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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Plotting with the Donatos

7:20pm BBT
Hookah Room
Dick and Dani are plotting... with candy props. There is hope. More than they know, actually. Much more.

Zach joins them.

Meanwhile, up in HoH, Dustin just said a few minutes ago, "We were just talking about if Dick takes Dani off the block, put me up against Dick."
    ***I can't think of a single thing that would make me happier in this game.

Turn on the feeds folks. This is good stuff.

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Big Brother 8 Veto Comp Spoiler


The Veto Competition is Complete,

and the winner

of the

Golden Power of Veto


Here's how we got there...
Dani's up in HoH, NOT HAPPY,
all are talking about Dick and his behavior...

Dani just said "One of us is going home and it's effecting my life around this house."

Doesn't look good for Dick n Dani

Still waiting for 100% confirmation.

There is speculation on Jokers that Dick won,
but no confirmation yet.

Dick is notably missing from the feeds...
The NH2 doesn't look happy either, by the way.

Amber to Dani: "I'm sure he'll use it on you."
implying Dick won...

I need more. Dick has yet to be seen on the feeds.

Dani is now with Dick in the Hookah room...
Dick just said, "I knew it would be Dustin."

Still unclear as to definite winner though...

Dick Just went into the Kitchen and said "Nice job, princess." to Dustin.
Then a big "WoooHooo, Yah baby!"

Dick: "Me winning the veto and taking you off is the perfect exit for me."
Dani begins to cry and says " it sucks, I hate these people."

Clip from Post Veto HOH

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While We Wait on the Veto Comp

What's your absolute, number one favorite moment from BB seasons gone by?

If you wanna quote it, great. If you've got a video link for it, also great.

Either way, leave it here in the comment section.

Mine's pictured here - Will Cybering the Live Feeds Last year - Hysterical.

Here's the link: Will Cyber's Live Feeders

Another way to entertain yourself? Ask a Houseguest

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And Another: Sign up for the 2 weeks free on the live feeds! You're gonna love it! And hate it! lol! One thing's for sure, you'll never watch BB the same way again! :)

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Awaiting the Veto Comp Results

1:15pm BBT

The Feeds have gone to trivia - new trivia, finally, as of a couple days ago! We sincerely hope this means the Veto Competition is getting underway.

As always, bb8dish will be here to report the Big Brother Veto Comp Spoiler as soon as possible once the feeds come back on.

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Quickie Poll

As we near the Veto Competition, it's time for another Quickie Survey:
  1. Who would you most like to win the Veto Competition?
  2. Who will win the Veto Competition?
  3. In a yes/no response, do you give weight to the allegations of impropriety being leveled against BB for "diary room interference"?
Jessica, Dick, Dani, Zach, Dustin and Jameka will be playing in the Veto Comp. Eric will be hosting.

Please leave your numbered responses here in the comment section.

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11am Dick Rant

Dick's plan is backfiring 100%. As of 11:10am BBT, Jessica is upstairs with Amber explaining how she'd really prefer to keep Dick and evict Dani, partly to spite him for this tactic of his, and partly because Dick's not a threat to her.

Meanwhile, Dick is downstairs continuing to rant on Jameka and her
    "magic ping pong ball and hypocrisy. Calling my mother, and ordained minister, a bitch, no, a 'f'ing bitch'.. was that the Christian thing to do? Your daughter and yo momma, yo daughter and yo momma... You did it because God ordained it... Isn't that what you told Julie? but what you told America was something different. You told America that my mother, who runs programs for the homeless, is a f'ing bitch.... Your momma and your daughter. Such a good Christian. WWJD? Hypocritical... Yo momma and yo daughter... Suck my dick... Ayyy-men, hallelujah Jesus..."

Here it is...
Captured by TheRealDeal2006

Amber, Dustin, Jessica, Eric

Amber: Oh my God you guys.
Dustin: His mother must be a wreck right now. So embarrassed.
Amber: I can't believe Daniele didn't say anything to him.
Eric: Of course she didn't. She loves this. he takes all her bullets for her. She just has to whisper in his ear and she does it.
Dustin: Pitiful. Your 44 years old and your still a bartender.
Eric: I hope you guys will attend the reality douche bag awards? Cuz that's what he called me.
Dustin: I'm sorry guys, but all the bad stuff, I'm doing it - put the house on slop.. you name it.
Jessica: If we win Power of Veto, I think our celebration will be even more dramatic than it was Thursday.

Jameka enters HoH

Dustin: I think it would be so much more powerful if we said nothing. Silence is so much more powerful than words... Silence is strength. ... or else you could just say, "In the words of Dick Donato, some people get what they deserve." Old dog, old tricks. You've got nothing.
Eric: Everything he has on me, he's actually fabricated out of thin air...


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The Veto Competitors

In addition to Dick, Dani and Jessica, Dustin, Jameka and Zach will be playing in this afternoon's Big Brother Veto Competition.

Dick's back on his rant. Dani, Jessica, Zach and Jen are not targets. Everyone else is fair game.

Jessica: Who wants to bet it's croquet, and Zach's gonna win?
Eric: That's ok. He wont use it.

Here's a clip from Dick's earlier rant on Dustin, Jameka and Amber, captured by BBFanz.

Here's a clip from Dick's earlier rant on Amber, about her drug addiction and motherhood, captured by DCakes.

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Dick's on a Rampage Again

No one is safe... Here are some snippets... Happening as we speak... Trying to make sure they are all so pissed at him that Dani will be safe. It's becoming a bit transparent to the other HGs.

9:44am BBT

To Internet: "Good morning, internet..this is a great show this morning!!!

To Amber: "Did your daughter ever find your stash?" "There she is internet, mother of the year." "You have to be the ugliest bitch ever holed up in this house... yes, folks, we have a winner!" "I promise on the life of your daughter, that I am going to make you so miserable every f'in day you f'in c--t."

To Eric: "What about you, Eric, my friend, you cant look me in the eye. You will be joining me in sequester very soon and Ill give you a big hug and a c--k in the ass just like Dustin."

To Dustin: "How many times have you sucked your own D--k?"

To Jameka: "I come to you as a humble servant today and I ask that you grant me the magic ping pong ball! For my salvation in this game! Please Lord! Help Jameka pick the Magic ping pong ball and she will save me! As she promised from the beginning! Let's all pray! Heavenly father! Please grant me the magic ping pong ball and help him with his salvation! Thank you lord! Hallelujah! Let's dance and speak in tongues...

Jen, Jess and Eric are holed up in HoH avoiding the madness... trashing Dick... and Dani. They are all quite certain that the live feeds must be blocked for this... WRONG! I expect this will continue until the Veto Comp begins...


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BB8 Eric is Making an Effort to Cast Doubt on Dustin

Seems our voices are finally being heard...

4:00am BBT
Eric & Jessica

I woke up at 4am BBT this morning to the sweet, sweet music of Eric performing his America's Player Task before we even give it to him: getting Jessica to put up Dustin as the Replacement Nominee (which wont actually be a task) and getting Dustin evicted (which will, if Dick or Dani win the PoV Comp today).
In my pre-coffee addled brain, I was not quick enough to get the direct quotes, but he was definitely doing it, and his reasons sounded very convincing... talking about how Dustin is too influential, how he is playing all sides, how he can't be trusted, etc...

