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Saturday, July 07, 2007

BB8 Strategy Session in HoH

Kail speaks! And it seems she's in an alliance with Nick and Zach. Hmm. Who'da thunk it?! At the moment, she pushing hard to evict Amber instead of Carol, since Amber is in an alliance with Dick, Jameka and Justin, whereas Carol is not in a known alliance.

Zach seems game.

Now he's moved on to thinking about the next HoH.

Zach: If I win it, everybody's gonna kiss my ass. I mean *kiss* *My* *Ass*.

Power hungry much?

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Mike is a Serial Dater

I don't get it. Last night Mike had a "date" with Jen. Tonight, he has a date with Amber. It's just beginning now. She's all dressed up and has her hair done, and she seems nervous, in a very cute way. He just handed her flowers that he picked from the garden. Sweet. But I don't get it at all.

Do you? Men? Can anyone explain this to me? Sure, it's something new to do. It brings a little normalcy into the house. But... really.. why dates? Do you suppose it's to create good will within all the women of the house? To elevate them for an evening, so they always have his back? Is it just to create an escape?

I guess the other HGs are getting into it. Dick just came over to offer his services as the poolside waiter.

I'd appreciate your thoughts on this. I just don't get it. Although I wouldn't mind a man baking me cookies...

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Jacuzzi Time!

Tonight's Jacuzzi Crew. Just about everyone. Jacuzzi & a Massage. Sounds good! Time to fire up the live feeds. Incidentally, if you haven't seen the full frontal nudity post yet, that's the link.

Too funny. See ya on the feeds!

And then there's Maude... er... Dustin.

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Big Brother 8 Afternoon Update

We got a lot of background information today... and a BIG gaffe from the Control Room. Someone left the sound on during a Diary Room session. Oh Boy. The unemployment line is to the left, dear.

Here's the Dish:

Around 2:00pm BBT, Carol gave Amber an earful about the background to the feud. Carol put it all on Jessica's mother, whom she refers to as a "psycho mom" and the "ultimate extreme pageant mom." Apparently both Carol and Jessica did pageants, and Jessica's mother just put a ton of pressure on her. "Jessica's mom is the main reason we never made up. I couldn't handle being around her mom."

Carol's issues extend beyond Jessica's mother, however, as she wasn't at all shy to let Amber know "how shallow, how childish, and how stupid the things Jessica's says are."
    ***Like I said a few days ago, this reeks of Mean Girls to me.
    There's got to be more to it: something specific that neither of them is divulging, and it's not $5.

Carol: Jessica's mom was always like, 'you have to be the prettiest, have the best body, be the best looking. My mom encouraged me too, but it was with, like, grades.
    ***too bad it wasn't with, like, expanding, like, your vocabulary.

Around 20 past 2 BBT, we joined Dick and Dustin in a conversation about Daniele. Dick is concerned about her weight, and he's astute enough to question his role in it.
    ***we're concerned about it too, Dick.

Dick: She's changed from a young teenager into a woman.

Then he moves on to her weight...

Dick: It's so evident when she's walking around in her bikini.
Dick: I'm worried about her being on slop. She's so f-ing skinny. It wouldn't be so bad, if it wasn't for up in here (indicating the collarbone) that you can see the bones.
Dustin goes on to share his own battle with eating issues. He lives in fear of getting fat.
    ***Call me crazy, but I'm thinkin' gonorrhea might be worse.


Small BDRM - 2:30pm
Zach, Nick & Daniele

They are lying on the tiny beds talking. The flirt is on. They're all tongue in cheek discussing Nick and Daniele's upcoming wedding, possible locations and honeymoon potential.

Nick: I'd like to go to Italy.
Daniele: We'll be like Rob & Amber.
Nick: What do you think of these names? Slyler for a boy, and Tristan for a girl?
Zach: Are you going to save the first kiss for the wedding day?
Nick: Yes. I don't want to spoil this relationship.
BB VOICEOVER: Zach, Please come to the Diary Room.
Daniele: They want to give us some alone time.
    ***Smart girl. Relationships are ratings.
In a BIG snafu, we actually hear some of the Diary Room Audio with Zach. I don't remember that *ever* happening before. Whoever goofed it is extremely lucky it was caught before it became an issue. It's pretty safe to assume Zach walked in with his microphone still on, and someone forgot to have him remove it.

Female Voice: How are you today?
Zach: Too much sun.
Female Voice: Let's talk about the veto comp yesterday. You weren't chosen to play, those that weren't chosen to play had to go to HOH, tell us about that....
Zach: Yes there were some of us that were not allowed to play in the HoH, um, er, uhh Veto! and we had to hang out in the HoH room.
    Then the DR sound cut out...
Dick and Dustin discussing Daniele, still, but now having moved on to the father-daughter relationship.
Dick: (shaking head) I was afraid she would bash me.
Dustin: No, nothing like that. It's totally respectful.
Dick: I'm not blaming her for the relationship, but it takes two to tango.
Dick: I've never given up on the relationship, and I've always been there... I've always tried.
Dustin: It's got to be a lot of pressure with the two of you in here together.

