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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Still Waiting for Godot

Well, it's not quite that bad, but Dick and Dani are both up and still waiting for the jury to quesiton them. They've had long naps. Dani's redone her hair.

8:15pm BBT
They're sleepy, sniffly, bored out of their minds, and playing cards in the living room.

Dani: We probably have to wait till 12 cuz it'll have to be after Showtime.
Dick: That's exactly what I was thinking.
Carolyn: Crap.
    ***It makes perfect sense. So... I think I may take a nap and wake myself up at around 1:30-2am their time, so I can cover it. See y'all later.
The riveting card game continues on the feeds.

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Dick and Dani Discuss the Potential Questions

5:25pm BBT

Just a few minutes ago, Dani was told by the DR that they were waiting for it to be dark, so they can film the jury having a pre-question discussion at night. Then, they'll move on to the questions for Dick and Daniele.

Dick and Daniele are now hypothesizing about what everyone's questions will be to them...

Dani: Watch, Jen's'll just be like, "What's my favorite movie? I'm gonna vote for the person who knows me the best. " Somebody's gonna have a completely ridiculous, off the wall question like that.
Dick: I can see it being Jen.
Dani: I wonder if tonight's (tomorrow) gonna be the montage looking back in the season, and then Tuesday's gonna be the jury session and the vote.
Dick: Probably. To make it seem like it's all one day.

6:20pm BBT
And... they're both napping again. lol. I'll letcha know when something happens.

7pm BBT
Shhh.. still napping.
It's so quiet in there, I keep checking to make sure my feeds haven't shut off.

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Curling up some Confidence
Dani Prepares for the Inquisition...
aka The Jury

Notice the Donato Unity Nails...

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Big Brother 8 Houseguests Playing Monopoly

A friend of ours just sent this to us on myspace. I loved it. Hope you do too.

Written & Directed by
Emmalee Hopper

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The America's Player Reveal

A lot of you have been asking when the America's Player twist will be revealed to the other houseguests, so I thought it best to post it here at the top of the blog. I've been listening to the Housecalls interview with Alison Grodner, and according to the woman in charge:
    "The AP reveal will happen after the vote, but before the winner is announced. Eric is very nervous about it, mostly because of his relationship with Jessica..."

Also, does Eric have to vote as we say?
    "Yes. If he were to not vote with America, he is breaking a 'contract with America' (and the production company), and will lose his stipend and his 40,000."

The interview is excellent. I strongly urge you all to give it a listen.

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Wanna Sleep with Nick?

Or Mike? Or Jen? Or Howie? Or James?

How about the whole cast of BB8?

Check out these Handmade Pillows!

BB Allstar Howie Gordon has some yummy new items up in his ongoing quest to help out his girlfriend's goddaughter, who was stricken with brain cancer earlier this year. 100% of the proceeds from these items go to her and her family.

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Quickie Poll

It's pretty safe to say this jury will very likely be the most bitter we've ever seen on Big Brother. All season long, they proclaimed their hatred for the Donatos, and now they have to fork it over.

For them, I believe it's definitely going to come down to a lesser of two evils vote. They may couch it in "I'm voting for the best strategic game player," but come on... Ultimately, I think they'll give the money to the Donato they hate the least.

Below are 2 polls. Please let us know who you think the jury will give the money to in the first poll, and how you think the vote will be split in the second. If you'd like to get specific - which jury member will vote how - please do so in the comments section here on the blog.

Try -
The Best Approach to Finding the Right Person for You.

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Happy Saturday Big Brother Lovers

As much as I was hoping for a D&D final 2, I gotta admit it, after the initial celebration period, which was great, I'm bored to pieces with the last couple days... There's no end of season drama with who will win, because it just doesn't matter, and both of them keep saying it. They won. Period. Ok.

Last night was one of those nights. Daniele couldn't even be bothered to get out of bed and come play a game with her father, so he played some alone, then went outside to give us all a rundown of just about all the players from all the seasons, and offer his opinion on each and every one... and compare them all to season 8. That's what I fell asleep to... the Dick at Night Show takes on every former BB HG.

As I write this, it's 4:18am BBT. Dick had a bit of sleep earlier, and while he did, Daniele got out of her bed. Now he's back up, sitting at the kitchen counter, and she's in bed again, playing with her split ends. Will the excitement never end?? ;)

Here's the good news: today is jury day. At some point today, the jury will be asking Dick and Daniele their questions, via satellite. The bad news - that's typically blacked out from the feeds. We do, however, usually get to hear all about it from the 2 remaining HGs after the fact - just like with most comps. I suspect the jury questions will spark some conversation and bonding between the Donatos after the fact, and likely before as well, in terms of preparation for it and aftershock.

I'm not sayin' there hasn't been any communication.. just that Daniele has had more than enough being cooped up in the house with her dad now. Given her age and how long they've been captive, I'm not really surprised.

The jury coming to break up the boredom will be good for them... and for us. I'm quite looking forward to hearing all about it from Dick and Dani, in terms of who was most outrageous, and how they handled the questions.

Until then, it's now 4:30am BBT, and the Dick at Night Show has moved back outside to the smokers lounge. "It's chilly" in L.A., says Dick. (I'm jealous.) He has his cigarette and heads back inside to the kitchen. Riveting.

4:47am BBT
Oh sweet lord! Daniele has gotten out of bed and deigned to have her father fix her some scrambled eggs! Let the jury discussion begin - I hope!

5:17am BBT
Mmm.. so far that's a big nope. Dani's talking about how the house smells like puppy breath, and how much she hates that. Hey, at least she's stopped playing keep away.

5:20am BBT
Breakfast of Champions... They both just had scrambled eggs and bacon, and Daniele is enjoying some ice cream for dessert. Ahh, to have the metabolism of a hummingbird.

5:24am BBT
Dani: Remember how weird Dustin used to get about vacuuming? How if anyone else did it, he would get all mad?
Dick: He didn't do anything otherwise though... There were so many people here who did nothing to help at all. Jessica for one. Kail! Eric was a real half ass... He was one that always would say about other people, and then do something once, and make a big deal about it.
Dani: (hiccup!)
Dick: How is your ice cream? Is your ice cream good?
Dani: Yup. Very good.
    ***Riveting, like I said, but I'm glad they're talking.
The two of them do some cleaning.

Dick: Boy, this is something I never thought I'd be doing. Cleanin the house with my daughter at 5 o clock in the morning.
Dani: 5:30.
Dick: (laughs) 5:30.
Dani: how about Eric cleaning all the windows with 409?
Dick: (laughs) There were so many stupid people here. How about everybody cleaning their asses off when there were a bunch of people here, and Jen was arranging the place by color, instead of helping clean?
Dani: I thought it was funny that when there were 6 people here, we all got it done so much faster than when there were 14.

More talk about cleaning.... Dick gives props to Mike for his non-stop cleaning.

Dick: He would clean, and he would also plot with Kail.
Dani: And then he went around and told everybody that if he became HoH, he would put people up based on their cleaning habits. That's why Jess and Eric wanted him gone. Seriously, Jess came to me and said, "How's that gonna help me?"

Dick goes on about how Jessica spent a whole lotta time sleeping... The talk moves into Eric and Jessica or maybe hooking her up with Vincent...

Dani: If Eric had a chance, that means there's definitely hope for Vincent.

Dani brings up her acronym for Eric - CEP (crazy eyed person).

Yada yada yada.. Like I said, I'm just glad they're talking... even if it's about other people. It beats the heck out of watching them in silence.

Dani moves from Zach to Amber and the advice she gave her regarding Nick. Amber told Dani to stop hanging out with Nick so much... she told Nick the same...

