beefcakes from Seasons Past!!

This is a very early reminder, so you don’t miss your chance to talk directly with Kaysar & Howie from BB6 and All-Stars!!

The chat will be available to Big Brother Live Feed subscribers exclusively.

To watch, just have your feeds up this coming Wednesday night, and camera 4 (bottom right) will magically become chat filled!

They will be getting a few questions ready early if you'd like to email them to, please include your first name and city with your query. We look forwarding to seeing you for what should be fun interviews!

* Wednesday September 12th at 9 PM Eastern/6 PM Pacific Time
o Howie Gordon - Big Brother: All Stars, Big Brother 6
o Ridha - Big Brother All-Stars and landslide winner of the “America’s Choice” poll in Big Brother 6

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Meaningless Nomination Ceremony Afoot

We've had trivia for quite some time now... since 4:18pm BBT

Either Dick has been DQ'd for the coded letter from Vincent (i'm kidding), or we have a Nomination Ceremony afoot. I'm gonna go with the latter.

The expected nominees are Dick and Daniele. I will do a spoiler post, just to keep things consistent around here. ;)

For the new BB lovers, the reason I call it meaningless is.. well.. because it is. Veto is the thing this time. He or She who wins the Power of Veto holds all the power in the house.

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Dick Got HoH Goodies & A Coded Letter from Vincent

3:48pm BBT
Dick Shares his Letter From Vincent with Zach & Jameka
Captured by Quirkydude

According to Reporter259 on Jokers, the letter he received from Vincent was supposedly coded to give Dick information about who he could trust in the house. Dick reveals this in a conversation with Daniele... The only problem is, the coding in the letter is no longer relevant, due to the passage of time.
    ***Sheesh! A girl can't even escape for a bikeride without something happening in there~

3:55pm BBT
Dick : I think I know..
Dani: What?
Dick: (Patting letter Vincent sent him).. Something about this
Dani: What? A code?
Dick: Yes. Come outside.

Dick goes outside, and waits for Daniele to follow.

: Alright, well the code was...
Dani: So you think
Dick:No it was. the first and last letter of each paragraph to be the initial of each houseguest that I cant trust
Dani: Shut up (laughs)
Dick: I swear to god
remember just about everyone here misses you..
so its either Jen or Jessica and the last letter is oh good luck and don't give up hope. E- eric
Daniele: Eric and Jessica:
Dick: ...either Eric and Jessic or Eric and Jen...
Daniele: ...then why would he say that though?
Dick: Maybe Eric and Jen or maybe he was spelling out that... Eric and Jen ... Remember, they had that thing going on...
Dani: You really? Initial from the first and last?
Dick: Yea, thats how we did the... the last letter of the last word.
Dani: You guys came up with that... you're an idiot.
Dick: Hey man, if Johnny Fairplay can pull some sh-t, then so can I... And there was also a code for my tightest alliance. If I could trust my tightest alliance or not. He was going to say "everything is going well with my girlfriend, or I broke up with my girlfriend"

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Early Afternoon Update

Zach is planning on nominating Dick and Daniele later this afternoon when the Nominaton Ceremony takes place. Both Dick and Daniele have approached him separately to ask him not to do this, but he is unmoved, and rather a bit cocky now in his attitude.
    Zach: Awww.. Daniele cries to her dad. Her dad tries to protect her. Sorry dude. I'm here to play a game. I'm not here to make friends. Now Will and Boogie, on the other hand, if you guys wanna hang out sometime, I'm totally down.
Here's the rub: While being HoH at final 4 does guarantee you a spot in the Final 3, it comes with no other power, unless the HoH wins the Power of Veto competition as well.

ALL of the power at this point in the game is in the hands of the PoV winner. All of it. The PoV winner (unless it's Zach) will be the sole vote, and will evict one of the nominees. For this reason, we've been hearing Dick say since last night, and several times today:
    Dick: Gotta win the F'in PoV, man. We can do this. We can do this. We can do this. We've done this twice before. Third time's a charm, mother f'er.
      ***lol - it's a new tv show...
      Daily Affirmations with Dick Donato

Nominations are of little or no consequence and serve only to either psych out or fire up the 2 HGs that are nominated. After the Veto Comp is played, we will learn which of those things is true this season.

By the way, both Zach and Dick have completely lost their minds. They are carrying on conversations with themselves pretty well non-stop now.

Here are a couple of clips from the afternoon:
Captured by BBFanz

Dick: "Either Me or Daniele is Gonna Win this F'in Game"
Captured by BBFanz

Dani: "Honest to God, He thinks he's played the best game!
Zach is completely delusional!"
Dani & Jameka
Captured by Romie1218

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The Upcoming Big Brother 8 TV Schedule

With less than two weeks left in the game, BIG BROTHER 8 is down to its final four players, Dick, Daniele, Zach and Jameka. On last night's show, Julie Chen announced that the next eviction will take place on Tuesday, Sept. 11 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

It will be up to the seven jury members to determine who will receive the grand prize of $500,000 on the live finale broadcast on Tuesday, Sept. 18 (9:00-10:00 PM). The final eviction will be broadcast on Thursday, Sept. 13 (8:00-9:00 PM, live ET/delayed PT).

So, in order, thats:
    Sun., Sept. 9 @ 8pm - HoH & Nominations
    Tues, Sept. 11 @ 9pm - Eviction F4 to F3
    Thurs, Sept. 13 @ 8pm - Final Live Eviction - F3 to F2
    Sun., Sept. 16 @ 8pm - ?
    Tuesday, Sept. 18 @ 9pm - Live Finale.