Jameka comes up and joins them, and the Dustin talk stops. A few minutes later, Eric went down to the small bedroom to sleep, and Jameka and Jess did a bit of Jedi training, as well as dishing on the other HGs.

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Zach's Plan

9:30pm BBT, Friday Night
Dick, Dani, Zach

The plan, an attempt to manage Dick, and their take on what's goin' on. This is a good one.

Zach: (re Dustin) He's very young, he's very arrogant, and he's very uneducated. Dustin physically announced yesterday that he was the guy who made Eric stay. He boastfully put it out there, and made himself a huge target.

Captured by BBFanz

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Friday, August 10, 2007

Dani's Letting Dustin Have it!

On all feeds. Spark em up.
8:55pm BBT
Dani & Dustin
Dani: You say one thing to my face, then you go around talking about me behind my back and making up names for me.

Dustin: People don't perceive you and your dad together, you are individual people.
Dani: Ok, Eric. That's out of Eric's mouth. People don't see you as an individual either.

Dustin: You made choices that put you in this position.
Dani: I know that. Unfortunately I trusted people who lied (Dustin), and it didn't turn out the way it was supposed to. It's a game, it's a game, I don't care. I'm not taking it on a personal level.
Dustin: I'm sorry that I haven't been nice to you these past 2 weeks.
Dani: It means nothing. You turned right around the next day and did the same. I've never done anything to you. Jameka won't even look at me because of what my dad said to her. i can't control him. I don't think I should have to. It would be like you telling Amber what to do. If you all want to take it out on me, that it is your issue, and it's a personal problem.
Dustin: The way you spend time with him... it's like you're condoning his behavior.
Dani: If you want to think that, that's fine. It's not my problem. It's not condoning it. It has nothing to do with me.

Dustin: (condescending) I'm sorry that your relationship with your dad wasn't the best over the last few years.
Dani: I'm not looking for pity.
Dustin: (dripping sarcasm) Oh, I'm not giving you pity. I'm not a pity party person.
Dani: (sarcastic back) Oh, Thanks Dustin. I never wanted to bring personal stuff into the house.
Dustin: (indignant) I've never asked about your personal life.
Dani: This is different than you and Joe or Carol and Jess. You'll leave here and never see Joe again after the wrap party. Jess and Carol? Please. This is my life.

Captured by BB8House
Thanks to thatguy for finding this one!

This next clip starts at the very end, when they've moved on to insincere apologies and wishes. The last 90 seconds of the clip are extraneous. Dustin makes all kinds of promises, and promises not to harp on Daniele, or make fun of her, etc, etc, and then runs straight in to Amber to repeat the whole conversation and make fun of Dani some more. Amber, the obedient acolyte, then runs upstairs to repeat everything to Jessica and Jameka, so they can all have a fun little Dani bashing session.

Captured by BBFanz

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Eric's Doing it!!!

He's up in HoH right now, completely setting Dustin up for the fall.

Eric: Zach has promised me that if Dick is on the block, he's voting him out. I didn't even ask him for it! He volunteered it.

Dustin: I just want to make the speech. I have one all ready... As you all know, I stand before you merely as the courtesy flush to the pile of crap who sits beside me... Daniele, if you have an ounce of sense, you will vote with the rest of the house, and... Yeah, just put me up, I know I'll be safe. If Daniele were to take herself off, it'd be a 5-1 vote, (same for Dick).
    ***Make it so, number one! Make it so!!
Jessica: Daniele's not the main target, and I don't want her to feel like she is...

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Dick & Daniele Plotting After the Nomination Ceremony

Captured by DCakes

More Father-Daughter Time in the Backyard
Captured by DCakes

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Nomination Spoiler

Based upon the conversation currently happening in HoH, wherein Eric is telling Jessica that he was ready to defend her, should Dick have taken a step in her direction, the Nominations went off with no surprise:

Dick & Daniele

have been

Nominated for Eviction

To her credit, Jessica rebuffed Eric's statement saying,
"Dick would never do that with me."

We've also just learned that Jessica's speech was directed at Dani,
"For what she did to Eric."

Veto Comp Tomorrow!

Gooooo Dani!

It's gonna be another terrific night on the Live Feeds! See you there! :)

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Revenge of the Turds Chop

Our friend and frequent commenter Rachel just sent this chop, and I loved it, so I had to share with the class. Plus, it's just perfect while we wait for nominations. Now, I don't actually consider Jessica (or Eric for that matter) a part of the Turd Herd - I think she's got her own game... but that's just me...

Still an awesome chop! Enjoy!! And show her some love!

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Interview with BB8's Mike Dutz

It's a rare treat to get insight into the game of Big Brother from a current season player. They've all been interviewed to death about their time in the house, so I'm not gonna take that route.

bb8dish: What I'm curious about is your take on the season and the houseguests since your departure. Do you have a favorite to win the show?
    Mike: I would like to see either Zach, Jameka, Jen, or Eric win.
bb8dish: You had a very close and loyal relationship with Kail while you were in the house. What was your opinion of Kail & Jen forming an alliance of sorts with Dick & Daniele, in an effort to "start throwing rocks at the gallery"? (all the HGs who do nothing every week, while the 4 of them dodge bullets)
    Mike:I didn't believe it was a good move. The house has certainly turned against Dick and Daniele. I believe if they associate themselves as being aligned with them, they are certainly displaying a larger target on them, rather than if they were just bouncing around like they've been doing.
bb8dish: What's your opinion on the banner planes that have been flying, and do you think the one the HGs saw has truly changed the course of the game unfairly?
    Mike: It certainly has thrown a wrench into some of the player's game! It gives them an unfair chance to play with outside influence entering into the minds of the houseguests. I wish the game could just be played out as it's supposed to be.
bb8dish: Is there any specific HG you think is playing the best game, in terms of the HG making the best strides toward the final 2?
    Mike: I believe Eric is a great player. He has been positioning himself since day 1 to secure himself a place in the final 2.
bb8dish: Are you at all surprised by all the animosity that's broken out since you and Nick were evicted? Dustin, specifically, has become a power monger, lording it over anyone who will listen, and making personal attacks left and right, as well as being horrifically condescending to just about everyone within earshot. Do you see a correlation between yours and Nick's departure and this occurrence in terms of cause & effect?
    Mike: Yeah, I believe when the bigger threats are out of the picture, people can speak more at ease without feeling like they are hanging themselves out to dry. The consequences are less severe, and people are more than happy to say what they want.
bb8dish: My final question is a bit of a fantasy scenario that I like to end my interviews with. If you could have a 2 minute, uncensored phone call with the current HG of your choice, who would it be, and what would you want to tell him or her?
    Mike: Zach-being that he is a definite underdog in this game, I would love to bring him up to speed with how the houseguests are positioned. He has been kept out of the loop on all groups within the house, and he has nowhere to turn. So I think with the knowledge at hand of where who is positioned where, he could make better decisions to make himself an asset in the game rather than a pawn or a HS with very little time left in the game.
bb8dish: Thanks again, Mike. It was really nice getting to chat with you.