Dick: What's worse? Amber saying "I never give wrong advice," or nick actually taking her advice?
Dani: I actually listened to some of her advice early on.
Dick: You did?
Dani: I didn't know she was a mental patient!
Dick: There were so many, like, outpatients here. She needs some serious help. She's on all kinds of anti-depressants and stuff.
Dani: You know who used to go around telling people she was on all these meds? Dustin! What a great best friend!
Dick: How stupid was it of her to tell Eric this horribly personal thing of hers?

OK.. lots of talking, lots of laughing... all about the other HGs, but, like I said, it beats the heck out of silence.

Dick: I can't wait to tell Kail I applied for season 5 & 6 too.
Dani: They were just waiting to put you two in the house together.
Dick: (Big Laughs)

Dani: I wonder who we think made a bigger impression on the show than they actually did.
Dick: Joe.

Dani disagrees... They both agree Jameka and Mike probably didn't make a big dent. Dick asks Dani to play a game with him, and they have a bit of a tiff. She doesn't want to play Chinese Checkers. It's over quickly. They move back on to talking about the season gone by.

Dani: I wanna play Go to Sleep. If only I was Jessica. (pause) I have to say, one of the most annoying things was when Jessica and Dustin spent the whole day in bed, and kept yelling "Jameka!!!"

At 5:53am BBT, they're still up and chatting... Enjoy. :)

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Friday, September 14, 2007

Donatos Tribute Video

Please enjoy out this excellent Donatos tribute video, created by atorres11, with end credit given to our very own bb8dishcaps.

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Are we doing it again next summer?

Yes!! We're nowhere near done with bb8dish yet, but the page for next season is ready to go. Click on the banner below to get to bb9dish, then save it to your favorites. ;) If they build it, we will come!

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Final 2 Celebration Clips

This clip from scootie668 captures Dick and Dani immediately following the live show.

Dick: From where we started, not talking to each other for 2 years, to being the best team that this f'ing game has ever seen.. Killing ourselves physically for eachother.. Seriously!
Dani: I know... oh my gosh.. this is too much.
Dick: And you're right, the money totally hasn't sunk in yet. $550,000!
Here's the clip:

Celebration Dinner
Captured by bbfanz

Part 2...
Dick: So who do you think's gonna win?
Dani: Zach.
Dick: Doesn't matter. I think you'll win. Do you really think I'll win?
Dani: Yeah.
Dick: I told you, I think you're the gooder of the bad.
Dani: Yeah but they don't like me.. any of them in there.
Dick: But there gonna look and see what a competitor you are...
Dani: I don't care. Doesn't matter to me. Quite frankly.
Dick: We won.

Sushi Celebration, Part 2
This summer! These People! This House... This Game

Here's a clip from 8:30pm BBT, Dick talking to camera during the west coast broadcast of the show. The following clip was captured by Quirkydude.

Dick: If you're watching this now, you already know we won... And does it even matter who wins from here? F no. Who cares. Me and my daughter just won 550 thousand dollars. We did something else that nobody else could do, no other pair in this game.. 110 pounds of will and desire, that girl.. I'm glad she was my partner. I'da never picked anyone else.

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Quickie Poll

OK, I'm back. SO... who are we all voting for Eric to push for in the jury house? In case you're not aware, and I hope everyone it, the polls are open at CBS, so go vote!!

Click on this: ->>VOTE!!

And then use the poll below to let us know how ya voted.

I've got some serious catching up to do, and I'll be posting a bunch of videos in the morning for you... In the meantime, please enjoy these screencaps captured just after the Donatos brought it home tonight.

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Big Brother Live Show Spoilers

Good Evening Big Brother Lovers!!

Apologies for the banner up top... I was so excited when it happened - I completely forgot about the time difference, and posted it immediately... I had made up 3 possible banners this morning before I left for Rosh HaShana... thereby making the whole spoiler post a moot point.

Funny, since I left my family dinner for 90 minutes to do the whole thing.. on my aunt's mac (on safari... which stinks for blogger, btw) and then i blew it by putting up the banner. OOPS!

For tonight's Live Show Spoilers, please click: Live Show Spoiler Link. All of the spoilers will be hidden down there... until the show airs on the west coast.

Who will be the Final 2?? Who will be leaving the Big Brother House??

Here's that link again:


TONIGHT is America's "Campaign for _____"Vote!!
Who do you want Eric to Campaign for??

Click Here to Vote

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The bb8dish Interview with Eric's Brother Josh

Hey Dishers... One more little, well, BIG actually, treat for you before the showdown tonight. I was fortunate to speak with America's Player Eric's brother Josh several times over the past couple weeks, and he has MUCH to tell us.

Please sit back, relax and enjoy the read.

    ***When posting this elsewhere, please include a direct link back to the blog before the text portion. Thank you.

bb8dishCarolyn: Thanks so much for agreeing to do an interview with me. I really appreciate it. There's so much to ask you, and so many levels I could pursue this from (including America's political psyche, and the effect upon Eric), I'm not really sure where to begin... so, I'm going off the cuff, and I'll see where that leads me.
Eric's Brother Josh: Not a problem, thanks for having me. Sorry that with my schedule I couldn't get it done before he was evicted but what can you do?

bb8dishCarolyn: What an emotional roller coaster this summer must be for you and your family. The BB audience can be a bit on the fickle side... One minute, everyone's enchanted with the notion of being allowed to participate, the next everyone's calling for your brother's head on a platter (with the Nick eviction), and then Eric's able to win back favor in the most unlikely of circumstances - his complete desolation at Amber's hands (and mouth). For me, that was the turning point... I just sat there feeling horribly for him, and thinking, if he can get himself out of this mess, he is a tremendous player, and he has my support 100%. Then with his entire relationship with Jessica, he's on a steady upswing... How have you and your family been coping through all this? it can't have been easy…
Eric's Brother Josh:This entire summer has been a roller coaster. From the second BB came to visit and give him his key in the middle of a game of wiffle ball in central park, until he was evicted this past week at the end of the FF episode, it was a whirlwind. The season started out rough with the announcement of Eric as America's Player which - if you recall from BB's first visit to NYC to my apartment - we were not happy about. And the first week on the feeds had Eric on slop, grouchy, very out of sorts, butting heads with Joe and Dani - it was hard to watch. Fortunately, as we began to once again get used to the ebb and flow of the game (always takes me a little time each year) he also started to relax.

I think the first AP task with Kail helped him get his footing - when he did exactly what I hoped he'd do and made up a story to try and explain his altercation with Dani - it was the first time I sat back and said "ah, he's thinking, he's getting his head into it, and he's going to be okay". From that point through the formation of the LNC up until the banner plane it was a very good time with Eric helping evict threats to his game, gaining allies/making friends, and entertaining the house. Then came the plane, Dick and Dani back-dooring him, the Amber stuff, and the constant flipping back and forth of his friends as to whether or not to save him - that was brutal. Eric mentioned on the feeds that he lost 10 pounds that week - well I lost 6 and barely slept - it was horrible. After that it was another patch of fun and smooth sailing as the JEDD alliance formed. And then there was last week - but by then I was at peace with whatever happened.

Luckily our friends and family have served as a giant support network for eachother. There have been a lot of group viewings; people making sure nothing important or funny happened on the feeds without us knowing; help rallying support for AP votes that wouldn't hurt Eric; and so on. When Eric comes home he's going to find that his friends and family are closer than ever.

Carolyn: We heard what you said during your CBS interview with regard to Eric, his old girlfriend and Jessica.. Can you expand upon that a bit for the bb8dish readers? Clearly, as his brother, you know him best. Do you believe wholeheartedly that his intentions toward Jessica are sincere both within and outside the game? (I do.) What is it about his actions that lead you to believe as you do?
Josh: Eric swore up and down that he would never EVER get involved with someone during the show. While it is true that he entered the house single, the situation back home was always a complicated one and if it was going to end once and for all he didn't want it to be conveyed on the show, without being able to explain things. In addition, he was concerned (and rightfully so in retrospect) that getting involved with someone could hurt his game - both by distracting him and providing others with a way to hurt him. (Sadly, that is sort of what happened.)