OK.. with this information in hand, we can naturally assume the following:

The customary 3 part competition that takes us from Final 3 to Final 2 will likely take place beginning this coming Tuesday evening, either beginning near the end of the Tuesday broadcast or shortly thereafter on the Live Feeds.

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Typically, the first part is endurance, and it begins near the end of the broadcast and continues on the live feeds.

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Final 4 Table

11:27am BBT - The Lockdown is Over and the Final 4 Table is revealed. The HGs are about as impressed with it as I am...
    ***Note to the art department - the final 4 table's a really key piece. You blew it on this one.

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The Creatures Are Stirring

UPDATED @ 10:17am BBT

9:45am BBT
Dick's up. He just woke up and read the message from BB aloud: "Nominations are Today." Dick's response? "STFU." He's gone outside to have a smoke.

9:47am BBT - Feeds Cut to Trivia

10:09am BBT Feeds are Back. Everyone's up. Dani's in the bathroom. Jameka's out back talking to Dick, who is on the couch, and Zach, who's already in the pool.

BB: Houseguests. This is a lockdown. Please go outside and close the sliding glass door.
Dani: What is going on?
Dick: They gotta take the chairs... replace the table. Nomination ceremony has to be on the little table...

10:17am BBT
Dick and Zach alone in the backyard.
Dick: Don't put me and Daniele up together, please.
Zach: It doesn't matter.
Dick: Yeah it does. If you win PoV, then we both stay up. You can't use the PoV, unless you're the one on the block. You can't change it. And then at that point, then it's just a matter of Jameka losing, and she goes home.
Zach: (inaudible)
Dick: As a courtesy? I'm not borrowing that line from that mother f'er...

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The Overnight Report

Holy Cow! Whatta night. I'm still reeling. Before I launch into the Overnight, which will be contained within this post, a little BB:101 for the folks out there wondering how & why it is that Zach is now HoH... since there are so many of you with that question.

How & Why is Zach HoH now?

Well, with Eric's eviction, Dick's Fast Forward HoH was complete, so Big Brother held yet another HoH competition (not shown until it airs on tv) immediately after the show went off the air last night, to fill the power vacuum. Zach won.
    ***To those confused about why Zach was allowed to compete after having just been HoH for the past week, don't forget: Dick won the Fast Forward HoH... so there was an HoH, albeit a darn fast one, in between Zach's HoH reigns.

Nominations will be today. The Veto Comp will be filmed on Saturday, per usual. The Veto Ceremony will be filmed Live on the special Tuesday Night Live Show.

Complete madness will likely ensue shortly thereafter with the final 3 competing in the 3 part competition to become the final 2. Personally, I can't wait to see the endurance comp on the live feeds! I love endurance comps! :) Just something about 'em...

I think that about covers it. Please check back starting at 9am BBT for the Overnight Report, just below here... I just can't seem to get my brain to un-fuzz this morning.

At 9:01pm BBT last night, the Feeds came back on, and we had a new HoH.

I. Zach wins HoH

In what is described as a very close competition, Zach wins the HoH at Final 4, beating Dani by one question in which he answered 59 and she answered 58.
Dick congratulates Zach, telling him "Seriously, Dude, F'ing Awesome." As soon as Zach goes inside, Dick follows that up with, "We gotta win the f'ing PoV."

Inside, Dani gives Zach a big smile, a hug and congratulations, as well. Zach is a gracious winner, saying to Dani, "It couldn't have been any closer."

Captured by teslad

While Dani was able to maintain her composure long enough to properly congratulate Zach, she showed her complete frustration with herself shortly thereafter, both in her bed, then outside with her father, while Zach was in the DR and Jameka was curled up on the living room couch, looking like she'd just been hit by an emotional mack truck.
    ***Random thought... Who is it that shows up around 9:15am BBT every day wearing heels? Is that you, Ms. Grodner?

II. Packing Eric
Dani's rant went on for quite a while, then she worked it out in the gym, running for a while on the treadmill. All the while BB was asking her to put her mike on, and she wasn't having it. When she was all done, she went outside to talk to Dick some more, and BB called her to the DR, which she also rebelled against, but finally succumbed to. The clip that follows begins just after Dani goes up to the DR. Dick joins Zach and Jameka to help pack up Eric's belongings.

The mood is light, but Zach has moved from gracious winner to boastful...

Captured by bb8house

III. Dick Talks to Zach - "We gotta get Jameka out!"

Dick: Dude, seriously. Think about it! What are the odds that you and me are final four?? Everybody wanted us out week 2!
Zach: F' em. That's right. They gotta vote for one of us.
Dick: That's why we have to get f'in Jameka the f outta here... cuz all those m'f'ers in there, they would vote for her.

Dick runs down the votes... Gives Eric credit for voting strategically, but no one else. Zach agrees.

Zach: If it's you and I, final 2, either way we're guaranteed money. At that point, I don't care... Say anything you want. It's fine..
Dick: Trust me, I would much rather go against you or Daniele in the final 2... than Jameka. It would infuriate me to go up against Jameka in the Final 2.
Zach: You'll lose.
Dick: And why? She's done nothing in this game.
Zach: She's likable.
Dick: The only reason she's here today is because we dragged her along.
Zach: But she's likable.
Dick: F that sh-t. Who cares?
Zach: Yeah. It's BS
Dick: That's why she needs to f'in go.
Zach: That's where ya gotta figure out the personal vs people that actually play.
Dick: That's what I'm sayin'... the people in the f'in jury house.
Zach: They're all idiots.
Dick: No kidding.