To keep up with Mike, please check out his myspace page. You can also win a chat with Mike by bidding on this auction to benefit Bekah: Win a Call with Mike


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Nomination Ceremony Tonight

Just a reminder that the Nomination Ceremony will be happening tonight. We'll let you know who's nominated as soon as we know for certain. I recommend you turn on the Live Feeds, folks. It's gonna be another doozy of a night in the Big Brother 8 House.

Interestingly, a few minutes ago, Zach and Eric had a discussion about what a great thing it would be to see Dustin "the weakest link in the LNC" nominated next to Dick, "just to watch the 2 of them squirm." Unfortunately, Zach isn't HoH.

At the moment, 3:30pm BBT, Eric is up in the HoH with Jess, Jameka and Amber. They're having a good laugh over all the possibilities Jess has for her Nomination speeches... of Dick and Daniele. Perhaps if Amber an Jameka ever leave, Eric might get around to his task. Not bloody likely, but perhaps.

Eric: You get to drop the axe on the biggest a-hole to ever set foot in this house.
    ***Eric's offering himself??? ;)

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Amber Talking to God in HoH - Video

Amber Chats with God up in HoH
Captured by TheRealDeal2006

Amber Chats with God, Part 2

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C=Venus Strikes Again

Below is C=Venus' response to Jameka from Last night. Before today, I'd never thought to ask CV for an artist's statement before. I hope you enjoy this rare treat... and the new chop.
    C=Venus: "... Not that Christians are infallible, mind you, but I thought Jameka had a tad more maturity than she really did. Despite Dick's taunting, I wish she would have held back. But then again, after living in that hotbed of hate for over a month I guess anyone can get fed up past the point of return.

    Nonetheless, I was embarassed that Jam would stoop to that level and I think she will be too once she sees the mess on YouTube and realizes that her family, church and school faculty will also see it. Not to mention the kids she counsels. Yikes!! This game has gotten pretty mean and nasty with most of those HGs, and although I'm glad someone stood toe to toe with ED (who I Iike btw, so sue me), rather than slinking off into the shadows (or trashing him behind his back like the "men" do) however, using profanity to make a point about your Christianity rather defeats the purpose.

    I've been a fan of Jameka's thus far and I sure hope that behavior was a passing fancy and not a sign of things to come.

To visit C=Venus' site and see more of her Big Brother Chops, please click on the pic above.


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Big Brother 8 Post Food Comp

At 1pm BBT, the Food Comp is over. Dani is on slop. Apparently, so is Dustin.

Word is that the Slop Heads are: Dani, Dick, Eric, Amber and Dustin. If you know differently, please let us know.

Dick gave Jen a slop pass, likely so she could have a little break from her month of slop...

Dick & Dani

    Dick: My slop's not awful. I make it different than them. It's not so gross.
    Dani: I'll be fine. I'll eat it.
    Dick: Those protein shakes - if ya just gulp em down...
    Dani: I just can't. I'll try everything this week though...
Zach & Dani are both a little bloodied from the competition. From what they've said so far, the Food Comp involved Smashing Guitars, and everyone got very into it. Sounds like the event was designed by the staff psychologist to give them an outlet for all the anger, and keep them from killing each other.

45 minute after the end of the Food Comp, Eric's still having trouble breathing, due to his asthma.

Dick's thinking about pouring honey that he snuck into the BB house onto Jameka's bible. Dani, his inner voice of reason, discourages him.

    Dani: They're gonna use your tactics against us to throw us off our game, and now I'm on slop. I'm gonna be a mess. You know thats what they're all thinking.

    Dani pauses a moment to reflect and adds...

    : ..and Jameka thanking God (for Dani's misfortune)?? There's such thing as a sore winner...
Dick's thinking about throwing away all the food in the storage room so the others can't eat either... a little at a time...

Jameka's leading Bible study and chatting with Amber in the small room.

Jameka: I've never met anyone like you. I told you from day one... your soul is intriguing to me. It's awesome.
Amber: I wish I hadn't told Dustin I would take him to the final 2. I just know that when it gets to the final 3, I will win HoH, and I'll have to send Dustin packing... But, it's okay, because God let Dustin win all that stuff, so it would be okay.
    ***Ahhh, the inner workings of Ambers brain. Truly fascinating how she can blend God's will into her justifications.
Jameka: I've never met anyone like you who can see the future. I know it's a sign. You're amazing.
Amber: I'm gonna win the next HoH. I know it. I'm gonna get to see my daughter.

2:00pm BBT
Eric, Dustin, Amber, Jen, Jameka
Eric: I don't want to falsely accuse or cause a big uproar, but I saw ED blow his nose in the hand towel and throw it on the floor in the bathroom, so just be aware... for your own health and safety...

Everyone is naturally appalled and ready to go on a witch hunt.
    ***I didn't see it happen, and I can't find any record of it. Did any of you?

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Quickie Poll

While the food comps on, let's have some fun.
  1. Will Dick's strategy of deflection by (loud) distraction succeed in keeping Daniele in the house?
  2. Will Eric complete his America's Player Task to get Dustin nominated?
  3. Will Jessica's HoH result in one of the Donato's going home this week?
  4. Who will wind up on slop this week, if anyone?
Please leave your numbered responses here in the comments section of the blog.

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The Creatures are Stirring

As of 10am BBT, The HGs are all awake. BB has just announced the food comp will begin in one hour. Get ready for the insanity to recommence any moment now.

As of 11:00am-ish, the Feeds went to Blue. Very likely the food comp is happening now. In the meantime...

Dick's plan for the week is to keep the so-called "Good People's Alliance" completely off balance:
    Dick: I'm going to make them so miserable this week that they can't think about it strategically. If they thought about it strategically, they would vote Dani out.

I strongly recommend tuning in for this... Last night was beyond intense. Way beyond. There are updates and several videos posted here on the blog in earlier posts (just scroll down), but even so, that only offers a glimpse of what's going on this week.

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Overnight Report

Dick v Jameka

10:28pm BBT -
Dick & Dani
Dick: (impersonating BB voice) Amber, Please cry like a little b-tch.

Jameka comes out and sits right between Dick & Dani.

Dick: Are you hanging around me for a reason? Hypocrite.

Dick gets up to get away from her, and moves inside to cook dinner. Jameka follows him.

Dick, Jameka, Amber
This is a very condensed version of the argument. To view the argument in it's entirety, please go to this previous post: Dick Un-Leashed. Warning: It's RAW.

Dick: I think your Christianity is a joke.
Jameka: Funny, so is your daughter and so is your mother.
Dick: (to Amber) F'ing tweaker who finds God during her drug recovery...
Dick: (to Jameka) Your faith in God is nothing.
Jameka: Bitch.
Dick: Would Jesus call me a B!tch? W-W-J-D???

Jameka calls Dick's mother a b-tch too...

Dick: There you go, showing your true colors. You called my mother, an ordained minister, a bitch?! What would Jesus do? WWJD?
Jameka: You know it, though. Everybody knows Jesus Christ is the lord. When you are on your deathbed, you will confess it, even before that.
Dick: No, I wont.
Jameka: From this point forward, 10:49pm, you do not exist.
Dick: Fake. Fraud. Jameka.
Amber: (parting shot at Dick) You should just commit suicide.
    ***The Pompous Buffoon pipes in from out of Dick's earshot... such a hero.
Dustin: Washed up, deadbeat, white trash dad!!!