However, pretty much as soon as Joe left, Eric began bonding with Jess and from there it developed as we all saw. Joking around became flirting, flirting became confiding in one another and aligning, and then it just kept on progressing. Having known Eric for 27+ years you just know how to read someone - he clearly cares for Jess, appreciated her friendship and that she provided him with an escape from the game, and really did want to protect her as best her could.

I think things moved as slowly as they did because both Eric and Jess had exes looming back home in unresolved situations; there were the cameras; and Eric knew Jess was afraid of being played by a man while on the show and, therefore, he tried as best he could not to move forward - especially because of the AP reveal looming at the finale. Eventually the bond was just too strong I guess. I happened to be watching the feeds when they shared their first kiss and I was shocked. What happens post show out of the house, when distance becomes an issue, and other people are back in their lives, who knows. I imagine no matter what they'll remain close friends for a long time.
Carolyn: Eric has described you and the rest of your family as serious reality tv fans. Can you please take a moment to critique your brother's performance this season? What did you feel were his strengths, and what were his weaknesses? What did you wish he did differently? What made you most proud?
Josh: I was very impressed that Eric came in with a plan and despite the AP twist he still executed it. He wanted to delay forming any alliance right off the bat (ala the MRA) and instead try to spend time with as many people as possible so he could keep his options open. Early on he wanted to be helpful around the house, be an ear to those who needed one, and help keep people entertained. Then he eventually wanted to form a large alliance, with a smaller alliance within that, and then have one person he could 99% trust. Amazingly, this is what he did. He took his time aligning and then was part of the LNC (7 people), then the LNCv.2 (5 people), then the JEDD alliance (4 people), and he, of course, had Jess as his core partner.

I also think he used his strengths to help cover up the AP tasks. For example, his willingness to do just about anything to entertain people was a good smokescreen to help hide the absurdity of some of his AP tasks (the Sunday night ones). When Eric was yelling catchphrases or imitating Dick it just seemed like Eric doing what he does - if Mike had to do it, people would have known something was up real fast. Similarly, Eric's ability to dissect any debate and argue every side allowed him to develop a reputation as someone who could analyze all sides of any decision - which helped him set up nominations and evictions.

His weaknesses are pretty clear. First, he couldn't win a competition - especially a physical one - when it mattered. He definitely threw some of the earlier ones (Eliminator being the clearest example) but when he needed to win HOH and/or POV during last 2 evictions he couldn't. Not sure if it was nerves/stress; fatigue; distraction - but it was a problem. Second, and I think this has been an issue for all of the HGs, when things were going well he got cocky. For example, during the LNC days he was happy to treat Zach as an outcast and that ended up nearly biting him in the ass the first time he was on the block, and did bite him in the ass when Zach wouldn't trust him and still harbored ill-will last week. Finally, I think he allowed the situation with Jess to distract him over the last week he was in the game. If he had been playing for himself when he had POV he might have back-doored Dani. I think he didn't do it though b/c he feared AP would make him vote to save Dani (making him out to be a liar to Jess) and then AP would target Jess to try and punish Eric. After AP forced him to give Jess the silent treatment I think he was always worried about AP forcing him to harm Jess again and his game suffered for it.

Overall though, he made the F5, was part of many of the major story arcs this summer, and "got the girl" & 40K in AP money plus his stipend - I'd say given that he did it all as AP I'd give him a solid A-.

Carolyn: The mere title, "America's Player" is such a heavy burden. Not only must he do America and Canada's bidding, or suffer their wrath, but he must also find a way to do this while still furthering himself in the game... When Eric was at his lowest points in the house, it dawned on me that he might very well be suffering from America's own political breakdown and general sense of just being fed up - that feeling we're just not represented by those who we've chosen (or not chosen) to represent us... What's your feeling on this?
Josh: Hmm...that's a heavy question and one I've never pondered. I do think that our society has become somewhat bitter and seems to greatly enjoying attacking and mocking the very things we simultaneously obsess over (the relationship between vote for the worst and American Idol immediately comes to mind). The internet has certainly provided fans a way to become much more involved in event tv, but it also allows cynics an avenue to attack a show's producers if they're unhappy about something - especially when there's an interactive element. And I think there was certainly some of that going on with the AP voting. In addition, there was certainly an element that just wanted to screw with Eric for their own amusement or because they simply didn't like Eric (he certainly was polarizing) - which is their perogative. Then you have to factor in people just trying to vote to help their own favorites (even if those weren't Eric's allies). All and all I think there were serious issues with the twist that I'd like to think would be re-worked if they ever tried this again. (Though I don't suspect they will.)

Carolyn: If you could have had a 3 minute uncensored conversation with Eric during his last week in the house (let's say right after Zach won the F6 HOH), what would you want to tell him?
Josh: First there would have been the pleasantries/pep-talk - "good work," "we're proud," "keep it up," etc. After that I would have told him that: Dani never got over the Nick eviction and has convinced herself it was his fault (even though Dick was a big proponent of it and Dani herself voted to evict him); that Jameka was talking serious crap about him to Jess in an effort to make herself Jess' top ally and he should privately call her out on it; that he needed to try to forge some relationship with Zach because though he appeared to be a floater (going from HOH to HOH to stay safe), he had a much stronger bond with Dick and Dani and that might be a problem so he should indicate he respects Zach's strategy (even if he doesn't) and try to make a deal with him even if he intends to break it down the road; and that while crossing Dick might hurt him in AP, crossing Dani might be easier than he thinks in the right situation. Finally, I'd tell him that while we all think Jess is great, he needs to remember that his main goal is winning 500K and not to lose focus -- continue to spend time with everyone all over the house and never assume you or your allies are safe.
Carolyn: Amber's anti semitic (and anti new york) comments caused a firestorm of negative publicity for CBS this summer. How did you (and your family) take it when she went off on her rant? Were you personally offended? How about Jameka's admonishment to her that she needed to stop, not because it was wrong, but because people could hear her on the internet.
Josh: Of course I was shocked and upset. I'm from NY and I'm Jewish, sure I'm not very religious, but it's still a part of who I am. I'm glad it got some serious mainstream press coverage (cnn, fox news, ny post, tmz, etc.) because it helps create awareness that this is still an issue in our country.

As for Jameka, especially having seen her conversation earlier in the season with Dick after he made the comment about starving children in Africa - I was surprised that she didn't tell Amber it was wrong for more fundamental reasons. She never came out and said the comments were offensive, just that it was bad to speak in generalities, especially over the internet. Jameka certainly looked bothered by the comments and I hope had it become an ongoing thing she might have spoken more strongly. But it's not something I hold against Jameka. Those were Amber's comments and I'm sure Jameka felt very uncomfortable hearing them.

I do hope BB prepares Amber, Eric, Jameka, and the others for this issue before giving the press access to them - because I can't imagine how out of left field this is going to seem to them - especially considering they'll all just want to relax and enjoy the end of the show.

Carolyn: Are you surprised by how much attention has been focused on Eric's being Jewish? Not negatively, like with Amber, but just in general.. that it's a constant source of conversation. (I am) As if he were a martian... something so different... (it reminds me of when i was in a summer theatre program in connecticut, and some girl actually felt my head for horns - so bizarre)
Josh: Sadly, my late grandfather told me a nearly identical story from when he served in the Army during WWII - I would have thought we'd be past that (especially at a CT theater camp). Those two or three weeks when Eric's being Jewish was a huge topic were very odd to me. Obviously growing up in various parts of NY State and having attended school on the east coast - it's something we give no thought to. So it's strange for me to see other people who live in the US but find being Jewish so novel. And Eric very well might be the least Jewish jewish person I know, so having him act as a spokesperson of sorts really amused my family. BTW, Happy New Year to those celebrating!