It's too much for Dick. The discussion moves to Carol and Jessica.

Dick: There has to be more to it than just two teenage high school girls fighting. That they could have found that anywhere. There has to be more to it.
Dustin: (laughing) They're the lovers gone bad.

Amber, Jameka & Dustin
2:46pm BBT
Amber's getting really worried about the votes, and the possibility she may not have enough. Dustin is understanding, but not willing to do any legwork on her behalf. It's just not "his bag of chips." The conversation continues about campaigning and her regret at not having won the Veto.
    ***Which she said she wasn't going to use anyway.
Moving Ahead to 3:15pm.
Amber & Jessica

Amber and Jess are whispering in the pool about Carol... again.

Amber: All Carol does every day is cry.
Jessica: I wouldn't want to be known as the cryer!
Amber: Hopefully Eric votes for me.
Jessica: (wistfully) If they hadn't cast her on the show, I wouldn't have seen her for the rest of my life. I would've be fine with that.
Amber: Do you have any mutual friends?
Jessica: No. We go to different colleges. I hear from people...
Amber: Carol isn't tied down at all, and she's whining about uprooting her life. I had to make plans for my daughter...

Amber: I wonder why they brought you in to be blindsided and not her.
Jessica: She told me she wouldn't campaign.
Amber: So fake. I hate that.
Jessica: Me too!

Planes fly over

Amber: I feel badly... my daughter is watching. She's 8 - I am probably going to look like a mess...crying.


Nick, Zach, Daniele & Carol
3:40pm BBT

Daniele: It's always so cold here.
Nick: Want to cuddle?
Carol and Zach: (teasing) She wants to!
Zach: I can see the fire burning in your loins, Nick.

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Saturday Afternoon BB8 Update on the Way

It's 5:50pm BBT, and While Dick and Jameka are outside discussing religion and it's merits, and all the boys are congregating in the bathroom while Eric and Joe shower (someone alert me when Nick hops in, please) I thought it would be a good time to put together an update. ;)

Give me a few minutes to get it together with all the pretty pictures from the afternoon, and refresh in a half hour or so. And someone go keep an eye on the live feeds cameras 3 & 4 to see about the hot boys...

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Full Frontal Nudity on the BB8 Live Feeds
Joe's a Flasher

Too Keep the kiddies safe, this post will house all the flashing HGs as they occur.
Scroll down to see more.
So far: Joe, Dick, Jen, Zach... more to come.

Only solution that does not leave tracks on computer and network.

As everyone with the live feeds knows, Joe flashed America last night. Ever diligent to bring you the most pertinent (?!) Big Brother dish, here are the pics of the less than blessed event.

The torso you see behind Eric is Joe. Notice he's holding his towel intently.

See his hands have shifted...

Now if you really wanna see the next pic, Click Here to see the video. Funny how the smallest things create the most buzz. ;)

Over 3 Million Gay Singles - Free Week


July 9th, Dick Moons the feeds...

July 9th, Eric (showering next to Dick) forgets about the 1/2 doors, and squats naked in the shower.

July 12th, Jen Putting on Underwear. Source on the Jen Caps: Kellassy

Zach's Liquid Courage
Source = capgirl

mushrooms, anyone?

Here's a link for more...
Nudie Patooties

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Collection of Funny Quotes from Big Brother 8

Inspired by a comment Dustin made last night to Amber, this post will be updated as the season progresses, the need arises and the opportunity presents itself. To aid you in finding it, a link will be placed on the left sidebar under "DishyLinks." Please alert us to new additions in the comment section here, and we'll add them to the post!

Dustin: -discussing his 7 inches- "I'm a grower, not a shower."

Joe: "I think my nipples are bigger than my eyes."
    submitted by MaineMan

Dick: "I wanna shirt that says Jen-italia."

Dick: "Jen's got more crack than an addict in an alley"

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Wake Up, Houseguests

8:05am BBT - In the gentlest BB voice I've ever heard, BB just woke the houseguests. For many of them, this equals a grand total of about 3 hours of sleep. For some, even less. Time to turn on the feeds, BB lovers. :) Here's a link for anyone out there who hasn't gotten the 2 week free trial yet. Enjoy the show!

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BB8 Jack Shack Chat

The hamsters were up very late last night, and we were right there with em. Lucky little buggers are mostly still asleep now, except for Daniele (doing her makeup) and Carol (lying on the couch), but we're stronger than that! ;) We've got work to do, people to inform... You get the drift.

When men are up late, and there are no women around, the subject matter turns to serious, important issues: the needs of men - like what to use as a jack shack this year.