Captured by Teslad

IV. Zach and Jameka Talk

A. Zach touches on faith and family and Jameka's profound influence on him... In the following video, Quirkydude has edited it so we hear the occasional blurb from Dick and Dani's simultaneous conversation... Interesting.

Part One
Captured by Quirkydude

B. Zach and Jameka talk more at 3:52am BBT
Jameka: That week, when ED was up with Dustin... you were like, it's not right how he degrades people...
Zach: I don't like his tactics.
Jameka: Right, but in that moment, that was a perfect opportunity.. I'm realizing, the further I get in this game. Perception is so distorted... Like your experience with Dustin is not my experience with Dustin...
Zach: his strategic mind is incredible. But he's too young. He's an overachiever. I would think I would get his vote in the end... if I could.. but he ah.. He just kinda had personality traits that didn't work for a lot of people.
Jameka: So I heard...
Zach: Out of the people that are on the jury, probably Dustin and Jess I would like to keep in touch with, but I don't know if they would...
Jameka: I think at the wrap party, bygones will be bygones and we'll just have a good time.

Part 2
Captured by Quirkydude

V. Zach to Jameka - Dani Has to Go...

Zach: I would hope to think that Daniele is a bigger threat than Dick is to you, and I would strongly urge you to vote her out.
Jameka: Absolutely.
Zach: She is my friend here, but I'm an instrument...
Jameka: Absolutely.
Zach: I'm here to play. I'm not here to make threats. It killed me to not use the PoV. Killed me. But I knew I had to take the risk. Daniele... if she won or I won, maybe you would go home, maybe I would stay. I'd have the chance to do this. I'm doin' it.
Jameka: Mmm Hmm...
Zach: All I'm sayin' is, you have a better chance goin' up against me or Dick to win. I'm not givin' it to you, I'm just sayin'... I'm telling you right now, if you go up against Dick or myslef, you will win. i would love to be runner-up...
Jameka: My question to you is, how could I not? It's already done.

Captured by Teslad

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Fess Up America!

The Poll this morning is inspired by an anonymous commenter to the blog who wrote:

    I hate Dani's whining. I also hate Dick's spitting, Jam's chewing, Amber's crying, Eric's cussing, etc., etc., etc. Wonder what everyone would hate about me if I was in that fishbowl 24/7!

So, fess up, America. What little habit or tick of yours... what thing that makes you human... would the BB lovin' world be hating on you for if you were in the house?

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Happy Friday Big Brother Lovers

It's just past 6am in the Big Brother House, and Jameka and Dani are talking as if they will never fall asleep. Of course that probably means they'll completely pass out if either of them stops talking for more than 30 seconds, but for now, they are a complete chat fest.

Does anyone else feel a bit hungover from yesterday?? All the stress of waiting. Then the double whammy of Jess and Eric both being eliminated. Then the drama and anticipation while we waited here on the feeds to find out who won the next HoH... I'm still trying to clear the cobwebs, so I can get to work on the overnight report.

Before I get to that though - Guess what, America and Canada! We have a vote in the finals! Check this out:

In case the text is too small for you to read, it says: "America's Player is not done yet! He has one more task to accomplish. On finale night Eric will need to cast your vote for the winner, America. More details to come."

OK... On to assembling the Overnights I go. :) Happy Friday, everyone.

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Thursday, September 06, 2007

HoH at Final 4

In a
Close competition

Zach wins...

Zach is the New HoH

Jameka's curled up in a fetal position.
Dani is PISSED.
It was very close.

She fears she is next out.
If you had a 1 in 4 chance at winning $500,000,
would your face look like this?

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Big Brother 8 Live Show Spoilers

If the show is not airing (heaven forbid) in your area, or if you're on the west coast, and you absolutely MUST know what happens tonight, as it's happening, please check out our live spoiler post:

bb8dish Big Brother Live Show Spoilers

It will be updated as the show progresses, so I strongly recommend you refresh it frequently come 8pm Eastern.

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Feeds are Back

4:50pm BBT
Just 10 minutes before the Live Show Starts on the East Coast, and the Feeds cut back on to show Eric and Jess sharing a private moment in the Weight Room.

Eric: I know this isn't about me, but as far as I'm concerned, once you stay, let's never have you on the block again.
Jess: Ok. That's good with me.
Eric: I thought you'd be ok with that.

12:44pm BBT

The Feeds are back. So far we've seen Dani, Zach and Dick... just passing through frame really. Dani's seems dressed for the Live Show already. Not so for the guys.

12:48 BBT =Cut to: Blue Flippin' Swirlies...

1:06pm BBT

Feeds are back. Dick's mopping the kitchen floor. Jameka's doing the bathroom.
Eric and Jess are helping clean the bathroom, as well. Jessica's actually cleaning the toilet.

Riveting, I know.

The next time the blue swirlies make and appearance, go and have a look at our screencaps site: bb8dishcaps. There are tons of gorgeous pics from the live feeds over there... from all season long.

1:39pm BBT
Zach returns to the little bedroom. Eric's in bed. Dani's in her bed, as well.

Eric: Welcome back. How does the little room look to you? Is it as you remembered it?
Zach: It's a little small... How about you? Are you excited for your potential chance at winning?
Eric: Always. And then 10 seconds later, saddened by my loss...
Zach: Look at it this way. At least you're back in physical fitness. You're not injured.
Eric: I guess that's true. That's an accomplishment.

Dick pops in... Chats a bit ... whisper offers to make Dani some food.