Carolyn: Prior to this week's events, how did you feel about Eric's decision to align with Dick and Daniele? From here, it looked like he was trying to give reality tv lovers a finale they can truly look foward to... with a completely deserving final 2.
Josh: I liked it. At the time they aligned I thought they were the 4 best players in the house and it would have been a great F4 if they could have pulled it off -- the girls were challenge champs, Eric was the brains, and Dick was the enforcer. Also, I think Eric finally decided to work with America - who clearly was supporting Dick - and embrace their wishes instead of trying to juggle the AP votes and his own agenda quite as much as he was trying earlier in the game. Rather than go against the AP vote and risk being punished or hurt by it, why not change gears, work with a strong tandem like Dick and Dani (he clearly got along very well with Dick earlier in the show), and know that America would likely have his back in the process (and help him earn some money). Also, the fact no one knew that they were together was very impressive. Of course, the ladies killed the alliance by both constantly doubting it. I still believe if Dani and Jess hadn't constantly worried about problems with the others, Eric and Dick would have honored the deal to F4. It's a shame it didn't happen because it would have made this last week much more entertaining as a viewer.

Carolyn: Backtracking a bit, how did you feel about Eric's alliance with "The Good People"? (blech-- it's no secret - dustin made me ill)
Josh: I'm assuming you're talking LNCv.2.0 - Eric/Jess/Jameka/Dustin/Amber. I thought it was his best option at the time. For various reasons I obviously have issues with Amber (the remarks, the constant crying, and especially her attempts to hurt Eric by spreading lies about his personal life to Jessica during her last week) - but I liked the others. I thought when she wasn't sobbing in prayer or joining in Amber's "good people" rants Jameka was very funny (her fight with Dick and one conversation she had with Eric and Jess during their last week about one of our friends at home are two of my favorite moments of the season); Jess was great with Eric; and right until he nominated himself for eviction I thought Dustin was a very good player - then, not so much. Plus, Dustin was very good to Eric - he was a huge source of compassion when Eric was having problems the first week in the house and then - even if it was for strategy - he did save Eric from being back-doored. I expect Eric will stay in touch with Jess, Jameka, and Dustin (among others, like Dick).

Carolyn: What key moments stand out for you as the defining moments in Eric's game? In the show as a whole?
Josh: For me and my friends the best moments were hearing Eric tell our favorite stories or talk to the other HGs about us - so nothing that anyone else would really appreciate as "big moments." Regarding the game, I think his successful navigating of the AP tasks repeatedly shook up the house and provided big moments - "mustardgate", the stray votes, aligning with Dick and Dani. And I liked that when he finally got to play in a POV comp he actually won.

But most likely his defining game moment for us was the night before his first possible eviction - a few of us went to see the Beastie Boys in Central Park that night pretty convinced he was done. However, as the night went on we kept getting text messages and e-mails that let us know he was going to fight and had convinced Dani to allow him to use her HOH room to talk to Jess, Jameka, and Dustin - and with each conversation he started out focused on preserving personal friendships and then slowly turned it back to game and his value to the LNCv.2.0 going forward. When I finally got home and started watching the feeds I was very impressed. The vast majority of the emotion demonstrated during that push was completely genuine, but the way he managed to mix the personal and strategic issues in a way that forced the others to go back and rethink their plan was well played. Plus it worked.

Carolyn: Often, when we watch reality shows, we being to feel like we know the people playing them... In talking with you, I have the rare opportunity to ask, who is Eric outside the house? What's an act? What's genuine?
Josh: I think the Eric you saw on the show was fairly accurate just with everything cranked up several notches. Eric is usually the "funny man, jokester, entertainer" and on many occasions has taken money from us to do extremely silly or outlandish stunts. Eric is also very bright and very analytical - sometimes to the point of driving himself nuts - though at the end of the day he is less pensive and more impulsive in real life than you saw in the house. Eric also has a very colorful over-the-top vocabulary - and I mean that in terms of large words, cursing, and insults. (And our entire group of friends prefers those types of out there insults and exclamations of anger as opposed to basic cursing - we've all said some pretty crazy stuff over the years and we look back and laugh about it.)

And, Eric often has a much more sensitive persona that only comes out when he has feelings for someone. Even Eric's DR persona is something we've seen before, it's his "putting on a show" face/voice that we often tease him about - it's as if all those years of performing on stage come rushing back and possess him and his eyebrows. The only thing that you didn't see in the house is that Eric is usually fairly athletic and good at physical competitions - that skill seemed to escape him in the house entirely. Oh, and though you couldn't tell - he has a great singing voice.

Carolyn: Eric never won an HoH. Most viewers believed this is intentional on his part, because he wouldn't be able to control his own nominations. And houseguests have also wondered if he threw competitions to avoid having the spotlight of HOH. What is your feeling on this? Was he intentionally throwing them?
Josh: I think for the first many weeks of the game he threw (or tried to throw) every HOH (never was it more obvious than in eliminator, where he tried to throw a question, got it right, cursed, then immediately buzzed in again before Julie asked the next question, and got himself tossed). A little further into the game he threw things until he was comfortable with who was left - or could ensure that either he or someone he trusted at the time would win (i.e., when he deliberately put the opposite answer of Dani in the post-Dustin eviction HOH to make sure amber didn't win). Clearly, he didn't want to have to step up and make nominations that could make him a target early on. Instead, as we all saw, he preferred to promote his agenda to everyone else so that others eventually believe it was also in their best interests and then collectively his large group would endorse a plan and he would still get his way (like with Joe and Nick's evictions).

Then, when he needed to win at the end, he just couldn't. Not sure if it was nerves/pressure, exhaustion, not having stepped into the gym in 2 months (he goes all the time at home), or a combination of everything. Knowing how competitive he is and how hard he can be on himself it was tough to watch (especially after the "fill the bowl" HOH comp) - we felt awful for him.
Carolyn: Can you also please address the incest comments Eric made re Dick and Dani... Game? Not Game? Just appealing to his alliance at the time (the LNC v 2.0)?
Josh: First off, let's be clear about something - go back and watch the footage, Amber was the first person to raise this concept, followed by Dustin, and then Eric - though Eric in his typical style cranked it up to a different level (and it started b/c of a comment Dick made that the others found a bit disturbing about young hot blondes). But in general, Eric's style of trash-talking is to make very over-dramatic statements. Remember, this came right on the heels of Dick and Dani trying to back-door him and failing.

That was by far the worst week for him in the house as D&D really tried to assassinate his character to his friends and he was livid. So rather than bang pots in their face or dump tea on them; or scream obscenities through closed doors; Eric makes up very over the top insulting comments which he intends to be so out there that while they convey his emotions, no one could possibly take seriously. (Clearly, he didn't want Jen - someone he was close with at times this summer - to actually be eaten by sharks.)

Of course, I can see why people would think it was inappropriate. But those of us who have known Eric most of his life hear so many ridiculous insults when he's angry that none of us take it remotely seriously and we know he doesn't mean it in a serious way either. I was honestly surprised that there was such a strong reaction to it - especially in light of some of the other comments and remarks that other HGs made that to me were much more personal or shocking.

Of course, it's hard to separate those who were legitimately concerned versus those who were just haters or D&D fans who were pissed because Eric and the others were attacking their favorites. Honestly, I don't think Dick's really going to care once he sees the tape. I mean look at Dick's performance on the carrot the other night towards Zach - it was the same if not much worse. Almost everyone on the season has said some nasty and mean-spirited things about other HGs and they're all going to have to write it off to being part of the emotions of the game or none of them will ever speak again. I think they'll all get past it.
bb8dish Carolyn: Thoughts on final 3?