Dustin and Eric are in the Jacuzzi while this whole thing is happening, trashing Dick and doing nothing to come to the girls defense, until the girl come out, and both start puffing their chests like baboons... and still do nothing. Truly laughable. Of course, the women don't notice their chosen men are cowards.

The Aftermath
11:00pm BBT
Dustin & The Herd
Dustin: (sticks his head in through the sliding glass door) It's just you 2! You're all you have now!
Dick: Liar. Scumbag.

Dustin rejoins his group outside.

Dustin: When Dick leaves, Dani will cut herself with a plastic knife... I'm the liar?! I'm the scumbag?!
    ***Yes, Dustin, you are.
Dustin:We'll see who gets voted out!!
    ***Indeed we will. Let's count: If Dustin is on the block next to Dick - Dani, Jen, Zach and Eric/US vote to evict him. Bye bye, Bitch!
    ***Moving right along...

Eric: Whichever one of us makes it to All Stars 2, Dick will be in the house with us.

Eric and Dustin again make vile repeated references to incestual behavior between Dick and Dani.

Dick & Dani
Dani: The lockdown was probably more banners: "Daniele, You're an Idiot. Amber and Eric are Still Liars. SO is Dustin... and Kail."

OUTSIDE - Couch & Jacuzzi
11:15pm BBT
Amber's worrying/crying that her daughter saw Dick berating her. The NH2 are trying to reassure her that her sister would have pulled her away from the computer.

Jameka: Don't get yourself worked up over him.
Dustin: Because we came together and stood up to him, we are stronger, and they are going home!
Jameka: He called me a princess in our argument.
Dustin: He called me a princess!
Jameka: When we do our live votes, I'm going to say, "I vote to evict Richard."
Dustin: I want to call him Richard the rest of the time he's here.

Eric apologizes again to the women for not being there... then...

Eric: Is he for real? Is he the twist? Is he an actor hired to be a douche bag?
Jameka: I can see it.

They move on to fantasizing about Dick's imminent departure for a while, then...

Amber: It's funny. Dani comes in the room, and Dick shuts up. She said to him, "Are you okay?"
Dustin: She said that to him?? Put that bitch on slop.
Eric: To all of the Funeral Parlors in the Greater LA area, If you have any 2 for 1 family deals, I know a family who needs a discount rate. Give 'em the plots next to each other, or a 2 for 1 special. I'll pile them on on top of each other - in the next two weeks, I'm delivering their f'ing asses, and I'm gonna be the one with the f'ing shovel pouring the dirt on their heads.

To see the video relevant to this conversation, please go to this earlier post: Click here!

Perceived Diary Room Indiscretions & Dick's Plan
11:40pm BBT
Hookah Room
Dick, Jen & Dani
They are talking about the other HGs, as well as their perception of BB/the Diary Room always pushing for one Player or another.

Jen: The Diary Room people tried to sway me into not voting Eric out.

Jen, Dani and Dick all talk about how they feel the DR tips them off.

Jen: They wanted me to keep Eric.
Dick: I know all about this kind of reality tv sh-t. Back from when I dated Jerri from survivor.. You wouldn't believe the sh-t they pull.

Dani: Zach is totally on our side. If we all go to sequester, we decide who wins. That's why they're sucking up to Zach now... I'm gonna go nuts if you (Dick) leave next week... We're gonna be left with Zach... When he thinks he's right about something, he does not change his mind.
Dick: Did you see how Jameka freaked out?

Talk goes causal then turns to Eric and Jessica...

Dick: You need to follow Eric around like an magnet.
Dani: Dustin thinks he has this string on Jessica where he can pull her away from Eric.
Jen: Dustin is the worst liar.
Dick: If I'm going out I'm going out with a bang!
Dick: Amber said she spent 600 on crystal meth every 2 weeks.
Dani:(admonishing) Bringing personal issues into this game is not necessary.
Dick: Amber's so pissed.

Dani decides to move all her stuff into the hookah room. She probably would've taken Nick's bed, but Dustin slept there the other night, and she's all grossed out.

Dick: They want me out of here so bad...
Dani: The way that they play is terrible... they vote personal, never strategic.
Dick: I'm going to make them so miserable this week that they can't think about it strategically. If they thought about it strategically, they would vote Dani out.
Dani: Should I go up to people and be like, "I'm sorry for the way he's acted. It's embarrassing?"
Dick: No.


The America's Player Task Vote outcome can be viewed here: America Chose Dustin.


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A Note to the Commenters

:) Guys, I Love how much you're commenting, but ya gotta give me some time to work on the overnights. :) Please be patient with me publishing comments for the next little while. I can't do everything at once, and the overnight report is a priority at this point... and I'm running very late with it. I'll be posting it on top of this post, piece by piece as I get it done... There's a TON, so it will cover the key points only - many of which are already available in video format below this post.

A note to new commenters: ALL comments are moderated before they are published. There is no need to send the same comment repeatedly. Please avoid flaming other people who comment on this blog. It will not be published. I welcome opinions from all sides. Just keep it clean.

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America Chose Dustin

Here's Eric's almost perceivable nod to his America's Player Task, starting around 2:15am BBT. Jess and Eric are in agreement that Amber is a horrible player.

The first minute of this clip is a split quadcam between Jess/Eric & Dick/Dani, after that it's all Eric and Jess, and the beginning of Eric bringing the spotlight onto Dustin and Amber for a blip in time...

Per usual, Eric only gives the task a cursory attempt. Par for the course at this point.

Captured by BBFanz

This second video starts with Eric and Jess talking about Zach and his oddness... Eric's slowly leading into the task at hand, discussing everyone, in order to deflect attention off the task, and Zach leads Eric into Dustin and how even he was buddy-buddy with Dick this past week.

Captured by BBFanz

The third video picks up where #2 left off, still primarily focused on Zach, but peppering the conversation with Dustin references.

Captured by BBFanz

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God: Jameka is my Highest Priority
YouTube Parody

God discusses the "Priority List" with his servant.

A Big Brother Parody by MarkMole

I just found this guy... priceless. Please show him some love over on youtube by clicking this link: MarkMoleJamekaParody & rating this video. Just take a moment... he truly deserves to be rewarded. ;)

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BB8 Jameka & Amber Relay Dick Confrontation to Dustin & Eric

G'Morning BB Lovers. I was up LATE watching and commenting back and forth with everyone on here last night, so the Overnight Report is going to a bit delayed... it should start going up around 9am BBT. I was posting as it was all happening last night, so it's definitely worthwhile to check out the posts below this one....
    ***The comments section is well worth checking out. People were, shall we say, quite passionate, in their opinions last night.
In the meantime, please enjoy this clip of Amber and Jameka telling Eric and the Pompous Buffoon (Dustin) about what happened with Dick. The clip's on the long side, but very worth watching... especially the part, about a minute in, where Dustin offers to go up as a pawn if Daniele comes down.
    ***Ahem... Dustin. We'd be only too happy to oblige you on that one.
That and Amber going on about her year old daughter watching the internet... Oh Lord. Gimme a break. Amber, you've said far worse about yourself than Dick would ever dream to say. Actually, the whole thing's worth watching. This is but a little glimpse. The feeds are going to be insane this week.