Eric: So, how did your week in charge go?
Zach: Fairly lax, I'd say. Not a lot of choices to choose from. It's comin' down to like slim pickins at this point really... I enjoyed it, though.
Eric: (whispering low)I think that Jameka's about to go on a rampage... I think, another week, and she may have killed you.
Zach: It was nice to have the confinement..
Eric: Yeah, I understand... the isolation. yeah, you definitely made the most of it.
Zach: I think the big advantage was being able to turn the lights out whenever you wanted to and just being able to crash.
Eric: yeah.
Zach: It was fun. I liked getting a letter.. or the notecards. It was fun.
Eric: Yeah. That was cool. I liked how they all personalized it. That was fun.

2:13pm BBT
CUT TO: Trivia
Having used all their words in the conversation above, Eric and Zach fell into a comfortable silence, until the feeds cut to Trivia just now.

Wild Guess? It's Live Show Rehearsal Time.

3pm BBT - Still Trivia

The good news? Only 2 hours till live show time on the east coast!! Woohooo!
The question is, will the nausea subside, or will it just worsen as the live show progresses?

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Will Jameka Take the Deal

Dick said last night that he's going to offer Jameka the deal to keep her 20 minutes before the show. Two Questions: Will she take it, and if not, will Dick and Daniele flip the script and keep Jessica?

This clip shows them discussing Jameka, as well as Dick's belief that today could be a double eviction. Dani's feeling on that is that it's unlikely, but anything can happen.

Captured by Quirkydude

Please place an check mark (by clicking) next to both of your answers in the Quickie Poll below, then click on the vote button. The poll is set up to allow everyone to vote only once. As always, feel free to expand upon your reasoning in the comments section.

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Wake Up Houseguests!

9:15am BBT

A moment ago we were on sleeping HGs, and then the blue swirly & music came up. Since it's live show day, I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say BB is waking them up...

9:28am BBT

LMAO - Well 13 minutes later, the feeds are back, and BB is being extra kind for the HoH Lockdown today. Slumber Party, lights out, up in HoH.. punctuated by some serious toots - I can almost smell them over here. The HGs are begging for clean air... Not gonna happen, kids.

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The Overnight Report

11:10pm BBT
Dick & Dani
Dick & Dani are getting along very well tonight, and doing more than a bit of Jedi Training to get ready for the upcoming HoH Comp. They're cramming - going over all details of who won what, when, and the random details Big Brother throws out.

Eric leaves Jameka and Jessica and joins the Donatos for a few minutes to whisper some insults about Jameka to the 2 of them, and re-solidify what he's hoping is still their common goal. Dick gives Eric the false re-assurance he's looking for when he says, "I've had it the the entitlement thing." Eric laughs in response.

Jess & Jameka
The ladies take Eric's exit as an opportunity to talk about him.

Jameka: I am not confident with Eric in the house. He sucks at comps.
Jessica: I will be so pissed if I leave, and then I find out Eric's been lying to me. .. Like, if he knew I was leaving and just didn't say anything...
Jameka: Mmmm.

They move on to the topic of Daniele...

Jameka: Dani has been so quiet lately... She's only quiet when she's uncomfortable about something.

12:24am BBT

After several minutes trashing Jameka to Dick, Eric re-joins Jessica and Jameka.

Elsewhere Around the Big Brother House:
    Dick is on the couch outside, having a smoke.
    Dani's deep in thought at the Dining Room table.
    Zach's asleep up in the HoH Room.

12:37am BBT
Dick & Dani
They've been whispering about Eric, Jameka and Jessica - and their relative annoyance levels with all of em.

Then the deal: Dick plans to talk to Jameka 20 minutes before the live show and offer her the deal (to not put up Dick or Dani if she wins Veto, and not vote either of them out). He'll tell her: Either she takes it, or she goes home.

1:52am BBT
Eric & Jessica
Eric: If we make it to final 2 together, do you think they will show a video package of us kissing to everyone (on the jury)?
Jess: Uhh...yeah.
Eric: And what will they all say? Ohhhhh...

Jess reconsiders..

Jess: No, not before. I don't think so.
Eric: They showed a really bad package of Boogie & Erica last year - including his (awful diary room sessions about her)...
Jess: Yeah, but you're not doing that.

And the Kissing Begins... Kissing interspersed with game talk... Jess is thinking aloud about what she should say during her speech on the Live Show. "I'm not ready to end my journey yet in this house. I've grown so close to all of you - except Zach!" Then she laughs and says that she'll say to Zach, "F'er, if I stay, your ass is grass next week!"

2:00am BBT
Dick & Daniele
They're still focused on the game - eyes on the prize - whispering about the HoH Comp, what it might be, and how they want to play it so Dick wins if it comes down to the 2 of them.
Dani: We need to make sure we're standing next to each other.
Dick: It's not like they can stop a live show. I mean, Jen and Kail talked to each other during a comp, and they didn't get disqualified.
Dani: I'm so nervous.
Dick: Me too.

Dick goes outside for a smoke.

3am BBT
Eric & Jess
The rest of the evening really consists of Eric and Jessica flirting, making out and talking about the future, which both agree, they have. There is very little actual game talk between them.

If you would like to see the videos of Eric and Jess from last night, here are some of the youtubers that were on the job:

Codinome & bb8house

Codinome covered the naughty bits. BB8House covered the whole night.

Periodically, throughout the night, Dick got up... He hasn't slept well at all this week. Sometimes he goes outside, sometimes just to the couch in the bathroom. Like I said yesterday, pure deception clearly disturbs his soul, but it's a necessary evil in this game.