Eric's Brother Josh: They all deserve to be there. Dani for being a challenge monster, having successfully used Nick and her dad as shields, and making the decision to oust Eric/Jess. Dick belongs in the F3 because for the very reason that he's still there. He was almost instantly identified as a loose cannon (albeit a savvy one) with aggressive tactics and a family member to rely on which made him a massive threat from day one - but he managed to survive. And Zach - well it seems he really was throwing everything at the beginning - if he beats Dick in the final round of the F3 HOH, that means he'll have won F6 HOH, F5 POV, F4 HOH, and F3 HOH which is insane - plus he'll have survived the break up of the MRA (the others left in weeks 3-5), and made it to the end with no close friends - very impressive.

Carolyn: How Eric would vote in the finale (if he controlled his own)?

Josh: If Eric had his own vote, I do believe he'd reward the best player. I think in his mind that would be Dick. However, a lot may depend on what the DVDs shown to the jury contain - if Zach is shown as being THAT good in challenges and he can argue at Q&A that he had a hand in breaking up Eric and Jess and Dick and Dani - he just might make a compelling case to win. It might just be closer than most people think.

What will amERICa do? I imagine if Dick's in the F2, he'll have the AP vote, and I think that makes sense.

Carolyn: Josh. Thank you so much for being so giving with your time... You give great interview!
Josh: Wow, seems I can ramble as much as my little brother. ;O) Thanks for having me. I should note some big fans of Eric's have established a new site for him that should be up and running now: - check it out if you're an Eric supporter. Now let's just all sit back and see how this season ends - should be exciting!


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Quickie Poll

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Happy Thursday BB Lovers

I say that as I sit here more than a little nervous and nauseous about the Live Show tonight and what it will bring. It all comes down to this. A few questions, the luck of the draw, and we'll have a final 2. Will it be Dick and Daniele, or will it be Dick and Zach? That's the only question that really matters. I really don't see another possible alternative, but as always, anything can happen, expect the unexpected and all that... Deep breaths.

Dick and Daniele were up all night chatting about the game, the houseguests, general Jedi training, and how Zach doesn't stand a chance. Daniele even came around to thinking it's best her dad does this comp... They went to bed just a few minutes ago, around 6am, which just adds to my nerves about the situation. How long and how late will BB let everyone sleep on a live show day?

Deep breaths... No matter who you're rooting for. Worrying about it wont help. What will be, will be. The great magic ping pong ball, and all that. ;)

No matter what happens tonight, this ending is a pretty sweet victory for anyone (and that's almost everyone) who wasn't rooting for "the (self-proclaimed) good people." Giving this jury the task of deciding between any of these 3 people to hand anywhere from 50-500k??? Now that's the icing on the cake!

We all have our favorites. Tonight they do battle. I wish them well.

For me personally, I want the fairytale ending. I want Daddy Dick to ride in there on his white horse tonight, and win this for his daughter. Not so much for her, but for him.

I also want to break the Janie curse. If Dick doesn't win, and Daniele is sent packing tonight, that'll make 3 seasons in a row with the top competitive female out at final 3.

Deep breaths.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Feeds are Back!

8:27pm BBT

Dick has won
Part 2 of the Final HoH Comp.

He will compete against Zach for Final HoH.

Dick: Hey Daniele. Why don't you come in the round room? That was a hard competition.

We see Zach sitting at the kitchen counter and hear a LOT of voices in the background. Could be wishful thinking, but I thought I heard the tell-tale sounds of hydraulics. Per the conversation, it was wishful thinking.. no car.


8:30pm BBT
Dani: I knew. I told...
Dick: Don't worry. I'm gonna do this for you. It's gonna be you n me in the final 2. I'm gonna do this, baby. Don't be too hard on yourself, please.

Woah. Dick won part 2?!? So much for the plan to throw it.

Dick: On top of it, we got gypped out of a car. What's up with that? I'm out there goin' no car? Whats up with that? They've had a car since season 3. Hey hon. Don't be too hard on yourself please.
Dani: ok...
Dick: If there's anyone in this house I'd rather go up against for questions, it's Zach. He's horrible. And this is where we go to the final 2. Have faith in me, ok?
Dani: I know.
Dick: I do know I'm not bad at these questions.
Dani: Just think em through...
Dick: I will.
Dani: And listen for key words, like "our little beds"
Dick: I know those people a lot better than he does... Spent more time with all of them than he did. I know them better than he does, by far.

Dick: We are gonna have a fairy tale ending, I'm telling you.

(Oh, Daddy... For your sake, I hope so.)

Dani's pretty mopey, but she's slowly coming around and being supportive. I expect much Jedi training in Dick's immediate future.

9:35pm BBT
Dick's just come out of the DR, Zach's roaming, and Dani's packing...

Tomorrow's live show will feature the 3rd and final part of the final HoH comp, as well as the final eviction.

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Quickie Poll

During the Howie and Kaysar chat, the other 3 feeds went immediately to blue swirly. Now the chat is about 60 minutes over, and we have Trivia on all feeds. Chances are excellent that the 2nd part of the Final HoH Comp is going on now.

We'll just have to wait and see a bit.

In the meantime, we know the likely outcome of part 2 is Daniele winning it, per Dick and Daniele's discussions earlier today. This will put Daniele up against Zach in the third part of the final HoH comp. Who do you believe is most likely to win in a question based competition between Daniele and Zach?

Please enter your answer below, and expand upon it in the comments section, if you choose.

Ahem... Scratch that!

Also, while we wait for the results of the 2nd part of the HoH Comp, please take a moment and check out our screencaps blog: bb8dishcaps. Nothing but gorgeous screenshots of the live feeds from all season long! Tons from last night too!

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Finally Something Pertinent

Kaysar n Howie.
are on
Set your feeds on 4!

5:30pm BBT
Dani's been sitting in the livingroom alone for a while, looking somewhere between stressed and bored out of her mind.

Dick enters.

Dick: We've been saying all along that the first comp was the only one he had a chance at. Don't worry. It's not something where you have to run. It's a thinking competition... questions. You'll win against Zach.
Dani: You seem happier since you came out of DR. Did you have a good talk with Rick?
Dick: Yeah. Oh, the jury questions will be Saturday, via satellite.
Dani: It sucks that Zach will get to play in the final comp.
Dick: We've done it all along. Just one more, one more.

Dani also mentions that she the DR folks are gonna tell them what to wear for today's comp, so I guess they will be having the 2nd part of the final HoH tonight. Hopefully while Howie and Kaysar are chatting. Wouldn't that be nice? No feed downtime?

5:45pm BBT
Dani: But he threw every competition.
Dick: Including the last one.. the one where he was tutoring Jameka for 2 days. That competition yesterday would have been nothing, nothing if Jameka was here.
Dani: I know!
Dick: Who do you think, uh..
Dani: What?
Dick: Who woulda won if we brought Eric & Jessica into the final four?
Dani: I think either me or Jessica woulda gone out first, but who knows how long he (Eric) woulda been able to hold on? Who knows?
Dick: I don't think he woulda been able to hang.
Dani: I honestly don't know.
Dick: What showed part of his constitution was the fishbowl comp when he gave up.

Dani: They said they'd tell us what to wear within the hour and it's almost 6 now. But back to Eric, he said, I knew I wasn't gonna win, so i just wanted something out of it...
Dick: You gotta win the car.
Dani: I hope so.

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Good Evening Big Brother Lovers

Sorry I've been such a slacker today. I'm just completely thrashed from last night.. and there's not a whole lot goin' on in the house. If there was, ya know I'd be all over it.

With regard to Dick's little rant earlier, he was railing at production for not giving a hoot that Jameka got completely screwed in the ball comp, when they have literally hundreds of cameras to reference everything with... and they could have spent some time to make sure everything was kosher before moving ahead.