Amber & Jameka Complain to their Men
captured by dcakes

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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Jen Discloses DR Interference

Jen talking about how the Diary Room people were trying to talk her into keeping Eric.

Recorded by AuntJulie

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Dick UN Leashed!

10:45pm BBT - CLIP ADDED

Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness! If you're up right now, TURN ON THE FEEDS!

Dick is going off on Jameka, and she's giving it right back and worse.

Amber was caught in the crosshairs as well, and now she's run outside to complain to Dustin and Eric...

Turn em on...

Here's a clip. This is just a taste folks. You really have to turn on the feeds...

Captured by AuntJulie

Captured by Teslad


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Dick & Dani Father-Daughter Talk

After Dani spent a solid hour in tears, with her dad comforting her all the while, she calms down for a bit, and Dick offers to fall on his sword for her.

Captured by Triziam

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Jessica Gets Her HoH Room

Captured by BBFanz

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Win A Call With Nick!!

You asked for it, you got it!

Here is your chance to talk to Nick, this seasons Sweetheart!

Win a Call with Big Brother 8's Nick Starcevic!!

So, bid with confidence and bid big!

Check out ALL the BB Auctions!

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C=Venus Strikes Again

Check out C-Venus' latest, inspired by the DR Assisting Eric controversy...

And this Ode to Kail and her Men...

Click on the pics to visit C=Venus' site.

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Big Brother 8 Live Show Spoiler
August 9th, 2007

Hi everyone. If you're looking for Big Brother 8 Live Show Spoilers, you've come to the right place!

Just click this link: I Gotta Know Now!!!

The Live Show Spoilers are posted there every week, as they happen... ;)

Rants, if necessary, go there too, until the show has aired on the west coast.

Just start refreshing that page around 8:25pm.....

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CBS Official Statement on Amber's Bigotry

CBS has issued the following statement:

"BIG BROTHER is a reality show about watching a group of people who have no privacy 24/7 - and seeing every moment of their lives. At times, the Houseguests reveal prejudices and other beliefs that we do not condone. We certainly find the statements made by Amber Siyavus on the live Internet feed to be offensive and they will not be part of any future broadcast on the CBS Television Network.

Any views or opinions expressed in personal commentary by a Houseguest appearing on BIG BROTHER 8, either on any live feed from the House or the broadcast, are those of the individual(s) speaking and do not represent the views or opinions of CBS or the producers of the program."


Finding CBS' statement below par for the offense, the Anti-Defamation League has issued a response.

Anti-Defamation League Response:

UPDATE: Abraham Foxman, National Director of the Anti-Defamation League tells TMZ: "It's offensive. It's part of the unintended consequences of the communications revolution. Anybody can say what they do - but reality shows are now giving license to these expressions of anti-Semitism. Now, all of a sudden, the world is privy to their bigotry and it's on national television... then enhanced on YouTube. What they've done is distributed anti-Semitism -- which started as a private conversation -- and by putting it on a reality TV show broadcast it to the world at large. I want CBS to understand they are facilitating anti-Semitism. They should act responsibly to the community; they are legitimizing bigoted conversation."

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Late Morning in the Big Brother House

Just before 11am BBT, while the HGs were all up in the HoH room on lockdown, Big Brother came over the speakers and said, "Remember house guests, to swim one mile in the Big Brother house, you have to swim 440 laps in the pool." The HGs gave a collective WTF to this seemingly random trivia at the time, but have since moved on to a bit of Jedi training. A very little bit. And at 11:40am BBT, they are back on lockdown in HoH again.

None of the Turd Herd have let on to any of the others about the change of game plan. Time is running short, and it's not looking very good for Kail, especially with all of these lockdowns. The live show tonight should be quite explosive, and the live feeds after, even moreso.

Should the Turd Herd's plan stick, will Dick be able to channel his anger into an HoH win, or will he completely boil over and lose it all over Dustin live on national television?

1:00pm BBT As of a few minutes ago, Jen was talking to Kail, and expressed her concern that Dustin has flipped again. Same goes for Dani and Dick - Dani has concerns, but Dick just said, "I don't think Amber's that good an actress." Oh boy.

Please click here for the play by play for the moment...

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Quickie Poll

As of 10am BBT, the HGs have just been awoken. I'm happy to report, Dustin just said he couldn't sleep last night. Jameka didn't sleep well either. The conscience works wonders.

It's time for a quickie poll about tonight's upcoming live show.

Please leave your numbered responses here in the comments section of the blog - just click where it says comments at the bottom right of the post.

Here we go!
  1. Who will be evicted from the Big Brother house tonight?
  2. Who is your ideal HoH for the coming week?
      *As the outgoing HoH, Daniele cannot
      **Jameka & Kail can't play either.
  3. If different, who do you believe will win HoH tonight?
  4. Will tonight be the start of the Double Elimination week?
  5. Will CBS address the Amber issue by:

    1. a) showing her the door?
      b)having Julie Chen deliver a statement, but no repercussions for Amber (within the game)?
      c) not at all.
      d) something else entirely.

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Overnight Report

The Set-Up
It's been rather an eventful evening in the Big Brother 8 House. Before the Overnight Report Officially begins, at 11pm BBT, we need to do a little backtracking. Just a bit - to 8pm BBT on Wednesday night, when Dustin Swore to Amber, on this Mother and his Brother's Lives, that Eric would be evicted on Thursday...
Captured by: xx2000xx

With all the swearing on family members that goes on between these two, I'm just that much happier to not be related to either of them.

The Leg-Work
As the evening progressed, so did Eric's goodwill farewell tour through the house guests, purely in an effort to not leave the house being thought of as a monster, of course. Around 11pm BBT, he moved in to Zach, and did his best to appeal to Zach on a strategic level. The conversation could have ended when Eric confirmed to Zach that he caused Nick's eviction, cause that's when Zach stopped listening in earnest, as if Zach would have gone against Dick in the first place.

Following Zach/Eric, Zach invited Kail to come talk to him. She was awkward, at best, and Zach did most of the talking, letting her know that even with all that's happened, he never went against the original alliance. He voted for both Mike and Nick to stay, and this week she's got his vote. It's a promise, and unlike most, Zach's promise is actually worth something.

You know what... I can't prolong this:

The Outcome:

Eric's Farewell Tour was Successful

Eric said all the right things to enough of the right people, and as of bedtime, not only is Jess firmly back in his camp, so is Jameka, and so is Mr 4th Vote, Dustin - Mom and Brother be damned. Dustin's even manipulated Amber back over the fence and into Eric's camp.