Our MaineMan (our first ever DishDude!) was kind enough to write up this summary of the Masturbation Summit:
    At about 4:15 AM BB time, Eric, Dick and Mike convened to outside to talk about possible locations for jerking off, because the need was going to be occurring soon. Eric was the most vocal in the discussion, saying that most of the girls had come in to the house having had boyfriends previously, so they would have needs, too, but the guys were all single.

    Dick volunteered that he had taken care of things twice in the hotel before being brought over to start the show in anticipation. Mike was pretty quiet.

    Eric pointed out the difficulties of doing it in bed: the comforters make too much rustling noise. Further they thought of the one bathroom used by the people, and they laughed about using the diary room.

    Eric, realizing that they were out of tissues and paper towels decided they could always do it the old school way -- with a sock! They discussed a circle jerk, being called into the supply room for a battery change and being handed a bottle of lotion, etc.

    Eric then came up with the best idea, use the tea cup! They could cover the top with a comforter. No cameras! Plus maybe they could get a couple girls to be out on the mushrooms, but just not look at them. This went on for about 20 or 30 minutes as they kept coming back to it.

    Eric said that he was going to have to take care of it soon.

Ahh the needs of men. Important issues.

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Saturday Morning Funnies
BB8 Eric Takes Shots at Kaysar

When I first saw the title of this video, Eric Makes Fun of Kaysar - Funny, I thought, Oh-no-he-didn't! Then I gave it a look and a listen, and it really is very funny. My thoughts of voting for America's Player to evict himself have vanished. ;) Kudos to xx2000xx for capturing this exchange.

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Secret Alliance on Big Brother 8?

It's been a heck of a night in the Big Brother House and on the feeds. There was the official "date" between Jen and Mike. Then the unofficial, but much more enjoyable, hammock flirt session between Nick and Daniele. Then the mope fest of Carol, who's gone a bit manic, flipping between crying and dancing in the backyard at the drop of a hat.

At almost every turn, whenever 2 people were engaged in a private conversation, Joe popped in to talk game. Joe fancies himself in a separate alliance with just about everyone, and a couple of groups. There was even a discussion about coming up with a name for the supposed alliance of 6... they're working on one.

Surprisingly, the most interesting conversation of the evening was between Nick and Zach. Zach showed up to hang out on the hammock with Daniele and Nick just a few minutes after Joe had left, and they'd gotten their flirt back on. He came and the conversation fell flat, but he wouldn't leave. I was thinking, cock-block, go away, but then he lay down on the hammock with them, and a few minutes later, Daniele got up and went inside.

As soon as the sliding glass door sealed shut, Nick and Zach began to talk in hushed tones.

Nick: I'm in like with her.
Zach: What does that mean?
Nick: I really like her.
Zach: Me too. She's a cute girl.
Nick: She doesn't let on until you really talk to her, but she's a really smart girl. She knows a lot of big words, and she's very personable.

Nick mentions how he'd like to keep her in the game, and Zach says he doesn't think it's a good idea.
    ***He seems a bit insecure about it, actually.
    Beware the mighty showmance. Smart man.
    Especially since Nick genuinely likes her.

Nick: It looks like Jen is getting set up for the next week here.
Zach: Eric was talking about it too. People dig their own holes.
Nick: That's what happens. You know what happens next.
Zach: It has nothing to do with me.
Nick: The beauty of it is Nobody, NOBODY has a clue about you and me.
Zach: (nods agreement)

Then they start talking about doing a money share for a win... 50k to the non-winner.

So... this is the first time I've seen them speaking so intently, and certainly the first time there's been any mention of an alliance between them. They spoke together so easily, I'm inclined to believe it. They seemed to have a bond that extends beyond the Big Brother House.

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Friday, July 06, 2007

Big Brother Late Night, Part Deux

Not too much clothing on the live feeds tonight.
While Jessica's inside entertaining the troops - Dick and Eric - with a chat about piercings.

Mike and Jen are on the Jacuzzi portion of their "date." For those of you who haven't seen it before, this is what Jen's face looks like.

There. Better? Recognize her now?

And Mike is looking, well, really good - great pecs. He also seems bored out of his mind with her, and if this date were happening outside of the BB house, he'd be thinking to himself that all this conversation better have a pay off.

And adorable Daniele and Nick are on the Hammock talking about the vote. Nick says Carol is seriously lacking in the vote department. Moreso, they are seriously flirting. Nick: What am I thinking? I think I like the angle are beds are at, cuz we can check eachother out at night.

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Big Brother Live Feeds After Dark

After sharing a nice little stretch, Dustin gets up and leaves Zach and Carol alone outside the HoH. Carol's in rare form.
Umm.. Zach.. It's not foreplay if the girl is dead. It's necrophilia.

Zach the Mac, post massage coitus.