We're still waiting to see if the 2nd part of the HoH comp will be today at all. Rumors are flying to the contrary. Time will tell.

In the meantime, we've got Kaysar & Howie on Feed 4 at 9pm eastern, and another funny clip I found... created by TheRealDeal2006.

Dick Gets His Groove On

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Wake Up, Houseguests

BB let the houseguests have a good sleep in today, until just a moment ago. It's now 2:05pm BBT, and all are awake. Daniele for the first time. Both Dick and Zach have been up and down for a while now.

Dick and Daniele will be going head to head in the 2nd round of the final HoH comp sometime today. Their plan, discussed earlier, is for Daniele to win it, but he'd like her to give a good show of really making an effort. All of the HGs are convinced that this round will come with a car as a side prize, per earlier years.

The camaraderie that was evident early this morning when the comp ended has come to a halt. No open hostilities are being fired, but shared between Dick and Dani.

In a completely unrelated subject and in hopes of lightening the mood a bit, please enjoy this clip I just found, edited by the talented "hellataz," and featuring the dance moves of Dick Donato in the 1st leg of the final HoH comp.

by hellataz

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Kaysar & Howie Chat on Real Tonight

Just a reminder!! You don't want to miss the live chat with Kaysar and Howie tonight at 9pm Eastern/8pm Central/6pm Pacific on the live feeds. The chat will be on Feed #4. If you've got a question for Kaysar or Howie, please email it to:

For those interested, I recommend only having feed 4 open, and not the quad, so you'll be able to hear it well.

Also, while it's true that the tv broadcasts of BB are soon coming to an end, cool stuff will be happening on the the live feeds for quite some time after.
  1. Every Wednesday in September is live chat/interview night with faves and winners from Big Brother.
  2. Exclusive coverage of the finale.
  3. Beginning shortly after the finale on the 18th, Big Brother 8 will be re-run on all four feeds, from the start of the show.
  4. Plus all the movies, music, programming and games real has to offer... It's not all about BB, after all. ;) Didja know you get 10 free song downloads and a game every month?
Just a little fyi... I know some of you/us will be doing some serious jonesing come the finale, and, well.. there's just no need for that. :)

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Dick Asks DR for a Doctor

UPDATED @ 12:50am BBT
According to our wonderful friend and bb8dishcaps goddess, DDugo, Dick may have asked for a Doctor a few minutes ago... Could been sleep talking, though. Frankly, I can't really confirm. I was trying to sleep at the time, and DD woke me up to tell me. Here's what she heard:

Dick: ...Doctor.
BB: (no response)
Dick: (Rolls over to sleep more)

10:47am BBT
All HGs still passed out.
I'm jealous.

11:25am BBT
Dick's up. From the way he's moving, it's quite clear he's in heaps of pain. He's also sneezing and sniffling.

Zach was up for a moment, but is now back in bed.

A few minutes later, after a bit of breakfast, Dick goes back to bed too, amidst a chorus of owowowowowwwws.. and as of noon bbt, he's "still f'in cold."

12:50pm BBT
Dick's up again. He gave up on sleeping a little while ago, because of all the noise from production that he can hear from his room. Needless to say, he wasn't pleased about it. He's now reclining in bed, playing solitaire.

Zach is up and having a nice long shower.

Daniele is still sleeping.

Dick is giving a rundown of his ailments... "Oh my knee, Oh my shoulder, Oh my back, oh my infected eye..."

1:47pm BBT
Zach's still up. Dick's back down. Dani's still out cold.

1:50pm BBT
Scratch that. Zach just crawled back into bed.
Not 30 seconds later, the feeds went to Blue Swirly... Wake up call?

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Good Morning... Ouch

For those of you who would like to see the final moments, here's the end of part one of the HoH Comp, captured by Quirkydude:

A Closer Look at Dick's Final Moments
Captured by Codinome

I'd recap these to give you the conversations, but I am seriously in pain. I can't even imagine how the guys are gonna feel when they wake up. Lord, give them all strength.

Immediately following the comp, while the guys got into warm clothing.. as much as they had the energy to put on their bodies, Dani fixed them both tea, hot soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. All of the competitors were very sporting to eachother.

This comp should have been named "Who can get hypothermia the fastest?"

In the following clip, captured by TheRealDeal2006, we see the extent of Zach's exhaustion. He doesn't speak until 2 minutes into the clip (FYI), but the timbre of his voice when he does, speaks volumes.

I wish there were more good videos of Zach to put up, but there just aren't.

Another immediately following the comp - Dick breaks down and Dani comes to console him. Wait for it... till about 2 minutes in. Captured by TheRealDeal2006:

Here's Dick & Dani around 3:20am BBT. Dani's reassuring Dick of how well he did in the comp. Dick is a hurtin' puppy.

4:29am BBT
Dick asks for a Hug and a Kiss.
Dani's been hugging and extremely supportive this evening,
but she's not ready to break down the last walls...
Give her time.
Captured by Codinome

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

ENDURANCE COMP on the Live Feeds!


As soon as the feeds go live with the continuation of the Endurance Comp, we'll be here posting and letting you know what happens... Plus... Pics we capture, Clips we find, All the good Stuff...

It's gonna be a long night! And we suspect a very fun one!

While we wait, here's how the 3 part final HoH works:
  1. This winner of part one advances automatically to round 3.
  2. The other two HGs battle it out in round 2.
  3. The winner of part one and the winner of part two compete in the 3rd part, and the winner of the 3rd part becomes the Final HoH, guaranteeing his or her place in the Final 2, and having the power to select who will sit next to him/her in the final 2.
7:20pm BBT Still waiting! Grrrrrr...
7:25pm BBT See above.
7:33pm BBT FEEDS ARE BACK!!!! Only Dani and Zach are visible thus far...
7:34 pm Dick's still in it. Control room psych out. B-stards.

Ladies and Gentlemen... We have the Final Endurance Comp. Thankfully, the rain has stopped falling for now.

Perhaps for a while, as no one appears to be dripping wet.

7:38pm More Rain. :( Dani's visibly distressed.
7:39pm Rain's gone.

Jeez I wish they'd include Dick in the quad shot. i have a bad feeling about this...

7:43 pm BBT Dick was just encouraging Daniele. Typically no one does that unless they're out, and they're still just showing Dani and Zach...

7:45pm BACK! And Dick is in the shot and still in the game.

OK.. he was just being Dad.

7:50pm BBT All hanging in there...

Looking at their jumping styles, Dani and Zach would seem to have the lightest step, where Dick is a bit heavier of foot....

This could make a very big difference in a couple of hours when the knees start to give in to the pressure.

Dani is really suffering each time it rains.

8pm BBT The HGs are now just over one hour into the comp... It's a tough one... Dick's begun to silently rock out with himself... While Dani and Zach are both wearing gloves to hold their keys, Dick is bare handed and barefoot, and he keeps adjusting for his hurt shoulder...

8:20pm BBT More more more rain... Dani's holding her nose... Dick's encouraging her, "You're doing great, Daniele." She's silent. Zach is as well.

8:25pm BBT Perv cam is on full alert. He keeps panning Dani's wet body. Cretin.

8:33pm BBT Rain's coming down again, and Dani is making little moaning noises and shivering uncontrollably...

Sorry the caps are a bit on the blurry side. Between the rain and the incredible amount of people on the feeds tonight, there's not much I can do about it.

8:36pm BBT
Dick: Will and determination. Here it comes again, honey.
More rain.
Dick: Bring it. This ain't sh-t.

Dani sounds like she's crying...

Dani: I'm so coooolllddd!

She is freezing.

Dick: Go into that place you were in during the bat hang. Go into your zone.

Dani moans...

8:42pm BBT The rain has subsided and so have the moans and what sounded like tears...

8:44pm BBT - FEEDS TO TRIVIA - Did someone's hand slip?