1:38am BBT
Dustin, Amber

Dustin: Talk to him. He does love you.
Amber: (agrees to hear him out)
Dustin: You may not know it now, but this is the best thing...
Jameka: (confirms)
Dustin: It's a numbers game, and Eric knows that.
Amber: I'm afraid he'll put me up!
Dustin: Eric wouldn't do that. He has no reason to, and he would be out if he did. Amber: Well... whatever. Jen told me that Eric said he doesn't want to be sitting next to me or Jameka in the final two.
Dustin: Eric knows that when it comes down to the 5 of us he is the first one out. We need to keep him here... at least a minimum of 3 weeks, and then we can vote him out, cuz we won't need him anymore. This is our best move.
Amber: I need to think. It's a lot. You can vote however you want.
Dustin: No. You can't act like that. We're together in this.
    ***I think I just spit up a little in my mouth.
Amber: With Eric gone, the group can get back together.
Dustin: No. The lines are drawn. We need Eric now. Kail is no use. She can't win HoH's.
Amber: I don't know what to tell you.
Dustin: Whatever happens, I need to know that you feel comfortable.
Amber: I need to think.

They hug, and he whispers...

Dustin: (Keeping Eric) is the best thing for you and me.

They move inside, and Jameka joins the effort to convince Amber. It doesn't take more than another minute before Amber says to Dustin...

Amber: I don't want you to be the only guy in the group. You'll be stuck with all girls if we vote Eric out. That would be kinda bad. Let's be honest: guys are better competitors for the most part. Guys are smarter and stronger... not just in here, but in terms of a lot of things.
    ***I have to assume this logic comes from the same place that tells her it's ok to hate the Jews.
By 1:45am BBT, Amber & Dustin have sealed the new deal to go back on their agreement with Dick and Dani with a kiss and an I love you, and Amber has officially flipped back to keeping Eric.

By 1:48am BBT, Dustin is outside, making small-talk with Dick, Dani and Kail.

Manipulating Amber is always an easy task, but it ought to have been more difficult given the situation.

Dick is blissfully unaware, as is Dani.

I, on the other hand, am ill, but not surprised. Eric worked some serious magic last night, and I have to give him all the credit it the world for staying in the game against seemingly insurmountable odds... If he stays, he deserves it.

My only hope is that Amber will get her walking papers today... CBS has surely suffered enough humiliation by now.

What makes me ill is Dustin. That and this incessant ringing in my ear: Joe was right, Joe was right, Joe was right. If Dustin was a master manipulator, I'd give him credit for it... But he's not - he's just surrounded himself with very easy targets. I suppose there's some credit due there, but ever so little.

Here's the kicker of the night: the clip of Dustin & Jessica, titled "I'm so Happy!"
Captured by teslad

Well, I'm glad somebody's happy.

As of 5am BBT, Dick and Dani are up and chatting nicely in the backyard. They have no clue what's about to happen. Here they are discussing the personal aspect of the game, relative to Eric, Dani and Nick.
Captured by BBFanz

At 5:15am, they have a little disagreement, and Dani gets up and goes to bed. Dick's now alone, doing chores.

5:27am BBT - Sleepers on all feeds.

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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

C=Venus Strikes Again

To see more of C=Venus' great chops, visit her site! Just click on the pic above.

Our friend Melissa just made up this song to go with C=Venus' Chop of Amber. Please feel free to sing along... ;)

      OH! Who lives in a fishbowl, not under the sea?
      Ambward sobhead!
      Foul-mouthed & Ignorant & Crying is she!
      Ambward sobhead!
      If expedient eviction be something you wish....
      Ambward sobhead!
      Then come speak your mind on bb8dish!

Hehehehehe! :) I'm tickled.


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What Questions Would you Like Me to Ask...

Mike about his time in the Big Brother 8 House?

More, what specifically would you like to know about his thoughts on the season since he left the house?

Please leave your questions here in the comment section, and I'll do my best for ya. :)

I've already got my questions.. just thought it'd be nice to represent you guys too.

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BB8 Eric is Making a Concerted Effort to Stay

After all that (see previous posts), lesser men would have cowered away in defeat. Eric is seriously making a go at it. First Stop: Daniele, who has no vote, but does have her father's ear. I have to assume that's why he's pitching her first... unless it's just as a sounding board to get his pitch straight in his own mind.

video captured by:

Second stop: Jessica

5:00pm BBT
Eric, Jessica
Written by: Doug

Jessica is in HoH with Eric. He's telling her that he has always been true with what he's done and said to her. He's sniffling. He says he was always himself with her, and is crushed that his personal character is being destroyed and that he cares what she thinks.

He continues on saying he was framed, and that he never lied to her. The conversation goes on and Eric plays the pity card, as well as the almost crying card on Jess. He repeats word for word the same speech he made earlier for Daniele.

Jessica then does something that Daniele did not do. She tells him that she still is going to vote for him, that Jameka is, and that Amber is because she swore on her daughter’s life.

Eric realizes he only needs one vote, does an abrupt turnaround, changes his tone, stops sniffling, and starts talking game. He also subtly tells Jessica at one point that he has things that he told her how she feels about other people that he could hold over her head..

Jess has a resigned tone to her voice, but she keeps talking about how he could talk to Jen and try Zack even though he probably wouldn’t get his vote. It’s hard to tell what Jess is thinking.. She is giving Eric the information he is looking for, but without enthusiasm.

Following Jess' conversation with Eric, she goes down to talk to Dustin & Amber, in tears.

Next up:
Jameka... turn on the feeds!! Then Jen - whom Eric blows off in very short order.
Then on to Dustin... He's in the Hammock with Dustin now, 7:35pm BBT, and has been for the past 40 minutes or so. Frankly, it seems Dustin is going to flop and vote to keep Eric.

Only time will tell. Following Dustin's uncomfortably long hammock talk with Eric, which occurred while all of the HGs were on outdoor lockdown, Amber voiced her concerns, and what it all boiled down to for her:

Appx. 8:05pm BBT
Amber: If Eric stays this week, then I'm done with the group.
Dustin: Amber, I would never lie to you.
    ***Amber... now would be a terrific time to think about never again swearing on your child's life... or your equally beloved dog's.

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Big Brother Houseguests Speculate


3:00pm BBT
Small Bedroom

Jameka: What do ya think he's saying in there? Apologizing? Goin' off?
Dustin: I think he's crying, goin' off, asking for an inhaler, breathing into a paper bag... I couldn't even look him in the face.
Jess: I had to...
Dustin: I knew once she started, she wouldn't stop til she let it all out....
Jess: He's not gonna try anymore.
Jen: Never heard him speechless...mmm. I think it's weird, it's horrible that he would've done that...that he would've even told Evel. That means he really was with Evel. He didn't tell me he had something he was holding against Amber.
Jameka: We already know he wanted to be in the end with Dick or Daniele. He wouldn't put them up next week... which means one of us... Who wants to run that risk?
Jen: I don't think he'd put up Jess or I.
Dustin: He's trying to Voluntary Exit.
Jess: (nods ascension)
Dustin: I really think so...
Jen: So he doesnt get kicked off...
Jess: Or because he has to come back into this for 24 hours.
Dustin: He might come back in, pack and leave.
Jameka: I hope not.
Jen: Ya think?
Jess: They're gonna try to talk him out of it.
    ***Just ask Kail.
Dustin: I think Eric's a little more strong-willed than Carol... I think he'll come back, pack and go back into the DR.