What can I say? It could be worse. She could be Paris or Britney... Imagine this shot then... I'm kidding... But the cameramen are having fun. Carol's been working everyone in the house. Why should the control room be any different?

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Big Brother 8 Friday Night Jacuzzi Pics

Nick :) It always starts with Nick... ;) We're beginning to think he's an equal opportunity employer. Better than fighting over him, right?

Yes, the girls Jessica and Carol are in the jacuzzi at the same time, next to eachother, just not really talking to eachother. Okie dokie, ladies.

Carol's feeling the heat, and eating it. Cookies and wine. Now there's a combo. If she makes it past this eviction, She's getting my vote for female houseguest most likely to gain the most weight. But for now... Below is Carol doing her "boob thing," as requested by Zach.

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Carol Learns to Lose, Maybe

Carol's either truly feeling it, or she's playing the sympathy card, hard. "I've never known what it is to lose, and now I do... I'm not the kind of person to go up to someone and be all, 'be my friend.' " Laying there on the couch in Zach's arms as he gently caressed her thigh. I feel like I'm writing a romance novel, but that's really what he was doing... in a purely comforting way, of course.

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It's Getting a Little Catty inside the BB8 House

The Veto Comp finally ended, and all the house guests chowed down on some pizza, including a couple who were on slop and apparently won slop passes, which Jen (the butt) did her share of complaining about.

It didn't take long for Amber to sidle up to Daniele and make an attempt at becoming bff's. When we last saw them (the feeds cut out a second ago), they were chatting up a catty storm about Jen, and how she hikes her shorts or bathing suit up her bum, and then positions herself in front of camera. Daniele saying, "How much attention does she need??!" More whispering ensued.

From this angle, it looks like Amber may have changed her mind about staying up on the block, as she's somewhat slyly campaigning herself off. It wouldn't surprise this blogger to see Jen up there in Amber's place tomorrow. Not one bit.

Of course, I sincerely doubt that would make production, the network or the camera department very happy. Jen's tush has got to be quite the draw for all of them. So far, though Boogie may feel differently, she hasn't displayed any other real attributes.

Meanwhile, Carol still sits on the nomination block, as well. She seems pretty calm about her circumstances. Perhaps she'll make a move later on tonight.

And the feeds are back on again! :)

Images supplied by Branbees

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Big Brother 8 Power of Veto Spoiler
BB8 PoV #1

As we cover the live feeds,
we report on the show in real time, not TV time.
That said, for those of you who haven't gotten
the 24/7 live feeds,
which we really can't figure out at all,
We're about to tell you who won the
Power of Veto
We're warning you now,
and we'll be referring to this person in the future
with no warnings.

It's a Live Feeds thing. ;)


The lucky Winner of the
5 hour long
Power of Veto is:


so we understand
at this moment
based on the HGs talking.

Haven't actually seen the POV necklace yet.

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Holy Colonoscopy, Papa Smurf!

This is one LONG Veto competition! Pretty rare behavior for production on the first day of the live feeds, but hey, they gotta do what they gotta do.. and what they gotta do is make a show that people will tune into the network to watch. ;) And if they show us all the comps during the feeds, will we tune in? Nope.

Anyway, comps aren't what we watch for. Comps are for amateurs and tv only's. We're here for the real game. And we know it's worth the wait.

If you think you're feelin' grumpy, just imagine poor Papa Smurf who's now had the worlds longest colonoscopy. Worse yet, it was broadcast to the homes of millions!

Hang tough, BB world! It has to end sometime!

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How to enjoy the best sound when watching Big Brother LIVE feeds

The Benevolent Goddess Hamsterdame has wise advice for us all:

Tip: How to enjoy the best sound when watching Big Brother LIVE feeds

Heard about this yesterday in the live feed chat room:

To enjoy dramatically improved sound when watching the Big Brother 24/7 live feeds, just follow these easy steps.

In your RealPlayer, in the menu at the top right of the player:

  • Select "Tools"

  • Select "Equalizer"

  • In the pull down menu for "Settings", select "Voice"

  • Try it out, it really works! YEAH BABY!


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    C=Venus Strikes Again!
    The Nicky Horror Picture Show

    While we wait for the Veto Comp to end so we can know the results, C=Venus was kind enough to come up with a brand new chop for our enjoyment, and likely in response to Nick's painted nails...

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    Pre-Veto QuadCam

    Contrary to popular opinion, the Veto Comp is not done. As of 11:10amBBT, Amber and Nick are sitting together discussing it, their relationship (they just insta-clicked), and how she wants him to really try hard to win the veto, and she will too.

    At 11:18, Amber is now chatting with Dustin, and she's saying if she wins the Veto, she's going to keep the nominations the same. (ok, Marcellas) That God is telling her to do it this way, and she knows she'll be safe. Dustin tells her that if the nominations stay the same, she will be safe.

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