8:45pm BBT - Feeds are back. Everyone's still in it. Looks like BB decided to add some dirt into the mix. Everyone's socks, backs and tushies are covered in it.

8:55pm BBT - Rain is back. Dani is shivering terribly. Dick is instructing her to watch her back foot... 2 minutes later, the rain has stopped...

8:57pm BBT
Dick tries to upset Zach's game.
Dick: I'm gonna dedicate this to Sweets, the chick Zach obsesses over so much, she probably has a restraining order. (CUT FEEDS) The obsessive behavior has required her (CUT FEEDS) That was a good one. You've gottem all piled up there, brother: pervert, racist, Sweets, this one's for you. That's your boy, Zach! He's the one been obsessin' over you.

9pm BBT
Dick: Wait till you see the DRs with everyone talking about how small your dick is... Even Jameka.. She said she'd seen babies penises bigger than yours. Come on Zach, you got nothin to say? Come on, you were so happy a minute ago.. You're inspirational to every sex offender in the country. You're quite a guy. Why in the hell would you say you wanted to munch Jessica's panties? Every single girl in here wanted you out the 2nd week, cuz you're a perv. Except Jen.. Jen woulda been down for you chewing her unitard... Come on Zach. Speak up, mother f'er. you got something to say. I know you do. You've inspired thousands of... Didn't you tell Jessica when you were in the Bunny suit, "you just gave me a hard on" She told everyone dude... Why would you say, you wanna own a midget, Why would you say, etc., etc...

CUT FEEDS (thank goodness)

Dick: You rule, mother f'er. Come on, say it. Whose panties did you get caught with in your bed here? We know the whole story. Was it Carols? Panty munchers in rabbit suits. There's a new group on myspace. C'mon Zach, say something, mother f'er... There ain't no escaping what you said, mother (you know), C'mon panty muncher.. even your best friend in the house, Nick, was calling you that. Why did you say those racist comments Zach? Huh? C'mon Sweets! This is your boy right here.. the panty muncher...

CUT FEEDS (carpal tunnel pity?)
9:09pm BBT
Dick: Were those Sweets' booty shorts you brought in here? Why would you bring womens booty shorts into the BB house? Hoping to get one of the girls to wear them? Or were you hoping Sweets would be here? Why was it she dumped you?


9:12pm BBT
Dick: Cmon bitch. You are my bitch. You got nothin to say, cuz there is no rebuttal, cuz it's all true. What is a come back for a racist statement like that? "Thanks, Eric, that's mighty white of you!" Did you ever tell Jameka you said that? Wanna explain what that's very white of you means? What does it mean? Tell me! Now, for every little person in America, Canada and PR, please explain, you said "I would like to buy one of those. I would like to own one." Now, lets go back to the panty munching comment. You said, "I would like to munch Jessica's panties." Why would you say that about a 21 year old girl from Kansas? You perv. Cmon. You dedicated this to Sweets. Did you also dedicate your panty munching and your racist comments to her? You're so quiet. I'm not gonna be... Everybody on the internet is gonna hear this all night long.

(oh great - you get the gist, right?)

9:18pm BBT
Dick: (See above. Lather, Rinse, Repeat.)

9:30pm BBT
Dick: Cmon pant muncher. Speak up, bitch. I can't hear you. Tell Sweets how much you love her/miss her. Tell Sweets you were thinking of her when you said you wanted to munch on Jessica's soiled panties... That was the exact phrase wasn't it? Oooooh! Sweeeeets! That's your Zachary! Doncha want him back? Cmon Sweets! That's a real man for ya. Ya baby!

It's raining again. And the rant continues. Dani seems to be surviving this rain a bit better with her dad's rant to focus on... No, wait, there's the moaning... just a little though.

Dick: All that's gonna be aired all night long is me talking about you. Cmon eraser dick. Say something. Any more racist sh-t to say?

More moaning and shivering from Dani as the rain continues and strengthens... The water is absolutely pouring down on Daniele.


Daniele is out of the game.

Dick and Zach continue.

9:41pm BBT
Dick: It's ok, honey. It's mine. That was a load of bullsh-t.

Dani's in tears. I believe she hurt herself when she fell off, but I think the tears are more emotional... She's moved into the bathroom.. in the shower and the tears are coming full force. (Turn on the hot water, honey.) Outside, Dick has stopped ranting for a moment.

And now he's started again.
Zach: Ahh.. I'm lovin it dude. You're such a f'in waste of a human being.
Dick: Me? All night long, mother-f'er. DO the teeth Zach.

Zach laughs maniacally. Dani's still in the bathroom crying.

9:48pm BBT
Dani's out of the shower, still shivering, looking for something warm to wear.

Zach and Dick are going at it. Zach, primarily, is laughing at Dick.

Zach: That's all ya got?
Dick: Say something. You haven't said a word.
Zach: I don't need to.
Dick: (back to sweets)

Dick: Hey Mike, You gonna warn us if the rabbit starts moving again?
Mike:(off camera) Hey guys, it's Mike. We're workin' on a problem here. The competition is still continuing.


The feeds cut back on a couple times for a sec, and both guys are still on.

Dani's drinking something hot inside...
VOICE: Hey Daniele, Could you go...


OK.. now that I have a few minutes to breathe, lemme refresh my youtube subscriptions and see what they've got up in the way of Dani's fall...

Here's a clip of Dani falling off, complete with time code, captured by xx2000xx:

Coffee & Almonds break for me. :)

Feeds are back. Dani's outside, under a blanket, watching. Dick's just informed everyone he's going to relieve himself. Thankfully the water came on. Dani's apologizing to "Mika" for breaking his game...

It's raining down on Zach and Dick, and Zach seems to be doing a bit of a rain dance... Dick too.

Perhaps they've been told to?

No rabbit anymore... The HGs have now been told they need to pick one arm and stick with it. NO more changing.
Dick has resumed his verbal assault on Zach. Zach isn't bothered.

MIKE: Hey guys, this is Mike, yo...

CUT FEEDS for a sec. Back and both Dick and Zach are doing a manly man scream fest... and cut again.

Here's a clip from right before the feeds cut out:

Here's the quad view, captured by BBfanz:

While we're waiting for the feeds to come back, please go and have a look at our screencaps blog! DDugo has been working overtime tonight and her shots are GORGEOUS!! Here's the link: bb8dishcaps. Enjoy. :) And show the woman some love!

11:04am BBT Feeds are Back! Both Dick & Zach are still going. The rain is coming down, and now Zach seems to be the one shivering.

Both Dick & Zach are jogging in place.

No taunting for the moment.

There's a definite disparity in the water spray at the moment...

Dick's getting a deluge (pic above), and Zach's is falling a foot or so away(pic to the right) from where he's actually standing.

11:15pm BBT
As tiresome as the rant was getting for me, I'd prefer it to the silence now.

Dick seems to be focusing for a bit...

Dani supports...

Dani: You're doing a good job.

11:20pm BBT

Rain goes off for like a minute, then back on. Zach is steadily jogging in place. Dick is occasionally picking his legs up...

Dani just put her head down... Tired? Or can she feel her dad slipping away?

We are about 4:30 into this comp.

Dick's hand has begun to shake horribly. You can see his key quivering. The rain has been coming down for several minutes now... He and Dani just made some eye contact. I'm really wishing she would be more verbally supportive right now... and almost right on cue...

11:31pm BBT
Dani: You're doing great! Keep it up. Remember, when one of us can't come through, the other one always does. You've got it. You've got it. Rock steady. Zach's got a new choreographed dance over there. He's moved on from the qtip...

11:33pm BBT
Dani goes inside to use the restroom...

Dick seems to be alternating between realizing his limitations and fighting the mental battle...

Dani: You know Vincent's watching you right now.
Dick: I know.
Dani: And you know he's extremely proud of you.
Dick: (strained) Right here, Vince. Aint goin' nowhere.