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Cliff's Feminist Rant

We got to talking about the women of Big Brother the other night, and their relative lack of support for eachother. Since BB often serves as a microcosm for our greater societal ills, I thought it would be cool and interesting to discuss this all a bit further... while I get the Overnight Report Together. So... without further ado - bb8dish presents - Cliff's Feminist Rant! :) Enjoy & Talk amongst yourselves. I'll publish comments every 15 minutes or so while I do the OR.

Cliff's Rant

Weeks ago someone made a comment much to the same effect, but here I go ...

I find it continuously upsetting that so many women seem just won't stick together and up for each other and would rather tear other women down, be it in the house or around here.

 Jess & Dani are each using their own skills and strategies. Their personalities are simply what they are, only magnified by this pressure-cooker environment. Clearly, it seems that Dani's will take her at least one step farther than Jess.

 But I'm learning to really appreciate Dani for being a much better player than I had seen at first. I tell ya, Nick getting booted was the best thing that happened for her game. Less distractions.

 I wonder if JEric hadn't happened if Jess would be better at playing for herself or if she would have gone out even sooner.

 Oh, and on the women-sticking-together-thing: How bizarre that the one time that it happened on purpose and not by accident (see Jun/Alison, BB4) was the "Friendship" in BB6 and in addition to them being horribly annoying and smug, it only served to tear down one strong woman competitor (Janelle).To review:

Season One: It was a different game all right, but, considering it was America voting all the way through, it bears noticing that it was three men who made it to the end and since practically day one, America had it in for Jamie. And the hatred became white-hot when she chose to take a meeting with a Hollywood producer rather than with her mother (whom she knew she'd be seeing in a few weeks anyway). A woman chose her chosen career over a sentimental family moment and was never forgiven.

Season Two: Shannon, clearly cast as the Reality Cliché "Bitch" character, quickly targets Autumn and uses her sensitivity about her weight to completely demolish her. Meanwhile, Shannon, one of three strong women, aligns with a strong man, Will. In the end, it is Will who is rewarded for his conniving, while Nicole is trashed for being deceptive. And lest we forget that Nicole herself chose to align with puppetmaster Will in the end over Krista and Monica.

Season Three: Curiously, strong woman Danielle choses to make her secret alliance with weaker male player, Jason, and is tortured over her final decision to throw him overboard for a final teaming with Lisa. Weaker player Lisa is rewarded for being nicer (being "nice" being a more traditional female role).

Season Four: Strong Erika aligns with male Jack. Two strong scheming women, Alison and Jun, are in the finals. They had been rivals pretty much the entire time and in teaming up at the end engendered so much hatred that the final vote was a portrait of disgust on behalf of the jury for having to pick one of two hard-playing women. No gestures of acclaim for scheming success as with Will's win in Season Two.

Season Five: Men come right out of the gate making a strong alliance which makes it right to the end with Drew and Michael. The concept of "bros before 'hos" is illustrated when Drew dumps his girlfriend in the house Diane for his male ally. For the first time, an alliance of women (Nakomis and Karen) with gay male Will is formed, mostly out of necessity to counter the male alliance, but is completely sidetracked when evicting the female twin pair of Adria and Natalie becomes the priority. Whichever group was to blame for the breakdown, it resulted in allowing the men to get to the final two.

Season Six: A complete switch, wherein a large alliance dominated by women (and one gay man) controls the game for most of the season. The strongest competitor, Janelle, aligns with the men and is target number one of the "Friendship." The audience appears to detest the women's alliance.

Season Seven: For the second time two women are put up the first week. (To date, no two men have been nominated together the first week. In Season Eight, again two women were put up the first week.) Arguably the strongest female players, Danielle and Janelle do not team up and instead are rivals. In Janelle's case she is pitted against Danielle and later Erika by chief "bros before hos" team of Will and Mike. Mike, similarly isolates Erika by sucessfully preventing her from aligning with the other strong women.

Season Eight: Kail starts the process all over again by consciously chosing to align with "three strong men." The female pairing of Kail and Jen are repeatedly targeted until they are removed. The (arguably) weak female pairing of Amber/Jameka are the next targets. Weaker female player Jessica (at this writing) is next in line to be picked off. Again, a strong female player, Daniele choses to align with men (her father, Dick and Zach) over women.

And it's not about tearing down men and targeting them, but women supporting strong women.

(I know, more psycho-babble from the Cliffster.)

Hoping for that long-promised but never-realized rise of the sisterhood.


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Happy Live Show Day

Good morning, Big Brother Lovers! As I write this, at 5:05am BBT, (and still now @6:11am BBT,) Eric and Jessica are still up, flirting, smooching and plotting. If you're a JEric fan, I recommend sparking up the feeds, as it could well be your last chance to seem them in action together. With the 2 week free trial from real, ya really can't go wrong here, folks.

Live Double Eviction tonight. Yowza. BB on speed. Days like this just make me nervous. For all of 'em! Who will stay and who will go?!

For those of you who would like to see the Janelle Interview again (or for the first time), I added the links to the bottom of the 30 Minute Warning post.

For Mike Fans, he re-listed the phone call and added some other stuff! Here's the link: Bid & Win the Chat with Mike!!

For Nick Fans, he's got more cool goodies up now too, and all autographed - a shirt, his shirts and his Welcome Key - talk about a collectible!
Click Here to Bid & Win Nick's Stuff!