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Big Brother 8 Amber Lets Eric Have it

2:00pm BBT

Amber just completely exploded all over Eric... in the living room.. in front of everyone.

She called him out on his plan to ruin her name in the house by using the personal secrets she entrusted him with against her.

More important, more impactful than the actual words she used were the

3 minutes of complete silence that followed her tirade.

One by one, each of the houseguests got up from their chairs or sofas, and without a word or a nod in Eric's direction, they each left the room.I've never seen someone so alone in a room full of people.
Really rough.

Not even Jessica would make eye contact.

Finally, after 3 long minutes, Dick broke the silence, as he passed by Eric, not pausing for a moment.

Dick: Some people get what they deserve.

Another long pause.. then Eric spoke to Kail, the only person remaining in the room.

Eric: Well, looks like you're up for week 4.
Kail: Eric...

She's the only one who didn't get up and leave. This is a good woman. And this is one thing that cannot be blamed on the twist - he did this to himself, all by himself.

Here's the video, captured by Mtlgrl4evr.

To see what Amber was referring to, please visit this post from earlier this week: Eric Crosses the Line. This is contained within an Overnight Report. Please scroll almost 1/2 way down till you see the heading "Eric Crosses the Line."

And if you'd like to see the reactions of Zach, Dick and Dani, who were all in the kitchen during Amber's unleashing on Eric, here's the link: Click here. This video also includes Amber, immediately following the outburst. Many thanks to Dee for the tip!

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C=Venus Strikes Again
with "The Donatos"

This could well be my favorite chop C=Venus has ever done, and that, my friends, is saying a lot! Simply gorgeous. Don't ya love being a part of a show that inspires such artists?

C=Venus has an incredible collection of Big Brother related chops. To see more, just click on the pic, and visit her site.


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Big Brother Backyard
Tanning, Trashing & Treachery

11:38am BBT
Jess & Dustin

It sounds like Dustin will be keeping his word to vote out Eric, but he's back to his usual degradation of Dick and Daniele... lol...

Dustin: If you get HoH, you should still put one of them up. If one of them goes up, one of them goes home. Definitely, that needs to happen.
Jess: HoH should be a breeze this week. Look who's playing.
Dustin: Gonna be 6 of us instead of 7 ...Zack, then me, you and Amber. I want you to win it so bad!
Jess: Even though I think it will be harder to put those 2 up, I think it'll be a better move
Dustin: I still want those 2 gone. So bad!

Dustin switches gears to talking about Eric for a moment...

Dustin: Why can't people just be normal? It's gonna be sad when he leaves.
Jess: I'm not gonna be that sad. He's tryin' to create drama between me and Amber, and I dont like that. I don't even want a question that someone I'm close to is playing me.
Dustin: Eric came to me, cause he sees me as a smart player.
Jess: I want to vote him out! I don't care.
Dustin: NO! Let me be the only vote for him to go from our side. He did hinky votes for 2 weeks. Let there be one hinky vote for him.
    ***And I return to full doubting Dustin mode. I just don't trust him, and I wont till I have proof.
Dustin resumes his usual Dani/Dick bash fest... laughing about how he made Dani cry, making personal jabs at Dick... and both add how they still want Dick and Dani gone. Their plan is to get Dick out next week.


Noon BBT

Meanwhile, Eric just got up a little while ago, and with a very bad tummy. I'll spare you the gories...

He's been rightfully nervous these last 3 days. All that remains to be seen is will he be able to turn everything around in his favor?

If he's able to pull that off, I'll tip my hat. Either way, it's going to be a very interesting next 29 hours in the Big Brother 8 house.

The cameras are creeping him out. "No matter what I do, 15 cameras follow me." Welcome to Kail and Jen & Dick and Dani's world.

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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds

Click Here for the 2 week free trial from real, and get this party started!

Whatever you do, you don't wanna miss the final endurance comp of the season!

During one of our interviews with Jessica's mom, she expressed the value of the live feeds extremely well:
    "This is our first year with the live feeds. Watching the feeds has changed the way we view the Big Brother show on CBS. Clearly, there are two different shows - the live feeds (reality) and the CBS version. I cannot imagine any true fan of the show not having the live feeds."
We couldn't agree more.

Watch Big Brother 8 24/7 on SuperPass

It's there for the taking. Watch the rest of the season.. the best of the season... all the way to the final 2...

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Best Line of the Night

Just a quickie. Thank yous go to xx2000xx for the clip.

Speaking of quickies... we haven't had one for a while. What's your prediction? Will Dustin and company stick to this agreement and evict Eric?

Please let us know here in the comments section of the blog. Just click where it says comments at the bottom right of the post.

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7-8:30amBBT Big Brother Update
Jameka, Jess and Amber

If this is your first time on the blog today, you definitely want to scroll down a bit to this post and get completely caught up. A lot has happened!

Jameka, Jessica & Amber
7:05am-7:50am BBT

Jess: I'm kind of glad he's going, because I don't want to be taken for a fool on national television.
Amber: Eric freaked me out from the get go. I swear on my daughter's life...
    ***Wouldja stop doing that?!
Amber: (cont'd)...when we first sat down on the couches, and I looked at him, I was like, that guy is weird. Something did not sit right with me.
Jessica: I should just sleep all day... Eric's gonna be so annoying.

Amber: When we were talking about getting rid of Nick, Eric kept assuring me he would take Nick's place for me.
Jameka: That's some Single White Female sh-t!

Jess: Do you really think both the phantom votes were him?
Amber: Yes! To cause doubt in the group...
Jess: So he really was the one trying to break the group apart... (laughing) Great, now I owe Dick $100. I bet E.D. Eric didn't do the votes.
Jameka: Danielle is a smart cookie. Smart, smart, smart. She figured all of this out.

Jess: My mom is probably watching, going "Listen to them, listen to them!"
    ***Actually, Jess, we checked with your mom, and here's what she's sayin':

      JMom - "I missed the actual conversation but this is what I would tell Jessica if I could talk talk to her: Listen to your instincts, not the twisted half truths & embellishments of the other houseguests! Just keep an eye on Eric, keep him at a distance. Dustin was right, it's a numbers game, and you NEED to keep Eric as long as possible!"

As of 8:15am BBT, Jessica is so wound up, she's outside taking it out on the tether ball. After a few minutes of tether therapy, she heads in to the workout room to blow off some more steam on the treadmill.

8:20am BBT

Jen wakes up, walks to the restroom in semi-full bunny regalia-no ears- she spends a few moments inspecting some product, heads to the kitchen, then straight to the Diary Room.

Jess is still on the treadmill.

At 8:32am BBT, Jess heads back outside, then inside, then back out to kick a ball around a little, then to fold some towels... Anything to keep her busy right now.
    ***Oy, I feel for her.

8:35am BBT: We hear, but do not see, doors opening and closing. Come on, BB, show Jen.

8:40am BBT: Jess is back inside, folding more towels and putting them away in the Bathroom. Then back out to the dryer again...
    ***mundane tasks soothe the soul.
...and in and out, and in and out.

Towels all done for the moment, Jess heads in to organize the kitchen, wash the dishes,

empty and refill the ice trays...