11:38pm BBT The rain finally turns off.
Dick: God, I can barely see.


Zach's looking fierce and strong and completely unaffected by the comp.

11:49pm BBT
Dick's getting a 2nd wind. Chatting a bit with Dani... Telling Zach he'll harass him some more later. (lol)

Honestly, I'm impressed with all of them at this point, as we approach the 5th hour of this competition. Come on Dani... more love and support.. out loud.

11:58pm BBT
Dick is not lookin' good. C'mon Dani... get verbal. Help him. Dick gets a new burst of energy and resumes his jog. Zach is steady. (Carolyn is fading)
12:04am BBT
Dani: Are you ok? You've been up there more than 5 hours!

Dick's in so much pain, I can see his shoulder flaring in protest from here.

Dick: Where's Julie Chen now? She's probably in bed, isn't she?
Dani: Probably. She doesn't even know who we are. What does she care anyway?
Dick: I'm gonna drown before anything.
Dani: (giggles)

The water is still pouring down on Dick and being rather kind to Zach.

Dick: F you!
...said to no one in particular as he continues jogging and burping a bit to remind us all who he is. ;)

12:16am BBT
Still goin... Energizer f'in bunnies. The rain went off for a minute, then back on. Dani thinks they've changed the consistency of it. Dick is hurting something fierce.

Dick starts up jogging in the rain again, and Dani heads inside to the kitchen for a moment, perhaps confident in Dick since his energy has returned.

Zach has slowed his jog pace, but remains consistent, and he has not reached out to rub his shoulder at all, although he's gotta be feeling it... being human and all...

Dani's back outside and offering support, kinda...
Dani: Careful. Not too far back. Careful! (& in an undertone) What are you doing?
    ***Dani, you gotta step it up. Your dad would be cheering you on non-stop in the same situation. Come on, girl.

Dick lets out a series of burps... No farts thus far this evening though... interesting.

Here we go... Dick's looking at Dani in defeat.

Dani: Yes you can. You can. You can.

Dick resumes his jog.

: Careful... Careful!

Meanwhile, Zach's joggin' along, just like the treadmill, only wetter.

Dani: (whispering) Yes, you can. You can. Say hi to Vincent!
Dick: Hey Vincent. (and he makes a peace sign)
Dani: You're doing amazing. So good. You're doing so good. I'm serious. You can do it. You can. (with a smile) Come on, old man. You've gotten this far.

Dani: (whispering) You can do it. You can.
Dani:(full voiced) You have "there's something about mary" hair going on.
Dani: (whispering) You can do it. Don't. Don't.

12:40am BBT
Dick: (to prod'n) Thanks for showing a little mercy. F'ing brutal.
Dick: Good job, Zach. Honestly. This aint easy man. It's like surviving a f'ing drowning here.
Zach: I call dibs on the shower first.
Dick: F you. There's two! Is it midnight?
Dani: Past.
Dick: It's past?
Dani: (checks inside) 12:41. It's been 6 hours.

12:43am BBT
Dick: (to camera, hence production, upon hearing the water gearing back up) F-ck, I hate you.

And down comes the rain...

Dick is 100% mind over matter now. His body is thrashed.

Zach's still out for a nice jog in the park on a rainy day.

12:58am BBT
Dick's having a really rough time. Dani just went inside to the kitchen, then the bathroom.... I'm feeling no Dani love at all in this moment. Honestly, I feel like being there for her is 99% of what's kept him up there this long.. not being a disappointment to her... His body gave out 2 hours ago.

Dick looks around to see her looking through the sliding glass door.
Dani comes back out.
Dani: You're doing good. How're you feeling? Are you ok?
Dick: Yeah.

1:18am BBT
Still at it. 3rd wind for Dick (carolyn too)... he's got a somewhat steady jog going again. Zach's still flying easy.

1:24am BBT
Dani: Here it comes again.
Dick: I hate you motherf'ers.
Dani: Just wait till the wrap party.
Dick: A kick in the nuts to all of em.

1:25am BBT

1:27am BBT
Game still on.
Frikkin' Brutal.

1:35am BBT
This is the roughest endurance challenge I've seen in BB. Physically, unless Zach slips, he will win. It's been over 6 and a half hours, and Zach has shown zero fatigue, where Dick has been faltering for hours.
Dani: Remember what you told me. Who picked the final four?
Water turns back on, and Dick says to camera...
Dick: F you. I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

1:45am BBT
Still going... Incredible.

1:48am BBT
Dani's gone inside again without a word. Have mercy... Zach just twitched his shoulder a little. He feels something. Praise be.

1:51am BBT
7 hours.
Dani's inside, toodling around... making frustrated, bored noises... I want BB to come over the speaker and say, Daniele, get your ass outside, right this minute. See.. Here's the thing, Daniele: if Zach wins final HoH, You're toast.

1:55am BBT
Dani: You're doing so good. Sooo Good! I could have never done this. You're doing sooo good. You're doing amazing. I could have never done this. So you're in a little pain. You can do this. 72 days. You're doing so good. Who wants him to win? Come on. Say Hi to Vincent.
Dick: (looks at her)
Dani: Just Hold on. You're doing so goood. Remember when i was on the bat hang. Just hit that plateau... You're doing sooo good!

(I think it here, it comes out there. amazing)

1:58am BBT
OK, that's enough support. Back inside she goes... to the rest room to blow her nose.. then back to the sliding glass doors... Perhaps its too cold outside? Must be hell if you're soaking wet!

2:09am BBT
Dani's still inside, looking from the sliding glass door... C'mon BB, just once. For me.
She is rooting him on from inside, saying, willing him to be ok...
It's just not the same as being there, Dani.

2:12am BBT
They're still at it, and Dani's still inside.

I hope Dick's not as heartbroken about it as I am.

2:14am BBT
Dani comes back outside.
Dani: How're you doing? He's almost slipped so many times. You're doing so good. You're doing so good. Are you ok?
Dick: (whispering to low too hear)
Dani: You don't want him to win? Then don't quit. He's in a lot of pain. I can see. So don't doubt that he's not, cuz he is. Only he doesn't have anybody here for him, and nobody cares. You're doing so good. So good. (something about) round three. Just hang in there. You're doing great. If you can't do it, it's ok. You're ok. You're ok. You've waited 3 years for this. 3 years. For what? To go out like Kail? 74 days. Only a couple left. You're doing so good. Sooo Good! So good. What do you (inaudible). Are you ok? So good. So good. I could've never done this. I'm sorry, I can't hear you. (gently) Do whatever you want to... If you can't do it, it's ok.
Dick: I'm so upset.
Dani: I know. it's ok. it's ok.

2:22am BBT
He's still in it... for the moment.
Dick: Daniele I'm sorry.
Dani: Whatever happens, it's ok. It's ok.

2:23am BBT
Dick Throws his Key in Disgust with himself...
Zach: You were incredible dude.
Dick: Thanks.

Zach has won!
Part one
of the
Final HoH Comp!

Whatta night!
Dani: Here. Come inside. Hurry up.

2:30am BBT
Dani fixes Dick some hot something and urges him to put his cigarette out and come inside. Nice to see her nurturing a bit.

: Hey Michael, I know you wanna close this down, but can you give me a few minutes to warm up inside and come back and have a cigarette?
Michael: Take all the time you need, buddy.

Dani fixes hot something for Zach too. He is profoundly grateful.. can't seem to say thank you enough... He's shivering as if he's been stuck naked on a snowy mountaintop for a week.

2:34am BBT
Hookah Room
Dani's in major peptalk mode now. Big Hugs for dad too. Dick can barely speak.
Dani: It's Jen on the pedestal. That's all it is. We still have this. C'mon. Questions? Against Zach. You did great! We have this.

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