For everyone else, I present this brand new chop, created by RebelGurl by request of bb8dish, in honor of this most auspicious day:

The Overnight Report will be going up between 9-10am BBT. And there'll be a special treat before that too... Just a little something to make you go hmmmm...

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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Big Brother Double Eviction Thursday Primer

Thursday's the big day, kids. The moment everyone's been waiting for all season... Double Eviction Thursday... unless you're the HG on the wrong end of the double eviction, that is!

Thursday, we will go from Final 6 to Final 4 in 1 show. That's what we've been promised. Intense doesn't even begin to describe it.

How exactly will it work? To be honest, we don't know. We could speculate, since we do know how it's worked in season's past, but that could well mean nothing this season, so what would be the point?

All we do know is this: It's crunch time. Tomorrow night, 2 will go. Who are you hoping to say goodbye to in the 2nd elimination of the evening?

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30 Minute Warning till the Janelle Chat

The Live Chat with Janelle begins at 9pm Eastern! This is an exclusive chat for subscribers to the live feeds only. It can be viewed on feed #4.

Get Janelle & the live feeds for the rest of the season... She's already in the studio - pictured to the right.

Janelle Chat

Spark up the feeds and get to #4.

For beautiful screen shots from the Janelle Chat, please check out our screencaps site: bb8dishcaps. DDugo just posted some beauties!

**Added Thursday morning: To watch the Janelle interview again, bb8dish recommends the following 2 youtubers: Quirkydude and Romie1218. You've seen their work here on bb8dish MANY times, and both have posted the entire interview. Give em a click!

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Eric & Jess Hash it Out

Around 3:55pm BBT, Eric approached Jess, asking her if there was anything more he'd like her to say on her behalf to Dick and Dani. Jess, feeling more confident today, said no, she didn't think it was necessary. She then back-stepped and asked Eric if he thought it was necessary, and he said no as well... that Dick hates Jameka and spent most of the day bashing her, so he feels Jess is safe.

Oh boy.

Eric also does a mea culpa about the relationship talk last night... One he definitely does not owe.

They move on to talking about the upcoming HoH, and how it will be the first time Jess and Daniele compete against each other in over a month. Eric feels Jess has the upper hand and is more likely to win against Daniele or anyone else.

4:05pm BBT
Eric & Jess
Eric: You know one of us is going to win tomorrow.
Jess: Yeah, me too.
Jess: Now that I think about it, I'm still fine with getting rid of Daniele next week.
Eric: I agree.

Jess: How is he still here? How is he HoH?
Eric: I don't know.
Jess: Would you feel worse if he had won a questions HoH against you?
Eric: Yes!

They talk about how they wont even give Zach more than 5 minutes to state his case...

This conversation is ongoing. I recommend you spark em up! ;)

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Mike's On EBay - Phone Call Auction & More

REVISED 9/6/07

The Phone Call with Mike has been re-listed!! You can win a chat with BB8s Mike Dutz.. . or a hat he wore on the show, or an autographed pic! :) To prove authenticity, a pic will be provided to the winner with Mike holding the items.

Bid & Win the Chat with Mike!!

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Nick On Ebay

Nick has recently added 3 more items to his ebay sales, and serious Big Brother fans are gonna flip about one of the items.

In addition to a shirt and some shorts... drumroll please....

Nick is auctioning off his Big Brother 8 Welcome Key.

    Nick: This is the key that I got to go into the (big brother) house ... It was the one I got on the end of my fishing pole :D This will be autographed in silver being that it is a mostly black and some white key with my name on it :D

Talk about a collectible!

All of the items are autographed.

Here's the link: Click Here to Bid on Nick's Stuff

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Interview #6 with Jessica's Mom, Part 2

With apologies for the delay in posting this, here is part 2 of the 6th interview with Jessica's mother, Marie. The questions were posed the day following Dick and Daniele's coming up with the master plan (to evict Jessica). While the plan has stayed the same, Jessica's knowledge of it was altered yesterday when Dani slipped up and spilled the beans, and that is not reflected in the questions of this interview.

As with all interviews (and other posts) on BB8Dish, we respectfully request they not be copied, pasted and reposted elsewhere without express written permission.

Here it is:

bb8dish: Just yesterday afternoon, Jameka told Jessica she thought Dick was up to something fishy. Jessica let that simmer a while, and then decided she believed it. Eric convinced her not to... For her own sake, I'm really hoping she doesn't let it drop, cause if she does, it may be her end. Often this week, she's been relying on Eric to do her talking for her... What do you think the odds are that she'll put a stop to this and remember she came into the house on her own?
    JMom: I think Jess is acting the way she feels is in her best interests right now, and I don’t think her actions will change. With all the information we have (that she doesn’t have), of course I wish Jessica would listen to her instincts more, and not rely so much on Eric’s opinion.

    On the other hand, I can totally understand why Jessica is not campaigning vigorously to save herself this time on the block:

      1. Jessica feels that she and Eric have saved Dick or Danielle on two occasions since their alliance and believes they will reciprocate.
      2. Another reason for Jessica not to visibly campaign against Jameka is that she has built a true friendship with Jameka throughout the game and will need her vote should Jessica make it to the final two.

    I wish Jessica would remind Dick and Danielle that if she is evicted after making it to the final four IN THEIR ALLIANCE, she will be a much needed ally for them in the jury house if one of the Donato’s are in the final two.