Anything to keep her busy.

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Amber Made Fox News

In terms of the Big Brother game, the big story is right below this post, and it's been updated, but outside the house, the Amber story keeps on spreading. The hits just keep on comin'.. This morning, Wednesday, August 8th, Fox News has picked up the Amber story as well... Click here for their angle on the story.

I really can't decide which they hate more... Amber's bigoted statements, the show, or the rest of the cast.

And here it is on this morning (kudos, Melody!):
Big Brother Shiksa Learns Jews Have Jewish Names

It's old news for all the live feed watchers already, but the more I see this story spreading, the more I begin to wonder if AGP/Endemol/CBS are going to capitalize on it, and use Amber's now very publicly viewed anti-semitic and anti-gay bigotry as a way of saving Eric and keeping the America's Player text message revenue stream flowing.

We shall see.

Either way, it's definitely gotten to the point where CBS, Endemol and/or AGP can no longer discount it as "only having gone out to the live feed audience." They are going to have to make an official statement on the issue and soon. I'll be on the lookout for it.

Thanks to DishDudeDoug for the 3:20am BBT heads up about the Fox article. Frankly, it's not a source I'd generally be drawn to... at all, ever. The things I do in the name of Big Brother...

Melody, thank you for grabbing the tmz! :)

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BB8 Dustin: "I'm Voting Eric Out"

(scroll down for the new stuff!)
No torture this morning... Just cutting to the chase.. Some things you just have to see with your own two eyes. Nothing else that happened Tuesday night even comes close. A million thanks to bbfanz and teslad for youtubing it up all night long! Seriously, BB fans, where would we be without the youtube folks?

For those of you who for whatever reason cannot watch videos (or play sound, since you're at work?), I recommend Jokers for the minute to minute play by play on the events of last night. I'd love to do it for ya today, but if I spend the 2-3 hours it'll take me to do that, I'll miss everything that's happening live, and its coming fast and furious.

Dustin: I'm voting Eric out.
Video captured by teslad.

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Here's how it all happened. All the most important video clips relative to Big Brother 8 Dustin's decision to evict Eric.

Amber, Dick & Daniele
Captured by bbfanz

Amber tells Dustin
Amber: Eric has played us... I'm voting out Eric...
Captured by teslad

Dick and Daniele in the Backyard at 3:05am
Captured by bbfanz

Dustin comes clean with Dick and Daniele
Dustin: Ok, I'm gonna come clean. The reason I said you cannot trust the Donatos is...
Captured by bbfanz

Daniele & Dustin hash it out...
Captured by bbfanz

Dustin & Dick Shake on the Deal
Captured by bbfanz

So the question is... Do you believe Dustin?

As of 4:40am BBT, Dick, Dani, Dustin and Amber are still up in the Backyard, chatting away very nicely. I feel like I'm watching the utopian ending to the Godfather. Spark up the feeds, folks. See it all live now.

4:53am BBT
Dick, Dustin, Dani & Amber
Dustin: You guys, this one's for Nick.
Dani: And All of us!
Dustin: Absolutely.. for Nick and for all of us!

And another clip captured by bbfanz with all of them planning their "special" goodbye messages for Eric:

Amber and Dustin go inside shortly thereafter. They share a very long hug in the kitchen. Amber is so relieved. They go to bed, and Jameka wakes up... As of 5:13am BBT, Amber and Jameka are in the Bathroom - Amber's filling Jameka in on the whole thing. Seems like it's a real deal.

Jameka: So Dustin is voting Eric out?
Amber: He's so firm about it. We were talking about our goodbye messages. OMG, I'm gonna be so brutal about it...
Jameka: You have a good feeling about it?
Amber: I've never been so happy. I am dying right now.

Eric & Jessica
Backtracking to 5am
Eric & Jess whispering in bed.
Eric: Amber & Dustin are outside talking to Dick and Daniele
Jess: Are you worried or something?
Eric: Yes! I tried to go out there, and Dick said, "Can you give us a minute?"
Jess: He said that?
Eric: Yes.
Jess: Now you know how it feels when people meet in the middle of the night.

Amber and Jameka
5:20am BBT
Amber is positively giddy at the prospect of Eric going home. Jameka's coming around. Dick and Daniele walk into the bathroom and join them. It's a regular love-fest.

Jameka makes mention of how Eric's gonna freak, and we have a rousing chorus of "Who cares" from Dick, Dani and Amber.

Amber: I know. Who cares?! F-you dude. How dare you!

Amber: I am so f'ing glad that me and your dad talked. You have no idea... It's a good week, man.

Turn em on - they're all on their 3rd wind, and way too excited to sleep.

Dick comes back in to the Bathroom.
5:30am BBT
Dani, Dick, Amber
Dick: Kail just kissed my hand.
Amber: What did you tell her?
Dick: I told her she was staying. I told her everyone's up doing happy dances.
Amber: OMG, I'm so pumped. I may never fall asleep. This could not have panned out any better way... and I don't have to go back on my word.

Dustin comes back in to join the love fest, and warns it may be best to keep Jessica in the dark on this one, although, he says, Eric has been driving her nuts.

Dustin: You guys, she's not gonna understand. It just has to be put into perspective another way for her. Just don't worry abou tit. i gave you my word. I'll do my part.
Jameka: Yet again.. another example of Karma!!
Dani: (smiling, joking) We knew you'd say that.
Jameka: I don't think we should tell him. I don't wanna give him the chance to campaign and twist the situation any more.

Shortly before 6am, they've all moved to the kitchen for a little snackage.

Jessica joins them... She's all creeped out about waking up and finding Eric sitting on her floor staring at her.

After a few minutes, the conversation switches to a fantasy spa day luxury comp... the girls are all over it.
    ***Me too! I want in on that one!

There's a day and a half till the live vote. That's a lot of time in the Big Brother house! For the moment, though, it seems everyone is on the same page, and the plan across the board now is for Eric to get evicted. Could it be? Will Dani's "this week's for Nick" plan really come to fruition?

6:30am BBT
Dining Table
Jameka, Amber, Jessica
They are filling Jess in 100% about what's going on. Jess seems to be game for the plan to evict Eric... she's been sketched out by him a lot in the past couple days. At 6:50am BBT, they're still talking, and Jess seems to be getting more and more comfortable. Now that the rest of her alliance is firm... She's asking a lot of questions though, so she may be digging for info to pass back to Eric. Time will tell.

Jess: I want to talk to Danielle.
Amber: She's fine. She knows that Eric made it so guys didn't talk anymore.
Jess: (seemingly disgusted with E)You guys can spend time with Eric today.
Jameka: I don't want Eric to know he is going, cuz he will try to cause chaos before he leaves. He's a mastermind.
Jess: I was sad at first, but as more & more came out, I was okay with it. If that is what he has really been doing, I want him gone. It will be better for all of us in the long run.
Amber: How are you going to vote?
Jess: This morning I was dead set on voting to keep him... with the group... but now I don't know.
Amber: You should vote to evict Eric because of all his deceit.

7:04 am BBT
Jess: The girls are taking over this game. This is crazy.

I've said it before, I'll say it again... Ya gotta turn on the feeds! :)

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