    I heard Eric tell Jess that if Dick & Dani do honor the alliance as expected, they should as well, and will all work to evict Zach next week. It is still my hope to see Dick, Dani, Eric, and Jess as the final 4. Wouldn’t that make a great show?!
bb8dish: What is your fondest wish for Jessica in the next 2 and a half days?
    JMom: I would like to see Jessica get more involved with Dick & Dani to remind them why they agreed to go to the final 4 together. I would also wish her to have fun with all the houseguests for the rest of her time in the house, so she is not just worried and stressed about the upcoming vote(s).
bb8dish: OK.. 3 minute uncensored phone call - Whaddya say now, Mom?
    JMom: Talk to Dick & Dani and hold them accountable/responsible for the alliance they agreed to. Remind them of the deal they made, and tell them if they don’t honor the agreement, they will lose both her’s & Eric’s votes if they are able to make it to the final two. Enjoy your time in the house, remember this is a once in a lifetime opportunity you have been given, and you don’t want any regrets so give it your all.

    It’s every houseguest for them self, so do what you think is best for you. Build your personal relationships after the game is over, keep your head in the game for now. Stay rested for competitions, eat well, drink less, exercise to stay at your physical best, and most of all keep praying when times get tough.

bb8dish: Thanks so much for being so giving with your time, Marie. Expect the unexpected.

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Wakey Wakey Houseguests

UPDATED @ 12:45pm BBT
10:52am BBT
BB: Good morning, houseguests. It's time to get up for the day...

Music is not as requested. It's the Pixies' Monkey Gone Heaven. BB also played "I've Got Friends in Low Places."

And cut to... the ever lovin' blue swirly.

11:12am BBT
Dick, Dani and Zach are up and chatting outside on the couches. Zach's actually in the jacuzzi. Everyone else appears to still be asleep, for the moment. Dick's telling Dani how poorly he slept... and he's planning on going back to sleep sometime soon. Dani's gonna get her swim suit on, come back out and do some tanning.

11:57am BBT
Dani and Zach are discussing the upcoming HoH. Dani said she does not want to win, but she really hopes her dad does. Zach asks her if she'll throw it, if it comes down to her and her dad. Dani responds that she's never thrown a comp yet.

Jessica's up now too. She's inside, trying her best to get coherent.

12:43pm BBT
Jessica's just finished working out. She said it's been too long, and with the diary room asking questions like, "So who do you think's gained the most weight in the house this year?", she doesn't want to be that girl.

Dani's in the kitchen, making something to eat.

12:45 BBT
Jameka has arisen.
Eric's still passed out.
Dick has gone back to bed. He was up about once an hour last night... Deceit does not sit well with him.

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Hey BB - A Request From the Peanut Gallery

How about "Sistah's are Doin' it for Themselves" as the wake up song?

Perhaps this will wake up the nominees???

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The Overnight Report

10:18pm BBT
Dani: I feel really uncomfortable when I'm in the same room with Jameka.
Dick: I just don't like her.
Dani: Jameka asked Jessica if she thought Eric was going to vote to keep her.
Dick: Get out! She's an idiot.

10:52pm BBT
Zach in the HoH room, listening to music.
Dani's tidying up the kitchen.
Dick comes into the kitchen.

Dani: We are really hated... (whispering) I'm just thinking about what we should say to Eric when we evict Jessica. I think we need to tell him it was a last-minute decision.
Dick: Let's just tell him it's strategy.
Dani: I think he's catching on... because of my stupid slip-up today.
Dick: It's also because of... (Dick points up, indicating BB and/or the Diary Room People).
Dani: I know.
Dick: I hate that!

11:08pm BBT
Jameka & Jess

Jameka: We won't know until it's down to the wire. They will lie to you and tell you things that aren't true. I don't put any money into what Dick says...
Jess: I don't like the way Dick acts like it's all up to him.

They talk about the outburst Dick had with Zach right before the last HoH comp...

Jameka: (acting like she's had it) Whatever. If I stay, it's good. If I don't, it's good. I will pull for you two guys in the jury house.
    ***And herein lies the only sticky wicket to the plan...The jury always votes personally - not for the best player. The only way Dick or Dani can win with that jury house is if they both make it to the final 2.
Jameka: You're my girl. I owe you so much. I will do anything to make sure your votes are secure.
Jess: You may still be here.
Jameka: I want Eric to win next week more than anything. I honestly think he could win if he had to.
Jess: I do too.
Jameka: You know... if you're here, you absolutely have to win HoH next week. I want you to know I'm supporting you 100%.
Jess: I'm supporting you, too.

Jameka: I'm still very suspicious of what's going on. I really don't trust anything that Dick says. I can't do anything to you... I just wont.
    ***And because of it, if Jameka's being honest with Jessica now, there may be a last minute flip that sends Jameka out the door.
Jess: I don't want any crying. I want game faces on. If I leave, I want you and Eric to be strong!
Jameka: I'm so over the whole father-daughter thing. ED looks out for Dani, but I don't think Dani looks out for him. He used the veto on her, but she wouldn't have used it on him.

A few minutes pass...

Jess: If it's me and Eric in the end, there's no question?
Jameka: Oh yeah.
Jess: I think it'll be 6-1.
Jameka: Mm Hmm. You would have me, Dustin, Amber... It would come down to Jen.
Jess: If I have to lose to anyone, I would rather it be you or Eric.

11:36pm BBT
Eric, Dick & Dani

Eric's giving it the old college try... He's bashing Jameka to Dick and Dani, in hopes it'll make a difference. He's focusing in on how bitter she is, how she hates the 3 of them...

Eric: It's funny... The last 3 girls out have all tried to warn Jessica about me playing her, and me having a deal with the two of you, when what they don't know is that Jessica is in on it.

Eric: Jameka's planning on going to the jury house and working you over.

After a couple minutes more of this, Dick heads outside for a smoke. Eric continues solo with Dani.

Eric: It's definitely a new side of Jameka... Edgier. She has these little outbursts here and there... The Jameka you meet in this house... Would you expect her to have two or three tattoos?
Dani: A lot of the things she says don't line up with the way she acts.
    ***Dani's speaking about Jameka's religiosity
Dani: I'm not trying to rip on it... I'm just not about throwing religion in people's face... It just doesn't match up. Jameka, she talks about having sex with this guy, and getting drunk, and how she plans on dancing on the tables at the wrap party...


12:58am BBT
Jameka, Jess, Eric
Eric is out of the Diary Room. He tells Jameka and Jessica they will both be called soon... Jameka gets called in.

After brushing his teeth, Eric comes outside to Jessica.

Eric: How ya feelin'?
Jess: Good. I like spending time with Jameka. This may be our last night together. I Love Her.
Eric: I do, too... I did a nice goodbye message for her... so, if she goes, she'll have a good message.
Jess: IF?!?!
Eric: I mean When she goes...

Eric: I think she's actually angry that I'm not going to vote to keep her.
Jess: Really??

Jameka's done withher DR session. Jess gets called in.

Eric: Jameka, how much of my prize money do I have to give you to say "Yo mama's a bitch" to Dick?
Jameka: (laughs) I'll do that for free!
Eric: It's so strange... for the first time, collectively, our votes don't count this week. Mine in particular... It's really in their hands. (Dick & Dani's).

Eric reminisces about how things could have worked out, had Zach not won HoH... how Zach, for sure, would have been the one going home this week.

Jameka: I don't know. I don't think so.
Eric: They (Dick and Dani) are so far up his ass right now...

1:24am BBT
Jessica's done with her Diary Room session. She rejoins Eric and Jameka outside.

Eric: I'm in a great mood.

They chat and bash and chat and bash... Eric brags a bit about beating Zach in the PoV Comp (last week with the rats) by a fraction of a second....

Jess: Well, because of that, now Jameka and I are on the block.
Eric: Not entirely...
Jameka: Well 80%...

And we have a very long, very awkward silence...

3:46am BBT
Jess & Eric

Jess: You've got to win HoH this week, or they'll come after me.
    ***Jess, Jess, Jess...It's probably a non-point, but YOU've got to put the onus on yourself.
Eric waxes apologetically about his having lost some very strategically significant comps... and because of it, putting the Donatos in power... They begin talking about the final 4.

Eric: You're more excited about the money than I am...
Jess: I'm here to win!

While they cuddle, they bash Zach a bit...

Jess: I told Jameka, there is to be no crying if I walk out the door.
Eric: I hate all the emotions that come along with evicting someone I'm close to.

4am BBT
Jess & Eric (cont'd)
Jess: Are you mad that Zach won HoH before you did?
Eric: Well.. Will won season 2 without ever winning an HoH. But.. I do see myself winning one.. soon. How would you feel taking Zach to the Final 2?
Jess: I'd kill him in the Final 2! (pause) I'd kill you too!

Chatter, chatter, chatter...

Jess: It feels good to be one of the 2 youngest girls with the 3 oldest guys as the Final Five.
Eric: I can't believe the guys are in the majority again.
Jess: Cuz I took out a girl.
Eric: (paraphrasing) OK, well I took out Nick, Dustin & Amber. If we're still here in the Final Four... we've certainly done something right.

4:30am BBT - Dick's doing laundry
Eric & Jess are still talking.
Dick moves to the kitchen.
Dani's up for a moment... then back to bed.

5:00am BBT
Eric & Jess
Eric: You are the last person in the house to be nominated... That's awesome.
Jess: It would be awesome if I never had to get nominated at all... I have a lot on my mind... I might be leaving in 2 days for Mexico.
Eric: You would have more time than that... You'd have to do the Early Show and Housecalls...
    ***Mmmm.. Not this season.
Jess: What's HouseCalls?

Eric fills her in.

Jess asks Eric about what he said for his speech during the live show when he was nominated. He tells her. Then she starts kidding around about her plan to propose to him during the finale...

Jess: Maybe I should move that up to Thursday, huh?

At 5:30am, Jess and Eric are still up, and the conversation has moved into the very dangerous territory of recent exes.

Jess tells Eric that during her phone call with her brother, he told her that her ex said hi. Jess didn't give it much thought at the time, because Dean and her ex are still friends, but now she wonders if there was some sort of hidden message there. Eric dances around the subject of Jessica's ex for a few minutes, then he starts asking direct questions...

Eric: Do you miss your ex-boyfriend?
Jess: We were done before I came to the house... but we were really good friends before we started dating. We've been on and off since February, broke up somewhere around May... We're still friends. We were hanging out all the way up until the show started... Not every day... just off and on.
Eric: Could you see yourself with him again?
Jess: I hate on-off relationships. I don't think we could get back together... We were going to take a break for the summer, anyway... but we were definitely broken up before the show.
    ***Excuse Eric a moment while he tries to adjust the knife in his heart, so he doesn't bleed out.
Eric: Do you regret your time with me?
Jess: No. Do you regret your time with me?
Eric: I'm not sure.

The awkwardness continues for a bit, then around 6am BBT...

Jess: Could you see a double eviction this week?
Eric: No.
Jess: Why not?
Eric: I don't see it that way, but it could be.

25 minutes later, Eric kisses Jess on the top of her head, says goodnight and heads to his own bed.

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